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“Fake Love” Vs “One Ticket”… Which Is The Hottest Song?

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Both these songs are undeniably great songs. Fake love is a song by Wizkid and Ducan mighty that rocked the music industry for the first half of the year as it topped countdowns for weeks which rolled into months.

Well currently, it seems One ticket by Kizz Daniel And Davido is currently climbing on charts as the song is a great song that many people especially the guys can relate to just like “Fake love”.

Both songs somewhat pass the same message and are loved by many music lovers due to the relatable lyrics. If You Were To Choose Between “Fake Love” and “One Ticket“, Which one are you choosing as the Hottest?.

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  1. fake love is the song of the year 2018

  2. one ticket

  3. Fake love

  4. Fakelove na

  5. One ticket

  6. One ticket jare

  7. One ticket direct… So Hot…!!!

  8. fake love

  9. One ticket

  10. One ticket

  11. One ticket

  12. fake love is one of the biggest songs of 2018 while one ticket is an average overhyped song period.

  13. one ticket can never be as big as fake love. one ticket is wack.


  15. One Ticket is the best

  16. K2 shutup

  17. I chose dem all

  18. I’ll go for one ticket .It’s amazing.

  19. One ticket is the one number song for now.
    It’s amazing and the best song

  20. Fake love, still the king though ONE TICKET is on the way,maybe 2019

  21. Fake love ??…..One ticket is wack

  22. Fake love

  23. One Ticket

  24. I’m wizkid fan, but make we no lie, na one ticket

  25. You not a fan
    Na AC you be
    You don’t know music man
    FAKE LOVE is Classic

  26. Fake love joor

  27. One ticket is the realest song

  28. Fake love nau, which one is one ticket?

  29. Fake love na song one ticket all the way love one ticket

  30. Fake love ofcox

  31. One ticket, Because fake love is prohibited

  32. One ticket for life, bcos listening to all of u na scam.

  33. All of the above

  34. Fake love is accepted globally. U set check am name even oyinbo dey feel the jam. One ticket is good but not as good as fake love. Fake love is a classic.

  35. Fake love is accepted globally. U sef check am na even oyinbo dey feel the jam. One ticket is good but not as good as fake love. Fake love is a classic.

  36. One ticket by kizz daniel

  37. One ticket is the best

  38. One ticket To obodoyibo

  39. See haters if you want to leave oh biko leave. One Ticket is the BABA.

  40. Which fake love One Ticket jhor

  41. One ticket for life

  42. Only scammers will call One ticket wack who dey mention fake love wey one ticket dey. One ticket 2 lovers of good music.

  43. Best song of the year One Ticket.

  44. Abegii na one ticket Kizz gave me joy this year

  45. One ticket for sure thumbs up vado

  46. Na One ticket make pass

  47. I prefer one ticket i never liked fake love. wehdone kizz and obo.

  48. ‘Loving you na scam oh’ One ticket for sure.

  49. who dey compare both of dem na one ticket win oh one ticket issabanger.


  51. Kizz One Ticket anytime anyday

  52. Na One Ticket

  53. just say the truth 4 once Na one ticket by kizz daniel.

  54. One ticket

  55. Kizz One ticket

  56. One ticket

  57. My love one ticket

  58. one ticket

  59. One ticket for life

  60. I will go for one ticket

  61. Na one ticket shout out to my boss VADO.

  62. One ticket???

  63. One ticket na BABA Even tooxclusive sabi say na One Ticket.

  64. Boss man one ticket

  65. One ticket

  66. One ticket is the song of the year

  67. Abegii na One ticket who fake love epp #teamvado#

  68. ???? one ticket

  69. One Ticket is hotter

  70. One Ticket For Sure

  71. Oya clear road for one ticket

  72. one ticket to obodoyibo

  73. one ticket by my crush kizz

  74. Eh see haters if you want leave oh biko leave because its called One Ticket.

  75. One ticket of course. i don’t know if there’s anyone dat dislike fake love d way i do.

  76. One ticket is hotter

  77. One Ticket from my best artiste kizz daniel

  78. One ticket 4 sure

  79. Its called One ticket

  80. Vado you left flyboy do you ONE TICKET TO OBODOYIBO

  81. OneTicket???

  82. OneTicket

  83. ‘Everytime wire me money’ One ticket is hotter.

  84. One ticket to obodoyibo

  85. One ticket is hotter and better than fake love

  86. One ticket with the source

  87. Kizz One ticket is preferable i never liked fake love.

  88. One ticket for me Please.

  89. One ticket won on this one.

  90. God am in love……..with kizz one ticket.

  91. kizz one ticket.

  92. one ticket

  93. one ticket to good muzik lovers

  94. itz called one ticket.

  95. one ticket its a scarce ticket.

  96. one ticket

  97. Fake love Me i no dey hear you again e be like your network don dey fade meanwhile go checkout ONE TICKET.

  98. One ticket

  99. One ticket

  100. its One ticket

  101. One ticket is hotter

  102. Na question One ticket is hotter

  103. One ticket to obodoyibo

  104. Omo na one ticket hot pass

  105. one ticket is hotter

  106. I go for one ticket

  107. one ticket is the BABA

  108. I go for one ticket dat song is no joke.

  109. One ticket is hotter.

  110. Abegii na One Ticket

  111. ‘if u break my heart 2day me i go sharpaly replace carry anoda bby give her wat she wanting’ no argument its One Ticket.

  112. Fake love

  113. One ticket

  114. No be lie na one ticket

  115. its one ticket

  116. na one ticket hot pass

  117. one ticket is hotter

  118. one ticket is hotter

  119. One ticket by my man kizz daniel.

  120. Its One ticket

  121. One ticket to obodoyibo

  122. One Ticket Is Hotter Everytime Wire Me Money

  123. One ticket is hotter thumbs up vado d great

  124. One ticket

  125. One ticket sha

  126. fake love is the best hit 2018

  127. fake love

  128. Fake love na d best pls o dot touch t

  129. ”FAKE LOVE” One of the Biggest Songs of the Year!!

  130. fake love is best song 2018

  131. DAVIDO

  132. Loving you na scam ooooo
    One ticket jour………
    baddest jam of the year………..

  133. Clear road for Davido..
    One ticket over any song..
    Song too litt

  134. one of the best artist of the year ! Kizz

    Na One Ticket

    Abi Shofe Koloso gba Mula ni iiiiii?

  135. One ticket ooo obo badest wired me money

  136. Two hot jams

  137. C000l


  139. It’s cause one ticket is a new song that’s why must of you are choosing it y’all forgot the heat fake love gave wen it first got out after all only fakers be loving when you have…

  140. One ticket ohh.. any time of the day.

  141. Fake love na scammer…one ticket… The song.sweet pass sex self

  142. so I are comparing a career reviving song with one ticket

  143. fake lov

  144. Fake love is good, but a normal person will never compare it with one ticket. One ticket is d world wide best

  145. na one ticket

  146. One ticket ooooo

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