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Wizkid – “Soco” ft. Ceeza Milli, Spotless & Terri

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Wizkid Soco

Wizkid “Soco” has caused serious arguments between his fans and other music fans as regards who the owner of the song is or exactly what the owner is all about. Many have said Wizkid is the owner of the song while others say it is an effort under the flagship of Starboy Records which automatically relinquishes him of any right to outrightly call the song his.

However, whether it belongs to him or not, the fact that Wizkid is the biggest reason the song was given serious attention in 2018 is enough reason for him to have a maximum claim to the song.

Wizkid on “Soco” collaborated with his signee; Terri as well as Ceeza Milli and Spotless on the massive record which rocked 2018 in a really magnificent fashion. The song which arguably is the biggest song of 2018 was released officially on the 20th of the 2nd month of the year to a staggering reception from music fans.

It was streamed massively, and it has done breath-taking numbers on YouTube just over one year ago of it being published. The video which was directed by Clarence Peters has over 49 million views on the video channel and the song was produced by Northboi.


Quotable Lyrics

Oya soco soco
Oya gbefu lokpu
Lokpo lokpo lokpo
Oya gbefun baby oh


“Wizkid – “Soco” ft. Ceeza Milli, Spotless & Terri”, 3 out of 5 based on 5 ratings.

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  1. Avatar

    FIrst to download

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    OMG ???

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    Vibes gongon

  6. Avatar

    Star boy way

  7. Avatar

    dope Juan ?boy ?

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    gat you daddy yo

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    It would be better if it was dmw
    lemme comma run

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    This is the real wizzzy….oga soco soco

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    My gawd…..gbedu ???????????????

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      Ur papa nonses….trailer jam u and ur yeye da I do idiot

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      Sey u and ur family members fit organise dis kind gbedu ni

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    Oh gawd!!!!…. Everything about this Man(wizkid)is so amazing!!!…
    Nice one king… ???

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    type of my olosho…..hehehe jam of life

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    holy water

    holy money…..kuku kill me weezy ……..soco sco

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    Oya lets soco

  19. Avatar

    soco soco soco soco soco baby o…..oya gbefun baby o….

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    starboy go bless you with money,oya soco soco soco

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    Starboy team
    Nice work

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    Nice one wiz

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    Starboy 4 life

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    Holy fire……..weezy weezy wizo wizo

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    Hits only

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    starboi don off mi oooh

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    starboi don mad mi ooh,, see jam oo

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    una Don first me download chai
    not happy…. bt dope pa

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    Boss high ?

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    rubbish song soco rubbish dat one na influence still prefer jungle

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      Ur fada…..oya go release your own na if e go sell….

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      you papa fit song ni

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    The only Pablo have ever know jah cover you team star boi small boy Big God

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    Gbedu season Baba Nla

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    backside like gorodom

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    Wizy you bad on this one ?

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    Soco way¡¡¡

  36. Avatar

    Soco soco soco

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    Dis issa hit jam bruv like dat…….soco soco

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    Keep wining wizzy

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    it’s soft ????

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    Nice team work lovin dis song soco baby o

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    baba wizzy sha…..oya soco for you

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    Dope jam

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    Wizkid is good shaa
    ….nice jam

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    nice one….love it like kilode

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    All wey dey talk say one man effort na nonsense. Se anybody for ur family get name pass starboy not to talk of money. I beg. No dey bad mouth another person work. If u no like. No kuku talk.

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    Always the starboy way. Enjoy and don’t hate oo…#starboy #starboy go bless you with good vibe

  48. Avatar

    Always the starboy way. Enjoy and don’t hate oo…#starboy #starboy go bless you with good vibe @officialdjfreenzy

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    YAHGAH …….we go kill dem with beta songs dis year ……..STARBOI team ….we are on top …….up WIZKID …..moving forward #2018 20$$

  50. Avatar

    for sure am d next WIZKID …….

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    You too much my truly legend daddy yo

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    Soco issa banger
    Keep rocking the world baba NLA
    Star boi nation

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    zeal Monday

  54. Avatar

    Dope mr. Young Pablo

  55. Avatar

    Gbedu Don show finally.that intro murdered the song…holy money,holy water….ota lenu

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    One Luv starboi,u are too much,May baba God continue to bless ur hustle

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    wizzy no go kill me with musik oh!…..soco on rp

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    wizzy no go kill me with musik oh!…. soco on rpt

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    Omooohh seee jam

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    maximum respect starboy…heat d world

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    Olive oil, holy water

  64. Avatar

    Nice one wizzy

  65. Avatar

    Omo wizkid oti po ju?

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    I luv dat track

  67. Avatar

    a living legend with a good gbedu

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    u are a legend… boy ..

  69. Avatar

    u are a born legendary….. shine on…

  70. Avatar

    u are a legend… boy ..

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    star Boy team

  72. Avatar

    Omg star

  73. Avatar

    star boy nuba1

  74. Avatar

    starboy ?
    oya soco
    ony money ?

  75. Avatar

    wizzybaby u bad joor loving dis jam

  76. Avatar

    Eledumare blessing we stay Oh…
    I no dey fit sleep again ooo
    Am going SoCo Ly insane
    My type of Olosho!

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    Very dope

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    Na only wizkid sing song no.. Praise the other guys na

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    cool jam back to back

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    Lit jam.

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    nice one

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    Wizkid teams,, baba for life give them left and right non stop soco if you dey hate soco if you be bad bele you to soco nice work king of afro pop let them know say you be there father

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    Nice song bro

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    Imaginary!!! Soco soco soco!!! Boom!!
    Starboy thing!!!

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    Soco Issa shit

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    9ice 1 there by star boy soco

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    am u

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    Soco soco ……baby o…soco soco …wizzy all the way

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    Soco soco ……baby o…soco soco …wizzy all the way . Team wizkid

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    fine one pls help me fcmb nwofe emmaunel 4308834018

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    U too much dady yo,i Hale u sir

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    After you na you star boi walahi

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    Star boy kill with your beat

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    u bam my man wizzy

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    emmy bright. vesis emmanuel

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    Star ever since will lost Michael Jackson star boyhave been trying to feel up the shoe bless u star boy remember me

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    to them u re a singer but to me u re my idol.
    no matter how they try dey can never get ur tittle.
    the content u put in ur songs re vital.
    daddy yo, i love you no be little.
    they say fuck love and i say fuck them. one <3 for wizkid
    oya soco… i <3 dis track soco a lot
    its been you all the way
    my idol

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    Hakeem Lyon

  104. Avatar

    9ice song

  105. Avatar

    LOV IT

  106. Avatar

    daddy yo nah joy…..

  107. Avatar

    love i

  108. Avatar

    Great I love it

  109. Avatar

    Best vocalist….everything was in place…loving it like manya manya ehh

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    Starboy Go Bless U With Money Ooya Soco Soco.Wizzy U Do All

  111. Avatar

    Soco Soco…Make Everybody Soco

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    Daddy yo love u

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    So Hot soco soco

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    Oga soco soco omo shaku shaku

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    Wiz kid is the king, a born star. Am down for you any day. Nice joint right dr.

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    i love dix

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    Oga soco

  119. Avatar

    This one

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    Nice One There Oga Wizkid

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    dis one s really gud love de,song

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    the guy is still raving up.

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    Gbedu wey dey burst brain rugged you daddy yo

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    keep blowing wizzy baba

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    na only on a waka cum

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    I like it :p

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    Gbedu nla lé yi ooo ???

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    socco we de wait for decamba tings

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    All olamide

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    wow,socco socco music is so fantastic but stupid

  135. Avatar

    wizid bad boy

  136. Avatar

    Babangida Bamanga M.Facebook

    • Avatar

      excellent work. hope u keep it up

  137. Avatar

    Fools.i hate wizard kid

  138. Avatar

    wit for u johny

  139. Avatar

    mad over u

  140. Avatar

    everking wizzy u rogged

  141. Avatar

    we all know that wizkid is king of music so we don’t need to compare his songs w

  142. Avatar

    we all know that wizkid is king of music so we don’t need to compare his songs with orders musicians #soco is bigger than assurance and ye by burna boy wizkid perform #soco in India come back with a big mighty reward that makes his name they in list of highest paid in world so #soco is bigger than assurance by davido and ye by Buena boy. itzemmikiss x starboination 100%???

  143. Avatar

    we all know that wizkid is king of music so we don’t need to compare his songs with orders musicians #soco is bigger than assurance and ye by burna boy wizkid perform #soco in India come back with a big mighty reward that makes his name they in list of highest paid in world so #soco is bigger than assurance by davido and ye by Buena boy. itzemmikiss x starboination 100%???

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    wizkid star boy

  145. Avatar


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    j 2019

  147. Avatar

    dec 23

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    fuck u dere

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    i luv it. its a hit song.

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    fresh guy can i have ur number

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    Let it’s rool.wzy 4 dere

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    Wow!!! This boy don catch fire.

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    God bless star boy

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    Fake live for tiwa

  157. Avatar

    mumu music wizkid u are a big dog idiot

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