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While Fireboy Was Feeding Us With Love Videos, Rema Was Busy Hitting The International Market…. “Beamer Review”

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Another banger!

African girly come and hop in my beamer
You know me I really wanna take you for dinner
You know me I get money pass Shina Peter
For my area they dey call me godzilla
For the boy there wey dey yarn kpatakpata
If you catch am make sure say you beat am
If another nigga wan carry my seniorita
I go chop am like say na semovita o

Mavin & Jonzing fast growing superstar, Rema is unarguably one of the most talented new generation act that’s fully ready to take over from the likes of Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy. The multi-talented singer Released his 2020 debut titled “Beamer” on the 21st of February to set off the new year. Below are My Thoughts about the new song….

The song is an afrobeat, Indiana, dancehall and Latin trap record produced by Jamaican record producer, Rvssian. The young Nigerian kid, Rema linked up with Rvssian after the international act got hit by his unique vibe and flow. They both got into the studio for some vibes and recorded banger upon banger. To show the world their new found chemistry Rema dished out ‘Beamer‘, this one out of more hits to come.

Now to the main bizness – ‘Beamer‘, this a song you can’t resist or walk pass. It’s a complete vibe of sounds an International standard!

Firstly, The Intro of the song ‘Beamer’ is a major one from my own point of view. The part of the world that i feel we (Nigerians) still need to hit more is the; Arab Nation, Latinos and Indianas. Rema’s intro on this song is capable of hitting these above listed nations and gets their attention. He started the record with their style of music/sound which is his unique vibe that will earns him more penetration and audience. This will also puts us on the map.

Secondly, Rema is good singer that has matured into a multi-talented ‘Act’. When i say ‘Act’, i mean acting along with your music / craft. Rema sold this song to everyone with the music video, his Charisma alone through out the whole visuals (from the beginning to the end), killed the show. People tend to say he is imitating Wizkid but the Young star proved that he is more than just a Wizkid. On this new music video you can see Wizkid and Burna Boy in him, a good singer with the Bad Boy vibe, A Gangster! (Well now we all know the girls dem love the Bad Boyz more nowadays than lover ones).

On the concluding part with this new song and music video, It just shows Remy boy has gone pass the Nigeria market, he is someone who is now ready for the International scene. He is not just restricting himself to our context alone, the young fella wants to do more, penetrate and get us more accolades.

This is a good output and perfect way to start another round of game play. I rate it 8/10

“While Fireboy Was Feeding Us With Love Videos, Rema Was Busy Hitting The International Market…. “Beamer Review””, 2 out of 5 based on 94 ratings.


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  1. Avatar

    You are crazy with fis write up. Nonsense write up. More than a wizkid? You fela what? Dem don pay una na

  2. Avatar

    Ogun kill the writer

  3. Avatar

    Werey is your surname! Mek I no swr 4 u say na dat money wey u collect go kill u last last o! am not sorry, I don talk am alr???

  4. Avatar

    The boy is on fire. Best artist after Burna boy at the moment

  5. Avatar

    Remy boi is good. I rate 9/10

  6. Avatar

    U guys are just jealous of him
    Good vibes by the way

  7. Avatar

    Wizkid took over from Tuface so Rema is taking over from both Wizkid and Davido

  8. Avatar

    Yea REMA is the future

  9. Avatar

    Fireboy is good. Stop the comparison. Nah everybody go go international. Are you an international writer. Idiot. Are you better than Fireboy. Nonsense

    • Avatar


  10. Avatar

    Fireboy is the big thing no one in his stage does what he is doing forget about childish rema#i love fireboy

  11. Avatar

    rema is better dan fireboy
    I luv dis beamer
    buh Burnaboy is d best in Nigeria

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar

    It is just so funny that Nigerians close their eyes to good music bcos of hatred, bcos rema is young doesn’t mean he does not know what he is doing, note that we the Nigerian intellects are tired of the typical fireboy love songs. We need more spice added to that and rema brings that, rema is not ur regular Nigerian musician he is just too unique but hatred won’t allow anyone accord him that

  14. Avatar

    At least the both of them are making money are just there criticizing them

  15. Avatar

    Pls can u guys do what they are doing ?
    All of them are good is not like u can sing

  16. Avatar

    He. Is. Good

  17. Avatar

    While Fireboy Was Feeding Us With Love Videos, Rema Was Busy Hitting The International Market…. Bullshiiit!!!!

    Guy, you’re just talking rubbish, what’s the essence of this comparison? Since i started downloading from this site, i’ve never seen any write up for any song that is this long…. It simply means they paid you for it, buh you didn’t do the job well, it’s too obvious that you collected money for this… Rema is doing good so is fireboy. Next time you want to post things, no dey talk rubbish

  18. Avatar

    Lmaoo so bcos of beamer now some pple are comparing rema to a whole fire boy…fireboy weh don turn legend already

  19. Avatar

    U lack sense ,u reason like rabbit after dem don give u free data u go fit type nonsense,stupid pikin

  20. Avatar

    It Is not arguable than fireboy is more talented than rema. Seems this stupid writer has been paid to write this, or he is just been myopia, fireboy album is currently one of the hottest album.

  21. Avatar

    Rema is hitting the international market doesn’t mean fireboy isn’t(in time)..d sky is wide enough for all the stars to shine..Your comparison condemns one and hyped one which is very irrational..Do not forget fireboy killed it at Starboy’s show at d O2 arena..They are both on time compare and contrast..

  22. Avatar

    Soooo, is there a need to shade Fireboy?? I don’t get oh, understand that people are different na. One person can’t keep singing the same style of music. Both artists are good, so can we all just like mind our business and just enjoy their music?! Its not like we making any money from arguing who’s better than who. *Rolling my eyes*

  23. Avatar

    I no blame dis writer
    Don jazzy don pay am
    Fureboy 4 life
    Stop dis comparisons

  24. Avatar

    Tomiwa ode!

  25. Avatar

    U guys should stop compering dem both, dem are good in them own way. what fireboy can do,rema can’t do DAT n wat rema can do der is no way DAT fireboy can do such. Dem are unique in dem own way.

  26. Avatar

    U guys should stop compering dem both, dem are good in them own way. what fireboy can do,rema can’t do DAT n wat rema can do der is no way DAT fireboy can do such. Dem are unique in dem own way,n its so natural for him to out shine wizkid and davido caux no one reigns for ever.dis is his time to shine.

  27. Avatar

    I don’t really understand Africans..watz the need of comparing them..atleast all of Dem dey carry food come table, pay their bills and are living well.. Everybody get him own shine..oo..

  28. Avatar

    Actually rema has gone far in the music industry I’ll rate him 10/10

  29. Avatar

    even fire?boy wost track can’t be compared to this rubbish, gush I just waste my data to download this

  30. Avatar

    This is a bad way to start an article…you can talk about someone not to down play another artist..

  31. Avatar

    I dammyu said it and will say it again and again..if not for dumebi rema for no blow. (Most pple tink seh na wizkid).Niggga is not half as talented as fireboy.fireboy is an inspiration to millions of upcoming ur research..bobo don turn le gend danu..gbogbo e lo fi nko rema kpa.abi una wan make Ogun kill una

  32. Avatar

    From jealous to what if I say to every song he’s released before the album dropped, to LTG,to everything he will drop in the future.all na hit back to back…In short research has shown that 90% of
    all Nigerian triller videos were made with a fireboy song! Abi Ogun wan kill una?

  33. Avatar

    Rema we love you

  34. Avatar

    To me both are comfortable on their career path Right now,vibration by fire boy was a jam before that of rema..Time will tell who is better for now both just start.. let’s encourage them more not comparison.

  35. Avatar

    Omor na rema

  36. Avatar

    Fireboy fi life abi Ogun wan kill una

  37. Avatar

    Abi Ogun wan kee una

  38. Avatar

    ready for international scene with which song abeg ,ogun burn you born yr entire typing materials…
    fool fireboy to rema
    is like Ronaldo to I henacho
    rema no reach
    and he can not reach korede bello second
    one hit maker
    pls tell me how many lines u can sing in that boy song
    and tell me how many more you will remember in fireboy

  39. Avatar

    Childish rema? And old baba you are hear downloading his song,idiot…..egungun get ready to strike di’s fool

  40. Avatar


  41. Avatar

    i love rema dats dey truth

  42. Avatar

    rema is good but not as good as wizkid and burna boy
    rema is very good💯💯

  43. Avatar

    rema is my favorite, beamer is awesome, fireboy is good too, but I guess we all should just appreciate them it’s not easy at all.

  44. Avatar

    Love you Rema…
    Rema,Fireboy,Joeboy and Lyta .You guys are doing great, it is not easy.

  45. Avatar

    All this niggas abusing this kid.. Pls take a chill pill, u all jealous of him. Only madt people won’t see the future in this guy… He’s just the best presently

  46. Avatar

    rema is the best thanks to don jazzy i want to become a musician too i pray to god to send my helper too

  47. Avatar

    His above his colleagues because he does more than singing love and hate thing… His making me proud

    He also infuse Indian,latin, and Arab style of music into afrobeats


  48. Avatar

    rema i believe you die
    without you most of your funs will die

  49. Avatar

    Both re gud wish dem ahead in der career whether international recognition or nt who will shine will shine nobdy wish nt 2 gain interna recognition bt me i go feel d vibration all d way

  50. Avatar

    He uses arab,indian and latin language in afrobeat.dat is arab nonsence.he will just come out and b singing like some 1 with convulsion,as if he ate porriage frog.can u give me d meaning of 2 rema music.he would come 2 stage and b singing all d cartoon he has watched,all of dis rema fans need 12 spoon of jesus blood.d guy will just come out and b singing incantation.

  51. Avatar

    I Love FireBoy

  52. Avatar

    rema is mind blowing, look at his lyrics, performance, everything nice, even his hair style is a blowjob.Rema is taking over he is not imitating Wizkid, who is Wizkid I even rate him more than davido, he is an original banger.

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