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[Song] Tekno – “Jogodo”

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Tekno "jogodo"

Tekno’s “Jogodo” After a spell which prevented Tekno from making hits and banging singles, he dropped “Jogodo” on the 19th of April, 2018 to a fantastic response from music fans. This song made people get excited about the fact that our darling Tekno was back to making music hits again. “Jogodo” was inspired by veteran Nigerian singers’, “Danfo Drivers’ (Mad Melon & Mountain Black)” early 2000 hit single, “Polongo.”

The song created a controversy as the veteran Danfo Drivers accused Tekno of stealing their song without giving credit to them and also issued him a warning to make amends before they sought legal redress. Just few days later, the controversy was put to bed as Tekno and the Danfo Drivers were seen together at the former’s home in Lekki.

Outside the controversy, “Jogodo” was a huge song as it was played repeatedly on radios and streamed largely by music fans. It has a video that was published on YouTube on the 10th of May, 2018. It was shot and directed by Clarence Peters and has since amassed more than 20 million views.


Quotable Lyrics

  • When she come for the area, say all the man dem jo wa jo
  • All the boys don polongo, say let them dance polongo
  • You feeling me baby, walangolo, I’m the king of the konto
  • They love the way I do the sanko, Amaka whyne am jogodo

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  1. Avatar

    Nice one from slim daddy.
    Thumb-up bro

  2. Avatar

    Wack shit ???

  3. Avatar

    E burst brain

  4. Avatar

    you go do ur own na….nonsense

  5. Avatar

    U for just do ur own shit bro… U dope for originality… Not photocopying

  6. Avatar

    lol tekno don finish…

  7. Avatar

    lol tekno don finish…

  8. Avatar

    Nigga go just dey copy other people songs. Him don turn upcoming artist now ?????

  9. Avatar

    I love this song like cosine

  10. Avatar

    Damm tecno where did all that talent go

  11. Avatar

    Tekno no try for this song at all I no too feel the vibes make una no lie the song no go well

  12. Avatar

    Omo na scrab

  13. Avatar

    My career is ended I know

  14. Avatar

    Abeg where is techno of pana, Diana, rara,where.but make I no lie d song is not dat bad.its unique.he’s trying to do something different…just that I no fit lie this song no sweet

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    I love the start point though, but the verse wasn’t much of a hit but still OK, besides he’s trying to mix Danfo drivers vibes Into something new maybe he should have just featured them.. Just saying though ?

  17. Avatar

    all you guys saying this song do this do that mehn TEKNO murdered the Music pls if you dont like it Abeg get out your village people is looking for u

  18. Avatar

    hu b dat idiot mak say tekno go copy song, ma guy e just add favour to the jam ni, u no dey feel d vibes. ok oya wizkid mak copy manya nkor…… u no complain oh, bcuz na wizkid…….. issa banga jare

  19. Avatar

    I love the song

  20. Avatar

    Slim daddy keep giving us hit.
    No mind all this bad belle,
    They soon gon jogodo to this song

  21. Avatar

    Nice one bro

  22. Avatar

    if d song wan come hit nko tekno miles 9ja chris brown thumbs up boss jogodo bad beat

  23. Avatar

    money for d occasion mad jam #tekno bad producer

  24. Avatar

    Nice song from slim daddy!

  25. Avatar

    good one

  26. Avatar

    Nice track

  27. Avatar

    Nice trck

  28. Avatar

    don’t think d song is bad….

  29. Avatar

    Truly, it’s a hit jam by slim Daddy….
    Man up bro

  30. Avatar

    My boss u are best ?

  31. Avatar

    Wack song were

  32. Avatar

    I swear this song is bursting my brain

  33. Avatar

    slim daddy really try jhor!!!!

  34. Avatar

    Was was was everyone talking rubbish shut the fuck up don’t comment anymore do you know what is called music or sounds men you all here commenting nonsense are stupid music is about what you never expected

  35. Avatar

    Is a banger shut the fuck up haters and listen to good vibes

  36. Avatar

    The song is not that bad the way you people describe it oh, although tekno’s previous songs are better than this, but all the same he still tried. when better inspiration comes he will drop another banger for us

  37. Avatar

    nice one slim daddy

  38. Avatar

    I no b tekno fan doe buh wre ds boy don rish,no b small Mile,make Una deh dia yab am,instead mke Una find stick & Agolo nak una own beat #UglyLivinDeadPeepz?? #TeknoMiles?

  39. Avatar

    Bro u kill d song leave Aproko people to go ask Mr P for our Mace

  40. Avatar

    I love the song jogodo by tekno miles

  41. Avatar

    9ice one broo

  42. Avatar

    jogodo issa banger

  43. Avatar

    Nice one slim daddy.. But you r a good copy cat##dope track

  44. Avatar

    Nice one slim daddy.. But you r a good copy cat##dope track

  45. Avatar

    Fuck You Haters And Try Go Huge Transformer… alhaji Tekno Murdered The Soung.. Una Father No Fit Be Like Am.. if You Think I Got It Wrong Try Ask Your Mama At Home God Bless Nigeria God Bless Tripple MG And Its Entire Staff

  46. Avatar

    What is the meaning and language of jogodo? Thanks in advance.

  47. Avatar

    the song tight well chill on Mr teckno

  48. Avatar

    the song is dope

  49. Avatar

    Nice One brother

  50. Avatar

    Nice one from you slim daddy

  51. Avatar

    Unah be fools tekno good die make unah sing unah make we see.

  52. Avatar

    Na wetin dey kill naija be this, why can’t we appreciate our star’s? If na drake sing am we go say na hit track, slim daddy keep it up oluwa gat ur back

  53. Avatar

    Jogodo issa hit ? slimdaddy u the best

  54. Avatar

    Best artist ever seen,

  55. Avatar

    Bro you too much

  56. Avatar

    He still has a lot of work to do on this vibe

  57. Avatar

    baba slim daddy, Oshe………. ah wan be like you ooo

  58. Avatar

    Bad belle people go talk say the music no sweet
    Any way I guess they don’t have good functioning home theater

  59. Avatar

    Come on!!! Tekno i don’t believe your career will end soon , did you know is your steps am following right now ?

  60. Avatar

    you dope man

  61. Avatar

    Na ma best singa ever in nigeria
    Dey go forwad bro i dey ur bak

  62. Avatar

    Na ma best singa ever in nigeria
    No shakin bro i dey ur bak

  63. Avatar

    To those who are saying this song is wack!. What if I told y’all that this is one of the most creative shii av heard this year.. Tekno rebranded this sonq, it sounds too good.. This is the definition of Jam!!…

  64. Avatar

    I like the song

  65. Avatar


  66. Avatar

    weldon slim darling 4 taking mhe back 2 vibez of backadays

  67. Avatar

    also have in mind that only a good artist can refix a song the way tekno did#thumbs up slim daddy

  68. Avatar

    unna wey dey criticise anoda person abeg which one una don release;You fit hold pen talk more of too write song…slimdaddy abeg dey drop your shit man.. haters everywhere..

  69. Avatar

    my boss slim daddy nd my one nd only in naija music industry ur hit is very marvelous in hearing, keep it up nothing do u at all? Drop us another hit we are in need

  70. Avatar

    Carry go drop more nd more oluwa got u covered my master (TEKNO SLIM DADDY) interested to see u

  71. Avatar

    Tekno u too sabi music abeg

  72. Avatar

    i feel de jam na correct ,i like de song like de wey i like my self, go ahead big bro i dey feel u

  73. Avatar

    D music burst my head, Tekno is my No1 musician. I Love You Die Slim Daddy

  74. Avatar

    Nice one bro keep it up ? nigga. Expect more

  75. Avatar

    ?????????? Bangin!!!!

  76. Avatar

    Hit Hit Hit ???

  77. Avatar

    the song is ?ok! but not too ok like the others then!! maybe his trying to fixe something!?

  78. Avatar

    the song is ?ok! but not too ok like the others then!! maybe his trying to fixe something!?

  79. Avatar

    From the beat,the voice till the end issa goal
    More blessing boss…..#keep living
    Issa hit song

  80. Avatar

    Mr. Big cassava, you are just the best dear, they can only hate

  81. Avatar

    U ar really good, Nice 1 dear and a hit too but not swt like others… Can’t wait for more Mr. Big cassava

  82. Avatar

    You are jus d best and will remain the best, hrt u big time slim daddy… Excepting more bestie

  83. Avatar

    I love this song like mad

  84. Avatar

    No body does it better than slim Daddy.. Jogodo is back in a sexy version.. For the ones saying he copied another’s song.. Thanks him for bringing back the oldies in an exclusive version…

  85. Avatar

    tekno, thank you for remembering me, I really appreciate it, you are Versatile artist that is very unique, you are very good for your own special way, soon you will be the best artist in Africa, because you are very good and unique, you are the definition of music itself, ever since I heard RARA I knew special artist has arrived.
    tekno God bless you once again!
    I love you. #jogodo

  86. Avatar

    thanks tekno

  87. Avatar

    Na only mad man wa no go like this song, it reminds me of Danfo drivers I wish he featured them

  88. Avatar

    9ice banger Alh tekno

  89. Avatar

    Am finished I know

  90. Avatar

    Nice banger #slimdaddy

  91. Avatar

    abeg mak danfo driver go relax 1 sdy

  92. Avatar

    Nice slim daddy

  93. Avatar

    Tekno u too much, at least u don still help danfo driver life, dem go wan hustle again now.

  94. Avatar

    Love the song…I run music and other advert in my comedy(Vickco Comedy) please if you need an advert please contact me on 08070784521

  95. Avatar

    Fantastic…. Keep It Up?

  96. Avatar

    slimdaddy, keep it up jarrey. no song wey u sing, wey get error. weather u copy or type i know say u add sugar 2 make am sweet. FUCK U BAD BELLE !

  97. Avatar

    all say #JOGODO#

  98. Avatar

    Burst mai brain broooooo

  99. Avatar

    tekno bad guy

  100. Avatar

    Tekno; you brought this song back to life with a different vibe.
    me like it.

  101. Avatar

    tekno the best keep it up bro

  102. Avatar

    Love you more tekno

  103. Avatar

    Slim daddy you are a star no man can stand, all the idiots and low lives that have decided to speak stupidly on behalf of tekno I say God punish you stay there dey hate and die in abject poverty

  104. Avatar

    the song make sense nah

  105. Avatar

    dope song

  106. Avatar

    Main geeeee men I juz gat continue falling for u abeg u too much,,,, ,,
    What a dope hit,,,,,,,,

  107. Avatar

    abeg z unlike tekno I know. d song no go well

  108. Avatar

    dis song na shit far from hit?

  109. Avatar

    dis song na shit far from hit?

  110. Avatar

    u brought this song back to life… I just checked out the lyrics…its a good one

  111. Avatar

    keep it up tekno. I dey feel you

  112. Avatar

    Tekno got the vibe, and stop saying copy copy, its not copY but he only brought our memories back….

  113. Avatar

    My love for all your songs far like from .. Gwagwalada to bwari.. Abj… Onye Egwu ..continue giving us more, oluwa gat you .#jogodo

  114. Avatar

    My love for all your songs far like from .. Gwagwalada to bwari.. Abj… Onye Egwu ..continue giving us more, oluwa gat you .#jogodo

  115. Avatar

    The song make sense die… I just dey dance am here

  116. Avatar

    omo make wunna no de take like casaba wei no get root abeg the song dope

  117. Avatar

    U sabi

  118. Avatar

    Tekno u do well
    #king of d konto

  119. Avatar

    blast…nurish u more alahji tekno

  120. Avatar

    Nice one tek thumbs up

  121. Avatar

    Dope music tekno… .love dis #jogodoisabanger#

  122. Avatar

    Thjs song is the sweetest of all his songs I swear

  123. Avatar

    Hmm Nigeria ?? with their bad mind which one una don do wre una dey complain e sweet e bitter na copyright make una to go copy na atleast nobody go question una haha nawa ooo may God help us

  124. Avatar

    Tenko You Are The Best

  125. Avatar

    Wow nice one slim daddy

  126. Avatar

    I love this song, Tecno killed it, am not a fan though but I appreciate good music

  127. Avatar

    cool song

  128. Avatar

    tekno be careful

  129. Avatar

    all the people when they talk anyhow… you don reach upcoming when you they call star upcoming… tekno na blast…

  130. Avatar

    I luv d song

  131. Avatar

    I luv this song dye

  132. Avatar

    tekno u try joor

  133. Avatar

    dope jam keep it up man #ur haters no go ci ur back man bless up #jogodo
    #slim daddy
    #my dance mentor

  134. Avatar

    Guys this song na hit oo…

  135. Avatar

    i love u

  136. Avatar

    lit song…luv it so much

  137. Avatar

    Is ok…. He has done much better songs though.

  138. Avatar

    dat’s gud Tekno

  139. Avatar

    Slim “D” d best always give me d best

  140. Avatar

    nice one
    we need another hit bro

  141. Avatar

    B?a nwanne never you copy somebody’s song again because you done big pass that am 042 guy

  142. Avatar

    I love d song and it’s a party banger

  143. Avatar

    nice one
    fuck ya haters

  144. Avatar

    Dope slim.p

  145. Avatar

    I love all your songs and every song you will drop till eternity

  146. Avatar

    Mad Vibe… i like the way Tekno played with the song… I love you any day… #myfavoriteArt

  147. Avatar

    Tecno remind me about the old song but all the way his perfect

  148. Avatar

    ur 2million to de danfo drivers is NOT a waste, slim Daddy.
    I love this hit

  149. Avatar

    love the song and the video is splendidly lovely… carry gooooo!!!

  150. Avatar

    Bro Teckno don jogodo i like the beat

  151. Avatar

    I need the old version by danfo driver

  152. Avatar

    Nigeria music ? industry is the best in Africa ??. I swear. No size. More ? music’s please. We gat the world.

  153. Avatar

    Only if some people can appreciate good works plus effort invested in it….tekno did justice to the beat and the video is more dope with slim daddy’s dance steps!!!!

  154. Avatar

    nice guy tekno

  155. Avatar

    classic 1 tekno,

    u r up best mahn with the best sauce.

  156. Avatar

    Nice one thumbs up Teckno

  157. Avatar

    omo dis song sweet die

    thumbs up bro

  158. Avatar

    burna boy

  159. Avatar

    Wow one of d best

  160. Avatar

    Good one tekno

  161. Avatar

    i love tekno and wizkid songs

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