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Wizkid Is Choking Us With Bad Music – Angry Fan!!

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Wizkid and a very few others belong to the class of artistes we refer to as ‘tune dictators’ in the Nigerian music industry. The industry basically stands still whenever Wizkid is about to drop a song, but lately, his format for releasing materials seems to have changed – soft, mostly social media, hype and random release timing.

Since he moved on from his SFTOS album, Wizkid has switched focus from conquering boundaries to returning to perfect his balance on the throne at home. What I have noticed since his return, is that he has done more features in last 10 months than he did in years before then. This is unusual of Wizkid, collaborating with artistes at this rate is unlike him and it is becoming a cause for worry now that it seems like this increase in the rate of Wizkid collaborations is affecting the quality of his materials.

I have heard people put up the argument for Wizkid, stating that Manya and Soco grew in commercial success despite the early doubt but this their success in terms of airplays, streams and downloads, is because they are Wizkid songs not because they have any unique feature. Even Wizkid knows that the potency of his formula would not last long. Choking us with different songs in the space of weeks, sometimes days or hours apart, is not the best way to remain the most listened-to artiste on the continent. It might work for a while and then it becoming boring and annoying.

High grade, Aphrodisiac and Vibes dropped on the heels of the newly released ‘Commando’. These are songs that shouldn’t even have happened in the first place, being shoved down our ear holes. This new approach to music has its effect (negatively) on the music industry at large.

While many artistes still yearn for the dream collaboration with Wizkid, I would assume this to bad move. Here is why; we already have too much of Wizkid’s wack songs flooding the streets with little or no reception, which means at this moment, he is not in the right creative space to actually deliver materials with substance. This means any artiste running to him for collaboration is not likely to get that genius-inputand in fact, it is difficult not to think that his input would dent the already good song he/she has ready.

Let’s take the study of Tekno’s ‘Mama’, the song dropped at a time Tekno was having a bad year and needed a lift. Wizkid jumped on the song with the thought that his influence will help boost the record but instead it got a two-second buzz and did not even qualify for a video.

With Olamide & Duncan Mighty already done, and Kiss Daniel, YceeSlimcase and even Tiwa Savage already anticipating their collaborations with the Starboy, it suggests that before the year runs out, this creatively tired Wizkid will only get poorer with time.

The impact of this will be traced down to lower graded artistes as most would want to emulate the new ‘Wizkid formula’ which might expose us to trashier materials from now till December 2018 and beyond.

At this point in time, what the industry needs is a purge off anything Wizkid or Starboy related.

Wizkid we love you but we need a break!

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    cant agree more on how trash are these new songs.

  2. Avatar

    you are a fool…when David was dropping songs everyweek you no talk shit, now it’s wiz you are ranting rubbish!! Ogun kill your papa

  3. Avatar

    Foolish write up

  4. Avatar

    vukkle abey na Vuvuzela ur stupidity is out of proportions! Thoe songs high grade, aphrodisiac nd others except Commando were leaked! Lazy Nigerian idiot!

  5. Avatar

    Mtcheeew stupid write up…bcuz it seems wizzy is sliping abi? out for wizkid bcuz he no evn suppose drop quality matarials nw …una no sabi music management dats y..wizkid boss for life.

  6. Avatar

    don’t lie on any angry fan coz it u people dat want to say it

  7. Avatar

    Mr Angry Fan. For why are you angry ?? You think its easy to record a song. Oga enter studio make you record your own. Na one Head you and WIZKID get ooo utilize your brain mugu. I have always and will continue to say it. Nigerians do not deserve WIZKID. Kill yourself Mr. Angry Fan. Hater oshi

  8. Avatar

    Mr Daniel Enisan the angry fan, what is your own? If you do not like the songs ignore them. Someone is sleeping in the studio and setting standards, you’re sitting behind a key pad and showing hate. Get a life Mr Angry fan. You just hating on Wiz. Did he take your wife? Did he cut your bread? Did he steal from you? If he has done none of these things, leave him alone biko. We love his music and only real recognise real. You ain’t real. You’re fake. As fake as NIKI shoes and POLIO shirts.

  9. Avatar

    If you say Fake Love by Duncan Mighty x Wizkid, Lagos Vibes, Aphrodisiac and Highgrade are not good songs then you have a problem with your life and ears.

  10. Avatar

    Wizkid or notin

  11. Avatar

    it is official, tooxclusive are ANTI-wizzy

  12. Avatar

    Real Truth Wizkid And Davido Needs a break from music they are no more the stars 2017

  13. Avatar

    U bitches started like this with dbanj and dude end up earning millions, keep bitchin and boy be chasing out, una go dey alright last lass

  14. Avatar

    Well, in as much as I love the starboy this article is spot on.. he needs a break, we need a break

  15. Avatar

    Everyone on here with bad credit, I pray when you work hard, someone will bad mouth you and you will see all your success crashing, This is just ridiculous, Wizkid is helping other artiste to grow you all are bad mouthing, you all don’t deserve good things make una enter studio go record bastards

  16. Avatar

    Tooxclusive why na
    Una done big pass dis one na haba
    Please delete this post abeg
    Not good at all

  17. Avatar

    So how did malo blow??? Just asking…is it not the same wiz?

  18. Avatar

    wizkid is te best thing happening now

  19. Avatar

    This is the most stupid post you have ever posted. And you stupid for ever thinking of posting this. #tastysuckers

  20. Avatar

    Shallow minded, naive, weak minded, you lack knowledge

  21. Avatar

    I can’t believe the management of tooxclusive allowed this trash To be published on their platform. Do you guys take time to review your posts before you publish them at all? Because if you do, this wouldn’t have been approved. I’m not saying this because I’m a Wizkid fan or not, but because I’m a lover of music.
    There is one common thing with popular and talented Acts, they don’t always release a killer track. In the year 2012 (the year I believe Wizkid released the highest number of songs ever), we experienced an almost every day release from Wizkid. From planned songs to freestyles to surprise tracks, to EME album to countless features…a lot of materials from Wizkid. At the end, not all these materials were hit songs, Azonto, Dance for Me, The Matter, Thank You, Body, Love You were some of the hits by Wizkid in just 2012 (including Only Man She Wants, a song which was a remix by Wizkid to Popcaan’s hit track). 2012 saw the beast in Wizkid’s music career. At the end, not all these songs were hit songs. That’s common with every talented and hardworking Act who had passion for making music. You don’t always make a hit, go round the world and check. Wizkid has always been a lover of music making. He doesn’t pay anyone to write a song, he gets the mic and vibes to the beat. Most of those songs you listed up there were never released officially by Wizkid. He just gifted them out to fans who may find it interesting. And I’ve seen a lot of fans praising his effort in those songs, like Lagos Vibes (number 8 on MTN Music Plus). Wizkid in 2018 so far has more hit songs than any other Nigerian Act. He has featured on songs more than any other as well. At the end, it’s common to see that some of these songs will not be hits, others will (Soco, Nowo for instance. And the most recently released Fake Love and Kana, already topping some charts). So in all, Wizkid is a human who loves making music. And I’d make bold to say, the most passionate Nigerian Act at the moment next to Olamide. These are Acts who like vibing to beats and changing their sounds.
    The fans are not complaining, just like they didn’t complain in 2012. Before the year ends, we may see Wizkid releasing more 2 or 3 hit songs. Ofcos there would be not so good tracks as well. But the problem with us is, we judge someone by one bad act forgetting the countless good ones he did. I make bold to say and I stand to be challenged that no Artiste below 30 years currently in the Nigerian music industry has more hit songs than Wizkid. And I equally make bold to say that none among that age group has more songs than Wizkid. Most times, Wizkid does not promote his songs. Just like the most recent Fake love, I expected him to release a video immediately and put up adequate promotion to push it, but no.
    In all, if you people considered these points i raised, youd be grateful to Wizkid rather than condemning him. Just last year, I read an article on your platform condemning Wizkid for abandoning home to sing and feature more of foreign Acts. Now he is back featuring almost all Nigerian Acts and helping to raise the young ones, you have started to condemn him. I wouldn’t say you are anti-Wizkid, but you aren’t on the right track. It questions your credibility.

  22. Avatar

    Very useless write up . Retarded fan

  23. Avatar

    I guest they must have pay you guyz 4 this, don’t worry u will all stand to face the penalty both with the person that have payed u, rubbish people with rubbish thinking faculty u are saying that wizkid music is bad is ur brain that is bad u can’t think anymore, u guyz should remove this post now bcoz am sending thunder 2 each an everyone of u stupid people, no wonder M.I said that we don’t deserved Wizkid and that’s true am out of this useless site instead of encouraging him more u are there condenming his hard work

  24. Avatar

    na dere papa sing soco and nowo na idiot people

  25. Avatar

    Nonsense people,they always back Davido and always want to have something to say about Wizzy,foolish people,Naijaliaded s far far better and fair than you people,fake site..

  26. Avatar

    I love him for life

  27. Avatar

    Nonsense people, they always back wizzy and always want to have something to say about Davido, foolish people.

  28. Avatar

    this is what they call hatred, at least wizkid did not beg u to listen to his songs, so fuck off or get lost. we r still enjoying u wizkid keep it up.

  29. Avatar


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    Am surprised, a guy that vibes in to any beat, he doesn’t buy songz and his songs still makes top 10 Chart, the white praise him for his unbearable talent, wizzy is the reason why people that never knew much about African music started paying attentions tekno go notice by Drake bcoz wizzy was in his song, including davido YES, after Wizkid broke Wall’s coz after Wizkid broke walls they started looking into Nigerian industry, and David was noticed by does who doesnt know him before now, and every other Nigerian act even though dey travel for music concert still some of them were not as popular like wizzy, fuck you Gold diggers. his a blessing to Nigeria and Africa fooooools!!!

  31. Avatar

    Wow tooxclusive is trash

  32. Avatar

    Delete this shit

  33. Avatar

    if wizzy song no swit u….abeg enta studio go sing na…if e easy…tooxclusive una don dy jonze lyk una papa ooohh

  34. Avatar

    Oga get out….unna go don listen to rihana finish kon day expect wizkid to do the same…let me tell you everyone has his own style of beat and every rythm he or she brings to the industry…if the songs does not hit a spot at the people’s rythm it will not blow commercial or no commercial…you are talking about soco and manya make they plau for you now if you nor go dance make you talk say na commercial game music..okpe

  35. Avatar

    Shut up man. You a fool for this write up!!

  36. Avatar

    2xclusive ar assholes…wizkid haters,this year z ours already….go hear immediately mystro ft wizkid again….this year una no go sleep

  37. Avatar

    Henceforth i will never visit tooxclusive..The writer is obviously stupid,I blame tooxclusive for publishing the write up.

  38. Avatar

    You just lost a page fan… Criticizing wizzy is the highest of all your rubbish

  39. Avatar

    Stupid write up…. Am so angry right now

  40. Avatar

    All these tooxlusive staff should fix up ur life…fools

  41. Avatar

    U dey mad, y dis people self dey post shit lyk dis, if u say dose song’s are not worthy of hearing, den u shud go be listening to d lyks of osupa and Co, stupid fellow

  42. Avatar

    Tooxclusive.. All this your rubbish is not new to us, u always come up with nonsense write up about Wizzy..last year your complain that wizkid is busy in abroad featuring foreign acts forgetting his home now the sweet voice Baba Wizzy, is back home bringing up our down Nigeria you are still publishing rubbish article on your website.. Mtcheeeeeeee
    Tooxclusive you no one thing you lost a page fan
    Naija loaded on point… Nonsense

  43. Avatar

    no mind them #old cargo#

  44. Avatar

    Lol, them go use ogun swear for you, you never see anything

  45. Avatar

    For once tooxclusive drop the most accurate article, make wizKID go play jor, e songs dey pain my hear lol watin be soco soco soco, lokpor lopkor lokpor? ???

  46. Avatar

    Mr. Angry fan, I suggest u go and kill urself ?

  47. Avatar

    Foolish Human Being ! You’re not making any sense idiot !

  48. Avatar

    Good songs or bad songs
    WizKid is still number one in Nigeria
    Tooxclusive don’t like Wizkid I know that
    They are behide all this rubbish post I know that

  49. Avatar


  50. Avatar

    My friend, calm down & shut up

  51. Avatar

    Abeg we no dey complain oo.
    what right do you even have to speak on behalf of his fans?
    as a matter of fact i wish he could drop more sweet vibes
    in other for me to chok my play-list with starboy’s jam.
    see dem! bad belle pipu.
    for your info our day one starboy is back to where he rightfully belong (the throne) ….

  52. Avatar

    mumu talk

  53. Avatar

    Mr angry fan. Are you sure you are a fan? If u don’t like his music, abeg kuku ma close u ears and go deaf. Who ur likeness help. Go and sing ur own. Foolish

  54. Avatar

    I can only sense hate
    .Fake Love is Dope, Vibez and a whole lot of them.. Mama flopped cos Tekno doesn’t have a better inspiration Wizkid delivers based on your level… Fuck the Angry Tooxclusive fan!

  55. Avatar

    If u be mugu u be mugu 4 life since his reign no artist has ever overtaken him till now..starboy go global oo u dey hear the bad mouth his back now. 4 u u still the stupid mouth..ur whole generation no body go succeed like wizzy….i love u starboy u make me feel happy like my mama.. Ur die hard fan from makurdi,benue state (dha skana) on (Facebook)

  56. Avatar

    Do you know what it takes to produce a track not to talk of been the face of Africa . It’s easy for you to write your stupid sentiment simply because you have a favorite . If you must know the track in question is hot . At least he is not producing similar style of track up wizkid

  57. Avatar

    No matter what. Wizkid you are still the great king… All the best ..

  58. Avatar

    Wizkid choking you wit bad music? All of you shoud shut up, y una no go sing better music wey no go chock una? Idiats

  59. Avatar


  60. Avatar

    Just write your useless piece and go. Stop claiming that this was by a fan. No wizkid fan is saying that and you know it. Tooxclusive guys are haters. Its simple

  61. Avatar

    my people wizkid
    STATBOY my fan let me hear you yea yeah
    thank you my people God go bless you all love meh

  62. Avatar

    As in the case of this song, that’s chorus would have been more matured had it been they Used, ” Faker be loving when u r Rich or have, when u r not or when u don’t, they tuwarma , this when “e red” spoil the song, it’s not all the song that have to be freestyles

  63. Avatar

    I’m a wizkid fan to the core , I’m not condemning the song ooo. It’s just a suggestion

  64. Avatar

    Great music

  65. Avatar

    davido is the hotest musician in nigeria nw #30 million gang

  66. Avatar

    Na starboy forever o who nor like am enter bush #[email protected]

  67. Avatar

    I still insist on it davido still the baddest nd hotest musician now

  68. Avatar

    Make una no badmouth my crush oooo. wizzy 4 life

  69. Avatar

    Wow. U guys are just overreacting. Wen do u guys ever understand d meaning of an “opinion”. Wats d point of d curse. It’s a matter of u agree with d post or not. It’s not to be cursed upon. Nd d nonsense we Nigerians say “go nd do Ur own too”. We are allowed to criticize WizKid or any celeb because who are dey entertaining, dey are entertaining d public,it’s dia work. I’ve got my work nd y’all got Ur work too,nd u do Ur work to satisfy d interested party,nd if dey are not satisfied dey are allowed to complain. look at for example Tooxclusive uploaded dat post cos it’s dia work to analyse nd appraise dis celebrities, nd u guys don’t like it nd now u r complaining too, or am I supposed to say u guys too shud go nd make Ur write-ups too. Pls let’s be less violent about simple things

  70. Avatar

    Wizkid king of africa music

  71. Avatar

    that doesnt look like a fan write up seems more to me like its from this website trying to run down wizzy.

  72. Avatar

    Angry fan: it is ur stupid fada that is choking you with bad cock idiot

  73. Avatar

    some people are just so stupid look at u calling wizkid names,when he wasnt doing collaborations u said he was feelin too big,when he was conquering other parts of the world u said he has forgotten about naija nd will soon drop nd now we are all feelin wizzys vibe u are still complaining,bro i want u to understand that wizkid did not learn music like davido the thing is in his blood so he doesnt need any rest cuz he is music nd mind u you dont know d difference btw wack and non commercial songs,hw neva released any wack song bro they were not just commercial

  74. Avatar

    this is pure hatred from the writer you are probably an anti wizzy fan am not a wizkid fan myself but everything you wrote is because you dont like him well what I think is that if you think he his making trash music then make urs and let us here well in naija now songs dont last long anymore the least they will last is 3 months and if you are right to say wizkid is choking you with bad music well if you didnt notice so is davido and olamide and every single artist except kiss daniel and barry jay
    have good day

    Ajanaku JNR

  75. Avatar

    Na Almighty God, ogun, ifa,sango,obatala,orunmila,esu, go kill anybody wey say wizkid no sing good song this 2018(Amen!!!)

  76. Avatar

    True talk ahbeg
    all his songs are wack.

  77. Avatar

    fuck off !!! Haters una just dy envy Daddy yo of Africa !! … STARBOY all day
    tooxclusive I don’t expect this from you !!
    …. you’ve made your worst mistake ever !

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