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White Man – “New Story” || @Whitemanofficial

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Money Making Machine Gang (MMMG) music act Omotore Adebayo fondly called White Man announces his arrival to the ever busy Nigerian music scene as he drops a new potential hit tagged “New Story” which promises to be a household tune within a very short time.

White Man who hails from Ondo state has been enjoying a smooth run in the limelight as his releases have always been met with praises from fans and critics alike. The well-composed lyrics are laced on a super beat Mixed and Mastered by the unstoppable BRAIN ON THE MIX.

Without any doubt, White Man has been consistent with his genre of music, making his fans grow accustomed to his style.
The rhythm of the track will make you want to keep it on replay.

“New Story” is a song every youth of this century can relate to and is available on all music portals nationwide.

White Man – “New Story”

“White Man – “New Story” || @Whitemanofficial”, 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


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    Nice jam

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    very nice

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    This is so cool man…..
    Grammy should be prepared….
    Yeah for sure

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    I love this jam

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    Snr man for sure

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    spot on!!

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    It’s cool man we love it

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