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Vector – “Tetracycling” (M.I Abaga Diss)

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Vector - Tetracycling

Vector tha Viper releases another Diss track for M.I Abaga, title this “Tetracycling”.

The SonOfLafiaji takes on Mr Incredible once again after the Hennessy Cyper. This time around he turns Abaga to his patient and placed him on this medication ‘Tetracycling‘. Vector is serious about this rap battle with M.I who is still finding it hard to reply him after the release of ‘The Purge‘. VEC says if M.I likes peace he should not try confronting him, he should rather run because he is called King Kong for a reason.

Viper calls M.I a Konga rapper because he gets his rap lines from online, he isn’t a genius at all… Wow!

After ‘The Purge‘ comes the antidote. Tetracycling is yet another classic you can’t sleep on. Listen and feel the heat Viper dished out for M.I.


“Vector – “Tetracycling” (M.I Abaga Diss)”, 1 out of 5 based on 131 ratings.

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  1. Avatar

    This Niggah is no way close to MI!!
    He should be battling with his Career.
    You can’t come against MI with such lame and average lines!! Yuck!!

  2. Avatar

    You are too wack……
    Jeez. Vector you fell off.

  3. Avatar

    King Kong himself

  4. Avatar

    In as much as I respect vector, he can never be on the same level as M.I …Mr incredible is simply a rap god

  5. Avatar

    In as much as I respect vector, he can never be on the same level as MI… Mr incredible is simply a rap god

  6. Avatar

    Vector is wack abeg

  7. Avatar

    Vector holds the longest freestyle rap in Africa
    Please list what MI as that vector don’t

  8. Avatar

    Mumu na by freestyle
    how vector help us weh be upcoming rappers? ,mr Abaga did more for us dan wan mumu vector weh go rap today sing tomorrow

    • Avatar

      even VEC hold two of the MI three rappers he sign….. don’t come around saying somethings you don’t know

  9. Avatar

    Some werey go dey talk about awards; if no be lyricist on the roll weh vector dey win which other award him do win for him carreer, all him albums dey flop abeg make una name 3 hit song from king kong aka monkey

  10. Avatar

    All MI fans are dumb sha

    • Avatar

      you need to see them in real life… distorted beings

  11. Avatar

    it seems VEC is Right. all you M.I fans are Dumb.

  12. Avatar

    m.I is still dah boSs ….

  13. Avatar

    Well…… Since your m.I is lit enough, he should stable naija light na….. Dumb fellows who don’t know this shii is basically for improving incomes….

  14. Avatar

    It sucks tho mtchew,I thought this guy was gonna rap in pure grammar until I started hearing pidgin and Yoruba lines .fuck that MI is the best rapper Africa has ever produced

  15. Avatar

    @ anonymous, this is Africa not America, we have our indegenous languages, cassper does his rap in his local Lang, & u call him d best too!
    so if vector did it then vector is d best cos he’s versatile.
    mi wey dey rap for English since Jay z still couldn’t recognized Him as a rapper, not even j.cole, Drake or Kendrick featured Mi.
    vector was right.
    dumb ass fan.

  16. Avatar

    This song has been on repeat for like 4 hours and it’s time for me to sleep, it’s still going be on repeat. M fans just wan kill am with breaze because na fan them they fan am ontop him chairman chair. Hmm, Vec too much for the Chairman Chair, King Kong don’t seat on little Chair like that.

  17. Avatar

    Its funny when niggaz like vector come out to take shots at king M, when in reality M is the only reason rappers are eating of rap, MI is the only reason an African rapper can dream of winning the BET.. Like the kind said “hip hop is as valuable as pop, I made them say”

  18. Avatar

    Vector shit
    Dumb rapper

  19. Avatar

    When you are beating on your way home by someone you think you can crush with your fingers you wont tell no man no even your father…..i sweet M.I cant survive this punchlines…. VectorVenomViper Inoki KingKing

    • Avatar

      Abeg,which punchline?

  20. Avatar

    When you are beating on your way home by someone you think you can crush with your fingers you wont tell no man when you get home not even your father…..i swear M.I cant survive this punchlines…. VectorVenomViper Inoki KingKing

  21. Avatar

    Warning shot my ass this is like your 5th failed diss attempt

  22. Avatar

    VEC u no go kill person… Haahahana… But u dey kill M.I

  23. Avatar

    Vector sounds desperate

  24. Avatar

    The track wasn’t even that hard

  25. Avatar

    this vector self….even MI him self is dumb

  26. Avatar

    this vector self….even MI himself is dumb

  27. Avatar


  28. Avatar

    Mi is the the reason why rappers are eating does it mean he’s the best ? Alibaba is d reason comedians are eating right now does that make him d funniest comedian ? I hear wen someone said u tot he was going to rap thru out with English and den u heard pidgin haven’t Mi used pidgin in his songs before people come out here to just talk trash.

  29. Avatar

    to be honest I’m not impressed with this track the purge was even better than this. All I know is that in as much as love vector but just as a rapper but as my mentor I know deeply that M.I has more record sales, fame, money and standard than VEC but yet VEC has made his own record but let’s be honest when Safe was a hit back in 2008 who knew Vector? omo the more am talking about this the more am getting confused

  30. Avatar

    Silent is the best answer not violence,M.I is a silent killer,so vector watch your back,you’re risking your life with the lion.

  31. Avatar

    And fuck whoever hyped these dead tracks on tooxclusive you have a dead brain son.

    And I mean that shit about obtaining you Vector. Better ask somebody about Elusive!

    Broke ass rapper. Mtchww….
    Go and hustle and make money and stop seeking attention. You grew up in ordinary police barracks we no go hear word again. Maybe if to say you grew up in 82 div barracks maybe dem for don use boot break dat your ugly face and smelling mouth finish! Idiot!

  32. Avatar

    Silent is the best answer 4 a fool like vector

  33. Avatar

    All these MI fans be saying vec is wack.u guys should advice mi for a reply diss. My guy dey fear killer shot

  34. Avatar

    Up coming raper

  35. Avatar

    If you can’t wait for M’s reply
    please go listen to illegal music iii.. then anticipate and feel sorry for vector when he does.

  36. Avatar

    What is M.I waiting for 2, diss already. I’m sorry to say oh, I like M. I but he is going lame on this one oooh.. . A week, he is still looking for lines?

  37. Avatar

    U two crook guys have cannot fool us….Both of them are dead in Naija as far Naija music is concern…No time for u guys songs again….Naira Marley,zlatan and others has overtaking u dick heads

  38. Avatar

    Vector shouldn’t have release this one, he already have no line left for M.I that’s why he will never reply. Kingkong

  39. Avatar

    I swear, just wasted my mb for dis trash..

  40. Avatar

    Lol lik seriously ba!!!!! I lik mr incredible but vector just mak a history already 2 disss track m.I none!!!!! U go best believe say vector line are telling dey truths!!!! Mr incredible is running aha funny

  41. Avatar

    Omo vector bahd…. no joke

    • Avatar

      you know

  42. Avatar

    vector should be arrested like wtf waiting that short dwaff do u

  43. Avatar

    M. I fans are dumb sha… and they are pained… presently M. I z shii**
    .M.I nor dey shame, you call yourself chairman Buh all na just past glory #laughing

  44. Avatar

    Vector is an idiot who wants attention. MI is still the best, greater and more successful than that stupid fool called vector.

  45. Avatar

    I care about lyrics and delivery a lot. If you can’t even present a song to someone outside Nigeria proudly that the music is from your country.,then there’s no point. We need artists that can represent.Fine we enjoy their musics as Nigerians.we are not in America or some other country. But we have wizkid,Davido,Burna boy etc representing their genres of music(Afro-pop). Who’s rap song can we play proudly and say this is one of the best rappers in Nigeria. Language doesn’t matter. Look at Sarkodie and Casper. So please ask yourself, Vector or M.I?

  46. Avatar

    I am a fan of both parties and i must say once upon a time they really made me proud.but at the moment i think they’re way off the mark. Its been years now and we haven’t heard a hit song from neither of them and that is shameful.

  47. Avatar

    Please how is this wack?….make God open una ear ..kingkong

  48. Avatar

    biggest fool…. u don’t knw hu u messing with..
    Africa’s rap god

  49. Avatar

    This is weak and Vector looks desperate putting out two Diss tracks days apart. For those who say M’s fans are dumb well, for someone who relies heavily on rapping in yoruba rather than the lingua franca which everyone can understand shows how limited, biased, and segregated Vector’s fans are and by extension it shows they’re only supporting him based on ethnic affiliations. M.I is gonna come hard, I know M, he’s not even gonna let this slide. I like some of Vector’s songs, in fact I downloaded the Lafiaji album and I was most disappointed because only a handful of songs could pass for rap songs. On the other hand, I downloaded Illegal Music III and couldn’t seem to get enough of it. M.I appeals to the smart, enlightened hip hop head who is an all round Nigerian (I mean M.I had an album where he featured musicians from all parts of Nigeria and they all sang in their local dialects and we felt all felt it). M.I has been able to support loads of artists from Ice Prince down to Ruby Gyang and has been able to make them executives in the music industry. M.I raps and kids run for a dictionary because he spits pure knowledge, something like J Cole or Kendric. Vector should relax and stop trying to flood the air waves with Diss tracks, a real OG knows that when you hit, you wait for the other nigga to come back (check out the Jigga and Nas beef). For those saying M.i is scared to respond, I laugh at y’all, for real I do. M.I is gonna come at Vector, he said so in a tweet recently, y’all just be patient.

  50. Avatar

    And another thing, please take note of Vector’s bars from the purge and this as well. Count the bars, identify the punchlines contained in both and compare them with what M.I would have to say when he eventually does. Vector is good… M.I didn’t say he’s the best, he just asked who’s better? Lol. You gotta love a rapper who messes with your brain with extraordinary word play like M. Haha!

  51. Avatar


  52. Avatar

    Wack rapper, mi boss don’t reply he nobi ur mate

  53. Avatar

    Africa number one my ass m.i
    Vector said if I cut off my legs u couldn’t reach where my head is ??.
    M.i just go and rest everybody knows u ain’t the king wen it comes to rap
    U can urself a rapper and u can freestyle tell me what are you now
    Go get some rest
    Two diss track in a week and you get non very shameful

  54. Avatar

    This Track is Not Yet a diss song ? If you have more.

  55. Avatar

    on a global platform,we have many artists who uses their local languages to rap and still we all love them… who cares what language is involved?! MI or Vector? who cares?!
    So let no one think this is real,just like bbn, it’s all about game. both are dying off, lyrically Vector is better but commercially, give it to MI. so u see both are doing well in their respective areas.
    Like them both. now if the two are trying to come back to life by dissing each other, should that be our headache? get matured please and stop dissing yourselves on operamini platform,okay?
    peace out!

  56. Avatar

    From Talk about it, illegal music 1-111, M.i2; The chairman, Rendezvous n Yung denzel…. all mind blowing albums. VEC go and sit which complete dope album do you have…

  57. Avatar

    Jesse Jagz is not even your mate talk more of The Chairman

  58. Avatar

    All m.I fan are dumb shaaa

  59. Avatar

    m.i is boss of rap and i think vector should respect that.boss is boss no alternative to that fact.

  60. Avatar

    First off, this so called diss track is trash.
    Vec fans, please, answer this question. How many hits track does Vec has compared to MI? Truth is Vector is just a lazy artiste. His consistency is zero. I had high hopes when he was just coning out back then but, he’s been a disappointment so far. Even guys that came after him have had top charting songs than him. MI is more successful in any criteria to be used as a yardstick. Vec’s Lafiaji was terrible compared to MI’s discography. I mean check out MI’s debut album, The Chairman album, Yung denzel, rendezvous and don’t even get me started on his trilogy of awesome mixtape.
    Vec should expend the same level of energy he used in churning out his 2 diss track to his career and maybe, he might just cone back from the dead.

  61. Avatar

    Apart from VEC purge diss track, which other song makes sense? maybe the one he did with 2face back in the day. But I have more than 10 M.I classic songs like Love Never Fails, Plus Minus, Rappers should fix up their lives, Last Night, You are like melody etc.

  62. Avatar

    Well, I’m a fan of VEC and M.I,basically don’t know why both of them are doing this but this vector self, you dea vex oo
    Have been waiting for reply from the great One M.I , more than 1week now , no response or no bass again? please just say something please , Baba dea wait for your next move

  63. Avatar

    The Yoruba community is selfish more so we don’t speak that language
    When your idols becomes ur rivals …….well any rap fan can relate #Eminem said it

  64. Avatar

    vector’s line i love most is “ur dumb fans are dumb sha” yes! truely M.I fans are dumb sha.

  65. Avatar

    the truth is some rappers are script rappers while some are good in freestyles , MI is script while vector is good in freestyles

  66. Avatar

    I listen to the mi diss and I dove my hat for him. he is a rap God. listen to the lyrics very very on point.. vector is trying but m.i has the lyrics and that rap voice u will love to keep listening to.

    meanwhile am a rapper and music producer my self with more than 40 songs recorded. if u need bad rap and afro beats holla @bigdiddo on fb and ig

  67. Avatar

    m.i don reply . go and cheq that m.i diss and compare it. it’s damn matured and different. m.i always

  68. Avatar

    Well after listening to this piece of crap Vector dropped in excuse of a diss rap,I’m surprised some clowns still go ahead professing support for Vector! Nigga is wack as fuck! Please if you love rap,listen to M.I response #TheViper it portrayed so much talent and maturity! God, M.I remains the boss of Dem all. But please don’t run your shitty mouth if you’ve not listened to both songs! Don’t say anything! #MI is king

  69. Avatar

    fucking wack hit it better you go chop shit and die boy.

  70. Avatar

    Dope Rap ! Believe Me When I Say Tha !

  71. Avatar

    Both of them are shit ? to me…. Very selfish and fake people who only care about their personal interests… For more than a decade now rap still doesn’t have a future in Nigeria.. And this matured men that will soon lay to bed keep dissing each other.. Wtf

  72. Avatar

    Both of them are shit ? to me…. Very selfish and fake people who only care about their personal interests… For more than a decade now rap still doesn’t have a future in Nigeria.. And this matured men that will soon lay to bed keep dissing each other.. Wtf

  73. Avatar

    Ml kING

  74. Avatar

    And MI just replied to your sarcasm as a father

  75. Avatar

    mi is always kings of all rap vector pls go back to ur rap book ……pls

  76. Avatar

    Na wa ooooh. Wetin be this. No way close to M.I. Viper, you must be a joker. This rap is wag.

  77. Avatar

    sweet piece of shit

  78. Avatar

    MI. Is really the king. Vector still dey learn work

  79. Avatar

    One beach says all MI fans are dumb
    Just like his father was so dumb enough to impreganant his mama
    Just for them to give birth Classified idiot

  80. Avatar

    Vector……pls just stop…. I beg u with the name of God…. Stop using Yoruba in ur music.. E no just fit you @all…..anyways….ur so call Diss is wack as fuck…. And dis could just b the beginning of the End for ur music career…. MI win…..

  81. Avatar

    Vector you need to work hard in order to upgrade, stop babbling around unless you want your ass whooped by the Kings

  82. Avatar

    VEC please learn from the mistake made by iceberg slim and Kelly handsome…

  83. Avatar

    What a wack lyric and rap I’m disappointed, M.I rap is so coordinated. Just wasted my mb downloading this trash

  84. Avatar

    Men I not too into music…and not siding any of them. Been hearing about the M.I & vectors beef and decided to listen to M.I’s reply then searched for Vectors dis here and listened men in conclusion there is no comparison at all. The M.I guy is a better rapper and had better punch lines aswear. When you see a good rapper let’s always applaud. Sorry for vectors fans o…he sounded like an upcoming rapper ..I pray he humbled himself and listen to the advise

  85. Avatar

    Go and listen to purge vector is going to ruin una IM career soon. If you don’t know vector’s kind of rap is ?? standard which means beef is what he loves much but it doesn’t sell here.

  86. Avatar

    Go and listen to purge vector is going to ruin una IM career soon. If you don’t know vector’s kind of rap is ?? standard which means beef is what he loves much but it doesn’t sell here.

  87. Avatar

    Nice one vec.. To know a good rapper u have to b good in all areas both indigenous n grammarian or whichever anyone calls it… Vec is a real champ… I ain’t no fan of any but MI hasn’t really helped upcoming… Kiss Dan left G-word for a better reason while d likes of Clay n brymo too.

  88. Avatar

    honestly, I’m only listening to this track just to try and figure out why MI replied with a diss track of that magnitude but i cant cause this shit so wack

  89. Avatar


  90. Avatar

    Is a matter of time all Vec fan go realize…. Say he fucking with tha wrong devil

  91. Avatar

    rubbish big time..M I is not your mate..

  92. Avatar

    Vector is the most foolish and stupid rapper in this country.

  93. Avatar

    Men men ???? this one dull abeg M. I. na ur daddy leave am like DAT

  94. Avatar

    Vector the greatest ?????

  95. Avatar

    MI nap rap master, VECTOR NA RAP HIMSELF. I get am before no be ppty

  96. Avatar

    Mtcheew… Two grown up men will not just respect themselves.

  97. Avatar

    Watch chain react connect to make u see ur dumb fans are dumb sha

  98. Avatar

    If you are not educated you will never understand How Vector is the best. MI have been tuning from a collaboration with Vector. Because him go fall he hand.

  99. Avatar

    vec mi feud???

  100. Avatar

    as for me … vbeen waiting for this to happen. read in between the lines of what vec is saying. if you know you know…

    MI isnt a type of god . so he gets that same number of lashes humans get when you turn a resting knob from peace to war.

  101. Avatar

    MI shouldnt wake dragons observing from the side lines …. he should just allow it . let peace be from here on … MI sa oooo Jooor oooo. ya o

  102. Avatar

    nice selling of self on here –vec and mi

  103. Avatar

    Well all no this is not a Comparism thing, vec is making this absolute childish, I no he will do more Dias tracks, hit em up was ones if he don’t no the story, let’s ride and rap good thing that will effect the life in the street beside this two should just repent because the kingdom of God is at hand. If Vex keep on keeping malice no wahala, I’m tired of using my data to download bullshit

  104. Avatar

    MI is no match for VEC i dont know y this guy is dissing MI bcos he is his father when it comes to rapping

  105. Avatar

    All liars go to hell but all snitches are bound to death
    You drop diss track OMG where’s the effect

  106. Avatar

    See see see when we talk of rap we talk of reality expression and you know who got that talk off any M.I reflection on people…,the difference is clear vector gat punchline gat real rap MI is just a past glory rapper

  107. Avatar

    Son (Vector) respect your father(Mi) so that you’ll live long. #Word

  108. Avatar

    Vector ur mumu na factory feeded, can u fake ur father up, mad dog stop that nonsense mumu

  109. Avatar

    “U two crook guys have cannot fool us….Both of them are dead in Naija as far Naija music is concern…No time for u guys songs again….Naira Marley,zlatan and others has overtaking u dick heads”
    I can’t imagine someone wrote this,pls go n kill ursef right now,u r d biggest fool ever..I feel sorry 4 ur parent,families n d people associated with u.dumb fool.

  110. Avatar

    m I is the rap God in Africa

  111. Avatar

    Weak wack he’s still struggling wit his lines,

  112. Avatar

    I love this songs

  113. Avatar

    mi is the rap God and vector should go and beg for blessing instead of bragging with his lord of the game..

  114. Avatar

    This guy sha want to kill M.I’s career…. Still M.I’s fans are dump

  115. Avatar

    comparing vector with Mi.. is just like comparing mancity with man u.. man u chilling on past glory… vector is talented than mi

  116. Avatar

    Vector ? Nah!. He can’t nature…

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