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Wizkid Made A Total Mess Of DJ Tunez’s New Song; “Gbese,” He Needs To Rediscover His Music Form

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

After DJ Tunez dropped a new jam, “Gbese” featuring Wizkid, there were a lot of reactions from music fans regarding the continuous similarity with his sounds.

In as much as “Gbese” sounds a cool jam to a section of music consumers, some people are still having issues with the fact that Wizkid recycles lyrics as well as melody and tune.

A lot of people are criticizing the record, saying it is thrash and a song that is totally out of place. They say at every given opportunity presented to them that they are tired of Wizkid dishing out the same music to different people at every chance he gets with a lot of repetitive words coming through in most of the songs.

In the song; “Gbese,” there are even some lyrics that are found totally unrelatable, weak and appalling, they are neither sang in English or any language that seems to exist around the universe (this is not the first time he would be doing such though), bringing me to a conclusion that Wizkid disregards his very loyal fans which then allows him to continue to dish out feeble and lazy materials.

In conclusion, the song sounds quite interesting and utterly meaning to some (his die-hard fans) who have heard it but to me, it is devoid of good arrangement, good melody and decent lyrics.

However, you might have a different opinion to what i have of the song and that’s why i have created the chance for you to air your opinion through the question below.

What do you think of the song, “Gbese,” by DJ Tunez Ft Wizkid? Do you think it’s a well composed song or a mess that Wizkid put together to cause serious hazard to the ears of music fans?

Written by Taiwo Oluwafemi

Twitter: @neefemie

“Wizkid Made A Total Mess Of DJ Tunez’s New Song; “Gbese,” He Needs To Rediscover His Music Form”, 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

Taiwo Oluwafemi

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  1. Avatar

    You must be crazy
    I need to tell you something tooxclusive
    Y’all are dumb asses
    I swear
    What’s the genre of this track ?
    Tell me
    So tell me why it no sweet
    Once your done let me know fools
    Na R&B abi ?

  2. Avatar

    Y’all dumb ass why it no sweet
    Shey Na R&B ask yourself
    What’s the genre and tell me why it no sweet

  3. Avatar


  4. Avatar

    Una dey lie too xclusive. “Geese” on repeat on phone like this and I find nothing wrong.

  5. Avatar

    Never thought I would do this but… who ever wrote this article is either DEAF on both ears or really really really STUPID!

  6. Avatar

    To the writer(s) of this article, I say COMMOT FOR THERE.. Gbese sweet like 9jz and Ghana Jollof

  7. Avatar

    Gbese is good ooo

  8. Avatar

    Wizkid is fucking great, if you know the error why not sing yours and look where it will take you. NONSENSE

  9. Avatar

    This tooxclusive the way you write your captions when it comes to wizkid is really irritating you never have anything good to say about wizkid…fucking idiots…dumb asses

  10. Avatar

    You must be totally drunk or weed on your system for you putting on something like this on social media. well i don’t blame you and for tooxclusive authorizing this post, is like weed working on you guys. No sense at all and where do you guys put your sense???? Please tooxclusive answer me? who must rediscover his music form? This gbese as been on repeat on my phone and i never misses any wizkid songs because i don’t know wht make me listen to me and wizkid is music god. Fuck you ass

  11. Avatar

    i was in club last friday and they played this same Gbese and was even in on repeat in the club. who even wrote this article then you must be totally stupid and not your fault when you already smoke weed so why won’t you say something like this, devil will locate your house

  12. Avatar

    I’m a Wizkid fan but this song is totally garbage. He should try to start respecting us the fans.

  13. Avatar

    Wizkid Afro-beat killer… ? Gdese gbese gbese gbese gbese kese lese. Song weh dey enter body die. Tooxclusive u people can go and die ?????

  14. Avatar

    Gbese on repeat. your opinion, your problem!

  15. Avatar

    Honestly, you cannot be playing the devil’s advocate and be leading an opinion at the same time, you have to chose a battle, and that makes this write-up poor and bias already………same thing you guys thought about low until it picked up. You should always be neutral, especially if you are seeking public opinion.

  16. Avatar

    Lol funny….Gbese is a jam

  17. Avatar

    You just lost me, never to download any song here..bye

  18. Avatar

    Minus 1….Never to download any song here NEVER

  19. Avatar

    I no download again.exclusive una dey fuck up

  20. Avatar

    If u know d writer of this article is a die hard fan of davido lmao so dis ur article is trash

  21. Avatar


  22. Avatar

    the author of this article is a BIG FOOL

  23. Avatar

    Hehe, gbese issa real jam your opinion is shit

  24. Avatar


  25. Avatar

    God scatter unna platform for writing such rubbish

  26. Avatar

    Currently my best hit song dope! Dope!! Dope!!!

  27. Avatar

    The same thing they said about “soco” before the song blow across the world.. wizzy no Dey bribe them money like others, na why most of bloggers Dey hate! Hate or no hate.. wizzy is number 1 ??

  28. Avatar


  29. Avatar

    I know yall fools are losing fans and traffic is kinda low this days, so u bitches resort to writing gibberish and chasing clout. Yall live on crumbs u get paid from z list artist tryna blow so it’s understandable alwys dishing out junks in the name or being a critic.

    But u fools forgot that we past the age of ur opinion being count for something.. This is not 2010.. U idiots wrote same shit about soco, low and many wiz jam but those songs broke records, watch as gbese will do same.. No one needs ya myopic opinions, upload the song and let fans do justice.. Wey the demo u fools were hyping earlier this year and left on the home page for weeks??.. Wiz no go pay una shishi and his fans dnt love him cos of giveaway.. If he coughs on a record we streaming to d millions, we wiz FC.. Strongest in Africa!

    Copy that

    BTW. Wey that pigeon neck Jim donnect wey no gree blow, alwys talkin thrash others but full of shit himself.. Mofo

  30. Avatar

    All yhu knw hw to do is to criticize….. I hate dis site

  31. Avatar

    The song is trash really

  32. Avatar

    Another stupid write up again from tooxclusive dont you get tired of the fuckery? Gbese is a beautiful song. Stop with the clown shit

  33. Avatar

    Eyin Blogger Blogger #Gbese

  34. Avatar

    As for me and as a DJ, this song has been on a replay mode.

  35. Avatar

    It’s time to block this tooxclusive shit,u guys just keep talking trash without thinking or just to visit ur page?

  36. Avatar

    Of All Approved 35 comments so far, 33 is against you, so sentimental in judging and its cynically composed. Am A Blogger Like You But Am Highly Disappointed In You For This Myopic Write Up.

  37. Avatar

    Lol!! Even ur article is rubbish
    We have always known tooxclusive n tunde ednut r anti wizkid..

  38. Avatar

    A wizkid fan but i also dont rate the song….sounds like the worse i’ve heard from Wizkid to me

  39. Avatar

    I wont lie at all this time
    This gbese song is trash swear down
    Lacks good lyrics

  40. Avatar

    Una be idiot thunder kill una generation bastards, I hate this tooxclusive I will never ever visit this site again, to all the haters commenting, if ur mama see wizkid she go beg to give am bj, gbese na hit! Jam! tooxclusive writers una go sleep no wake up again

  41. Avatar

    Taiwo oluwafemi you are a bastard!! That’s all I have to say

  42. Avatar

    Are dis wans ok?

  43. Avatar

    Guys easy is not yet to be Turing insult on Dem like dat

  44. Avatar

    tooxclusive y’all be posting shit…
    gbese tight jam. always on repeat..

  45. Avatar

    Gbese on repeat

  46. Avatar

    Yes I support you too exclusive
    Although I won’t say he made a total mess of that song
    But the rest of your observations are correct

  47. Avatar

    Stop Saying rubbish just to pull traffic…

  48. Avatar

    This guy has ended up saying nothing. Why im no point out the feeble lyrics, weak melody bla bla bla.
    Wetin concern me sha. All I know is, “Gbese Gbese Gbese Gbese Gbese Gbese body eh”?

  49. Avatar

    Who wrote the article is a dumb ass goat, gbese is a very perfect song, I believe you don’t know music at all bro, go do business for Alaba or better still go boil beans. Mumu

  50. Avatar

    The thunder da will fire your generation will come from the ground. Afrobeats jams are about the beats. The artists job is to guide you from the beginning to the end of the song. Rubbish

  51. Avatar

    I think the person who wrote this is trying to fuck with his mind not mind, this article is so dumb and stupid I wish I knew you one-on-one and I’ve been able to dish out my mind but that’s the case maybe we’re just sharing thoughts all I can say right now is go f*** yourself.

  52. Avatar

    I used to hold this site in high regards… But posting HATE articles like this won’t take you anywhere. THIS IS PURE HATE. And that’s why you will never be the number 1 music blog. People, y’all need to stop visiting this site, they are a bunch of filthy piece of meat, HATING on SUCCESS.

  53. Avatar

    You see the slap wey periods give that guy e be like na the wrong person e touch na u ba dem suppose hold beat you till dem confirm say you get sense..

  54. Avatar

    issa feel good music

  55. Avatar

    The writer of this article is not a music lover he/she is just a bias fan

  56. Avatar

    E be like this this una site boys go hack am take spam. Since e de so useless to una

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