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Watch Moment Davido Snubbed Olamide At Kizz Daniel’s Concert Despite Running After Him

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

Could the posts we made in the past about a likely bad-blood between Davido & Olamide have just been passed to be very necessary for publication?

An incident happened yesterday at Kizz Daniel’s concert that sent shock down the spines of eye witnesses. It was between Davido & Olamide. Both were invited to perform at Kizz’s concert last night at the Eko hotel and the unexpected happened when they met.

Olamide had just finished performing on stage and making way out of the hotel when Davido and his gang were just coming in. On seeing Davido, Olamide seemed like one who was excited and he started shouting “OBO.” But to everyone’s surprise, Davido ignored him like he was never even present. This got Olamide curious as to why Davido could have ignored him, he doubted if Davido heard him and then he decided on taken a drastic action. He ran after Davido, holding his shirt to have him stop but OBO still ignored him and walked quickly out of the place.

This event has now led fans to start asking a lot of questions. Why could Davido have ignored Olamide? Could it be the Lyta Issue? Could it be the shade Olamide threw at him concerning YouTube views in 2018? Could Davido be sensing hypocrisy in Olamide? A lot remains to be answered.

Watch video below:

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  • Watch Moment Davido Snubbed Olamide At Kizz Daniel’s Concert Despite Running After Him
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Taiwo Oluwafemi

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  1. Avatar

    Una Sha like to create quarrel where there is none

  2. Avatar

    Abi oo

  3. Avatar

    that is left for them oo they know themself ai

  4. Avatar

    Una no get sense…. They are trying to escape crowd.. If juice ever been backstage. You’ll know whstsup.. Artiste try to run out.. Even holding each other so they can get out cos of ppl

  5. Avatar

    They later hugged na

  6. Avatar

    Buh they hugged nahh.
    You these bloggers ehh, publishing wrong news just to make people read.

  7. Avatar

    Bloggers with rubbish just to make these money i feel for all these celebrity

  8. Avatar

    All these bloggers una dey very stupid ooo, make una nor worry, una go soon turn topic.

  9. Avatar

    You guys just like to look for traffic with fake news

  10. Avatar

    Bloggers God punish you

  11. Avatar

    this guys are friends pls

  12. Avatar

    Unexpected issue

  13. Avatar

    Na today I know say ogun kill this damn bloggers

  14. Avatar

    Bad bloggers

  15. Avatar

    Abeg davido is just full of pride…
    He never still mature

  16. Avatar

    Wat is set point of fighting na . Dey should jxt sort see issues as adults nd nt kids

  17. Avatar

    That’s politics for u,cause everything for Nija now na politics

  18. Avatar

    Cheap blog,this is the last I will open any news here..stupid ass cock suckers.

  19. Avatar

    What kind of rubbish post and fake news is this… I hate our media, I hate Nigerian news..

  20. Avatar

    Is amadioha that kill this bloggers ?

  21. Avatar

    Nigerian bloggers and fake news,always looking 4 mistakes to start up trending story lying idiot

  22. Avatar

    Stupid ass bloggers

  23. Avatar

    Stupid ass bloggers…..I just block u guys
    Ain’t seeing shit from u niggas anymore

  24. Avatar

    Can you imagine, you better go and look for work if you won’t work hard to look for trending info.

  25. Avatar

    U people are mad

  26. Avatar

    Useless blogger

  27. Avatar

    If you feel you have too much money that you are above everybody.. You can leave to one of the recent discovered planet.. Rubbish

  28. Avatar

    You people are very stupid

  29. Avatar

    Na so them take they carry fake news about our celebrities…

    All these bloggers can write fake write up..

  30. Avatar

    Most senseless post.
    Cheap blogging…just to get views and comments.
    So foolish coming from tooxclusive editor or whatsoever.

  31. Avatar

    This guy should be arrested for posting rubbish.

  32. Avatar

    Olamide didn’t try. He should ve remained neutral in d Davido vs Wizkid ish. But recently has been all over Wizkid. He even shaded Davido for not been on Beyonce track. He shaded David’s album that Fireboy is doing better. Of course Davido is human. Stop being take. Pick a struggle. The guy has been good to you. He feels Betrayed.

  33. Avatar

    People with rubbish sha, to me they were both running from the crowd, they both rushed into the same room, no matter how big davido is, Olamide is too big for him to snub, unless there is personal issue. Davido is big, we like him but Olamide knows the street more than anyone else in this game. Zlatan gives us what we want to hear, Naira burst our heads with enough slang and vocal swag but Olamide still runs the street, he’s one of us, he came us from the zero, Davido didn’t snub him abeg, go away.

  34. Avatar

    Diff allora n dog goons . davido dey show im sef o

  35. Avatar


  36. Avatar

    All you bloggers are are trouble starters and trouble makers.

  37. Avatar

    Someone should send me data

  38. Avatar

    Lazy Nigerian junk writers. Try and be more creative with your headlines than writing sensational trash to attract attention. You have created much trouble among celebrities with your unprofessional practices. Shame!

  39. Avatar

    This is not a snub he was probably not focused on the voice and he later hugged badoo

  40. Avatar

    U guys saying bloggers, have u watch d video watch it an see

  41. Avatar

    Idiot! Ur papa

  42. Avatar

    Bastards just made me waste my mb with video wein no rhyme with story. Let all mark he writer and never take him serious and never read or watch anything from him ever.

  43. Avatar

    Why do you create bad headlines just to get clicks

  44. Avatar

    Sebi una don make me watch dat crab…bulshit mb wasted too xclusive na follish people i swear

  45. Avatar

    In deed bloggers are armed robber…

  46. Avatar

    Some times things fall apart

  47. Avatar

    They should settle tinz out

  48. Avatar

    Fuck you too exclusive ????

  49. Avatar

    ?????? I Knew something would not be right at the end, with the News I mean can’t stop laughing BLOGGERS DAY HUNGRY pls Ignore Dem

  50. Avatar

    This particular blogger na imbecile, no sense & he can’t make it with fake news. He goat

  51. Avatar

    Obviously the person that recorded this video is an idiot, this guy’s were trying to make there way out and you kept on calling OBO and Lyta while Olamide was there so as to make it look like they have issues.

  52. Avatar

    Ma no lie, I am vexed, what rubbish, people thatvhugged later.
    Useless news. Mtchewww

  53. Avatar

    Hmm OBO wetin Baddo do u na ???

  54. Avatar

    Hmm OBO wetin Baddo do u na ???

  55. Avatar

    I know this is gonna be rubbish

  56. Avatar

    This is just a fucked up blog! In the first part of the video, they were both trying to escape the crowd, that’s why Olamide’s movement was swift cos he was at the back already. Then, at the second part we can see them hugging.
    It’s a pity tooxclusive is actually NOTXCLUSIVE.

  57. Avatar

    Una papa rubbish post have ever seen in my life ! Imagine see a clear video which dey hug each other o ! Una still dey talk nonsense say someone someone shun dix dat !

    Make una kuku come sell una blog for me ! I gat reasonable things to update people !

  58. Avatar


    Trying to escape the crowd nothing went wrong

  59. Avatar

    This is extremely annoying. TooExclusive just lost it’s credibility for me.

  60. Avatar

    Make una no mind the foolish bloggers…the video self no rhyme. Even big bloggers no carry the fake news

  61. Avatar

    Who are you kidding folish bloggers..the video sef no rhyme together

  62. Avatar

    But, that was not snubbing naaa, na wa for this people oo

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  64. Avatar

    He later hugge him na ..he did not snub olamide bado

  65. Avatar

    What you guys will cause ehn
    Foolish idiots

  66. Avatar

    Thunder fire the person who wrote this rubbish. Some Nigerian blogger ls are extremely stupid for writing unsless things just for traffic.

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    Ogun wan kill una abi

  68. Avatar

    Just wasted my time

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  70. Avatar

    I wanted to comment b4 reading other comments. Guess no need to place a curse on you anymore. You have enough. You guys are really sick and guess its for people like you fake news laws are made. You should be hanged for peddling fake news which bother on the emotions of Nigerians.

  71. Avatar

    Una even watch the video sef
    Y’all didn’t see the ending

  72. Avatar

    ??????? u
    Y creating trouble or u just wanted us to view ya video…

  73. Avatar

    Your brain is fluctuating

  74. Avatar

    You people are mad useless post

  75. Avatar

    Daut people disgrace

  76. Avatar

    But OBO gave him a hug na

  77. Avatar

    This bloody blogger is a train wreck, get a life you fool

  78. Avatar

    Senseless bloggers

  79. Avatar

    So I see majority of y’all in this comment section is conflicted…this is a rising matter somewhat like the first start of what looked beef between wizkid and davido then later turned out to be something like publicity stunt like publicity stunt that time if y’all remember….now remember 2019 is a big year in the industry who knows just who knows maybe things never went back to the way it was b4 lighters first mistake as a recording artiste with olamide

  80. Avatar

    Of course OBO gave olamide a hug and its just so fans wouldn’t be doing the same thing y’all is doing….but then it’s just an observation tooxclusive is tryna raise.
    We should be supporting our artist to go further globally instead of fueling feud and dispute BTW our artist

  81. Avatar

    Oga Tooxclusive, I don’t see any beef here. I think the writer of this article is the beef

  82. Avatar

    Useeless post, nah your papa Davido snub and not Baddo

  83. Avatar

    jealousy of two best friends
    thunder fire those writer’s

  84. Avatar

    He did not know olamide was the one calling him

  85. Avatar

    hmm mm
    da i do is a bastard hr thinks he is rich about no worries we go visit am

  86. Avatar

    Very good work

  87. Avatar

    Nice one

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