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Teni – “Case”

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Teni "Case"

“CASE” by TENI is an Afro-pop song produced by Jaysynths. The song is your classic love triangle, girl likes boy, the girl is willing to do anything for a boy but the boy has eyes for another girl.

The song is really good and the video even made it better. This will be Teni’s third double single release this year, the first double single wasAskamay + Lagos” while the second is with D’Tunes, Simbobo + Kolesi”.

The lyrics of the song and the storyline are complimentary. It is not like all those other songs in which the lyrics are trying to pass a message and the video is trying to pass a completely unrelated message. The song itself is one that makes your heart warm with love, you’ll be shouting the lyrics aloud.

The video has over 11million views and it was published October 19, 2018, while the DK directed it.


Quotable Lyrics

  • I slap police for your case o
  • I go to work for your case o
  • I go to court for your case o
  • I climb bridge for your case o


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    I don’t usually comment but mehn you’re talented.

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    i love this

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    love u teni

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    Teni I luv u kisses

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    I  comment for dis 4 ur case ooo..
    Ahh Teni my lover, God bless you for dishing us good music. Been on repeat since.

    P.s: Mayor of lagos or O.B.O on this remix is a banger!

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    Wow,I’m speecjless??????

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    Correct ??????

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    she’s one of the few that knows good music

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    nyc song teni

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    Niice track…loving it

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    teni I feel u ( DJ HAYBEE) for akure

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    Like seriously this song’s is tooooo God and Ilove it teni you so talented God bless you for this song. Since yesterday I downloaded it I have not stop playing it

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    Chee this is mad teni

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    I love great music
    This is great music

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    Nice jam.
    Can’t stop listening to this shii

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    Don’t stop giving us good vibes

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    Wow,infact am speechles
    I love dis song die
    Teni thanks 4 singing dis song

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    I go finish my data for your case ooooooo

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    This one make sense joor

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    Best jam

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    Ft obo on this and remix but my papa no be dangote but I get adeleke. Nice one teni

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    Nwa your musically carried

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    teni d brain burster

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    Been on repeat isa MAD jam Teni keep it up your the best ?

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    Girlll,you are gooood!

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    Teni makavelli i have been on your case for a long time now even my GF nor like you bcus of me… LOL!! YOU ARE GOOD.. REmix with OBO.. DECEMBER BANGA (y)

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    I Can’t help but love this song. Teni for ur sake I go finish my subscription

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    Teni i go go checking point for your case,,,i go slap soja man for your case,,,still remain my self El-kiss,,,respect…

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    teni so melodious

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    I love dis music

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    dope track, making too much sense.

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    Mehn the vibe is crazy … Love this .

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    Dope jam teni…

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    Cool vibe..

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    I die here oh TENI mi

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    Teni kill me

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    Teni kiss love… Cuz I luurrrr this one

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    For your case, I’ll comment here for the first…you’re good. You remind me of B.I.G

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    Teni is crazy … Where have you been all my life

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    Teni ma lova

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    Seriously teni you’ve got a good musical vibe. Can’t stop playing your song… I slap police for your case….. Lol it’s so hot.

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    Fell in love with this jam. ?

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    I love this jam to the moon, I go marry for your case ooo

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    mehn teni you re too much I love this song

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    Mad jam ever. She’s making me want my babe

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    teni I love ur song wish we could do a song together am an upcoming

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    I’m love with this Bae ooo, Teni I go slap soldier for ur case

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    I loooooooooove u, Teni

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    Teniiiii i love you

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    Follow [email protected] on Instagram??

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    Teni Iz Badt Like Dat
    I go climb mast for yur CASE

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    i go marry u for your case

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    Cool song

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    Love teni jor

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    We go de OK
    For this case o

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    Much love teni….I go slap Buhari for your case?

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    Bad jam bby you kill it teni case mp3

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    Mad jam teni ……..I go slap anybody for your case @adesewa

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    I swear I go use my last 20mb for your case

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    I love this song

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    Teni be giving me hot vibes … Mad jam !!!

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    teni your case is diff, you too talented

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    I swear I love this melody

  70. Avatar

    This is raw talent

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    wow I really love this song and you really got lovely lyrics and you also look like one of my close friends by name temi

  72. Avatar

    Straight up in my next mixtape… Follow on Instagram dj_joefizzy for d latest mix

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    I sing no case you sing case
    Don’t do that

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    Teni will you be my girlfriend.. For ur case oo

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    I’m Otes from Warri Agbarho. She extremely good I love the song. its my favorite song now

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    I’m Otes from Warri Agbarho. She extremely good I love the song. its my favorite song now

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    Everything for ur case cuz u are monocotyledon queen.. I love that song bro…

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    Mehn, I agree with someone say MY PAPA NO BE DANGOTE BUT I SABI ADELEKE with OBO as remix, that will be DOUBLE BANGA!!!

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    The next BIG THING !!!!

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    nice 1 teni

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    this jam is too dope, wow teni I love these…
    am still scratching & Wheeling it here…
    Case on Cue

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    sweet jam chop kiss

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    I love the song for your case oooo
    I love you for your case oooo

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    @phemkizzy… Makanaki mama!! Dey hear me If u know do remix with OBO MASTER I swr me self go go court for ur case Oh!! God bless ur Hustle Sis muah!

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    My boss lady….. Makanakiiiiii

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    very good

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    Amazing teni. Keep it up. A lovely voice you got there.

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    Like seriously this babe is talented I swear!!!!!

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    I love this song, more grace on you Teni

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    This is wow ?
    Teni makanaki

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    Thumbs up girl

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    nice song teni…

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    This song is so lit, keep it up girl ??

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    She is talented gifted, far bether than many of the popular ones

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    Lovely track

  97. Avatar

    Wow! Nice one teni

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    I ?? this

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    I love ur music

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    I ?? this

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    This is great Jam.. ????????????

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    This is good

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    This’s my first time hearing someone like Tini, and indeed it’s wow to know you in this your case!

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    Awesome lyrics and well composed!!

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    Teni baddest.. Love this jam

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    keep it on dear u boast my brain mehh keep it on

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    oshe baddest. you too much babe. I lur u

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    Baddest jam. OBO on the remix na baddest jammest

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    Wow ? I love dis music die keep it up teni

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    Big ups teni

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    I love your music.

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    First time of hearing that name TENI,,,,,,,,you are just an angel….your voices is so amazing….i love you…………i just comment for your case

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    nice one

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    Teni u are good

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    I Love teni music must especially one is case

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    This is raw talent….
    Great jam
    Nice lyrics

    Teni boo …you are on track

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    Wow that is nice, i am out of words.

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    i can give you twine for your case …lol…laugh ma arsenal out …babe i love your music…chi ke na

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    Everywhere Teni, if i no get all ur song for my phone wetin i gain, me that am ready to fight for ur case….

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    Omo this song is a bangger
    NYC one Teni

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    I no go sleep this night fo your case

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    teni keep it up i love u (lori lori case)

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    Keep it up my girl

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    luv dis one lyk mad

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    #Much inspiration

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    Teni love u

  130. Avatar

    love dis music

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    I too love the song Teni you are the best

  132. Avatar

    Go and slap soldier for him case na … Try am

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    i love that jam ten Iy
    ou try from sincere innocent

  134. Avatar

    Teni next rated

  135. Avatar

    Nice jam…dear

  136. Avatar

    I love this song….always playing it????

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    Wow i dnt even no wat 2 dis song got me crazy am madly in luv with it tanx big sis u super duper dupe

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    nice one teni

  139. Avatar

    Omo teni you are too good

  140. Avatar

    big girl

  141. Avatar

    Men teni ur an inspiration

  142. Avatar

    Teni ur too good

  143. Avatar

    I love thé music can teach me now

  144. Avatar

    Ure one of a kind

  145. Avatar

    Rugged mama u too much
    Accolades for u

  146. Avatar

    I papa no be Dangote, but we go dey ok
    May God give you more grace

  147. Avatar

    Woa…. Love this music very interesting

  148. Avatar

    Nice jam

  149. Avatar

    teni you are so good

  150. Avatar

    Keep it on baby…

  151. Avatar

    Teni I will kiss yhu for yhur case

  152. Avatar

    Teni I will kiss u for ur case

  153. Avatar

    ah go killy person for ur case ooo

  154. Avatar

    I go go gaga for ur case. U r to much

  155. Avatar

    This is a bomb,teni keep it up

  156. Avatar

    U are the best I luv this song

  157. Avatar

    i go buy rechare card for ur case
    i go buy data plans for ur case
    i go go music store for ur case
    fit enta wata for ur case
    i go my senses for ur case:……….

    #nce 1 hia Teni got mha hrt girl hot jamz dropin it lyk itz hot.

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    Teni I go enter fire for ur case, u too much

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    Nice one

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    this my first time to comment you are one in a million,eveeryone love this some especially in the morning when going to work I play it for my personells an they love it so much?

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    dis is new level for 9ja music… bomb

  162. Avatar

    Teni u da best.. Lot of luv from Ghana

  163. Avatar

    Nice one I can’t stop singing

  164. Avatar

    Great Music if you ask me.

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    can’t stop loving is song

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    Smoke… You killed it

  167. Avatar

    Teni God bless you… your voice is golden

  168. Avatar

    Teni ur voice is so unique

  169. Avatar

    This super hit baby

  170. Avatar

    9ice music, But the lyrics was very funny Oooh, trust me, Ur head is their for real….. Woss Wobi, bo le nbe, Ko gba change….. U are too gud… #OLA²™

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    Good one Teni I love the song keep it up I go download all your song for your case dope 1teni

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    U Re Really 2 Much Love U Die

  173. Avatar

    Like u too sure gan i love that music

  174. Avatar

    u did it,much luv
    nd pls davido or diceailes on de remix issabanger

  175. Avatar

    Kudos for your good work

  176. Avatar

    wow i love this music
    u too good
    keep it up
    omo ologo

  177. Avatar

    teni i wish to be like you when i grow up
    one love

  178. Avatar

    U are the real talent we need in nigeria

  179. Avatar

    Good music from a very good songwriter…….. Weldoing teni

  180. Avatar

    good song from a good writer and singer

  181. Avatar

    keep it up

  182. Avatar

    This is cool, Teni u too much

  183. Avatar

    Cuppy hope u ave learnt how to sing. Cause dis is Wat u can pay for

  184. Avatar

    Incomparable nice one sweet music

  185. Avatar

    This good

  186. Avatar

    i really like this song this is my favorite song

  187. Avatar

    Teni you got fine voice

  188. Avatar

    nice song dear
    people go download 4 ur case

  189. Avatar

    kudos dearie

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    mehn the song is killing me

  191. Avatar

    mehn the song mwahh

  192. Avatar

    This music is worth playing for a whole week

  193. Avatar

    Just love u too much

  194. Avatar

    Luv u teni

  195. Avatar

    It really touch my u Temi

  196. Avatar

    Wow dis song issa Hit i love it..

  197. Avatar

    I love diz song oo

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    dawnload the song for case

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    I will borrow data for you case………

  200. Avatar

    I must settle down for your case

  201. Avatar

    am really really impress

  202. Avatar

    i can just stop hearing did music Tonight u Don shine jare

  203. Avatar

    Its gorgeous music!!!

  204. Avatar

    Nice one dear

  205. Avatar

    my name is MR GREAT and I love this song title: case you are the best
    please work hard for more… more Grace in your browser hustle

  206. Avatar

    this song passes an inspirational message to the listeners. thank you teni

  207. Avatar

    The music ????boom my mind……. I wish I can see her and give her high five??

  208. Avatar

    Sweet vibe

  209. Avatar

    nice one teni

  210. Avatar

    this song gonna make my heart burst because of happiness.

  211. Avatar

    I love u teni

  212. Avatar

    teni, u re too much. keep it up babe. the sky has no limits for good things

  213. Avatar

    sharp one teni

  214. Avatar

    I go put this on repeat o, for your case, I go slap presido for your case… Teni don’t stop making hits for our case

  215. Avatar

    I go slap soldier for case oooo

  216. Avatar

    I lov€ u ten u ar my niger

  217. Avatar

    over legit dey worry dis music remix with O B O pls

  218. Avatar

    Ilove this song for mi case oooh!.

  219. Avatar

    Teni u got love from Ghana
    I got u love for your case oooh

  220. Avatar

    Nice jam teni

  221. Avatar

    I love that
    pls am an artist who need promoter

  222. Avatar

    good one

  223. Avatar

    nice 1

  224. Avatar

    Nice song

  225. Avatar

    luv u

  226. Avatar

    Please teni come and feature stevenshe for your case….

  227. Avatar

    Come and feature stevenshe for your case…

  228. Avatar

    u too much give it upper… 90%

  229. Avatar

    Teni my lover

  230. Avatar

    I really love this music I use to play it more than 20 times a day it’s my ringing tone

  231. Avatar

    I really love this music

  232. Avatar

    I love it

  233. Avatar

    This song is a Jam! Can’t stop playing!
    Love ya Teni mi ????

  234. Avatar

    sweet love to u teni favourite

  235. Avatar

    sweet love to u teni favourite

  236. Avatar

    Teni omo ologo keep on riding mhe

  237. Avatar

    Teni omo ope omo ologo

  238. Avatar

    i luv ur song

  239. Avatar

    wow,l love your song

  240. Avatar

    Baddest single just inlove with this song

  241. Avatar

    Nice music keep it up

  242. Avatar

    i fall for u

  243. Avatar

    well am not a fun of najia music but u got me downloading najia music .i love u ???

  244. Avatar

    I can’t stop loving dis ur,ur case

  245. Avatar

    I go leave my girlfriend for ur case oo
    love u time keep it up.??

  246. Avatar

    I love u tini for your case

  247. Avatar

    If only she can marry me
    So she can do anything for my case??

  248. Avatar

    Anything you want baby get for you baby

  249. Avatar

    My wife song

  250. Avatar

    Teni fargin je te reçois depuis le Bénin i like your voice

  251. Avatar

    This song is very nice and God bless u teni

  252. Avatar

    Teni you are sososososo very much good
    I always love your way Jare
    The song is Bae
    Oya Gbe Bo There ? ?

  253. Avatar

    Ojo joshua

  254. Avatar

    Beautiful work by all standards…….jeff from Ghana

  255. Avatar

    I love u teni kiss

  256. Avatar

    Much love for you teni itx dreezy from Zambia

  257. Avatar

    I ?? you Teni.. Love from South Africa

  258. Avatar

    i go finish my data for ur case

  259. Avatar

    i go finish my data for ur case teni

  260. Avatar

    Soo lovely

  261. Avatar

    teni I love that girl

  262. Avatar

    I just have to download this music for my daughters they really love dis music

  263. Avatar

    Blast Blast

  264. Avatar

    I download for ur case

  265. Avatar


  266. Avatar

    Gbayii Tenicase

  267. Avatar

    new style in music ..I really love this teni

  268. Avatar

    Nice one. The song that made me spend my last money 2 buy airtime

  269. Avatar

    I fall for this song Aje

  270. Avatar

    Teni I love your music, u re in deed talented. And a STAR

  271. Avatar

    Sooo lovelly

  272. Avatar

    A grl wit talented and suitable song

  273. Avatar

    yah teni,
    l love your are my giant artist.

  274. Avatar

    teni u are a super star

  275. Avatar

    I really love you Teni may God continue to bless you for realizing such song

  276. Avatar

    Made jam

  277. Avatar

    I love this track

  278. Avatar

    love it

  279. Avatar

    The song is so nice

  280. Avatar

    Good music always market itself?

  281. Avatar

    U bam teni

  282. Avatar

    This is nice

  283. Avatar

    I’m loving it

  284. Avatar

    love ur songs teni

  285. Avatar

    This song is a hitz I love this song die
    I go download this song for your case ?

  286. Avatar

    i love your song can you send it for me

  287. Avatar

    I love this song with all my strength

  288. Avatar

    U are great .u Will be evergreen.

  289. Avatar

    Ilove ur tarlen

  290. Avatar

    Beautiful lyrics Teni. Love ur song alot.

  291. Avatar


  292. Avatar

    A masterpiece I must comment. Well done!! Teni

  293. Avatar

    Good job

  294. Avatar

    Teni you are almost the best

  295. Avatar

    I love Teni she’s too much

  296. Avatar

    Just ???

  297. Avatar

    I love this song case

  298. Avatar

    Nice one keeps it up

  299. Avatar

    As far as this song is concern….with the power vested on me…..Teni, you have NO CASE!… U re discharged & acquitted

  300. Avatar

    u kill me waaa with ur songs teni. Teni too much

  301. Avatar

    I really like this song

  302. Avatar

    teni my prayers x dat Jah will u more money and more power .I luv it wow

  303. Avatar

    Teni your song is mind blowing

  304. Avatar

    teni u are my super musician nice song wit swet voice

  305. Avatar

    Wow i luv dis.Teni keep it up

  306. Avatar


  307. Avatar


  308. Avatar

    Supa awesome

  309. Avatar

    I like it?????????

  310. Avatar

    I love the lyrics

  311. Avatar

    Love uu teni

  312. Avatar

    Love u teni

  313. Avatar

    men this one na blast you too much teni

  314. Avatar

    Great and cuul one

  315. Avatar

    I pay the money for your case o

  316. Avatar

    I fuk teni 4ur case ooo

  317. Avatar

    Nice song really talented woman lov ya music

  318. Avatar

    nice song, I love that music so much

  319. Avatar

    Ilove her from tanzania

  320. Avatar

    Nice song.Teni

  321. Avatar

    Without understanding of every words, I could feel the pain and the willingness to do all it would take to make this love a reality. I’ve been playing this song quite a few times now. Very touching! True representation of love and the irrational things it can make you do.

  322. Avatar

    Nice teni

  323. Avatar

    My Turkish boyfriend fell in love with me with this song….always singing it for me teni you are a star ? God bless you always

  324. Avatar

    Is indeed a good song I tell u

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