[Video] Falz – “This Is Nigeria”

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Falz flows with Childish Gambino’s tide in “This Is Nigeria”

Jumping on Childish Gambino’s viral record, This Is America which had background vocals by American rappers Young Thug, Slim Jxmmi, BlocBoy JB, 21 Savage, and Quavo, Nigerian rapper, Falz comes through with his version titled “This Is Nigeria”

On Falz’s “This Is Nigeria”, the rapper explores the ills of the Nigerian society in a witty and interesting way.

Don not get distracted by the entertaining factor but listen to the message passed across as directed by Prodigezzy.


Quotable Lyrics

Eh eh eh ehe eh eh ewo o x4

This is Nigeria, look how i’m living now

Look how i’m living now, everybody be criminal

This is Nigeria, Look how we living now




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  1. Avatar

    All shades of dopeness?

  2. Avatar

    Tells bad abt nigeria…dont like

  3. Avatar

    Tells bad of ur self not Nigeria ok

  4. Avatar

    It’s not telling bad about us….. It’s simple telling the truth about us

  5. Avatar

    Falz always hitting the real point

  6. Avatar

    Tells the daily lives of a Nigerian….
    Activist just like his Dad….
    Bless up mate

  7. Avatar

    We all need to face reality and stop pretending, everything falz just said is not about speaking bad about, he is simply saying the truth; we all need to wake up……

  8. Avatar

    He is not saying anything bad but the truth. We can not keep living in lies and expect things to get better. We have to face the truth. Our society needs more artists like this.

  9. Avatar

    Thumbs up falz, I love this, Nigeria musician should rise to the challenge and communicate with the countries leaders and citizens

  10. Avatar

    The painful truth

  11. Avatar

    It hard to take but it the truth, People want the truth but can’t withstand it…
    Sir Falz weldone sir…

  12. Avatar

    Kudos to you Falz. You nailed it.

  13. Avatar

    Naija and copy copy…

  14. Avatar

    Even if he copied any concept, at least he has passed a message in a creative way. Go do yours….

  15. Avatar

    The Truth well spilt…
    Wehdone Falz the good guy.

    Go get your PVC and let’s Remove these criminals

  16. Avatar

    Stop pretending as if everything is okay. What rubbish? What do you mean that he’s telling bad about Nigerian. People like you can’t speak out when there’s injustice and very bad can’t encourage who’s speaking.

  17. Avatar

    I commend Falz for speaking out and making the video

  18. Avatar

    Falz deserves the respect given to a true artist…

  19. Avatar

    Is true that he copy but he has just pass a message so he dat has ear let him/her hear

  20. Avatar

    Whether he said something good o, or bad…one thing is sure…he said what’s down in this parts of our world! 2Baba don get backup…ever since the likes of Ras Kimono and African China went out of the lime light and generation…we’ve not stuffs like this…like saying the real shit mehhhn! Dammit…Falz…ya a VeryGoodBahdGuy

  21. Avatar

    Really falz I give you baba. That end part has make me stop church things man, my did the TAC university thing then but now even state uni is cheap. This is Nigeria transmission society

  22. Avatar

    Falz………. na you be the baba!!!! Best work of d year oooo

  23. Avatar

    Falz………. na you be the baba!!!! Best work of d year oooo

  24. Avatar

    this one na Final. much love. u said it all

  25. Avatar

    good art.u ve proved ur worth.u finish work here bro.falz

  26. Avatar

    Wehdone sir @falz…U hit the nail on the head..More Grace nd upliftment i pray?..Bless up bro

  27. Avatar

    This is the true story of Nigeria.
    I paid a genuine tribute to Falz.

  28. Avatar

    You’re are the boss sir…
    More uplifting…

  29. Avatar

    This jam is the truth.

  30. Avatar

    just analyzing the gospel truth ’bout Nigeria which I so much like

  31. Avatar

    just analyzing the gospel truth ’bout Nigeria which I so much like. ???

  32. Avatar

    Yes this is Nigeria where their President is living in London ???

  33. Avatar

    All he sed is happening….weldone guy

  34. Avatar

    All he sed is happening….weldone guy

  35. Avatar

    he sed truth… well done guy

  36. Avatar

    GodGod bless u bro

  37. Avatar

    Falz u too make sense o. Godspeed bro

  38. Avatar

    Music for what it should be… helping salvage the nation.

  39. Avatar

    let other artists learn from dis. everything no be about breast or yansh

  40. Avatar

    song makes corrrect
    music is not always about girls ,love,s*x
    and falz av proved it carry. bro???
    wehdone sah!!!!??

  41. Avatar

    The truth has been transmitted through the transmission line

  42. Avatar

    The first time i watch this song I just like it. Because he was really saying the damn truth about Nigeria. I like people like him

  43. Avatar

    God bless you Falz. You are saying the damn truth

  44. Avatar

    He’s not insulting us……. He’s simply describing us

  45. Avatar

    bitter truth,lets see wht d govt will say or do abt dis,cos its CLEAR

  46. Avatar

    damn truth ?

  47. Avatar

    Our daily experience in 3:42 seconds. Good work falz even thou I think u didn’t highlight the ills in our society more indepthly

  48. Avatar

    Falz may God Bless u with more wisdom
    u touch my heart ? Spitting d fact in this Nigeria

  49. Avatar

    True story it all about Nigerian it is all about being honest to ourselves #FAZL

  50. Avatar

    The simple truth

  51. Avatar

    its cool our leaders are corrupt so are we too free this is Nigeria.

  52. Avatar

    Majority of Nigerians hate to hear the truth

  53. Avatar

    Waoooooo my blood am proud of this jam

  54. Avatar

    Falz i’m always proud of u,let the whole world see what we going through…..

  55. Avatar

    falz just hit the main point…
    kudos bro

  56. Avatar

    falz.. I’m so happy with u cos u really heat d point about this country..we are suffering

  57. Avatar

    FalzTheGoodBahdGuy you nailed it…..you deserve some í ½í¹?accolades joor…í ½í¹?wehdone sir

  58. Avatar

    FalzTheGoodBahdGuy you nailed it…..you deserve some í ½í¹?accolades joor…í ½í¹?wehdone sir….am always proud of your work.

  59. Avatar

    Wooo…falz ..wagbayi dis jam bad…u speaking d truth bro..dont mind awon olotee.

  60. Avatar

    dis is nigeria wea animals now swallow our money.ah 9ja

  61. Avatar

    what he says in this music is true but he make it sound s like every body is bad to me personally is wrong

  62. Avatar

    this song so lit

    we need more people to speck the truth in Nigeria

  63. Avatar

    Truth talk bros…… We are strongly by your side.

  64. Avatar

    My next 2baba

  65. Avatar

    i dont see anything wrong on that video titled this is nigeria by falz,he simple blew the blew the truth,all hail falz,he just said the truth about nigeria move on falz.

  66. Avatar

    I will even sing more of this if I get the opportunity
    Tank u falz

  67. Avatar

    falz is a good guy tans for ur music

  68. Avatar

    That’s just the truth
    Thanks Bro Falz
    We need to wake up and pull off the veil covering our face.
    We pray for a better Nigeria

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