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WillieXO Reveals MI Has Asked For Time To Speak With His Management Over Battling Vector For 40 Million

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

Musician and music promoter, WillieXO has revealed MI Abaga told him he would get back to him regarding the 40 million deal to battle Vector live on stage.

Willie took to his Instagram page to let the public know he has spoken with MI on the phone and he’s revealed he needs to get more time so he could discuss with his management. Willie also reveals the only thing stalling the move is MI’s decision as Vector has already agreed to grace the stage to face MI.

He also reveals he is willing to loosen up a bit by deciding to share the money between the two rappers instead of an initially proposed winner takes all deal. He wrote; “Nigerian hip-hop fans really want me to deliver so here’s where we are: i have spoken with MI and he said he’s going to get back to me after speaking with his team. Me and my team are ready, Vector is ready, so i’m waiting for MI to get back to me like he promised. Also if both parties agree, i’m ready to drop the winner take all angle and go for a split of the mulla. Let’s go!”

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  • WillieXO Reveals MI Has Asked For Time To Speak With His Management Over Battling Vector For 40 Million
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Taiwo Oluwafemi

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  1. Avatar

    Baba wants to go for rehearsals first.. lol

  2. Avatar

    Mi needs to practice before facing the viper
    Better do your rehearsal very well
    Vec all the way

  3. Avatar

    MI is not good In free style that’s why he they fear ?

  4. Avatar

    If I was MI I wouldn’t rap with vector, He said it on the diss track already, vector am actually ur fan, 4 sure so dat means I knw Wat u rap, vector u rap Nottin buh joints, dats wen MI is incredibly rapping Willie, silence is an answer 2 bro

  5. Avatar

    What is 40million 2 the African rapper no one, boss some more maturity please

  6. Avatar

    MI’s the King, Vector is just taking shots at the throne and has nothing at stake to lose.

    Regardless of the money, MI should not oblige, he’s taught Vector enough lessons in #TheViper and ended it in on an epic cum classic note

  7. Avatar

    If I should be MI, I’ll behave so matured to live the stage for the boys……..bcox MI is a patron………… rapper ever to compete

  8. Avatar

    I think vector needs the money more to pay his no need for the challenge.

  9. Avatar

    If i were MI i won’t battle him for anything. Vector is a failed rapper and trying to gain recognition by all means.He wanna utilize dis opportunity bcos if he losses nobody will b surprised but if MI,it wud b a DENT to his integrity,personality and reputation.Bcos to b factual nd realistic,he’s d most successful,exceptional and outstanding rapper in d history of Nigeria hiphop.

  10. Avatar

    Well all nice comments Mr Anonymous. You’re very correct at certain point but what’s life without challenges? Like you said MI has a lot to loose only when he losses to vector and vector too at the other hand needs such a platform to showcase his skills. We should all remember MI did it the past rappers of which he met on board and now it’s vector’s time so in my own very opinion I will say everyone deserves a chance. “Apparently MI is who he is and so is vector “

  11. Avatar

    Nobody is bigger than challenges every great man has one or to challenges to make progress so MI is not bigger

  12. Avatar

    Eminem is being regarded as the greatest rapper but he reply disses and takes challenges, even from rap juveniles. So why hyping MI for being bigger? Let him prove reason why is being regarded as “Mister incredible” let’s leave nepotism and favouritism aside. let them showcase their differences now!!!

    • Avatar

      PROVE ? TO YOU OR WHO?… HE DOESNT NEED TO PROVE ANYTHING….. If na so, Davolee sef go come dey find prove na… Im not saying its wrong for him to battle, im just saying its optioal… He doesnt need to prove anything to us anymore, i am satisfied.

  13. Avatar

    M I is the best f then Victor….

  14. Avatar

    M.I once said in his beef track that his not in these league bcus the super eagles don’t play against their falcons. If M.I accept this challenge then he has reduced himself not only for vector but for other upcoming too.

  15. Avatar

    I don’t understand the word he his reducing him self for vec. Honestly I don’t get. He is richer and famous than vec and so what. We have forgotten this guys are pally before they become enemies. Make them rap jare make we know who deserve the hype

  16. Avatar

    Why waiting for permission from ur manager. Oga fall out come free style with vector no be to dey form boss watin u don rap way u dey form boss. As old as Eminem he still dey get rap battle with young rappers and he dey deliver that’s how to know a good rapper

  17. Avatar

    The foundation of rap is in battling, so there is nothing wrong with this challenge unless you don’t know anything about rap. MI can decide not to accept the challenge, that’s his own personal decision to make. But saying that accepting the challenge reduces him to Vector’s level is just bullshit.

  18. Avatar

    Mi is just buying time for preparation… lost my respect for that dude… he ain’t hip hop At all.

  19. Avatar

    VEC is about to kill someone if he tries …

  20. Avatar

    We know them na, they only get their lines on net… What’s the essence u calling ur self boss when we disciples can’t get a 100% of u. When ever we come to u all u need is to consult ur pad(note). Maka y

    We need it raw Man, and that’s wah mk Vec more more better of you #AlayeJohjohjoh

  21. Avatar

    I think the only man who can keep Vec shut is Alaga, maybe Mi should go team up with Remi, and am very sure Aga is not in for this nonsense

  22. Avatar

    Rap battles its not about freestyle it’s about making point..every good rap battle mc take their time to prepare for if mi wants to take his time to prepare den why not?imagine drake or jayz on a rap battle..if I was mi I would definitely decline this challenge..

  23. Avatar

    It’s an insult for Cheetahs to compete with a dog for speed, so M.I should not accept the challenge.

  24. Avatar

    M I may not be good at freestyles but his creativity will always speak out.
    I don’t know why people think Vector is going to win EM because he is good at freestyle. Creativity and punch lines is enough to win in a rappl battle

  25. Avatar

    Mi dont accept this challenge.. Same hushpuppi said Nigerian artiste are broke and insulted davido,phyno and a whole lots of others now betting money on your head to battle wat a shame for vector..if say na dangote or maybe a brand d sponsor this battle e for better..mi pls don’t accept walk away..

  26. Avatar

    Well am a fan of vector and MI, the truth is that vector doesn’t have the rap skills like MI, but incase MI finally agreed the vector should get ready to go back and study little of dictionary, and the judges should come along with there own dictionary too,, I love vector and I love MI, but MI is still the African rapper No1,! The Chairman! The king of the zanga! The best rapper in the history of Nigeria, well as for vector, pikin way talk say him mama no go slip him too no go slip.

  27. Avatar

    PROVE ? TO YOU OR WHO?… HE DOESNT NEED TO PROVE ANYTHING….. If na so, Davolee sef go come dey find prove na… Im not saying its wrong for him to battle, im just saying its optioal… He doesnt need to prove anything to us anymore, i am satisfied.

  28. Avatar

    not Mi vs vec but AQ vs ves because Mi is to big for vec

  29. Avatar

    You go just come here dey talk rubbish If MI is Bigger Than VEC…. Who is AQ To VEC….. #Alaye Apply Your sense MI is just a coward! If he’s better Than VEC make him prove himself…… Una go just dey listen to the other side of music…..

  30. Avatar

    )it, hh

  31. Avatar

    being the “no1” means u must be ready to defend ur throne at all times even eminem dissed kelly back

  32. Avatar

    Am all ears, but i know MI wit sum capabilities

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