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When Will The Old M.I Abaga Return From Underground Wars?

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You can call M.I Abaga ‘bad vibes’ now, and you won’t be incorrect. After all, he isn’t making any music that’s giving the public enough joy to look the other way. Instead, he’s morphed into a neo-social commentator, who’s been drawing the wrong energy of late. Jude Abaga, the legend, loves to spend time on Twitter, but it’s coming at a steep price; demystification. He still makes music—experimental ‘deep’ elder rap—but none of it connects with a wider audience like it used to. It’s like the older he’s gotten, the more he’s moved further away from the light of what made us fall in love with him.

Once upon a time, it was blasphemy to approach M.I without reverence. His word was law, the Hip-hop genre had a lot to be grateful to him for. He redesigned the blueprint of Nigerian rap. But that seems like another lifetime. Right now, some parts of the internet will cheer a good dragging session, dirtying him with deep venom. From losing a beef to his counterpart Vector, to drawing ire for stretching his hands to a 19-year-old woman, and sharing a deeply personal joke about producer Sarz, he can’t seem to catch a break. Yes, he is still a legend. But you know how it works; the public continues to follow a person for their mystery. Once the audience unravels all the layers, or senses that they’ve ‘seen you finish,’ they’ll move on. They’re moving on right now.

On the music front, M.I Abaga has been prolific with sheer numbers. He’s been releasing projects that never go past his hangers-on, and underground rap fans. Whoever told Jude that he needed to dig deeper into his arsenal of narratives for ‘core Hip-hop’ music, hasn’t done him well. And the people who keep cheering, continue to fail him. When he drops a new project, a few of those minority nerds, will dissect it and shower him with praises. But that’s a misrepresentation of his might. It’s dwindling.


Let’s go back to your first recollection of M.I Abaga. When he broke through ranks to bring hip hip-hop closer to the masses. He steered music away from the underground, into the light and commercial benevolence of the popular crowd. He democratized Nigeria’s access to the genre by creating a slew of rap bangers, commanding respect, and loyalty both the Hip-hop heads and the odd guy on the street who could connect. A generation of Nigerian music enthusiasts grew up hanging to his creations and celebrating the power it had. Abaga was yesterday’s truth.

From the cultural reset of Talk About It, to the consolidation of artistry on M.I 2: The Movie, and the emotion of The Chairman,” M.I had something for everyone. 2018’s A Study on Self Worth: Yxng Dxnzl marked the end of his dominance. It was an instant switch that felt like M.I was done making music for his crowd, and wanted to go into his head and take his career into niche waters. Rendezvous was an experiment that nobody knew what to do with. Even still, it remains his last project with a bit of influence.

With a legacy that us etched in stone, M.I is currently doing the opposite of what made him take over and hold us for such a long time. As he has grown older, M.I has taken Hip-hop back to the period before he took over. Nigerian Hip-hop, as defined by the new faux-woke elite is meant to be deep. Like J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar deep, but without the sweetness that comes with their craft.

M.I Abaga has become too deep, and his pop crowd has dipped. Where artists like Falz and Naira Marley continue to adapt to the sway of global sounds to stretch the interpretation of the genre. M.I Abaga is retreating to a smaller corner where his music requires a greater effort to decode, talk less of providing enjoyment. He is rapping with abandon, and clearly loving it. But the public can’t share in that joy because it is underground music.

Think about this: if M.I Abaga released Judah and his collaboration with friend and associate A-Q, The Live Report, as an artist on the rise, he wouldn’t scratch the surface of conversations. He would be right where he is, in the underground, grappling with struggling rappers for glory. I mean, during his beef with Vector, he found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. His latest art is essentially doing the same thing. Pushing more people away, more than it is keeping the rest together. He isn’t getting new fans.

M.I Abaga’s entrance into music put hip-hop in millions of household. He’s currently taking himself out of millions more. He has regressed by the works of his hands. Some fans would argue with me, and that’s alright. But if you make it past this pandemic alive, go watch Abaga’s next live show. He’s never going to perform songs from his latest projects. He’ll go back into his past, to a time when he made music for everyone. He’ll bring out the brilliant ‘Anoti’, perform ‘One Naira’ and wave the mic to “Africa rapper number one.” He’ll call on some records with Jesse Jagz and Brymo before praying for everyone. Why? Because that’s the M.I that people can still recognize. That was the man with a mission. That was what people could buy into.

We need the old M.I Abaga. This version isn’t doing it. It hasn’t done it for a while. And there’s nothing to inspire hope that it’ll do it again. Let the old Abaga return from underground wars and needless beefs. Let him come back to make tunes that everyone can connect to.

Written By Joey Akan 


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    Stupidity personified writer

  2. Avatar

    Joey Akan {Writer} if you are too dull to comprehend what M.I raps about, No one is forcing you, you can go and listen to MAFO,

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    Broa I understand your point of view but like you said he is getting older and his focus is more of legacy, I don’t think his decision can be faulted JUDAH and the Live Report EP are for mature minds and not for every child to jump to like naira Marley and zlantan music no disrespect to them bcos they are doing what’s right for them at the moment

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    This is the dumbest write up in 2020… I bet the person who came up with this article obviously ? do not understand what rap music is all about. M.I is older like you said and you expect him to make music for the kids on the street ? Kids acts like kids while adults acts like adults and that’s basically what M.I is doing… I think ? you have personal hatred for M.I not his music. Meanwhile, M.I latest project is epic ?

  5. Avatar

    I think the above comments have said it all. Check yourself writer

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    I hv never commented on this platform but i had to drop this one. I have noticed that almost all the so called music critics on this platform really hate Jude and they always write something up to pull him down in the face of those that don’t listen to hip hop. You said he’s old, do u expect him to be making music like upcoming rapper? Like he said in A-Q track (A Class Act), he rhymes in elite way so i don’t expect none of y’all to understand him

  7. Avatar

    I’m an MI fan but I get what you mean but have you considered that maybe he doesn’t care about these popularity shit and just wants to cement his legacy as a true elite rapper with deep bars

  8. Avatar

    Bravooo. Well I jus see it as a good writer doing what he knows best n nothing more, you know, trying to put up something for people to read. Weldon.. but the truth be told, ain’t none badder than ‘M’.. I repeat , nobody not even your village upcoming artist. M.I remains the best things that has happened to music industry both home n abroad n you can’t change That bru. personally, M.I is my god, whenever I’m listening to my selections from artis like Kendrick n j Cole instantly MI comes to mind coz those are his level. Dude is so fcukin brilliant even outside music. Mi is a genius. Find out

  9. Avatar


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    It’s now doubt that all these platform looking for new ratings will pick the best in Africa and throw their shades at him. Your subcategory described M. As a bad viber…. No one in this continent has don’t better than that dude. Please let’s give respect to those that deserve it. Use your senses when you use your pen.

  11. Avatar

    Take this biased post void of any objectivity! How can you even say MI lost to vector?? Abeg! Who even approved this article to be published? Brain dead!

  12. Avatar

    Why does this write up seem somewhat more personal than objective critique?

  13. Avatar

    Make Una live am jooh: can u imagine “he said MI lost to Vector!” ?

  14. Avatar

    Did you say losing a beef to vector? I stopped reading there. You know why… You are dumb. Bye

  15. Avatar

    Thats exactly the same way people (e.g 50 cent) complained about Jay Z’s last album 4:44, people also complained about J.coles last 2 albums (4 your eyes only & K.O.D).

    The point is you can never have the same level of reception when you make adult contemporary hip hop (rap music with content) as when you make mainstream hip hop (which was what made these rap elites popular in the first place).

    • Avatar

      how old are u.are u a boy u single asf

  16. Avatar

    Joey Akan
    E no go better for U
    Imagine U saying MI isn’t making music enough
    Ask yourself who raps better than MI currently. MI is an incredible writer, not your average freestyle rapper. U think rap is ABC. Do u think the average Nigerian youth listen to rap or deep lyrics and bars. That’s one of the things affecting this country. Youths think life is all about party songs. Baba, If u no sabi wetin to write, just keep your Ideas to yourself and keep MI outta your mouth. Foolish person.

  17. Avatar

    Lol this writer is dull

  18. Avatar

    What is this one saying…… Are u ok??? The guts to even think of publishing this article is appalling! My guy shift commot 4 here

  19. Avatar

    Dump write up. MI’s song/rap is for his audience not for you with low IQ. The whole article is crap and went ahead to put it out as if the article is saying the right thing.

  20. Avatar

    I think tooxclusive is stupid for posting this write up. MI once said “already got prosperity, I’m doing it for legacy”. And mind you “The live report” project was done in less than a week and became the number a album on apple music in less than 24 hours. Don’t post fucking write ups here

  21. Avatar

    The most lame thing I’ve seen on the internet this year. If you’ve been following the hiphop culture globally you’ll know that what M is doing is no different from what the like of JayZ have done, the Truth is that you can’t keep dropping music for the vibes sometimes you need to communicate consciously with the fans. And as it stands A Study on Self Worth: Yxng Dxnzl is a great body of work and will always be rated tops by lovers of conscious rap. That being said MI is too big for all this cheap criticism.

  22. Avatar

    Losing a beef to Vector? How did he lose that beef, are you people deaf?

  23. Avatar

    Did this MF just list Naira Marley as a rapper?
    That says all there is to say about this article, therefore i wouldn’t speak about it.

  24. Avatar

    I don’t normally make comments but “kai”….this is pure bullshit. It’s clear that this writer is a hater. Same shit people said about Eminem recent albums but the truth is his songs and bars were becoming deeper and less noisy. These things come with maturity. And if you’re not mature yourself, or stuck in the past, you won’t enjoy their music. My advise for you bro, grow up.

  25. Avatar

    First time writing here, from now on I will Never download song here again … Fools, how can you MI lost beef to Vector???? Idiots

  26. Avatar

    As in naira Marley a rapper???
    What the fuck is he saying
    If u gat nothing serious to Dish out
    Jut Shut the fuck off

  27. Avatar

    Die hard fans won’t accept the fact, he lost it a long time ago. He is still a good rapper, but not like MI we are used to.

  28. Avatar

    From agbomosho village school you just wake up one day and start writing what you don’t know anything about, calling your self a writer?

  29. Avatar

    Lol I smell pussy, forget this mainstream rap, who’s still dropping rap songs like M.

  30. Avatar

    M lost it to vector, haha I guess vector is wining. & Pls stop classifying naira Marley as a rapper

  31. Avatar

    This has to be the dumbest article I have read since the beginning of 2020. It is clear that you don’t understand rap music. Clearly you don’t have the IQ to comprehend his recent lyrics and bars. Tooxclusive, it is a shame on you to have published this article. This is my first time ever to comment on your page and it was utter rubbish write up.

  32. Avatar

    Pure bullshitt, fucking bullshit,They don’t accept the dip things because he saying the whole truth,take his music abroad,they will accept him like Kendrick and Jcole, because that’s exactly what they Doo….you motherfuckers want trap shitt,that ain’t goonnaa work,just delete this write up, because it’s not making any solid sense it’s just Blane

  33. Avatar

    Sorry oo but I think you don’t know what u are talking about…MI no bi mate to you…let me advice you u must first be matured in mind then start listening afresh MI’s body of work .

  34. Avatar

    MI lost to vector? The number speaks for itself, what has vector done compared to him.. nothing. And with maturity comes understanding which mi is now. He’s more conscious of what he drops now which are more meaningful and can be related to. Jusus says got me..

  35. Avatar

    You wrote a foolish article with such good grammar. You shouldnt be fluent at all.

  36. Avatar

    What the fuck did i just read? Is this an agenda or what? Who edited this crap? When did dragging on social media become a major fail in an artiste craft?

    Joey akan wrote this? Never the joey akan i know won’t write this

  37. Avatar

    Av been an MI fan from day one and will remain so even if his songs are so deep now…
    That nigga got bars and still av it in him… Nothing bad trying to be matured and focus more on his legacy than staying trying to get popularity or more fan base…. He has pass those shit… I even love is music now than before where he has to add vibes so u guys can dance to or get commercial

  38. Avatar

    You need to be tested for covid 19. Dumb fellow

  39. Avatar

    Ridiculous post……very apparent bullcrap

  40. Avatar

    You are daft sir!

  41. Avatar

    I observed it here for sometimes now this site does not like m.i and they don’t post good things about him even when his album dropped it took them two weeks to upload it here……modal suckers

  42. Avatar

    The Writer here is a bitch. You can write nonsense about MI if u and ur granny are not feeling the vibes M’s is putting on is recent work then u need to go listen to ur Indigenous rappers who make more noise…

  43. Avatar

    Dummy of the century…MI Abaga still remain the Best Rapper in Africa…. Lyrically M is the boss

  44. Avatar

    Mehn… This is the stupidest writeup I have ever seen out here. So so dumb! If you don’t understand stuff, pls let someone explain it for u. MIs new releases is what epitomises his legacy…the true Rap king that he’s born to be. How can u undermine him like that? You want him to do stuff like dem olamides?? Mehn Joey Akpan GTFOH!

  45. Avatar

    Most of these guys are on a mission to tarnish the works of MI. How can a sane supposed person who understands what hip hop is all about undermines MIs like this. This is pure evil Akpan… Pure Evil.
    M.I is the standard of rap music not only in the country but the continent also. Deal with it!

  46. Avatar

    You just want his fucking attention coz he dissed you hope he’d give you that kind of platform… Shut up you’re false and thrash as a writer… Shut up

  47. Avatar

    What’s this utter rubbish

  48. Avatar

    The negativity in this write up is appalling, couldn’t go past three paragraphs. Viewing the comments, I’m suprised the post is still active. Poor content

  49. Avatar

    Just say… You like MI Abaga.
    But you should know, that he never lost any Rap battle to Vector he just choose to stop fighting and grow up but you can’t understand that, because you think calling someone names one a song is rap.

  50. Avatar

    Idiot write up, fuck urself.

  51. Avatar

    Laughs. Wetin person no go see? This CRITIC must be a Vector fan cos the way you kept repeatedly saying that MI lost to Vector. Like seriously?! Brother, clean your mouth. Fear God bro. Haba! This is the first time I’ll be commenting here.

  52. Avatar

    Why una dey even reply this nonsense post the nigga obviously now’s nothing about rap…and how mi’s EPs have been toping charts moron is clout chasing…the fact this post has 55 dislikes and 18likes should paint a clear picture.

  53. Avatar

    The only truth in this write up is ” MI is making deep rap music “. The rest of this piece is pure hatred. U cant related with m’s older self and his music, u can go down the road a go hug transformer

  54. Avatar

    A bunch of trash written by a demented creature

  55. Avatar

    You just spoke my mind about Ms music,I would love to see M.I do good music again for now he isn’t .

  56. Avatar

    What rubbish is this

  57. Avatar

    Stupid right up, he has don everything needed to take nigerian rap to another level, comparing him with vector is more stupid, after mentioning mi, i’ll mention several rappers before mentioning vector and that’s not an insult to vector, its just the honest truth.

  58. Avatar

    When rappers go commercial, we mock them. When a rapper stays true to what rap means, we now mock them too? You realize it’s his decision to do whatever kind of rap he deems fit? Then you put Naira Marley as a rapper? Please don’t write stuff like this again, it makes you sound dumb.

  59. Avatar

    Kai tooxclusive u fall my hand dz is my first time commenting here congrats on the achievement, I’m gonna set up a website for M.i, tooxclusive is out of my head, with flow on the recent projects by Jude Judah and the love report, Jude has made it clear to all this critics and every other underground rapper trying to catch up that he is out of reach, na wetin make dz idiot wan die with frustration

  60. Avatar

    Didn’t want to comment buh I have to , whoever wrote this is dumb asf , losing a beef to vector ? Wtf are you saying ?

  61. Avatar

    Haters will always talk trash about m.i always using vector as a scape goat…. understandable but naira Marley? what is he looking for here,????? HABAA!! MANA!!

  62. Avatar

    This guy dey look for traffic for his website

  63. Avatar

    Corona virus ooo, someone should call ncdc oo

  64. Avatar

    I said it buhari should give us a little break b4 anoda lockdown, see wetin lockdown don cause now, kpele it will soon be over, no new case of Corona virus in the last 24hrs in Lagos so don’t give up, hold on a bit longer help is coming stay at me! Stay with me!!

  65. Avatar

    Someone cant just rap based on inspiration again, whats the point if reaching this height and still be constricted. Lose the battle to vector. Whose been feeding like they lost a battle. Y’all shoukd stop clout chasing and focus on developing good news.

  66. Avatar

    This guy has been hanging out with m.i, but he’s just getting to know that he is made, he didn’t know that his cover has been blown all this while until when m.i released the commandment in Judah E.P, he is one of the fuckboys and m.i talked about

  67. Avatar

    The truth is MI is no longer doing music to stay relevant, he his doing music to touch the soul and teach people about life… Why all these stupid writer keep coming for Mi? Go for vector, dremo, ycee, etc what have they done?

    Pls leave MI MF

  68. Avatar

    I which i could get ur number, call you for 1hr to explain how dumb you are.

  69. Avatar

    MI is the G.O.A.T

    I am Samyzi, Best After Abaga

  70. Avatar

    Writer on Point. M.I has Really lost it, whether he makes his new songs to attend legendary status, everyone wants to make music that trends.. also, he lost the Beef to Vector. It was clear and glaring to all.

  71. Avatar

    It’s obvious this site is purging. MI may be human in his actions sometimes but his words and legacy is untouchable. There is no one I repeat no one like him in the continent of Africa rap wise.

  72. Avatar

    Hate speech

  73. Avatar

    Nigeria’s hip hop token.. you’ve got to be joking..

  74. Avatar

    I never knew tooxclusive is a hater of the Legend MI it is so obvious… This pathetic writer just wish, such a sad hater, I’m sure he bleeds in his heart when he sees MI’s ratings despite his hates.. I lost all respect for this site.

  75. Avatar

    Too exclusive I’m a vector fan but whoever approved this post must be a dingbat

  76. Avatar

    You mentioned losing beef to Vector; this point from you clearly displays your hate for MI, MI clearly won the beef with a single track and MI is the number 1 rapper in Africa. And honestly, vector is not on the list.
    Your opinions are very questionable and unprofessional.

  77. Avatar

    Joey Akan!!!! What the name of that writer that wrote for Pulse now with Opera. My Opera browse is hacked since Osagie joined Opera with Ad prompt up-and-down. Now you and Osagie are on the same level broke ass writer No Future Ambitious (NFA) so MI should start doing trap or mumbling rap to become relevant or Tuface should start Zanku for you. Joey go and sit down. Imagine you saying MI lost to Vector. When u were writing that point I guess ur brain was off oxygen u need a ventilator. Please imagine Jay Z sing trap or NAS mumbling rap. Na was please if u hungry tell us. Tooxclusive please take Joey to a rehab

  78. Avatar

    Them writers should fix up their lives!!! Yung Dnzl isn’t ur mate

  79. Avatar

    When I saw m.i lost to vector I just closed my browser, I can’t be reading rubbish

  80. Avatar

    Nice try, but the fundamentals are flawed. In a nutshell, the writer prefers to dance, prefers the rhythmic beats of music riding soul tickling melodies, to sweeten the delivery of rap content, as was M.I’s style in the days of old. This was apt for its time and perfect for its purpose of showcasing his craft.

    The world has moved on, M.I has matured and embraced the essence of rap. In those 2 recent tracks which the writer flipantly waived off, this rapper takes battle rap to a new level in Judah, and then addresses an issue of the times in the very clever exchange with A.Q, M.I has actually upped his game. Rap is intellectual. If you want beats, we have phenomenal talent in Nigeria for that. Wiz and Burna for a start will take on the best in the world. Our musical team is at the moment far better than our football one. Give credit where it is due.

  81. Avatar

    For ur information nigga or boy, u don’t know what u are saying I don’t know if you are high, but from all indication u don’t know what rap is and all about, u said vector won the beef hw pussy ???? Explain

  82. Avatar

    MI literally replied Vector’s next 10 beefs in that one song only,
    I mean MI dissed his past, present and future, all in one track. Bro go check yourself.
    Wtf even made you a writer? U should be picking beans for a living

  83. Avatar

    I saw the headline, I clicked, I started reading, I got to “M.I lost to Vector”, I scrolled down to check who wrote it, I was disappointed.

  84. Avatar

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  85. Avatar

    I will for ever remain a stan. You’re just a hater. Saying personal stuff so you can eat. Well MI got a message for you in Geng remix – all you music critics dumbass Idiots

  86. Avatar

    I get the point,MI in his most recent projects has broken more geographical boundaries to the love of good hip-hop listeners, I think for him to wider his fan base is to as well connect back to his first style of sounds and feature pattern of chorus,he can keep his latest rap style,will not be a bad idea.

  87. Avatar

    M I still impresses me till today since I fell for his poetic genius 8 years ago.

  88. Avatar

    The first time I commented on tooxclusive was one this post, The second time am commenting is on this same post ?

    I can actually get where Joey Akan [the writer] is coming from.

    You wanted comments and now you have it.

    Nevertheless The Live Report Was a Rap Album Masterpiece, Anything short of that is HATE at its purest form.

  89. Avatar

    This article is just straight up disrespectful to not only MI but to all those trying to dig deep and bring out music that can last even after they are gone. Something that will make people think and discover new meaning or interpretation to lines used in a song. For a “journalist” or “critic” a person in a position of impact, to post this is sad.
    For your information, MI returned cause he said SA has taken over hiphop in Africa. The reason he did ‘Rappers should fix up your life’ and he held up that standard of lyricism and depth. So don’t disrespect a man because of his ideals and lack of compromise for quality

  90. Avatar

    The writer need to be in tuned to get these 5G flows

  91. Avatar

    I respect this opinion.

  92. Avatar

    Fam, MI lost to vector….. And then you woke up. Surely that’s what you meant to say

  93. Avatar

    He lost the battle to Vector? Y’all capping I swear.

  94. Avatar

    My dear, you don’t know anything about rap. MI is king everyday.

  95. Avatar

    Mi is not what u think

  96. Avatar

    A lot of unintelligent fellow hate MI including this writer.. MI’s music isn’t for dullards like you.. You have to be intellectually sound to understand his music.. Did you just say he lost a beef to Vector? Mi’s the Viper is one the best beef track of all time in the world .. Tooxclusive you guys need to dump this useless writer asap…

  97. Avatar

    How did loose beef with Vector?
    Dumb writer

  98. Avatar

    Every bias and hardly reasonable write up.

  99. Avatar

    Eyaah, This writer knws wot hes doin o. He jst drop diz so pple can be Barkin. Every reasonable Someone knws he’s a joke… becox Hw can u expect an elderly man to start playin Childrenx Play once again…He played it durin his tym nd played well nd nw a Legend. Use yr head to understand dat Lyf goes on. Let other childrenx play abeg… itx Jst Lyk Wen begging Jesus christ to com nd die again 4 d world is dat possible.

  100. Avatar

    Nija hiphop is so dry and dumb. Where are all the disciples they should take after their masters. Instead of cowardicing behind their legacy.

  101. Avatar

    I disagree with this writer, ice prince is not getting new fans either, same as skales, these are rappers turn singers. How loved have they gotten for singing dumb music. WTF is tantabara, these are 2 fucking rappers. By going deep, M.I is okay with his fans and is trying to put Nigeria on the map because we have lost respect for not producing high level of hiphop in Nigeria. And vector never won M.I. a collaborative album with AQ shows M.Is love for hiphop and he did it out of the lockdown boredom lol

  102. Avatar

    They don’t understand English, that’s why dey feel M.I is not good he still remain the best, u writers should fix up ur brain

  103. Avatar


  104. Avatar

    This is a terrible write up… I am not a fan of MI but this is not it.. I see so much hate in this and for a popular music site, its bad

  105. Avatar

    what w fuck is this one saying first M.I lost to vector. he all ready said it in the viper that he won’t reply again. viper murder all vectors beef. he must be an incredible lecture cos he took us back to school. then you compare rappers like falz and naira Marley to M.i. I laugh falz is a comedian while naira Marley isnt qualify to call a rapper. this is the LIVE REPORT.

  106. Avatar


  107. Avatar

    Who’s the writer? Yo you a stupid dumb ass. Talking about difficulty in decoding M.I’s rap? Dude that’s what makes it A-list rap. Soapy Is probably the only song you’ll ever comprehend fool

  108. Avatar

    If you the real meaning of rap song, you should be grateful to MI. U criticized mainly because his rap flow is extraordinary. Even Vec know he is low to MI but he is just trying to fool himself and his dumb ass fans. I wondered, Mayokun ft Vec and he came up with beef song so is that one a legend or what legacy is he laying. Let learn from live report b4 u listen to stale news

  109. Avatar

    This is the dumbest right up i hav seen in history. M I is forever a legend.

  110. Avatar

    MI had your support when he started, as time goes on, he chose to grow but you refuse to. That’s the problem you have right now.
    Meanwhile, some of us started with him and still growing with him.
    Lastly, we’re expecting that he’ll go deeper in his next project because we can’t remain at a level forever.
    Upgrade is very important.

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