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A Fan To Wizkid “Dear Wizkid, You Can Do Better”

Posted by Tyler on January 31, 2015 in Editorial · 204 Comments


I have been monitoring Wizkid’s moves since he finally got his wish of leaving the recording company that made him, EME, and so far saying i am disappointed is an understatement.

Many of us have forgiven the 24 year old star for releasing a mediocre album, for his standard, but two things we cannot forgive him for are 1) putting in mediocre work into promoting the album and 2) for reducing the quality on his music out of nonchalance.

Wizkid almost didn’t promote the AYO album because after-all, it was his get out of jail clause from EME. But since getting out of jail, that is, leaving EME, Wizkid’s projects have resembled that of an upcoming artiste.

ALL the videos he has released under his Starboy imprint are below standard, even for a hungry artiste who wants to make it big in the game.

The video for Show You The Money was OK, but since it is about money that was a poor video. The video for In My Bed is ridiculous. Wizkid knows this, exactly why he said the video is not a video after he released it, he said it was a “party” and that “he was having fun”. Wizkid you are a top artiste… no games, no fun, just quality.

After releasing In My Bed, Wizkid abandoned AYO album for months, he kick-started Starboy Mondays. He went on to release 2 mediocre singles and 3 below par videos.

Wonder is a 4/10 song at best, while Sound It is a 3/10 song if you want to be forgiving. The videos for the two songs are not Wizkid standard. What a drop in quality.

After this he returned to AYO again, who does this? Only Wizkid. A man who is unsigned, makes all the decisions for himself – safe to say a man without a proper plan or company structure. His fans expected big things from Ojuelegba, once again Wizkid failed, maybe that was a little bit harsh. Wizkid failed to deliver. He released a 1/10 video for arguably the best song on his AYO album.

At this point it looks as if Ibrahim Balogun just wakes up from bed, shouts on the microphone and releases it.

He’s also announced an official single for next month, if i were you, i will look forward to another disappointment from the hugely talented artiste, for now.

What can Ayo Balogun do better? He needs to have a team. He needs to strategise again, more so, he needs a thinkerman. Banky W does this job for him back in the day. Wizkid, you need to control the quality of your music. You can’t continue to release mediocre songs, you can do better. Make your fans thirst for your music.

Written by a big fan of Wizkid who works at

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  1. GO BUILD URS AND LEAVE HIM…..abi mama born una two?????

  2. tooxclusive bad belle is allowed always publishing bad tinzs about wizzy

  3. Hmmmmm well said

  4. His music is excellent,the videos are the wackiest…

  5. lol haters will Neva stop leave d guy I beg u shud drop ur own single let’s see water gonna happen wizzy is humble Nan he gives people chances to do wat they can for he doesn’t need to flaunt his wealth wizzy neva disappoints me don’t know about u tho but u shud consider d ouality of d song not of d video!!! if my song is wack and my video is. posh it’s still rubbish!!!! wizz just wanted to have his own record label do u even know how much banky made out of dis guy??.wizzie is just a simple guy ..

  6. I agree with the writer… Totally!

  7. Wizkid lacks creativity n he is too proud

  8. Bullshit…wasted my time reading dis stupid thing…mtcheew…go build your empire in wherever yu are and leave baba wizzy alone…#okpokiri

  9. Well he’s chilling are you?

  10. the boy may not be perfect, but has done so well in being consistent. u dunno shit about making music, so shut up, his last album was with eme, and u expect him to do the promo and not eme? .my advice, save your f**ked up views to yourself or maybe on your notepad ,nobody needs u, and you must be really sad. Focus on God,leave wikzid

  11. Haters will always hate, I will bet my life that this writer is just hungry and looking for attention, Wizkid is even at his best after he left EME, In my bed video is 10/10 for som1 with his right senses, Sound it is not that good, but shouldn’t be critized, Even if a video turned out not so good, why would u blame d artiste when he isn’t the director?? Haters will always hate when their fate fails. Trash!

  12. This is real trash. Why on earth would u rate ojuelegba video 1/10?

  13. stop posting trash abt sum broke guys who r jobless… wizkid da best ojuelegba video so dope 10/10

  14. The writer is sure correct.I really am ashamed to be a nigerian upcoming artiste cause of what I hear.leaving sentiments wizkid is really doing bad now adays..his new releases are so so so poor I can’t even give it 1|10.I am a true fan of wizkid but ashamed to admit.bruv wizkid u can do more sing cause u are talented not cause u have the money to spend.

    • Haters ojuelegba 1/10 laughs smh go gather your facts well Mr. If it’s easy enter studio

    • Bro I tire ooo ojuelegba one of biggest song right now in Nigeria 1/10 the write must be dreaming when writing this man been doing this for 6years and he still consistent nigerians will never say the truth that’s why politician rule us like animals

    • Bro I tire ooo ojuelegba one of biggest song right now in Nigeria the writer must be dreaming when writing this man been doing this for 6years and he is still consistent nigerians will never say the truth that’s why politician rule us like animals

  15. Less I in nigeria people sing cause they have the money not because they are talented.I swear it is almost a year since I tunned into soundcity,trace urban na naija,mtv base,the songs they play really pisses me off.but what can a man do….wizkid is really talented but the money has balled into his abroad the more a musician grows the more his music hits platinum..that aint naija bro.2baba is singing a remix of how many years song.its really poor in naija.

  16. Deeeeeeep, thought I was alone here. Step up wizzy, up there is where u belong!!!!

    • Man its like saying arsenal fans shud not complain for been trophyless..d guy nids an upgrade..imagine even his latest AMIN..r we joking here??

      • If you are sensible enough you would know AMIN is a freestyle

  17. Mr adviser is an idiot, rating ojuelegba 1/10 shows that, u are nothing but hater, tell me who is hotter than wizkid right about now, he’s dropping good music almost everytime, u are still hating…fuck u!

    • Good music? It’s telling, you re obsessed with Wiz. Sad to say you can’t see the clear picture.

  18. Mr adviser, this only shows that ur need for attention is at it’s peak nd your stupid strategies for an artist above average is so vain.. Who r u to score his videos, do u no how much it costs to shoot a video. Just irok viralz shooting media costs 90k. So imagine how much it’ll cost Clarence peters or sesan or Mr moe to direct a video. Being an artiste, doesn’t mean ull spend so much. There are things he needs to invest on. So a mediocre minded fellow like you is only blinded by your stupid thoughts about wizkid. And mind you,his songs are unique.

    • Fanks u av said it all wizkid is unique. Xo with is album very unique d only problem we av with him is comparism I tink we shd give him a break or rather still encourage him.if u ask me,d guy dey try abeg

  19. This writer funny ojuelegba one of the biggest song in Nigeria right now toping charts 1/10 this person deff not a fan hater to the core. Wizzy keep balling all na wash

    • u no sabi read?? na d video him de tok abt nt d music..

  20. Lmao this is 4rm eme I can tell they want to make wiz fail n go back!! Abeg leave the king alone now!! What ever wiz does is better than those music films done by bankyW. Ayo is the best album 4 2014 4rm nigerian!! To all africans #teamwiz even if u hate on the boy is badder than ur dirty asses u freaks tooxclusive shouldn’t even allow these lossers publish this kinda bulshit of character assasination futske!!!!!


  22. The writer has an opinion, every sensible Nigerian has his or hers. first of all, the writer is not forcing his opinion on you and you shouldn’t insult him for any reason (that’s if your are in your right senses).

    Nobody says Wizkid is not talented, but the music he has dropped sofar is not encouraging. some of us still prefer to listen to his first Album than all these stuffs he is putting out now.

    • Ur research needs *a middle finger* and who the fuck knows #ridiculous proudly 9ja knows shit. BIG up Star boy..

    • well all nigerian arstist has dropped too,and thats not encouraging as uv said,but singling out only wizkid makes it look like pure hating……..who else is giving us true music,they all after the dancehall (to make quick cash)and not in anyway concerned with the message they passing to the public,i see this as just hating and trying to put the guy on the news for the very wrong reasons…let him do it anyway he can do his thing,so still loves it that way,we all cant like the same thing

      • U can do better, but I was very disapointed by the vedio (my bed) ,I mean u wear not serious at all ,u have to be serious like befor

  23. d guy na small boi na…wetin u expect..started well Bt dropping geometrically…Bt ojuelegba was ok…

  24. I personally believe that the video for the ojuelegba song was a 8/10,n that the Wonder and Sound It song were very good,they have a dance hall/reggae vibe. But I guess only people with a good ear for music can hear it.

    • U don’t know anything about music ShutTheFuckUp

      • Werey stfu

  25. All of ya’ll blindéd fools, dishing out praises to wizkid and the trashy music he mâkes, out of the powerful urge for famzing. Lets give Wizkid à couple more years and see the complète nonentiy he and his brand, I mean the likes of Lax, lets see what they shall evolve into, if wiz dont seek for a proper, proffesional, tested and trusted music team outside of his boyish fantasy “star boy” world sorry to say but Thats all hé would ever be, à “star boy” his ill nourished music skills shall diminish and eventually die and the boy star would never evolve into man music wise. All you die hard wizkid fans dont you feel Ayo is an international act and as such is supposéd to make music of the Same quality as his comrades abroad? I mean the likes of Justin borner, and Chris Brown whom happens to be his friend? Imagine how many of chris Brown’s songs would be on wizkid’s phone, which hé gets inspiration from,

  26. Wizkid should stop managing cash and do sumtin Big…..I Agree with the writer #DavidoBadest Keeping it Real #SoundIt Video #Madness

  27. I agree wit it

  28. Anti-Wizkid, Who Sent Yu?

  29. Wizkid stop MANAGING and start doing it Big ur 2 low standard #Davido kiping it real all day #SoundItVideo #uGotToSeeIt

  30. I can’t just agree with the sentimental opinion of the writer…hope u r existing on earth and u understand what we call good music? criticising that album is not the best and hope u know that it’s the job of the empire to promote the album and not that of the star nigga?

  31. i believe wizkid needs a “thinker man” who is better than where he was coming from. you cant do all the thinking yourself….. i support your work but i am looking forward to see a “musically matured talented wizkid”….. you are making “them” close that PACE you already set….. One love bro…

  32. all u did was hate on wizkid n condemned all his hard works n u dare call ursef a fan mtcheeew there’s a tin as constructive criticism u no buh dis is just bullshit n by d way rate ur own life dear Mr writer

  33. Well I get notin to say wizkid him self sed if u ar hating on him he is sorry muzic is all abt mssg tell me any of his level wu deliver Gud mssg as wizkid pls let me nw enemis of progress

  34. is lyk ur hand dey scratch u………u fit sing bah?go sing ur own and stop ra8ing anoda person’s song…..#Whizzy rocks

  35. I guess its true black people don’t understand constructive criticism

  36. U dnt even know what u are saying coz sound it and wonder are even above standard, he is rilly trying his best and he is doing it!!

  37. this nigga posted this shit just seek for comments. ……thumbs up nigga, you’ve gat more than a enough comments. ..but the fact is that you are a fool…..saying this shit about wizkid…..menh everybody gat his or her life to live……he is doing is thing in his way….I love it, nigeria loves it….did we ever mentioned we need a shit about wizkid? brother go do this shit on some other artists I dont like then you will praised not wizkid….okay ? step up your game nigga… already got your comments

  38. Wizzy songs are wack dis days it’s jst the fact don’t be bias
    On dis one you are his fan we knw the dude that wrote this article is not jobless jst sharing his opinion which most of it are right the videos are below good his lyrics are wack support good music don’t behave like pdp congregate

  39. Critism or no critism,fans or beffers..the writer has wrote his own opinion but the mistake he did in his writing is dat he is speaking for everyone,he is talking as d head fan,he is forrget dat what turns left to u might turn right to another..anyways,wizkid Is a talent,so far so Good he his doing his best..u can’t xpect him to all d songs nd video perfectly because he is not is bound to mistakes..kudoos to u wizkid,keep doing what u believe in,but in all u will do,put God first,never look down on anyone,abstain frm d spirit of proudness…keep it up..u can do more better..God bless..27F3117E

  40. Truthfully nd sincerely..u need team thinkers..look @davido,he is able to attain all d success bcoz of God nd d HKN GANG that is why 2 heads are better than one.thumb up!!

    • For people lookin for a message in wizzys songs u re adviced to go and read ur bibles.. dats wer u get d message.. hw culd u say an artist is fallin while hiz songs re hit songs all ova d globe and he iz styl makin d whole money… I don’t even understnd you criteria for ratin Abi u b forbes?

  41. Una don tuk evrytin finish , gat notn 2 say, dos who gat years knws AYO is a super mega album n if u ain’t like it go sing urs! Haters! N 4 tooxclusive wizkid supos sue u 2 court 4 postn dis nonsense.

  42. That’s a great advice dear …. Wizkid needs to go back to is first album and then reseat and do better cos he as been dropping lately …

  43. ojuelegba isnt below standard and wizzy isnt falling.. celebrate talent when recognize it.. mofo

  44. Its only on tooxclusive u see??????????? stuff like dis about wizkid du u guys hv probs with starboy wizkid

  45. If u guys think wiz is falling standard what W??????a?????† about davido…. Sing rubish and do good????. Video

  46. the guy dey craze; he doesn’t know what it is to make hit.i didn’t even understand what he was talking about###awon olofo#####oloriburuku

  47. This guy is correct wit wat he said, is damn right! I don’t know him from no where but he just said d fact. Let wizkid work wit people dat understand music deeply has a team n let him listen 2 people musically n I know is not listening cos he gat people like sarz n maleek berry who understands music. Content is beyond wat is thinking, I can only still celebrates wizkid old contents not his new ones but I can celebrates wande coal’s new contents cos he is still working hard musically n still on point, for d fact dat’s his former label still slow him down but he is still dropping mad contents, wizzy need 2 listen cos 2 maintain a superstar sit no b beans ooo go n ask Terry G. I won’t say much.

  48. Wizkid lyrics is predictable nd poor

    • Same as your life

  49. this is difinitely from EME, a true fan can’t write this… The guy is still in top 3 in Nigeria, not comparing with anyone but damn no be wizkid fan write this shit

  50. Wizkid is doing it real…the only thing I support about the writer is that wizkid needs a TEAM!!!

  51. All ov u who made de BAD comment abuh WIZKID are all FOOL’s big one

  52. If is nt making money is nt making sense

  53. Thing is we shouldn’t settle for mediocrity. We all love wizkid but common what the guy sings lately is way below his standard. I don’t download his singles no more cos of the disappointment I always get when I do..AYO was way to mediocre, its a turn down really..what the writer of this letter said is true..the guy needs coaching. Some of us thrive better when been coached by others while some are masterminds of them selves like jesse jags..wizkid really needs to put his career in order or darkness will surely envelope what he has struggled to build..peace!

  54. The guy is right in a way. Wiz is a very talented dude & u will know cause many guys want to copy his style but if u compare his songs of then and now you will actually be disappointed cause we all know what he has done & we know he can do better. Wiz is ma role model even if he brings wack I go still support ma hero but he should not use dat as an excuse. God bless Wizkid 4 life. A real talented guy

  55. Nice write up!!

  56. Well as for me wizkid is going down dis days, his ayo album features songs with dsame beats, no making sense lyrics, ad dnt let me strt on d videos, is so annoying. I like d guy but he should step up.

  57. Back then when Davido hit limelight I was thinking Wizzy would step-up and stamp his originality but today Davido is errwhere..sori to bust the bubble but wizzy is way below par!

  58. wizzy i won’t lie am big fan of your first album and i cannot deny am a big fan of yours but come on dude i swear skales is doing better dan you some of your die hard fans dat don’t really listen the music but only see the person behind it will not agree with the writer but Jesus christ the quality of wizkid music has dropped heavily lord knows i don’t wish you bad but u have to step up hate to admit but i hate almost every track on the album

  59. Nyc one wizzy u ar relly. Trying no one fit stop u starboytinz luv u , god bless u oya sha amin ooooooo

  60. lol,apart from saying he is RICHER THAN IS AGE or HE’S A SMALL BOY,it just a matter of WHO GOD AS BLESSED,based on what the fan said above IBRAHIM need to proof more matured in everything (not to be PROUD/RUDE)he need to listen to his fans,give them what they demand for n let everything b well organised.n he should stop using one bit to produce many songs(common in his style) and his videos should b mature n also try n look for a well THINKER MAN….
    shoutOUT to him..keep it up(more blessing)

  61. Wizkid songs lack quality nowadays..the writer z very correct..though the die hard Wizkid fans wnt accept it…but ojuelegba was good tho…bt wonder z a mess considering wizkid

  62. rubbish!!! As far Hz making Hz money ur opinion doesn’t mata to him!! bitch!!!! Wizkid iz d best tk it or lv it!!

  63. Some people can be so stupid sha with all goods song wizkid have being droping u still dont see the best in him? hmm my dear u need a doctor with immediate effect and if this is coming from this site( tooxclusive) claiming is wizkid fan that wrote it, this is very bad . wizkid is not interested in all these bulshit of urs.

  64. fuck wot d writer said u jst hate dis guy called wizkid sum tyms try to lik him a li2 mmm and stop criticising him. stop it’ .wot did u wt frm ogualeba video ever body cn nt be street frick ok. lik olamide said every body na king for him lane face ur own and stop writing shit abt wizkid. dis guy is trying all his bst.

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  66. Y d hullabaloo abt Wizzy? What pisses me most abt this writer’s so called speech is d low-rating of Ojuelegba. On and on, I keep watching the dope video and I see lot of creativity, remorsefulness and harsh life Wizzy leaved back then. And d best this writer can rate is 1/10. Don’t u think he is a 4k ass and it seems my guy do watch back of d TV. UP WIZZY, UP STAR BOY!

  67. I totally agree with the bruva it’s true man… starboy Monday was not fulfilled. only two tracks and that’s all… Ojuelegba lacked quality and message delivery… #no_critics but we need him to do better!

  68. Ojuelegba 1/10???….. I rather kill myself than commit suicide!!

    • Hahaha

  69. Mehn finally someone spoke my mind..I enjoy whizzy lion a lot..buh his non chalance attitude towards good features abd production is getting roped up everyday by day…videos so dry..lyrics so childish…I prefer samklef to any producer he thinks he’s working with..he’s talented..he needs a mature mind by his std…

  70. Wizzy reli nids an upgrade###wizzzy we love u

    • Shove ur trashy post up in ur ass,mad monkey!!!

  71. The idiot that wrote this shxt is completely daft! The fool started well buh not smart enough to finish it. You re rating Ojuelegba’s video 1/10, ah! This nigga can never be smart again, you are properly daft! Do u fucking know the brain behind that video, its Clarence A. Peters mehn, who in naijacan do better? We know people like you, “they” pay u to say shxt bout other artists, go get correct job abeg….u no try at all. Obviously wizkid is better than what he’s doing buh pls the nigga is still making club bangers! One for baba if u see this…. Na Wale Gb talk am!,

  72. I wish some peepz really know good muzik, ojuelegba gat a pure concept from d magical clarence peter, hw gat d best message for d song, na for those that are backin up wizkid, I WISH U KNOW HIM IN PERSON

  73. Nyc one wizzy u. Day sing 4ck all ur enemie we’re no lyk starboy jah bless u oya sha amin

  74. Tooxclusive is just a useless site right from time… All you know is to criticize wizkid and his music.. You can expect him to be like others and mind you everyone has his/her own style.. What’s TerryG singing? Is he not making his money either? Be there and keep hating till you all grow grey hairs! At least anywhere he goes to his music is always appreciated so to hell with your bad belle mind

    • funny enough they never get to criticize any other musician,like all other musicians are that good,we just to scared to admit it,nigerian musicians are below par,why single out wizkid….as for me timaya is ever consistent,p-square used to be,but they went under the radar last year..good luck to all of ’em

  75. This is the only useless site that keeps criticizing wizkid’s music… What matters the most is that the nigga’s music is appreciated anywhere he goes so what else? You guys are always talking as if he sings like them LilP them #You are just a Hater

    • You are right jare! Let all the haters go and die!!!

  76. The guy z really a flop ryt nw,he z simply living on past glory…..

  77. dis ma 1st time I will comment on dis site….u murdafucker writer na watin be ur own self. ur own problem dey ur body u dey beef another man blessing na fish u won chop…chai my own wizzy na em u say dey sing rubbish chaiiii I swear come Okokomiako for my arena make u kon rewrite am. if u no enter coma make u call me bastard

  78. hahaha…….. I smell hate

  79. Stupid thought frm a stupid guy who cn nt sing u for tel us wen u wil release ur own single so that we wil compare it to wizzy baba own,wizzy! Wizzy!! Wizzy!!! How many times did i cal u three times dnt mind them dis is their plan so that u wil nt win any award dis year bt it has failed cus his thought was full of stupidity.up wizzy bum da go joo

  80. Sharap y’all….wizkid sound it,wonder and others is never a mediocre song…just say u didnt understand his art and who are u to be saying trash bout WizKids songs…who told you he needs your forgiveness..bastard hen that doesnt know its way home!!!

  81. This is a rubbish post! Tho wizkid might have flopped recently, but sound it video and ojuelegba is dope!!!! He has made MORE MONEY SINCE LEAVING EME!!!! So get a good job mr blogger, make money and MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

  82. hater go f***k ur selfs in de bush….leave starboy alone

  83. wizzy keep it up

  84. Broke pipo funny sha…I hope say una dey make money..cos wizkid is nt d only musician in nigeria but tooxclusive jst wanna fuck d dude up..bur lemme shock u guys it won’t work..d funny part is dat wenever sumtin abt wizkid springs up,dese haterz go 1st go download nd enjoy den con com here dey act as if dey get opinion and it always have d heightest comment..davido don drop song mk una go download am since na ein don improve..#smelloz

  85. May God punish u a million fold,have u ever made a DEMO in ur life IDIOT

    • Toby May God Liift You Higher_Dis Peeps Are Annoying

  86. U still dis songz on ur hit list…Shey na u get ur mouth.

  87. This Writer Is Nothinq But A BIG FOOL!

  88. Ur papa go sing now

  89. thanks and thats your opinion,even the foreign artist are giving us shits and no one criticize them,singling out only wizkid makes it look like pure hating,which nigerian musician is currently bursting your brain(surely dancehall music),the whole industry is whack and we are to afraid to admit it,even the ever consistent p-square were below par this year,you cant blame them…..if you dont like their music dont listen to them,you just cant publicly criticize him alone like this when others are giving thrash too.

  90. guy u don’t kW wat u re say….nd I can see u don’t kW a tin concerning d industry so jst kip shot nd dash out….

  91. Is it me or does everything wizkid do always sound mediocre to the TX crew? Somtyms,y’all dissappoint me,i’v bin putin up wiv the bulls**t you guys always write about Wiz, Davido does s**t music yet he gets away wiv it on TX bcuz most of its reviewers are biased due to the fact that they are fans of Davido,he (Davido) has the most mediocre lyrics for an artiste of his calibre,his best lyrics are always those he buys from talented writers inorder to keep them grounded,no offence but a large percentage of TX writers don’t understand that music isnt about beats but lyrical content,i’m a music fan and im aware that wizzy’s tracks have been lacking quality content recently but why do u guys kip criticizing him like he’s not human? I’v neva read a bad comment about anyone else on TX except wiz, why? Comparing lyrical statistics btw Wizkid & Davido;Wizkid has been & is stil leading atm.. Anyways if u guys wanna be a biased music blog/website suit urselves bt if u really knw wt music is,y’all better stop picking beats over lyrical content.. Finally,i stand to be corrected if wrong but Ojuelegba isn’t the best track on the AYO album but JOY is.. *If una lyk make una vex no post my comment* #Cheers

  92. I agree with the writer… Totally

  93. Dis is d true reason Nigeria will remain backwards for awhile, every conversation,situation and problem is greeted with blinded sentiments.

  94. In all honesty I must call you a mediocre. I wish I can applaud you by laughing or something but I can’t.You can always build yourself to be the next wizzy you know,nothing is impossible.I hate you but I can only wish you well.And before I forget,you opinion doesn’t mean shit,so fuck-off.

  95. Make u people free this guy na …. Wizzy wat is doing no artist can do it … And he take’s it first before any order artist …….The person dat write this is artist ..

  96. people should stop mixing business and attitude the past year might have witnessed wizkid’s character.. beeing a bit on the spotlight 4 negativity.. his strategy probably failed cuz he almost released all d hits on d album as singles b4 the album came thru. but that not withstanding .his album was one of the best release for last year.. ah ahn. ojuelegba, show you the money, jaiye jaiye, in my bed, mummy mi, on top your matter, bombay, joy, one question, caro, and you say d album is a mediocre. ah ah una no trie sha.

  97. Guy if u hear beat now and they give u mic,can u sing one good note.Ewu!

  98. Follow O’republic on Google,like the page on facebook and download songs,all on Google.

  99. Man wizzy,big ups.I want u to knw we luv u,so much,but bro u’r dropping.kill dis videos.u gat too do ur thing?yes,but I want u to knw u gat fans out it for us mhen,make us feel u lyk always…

  100. Mr know it all, the ayo album is tyt, how many times hv u listened to it, if u dnt like wizkid anymore just say it, ppl change, u must not continue to be a fan of wizzy and is ok, if u ar not, so stp deceiving urself, u ar nt a wizkid fan, saying dat ayo album is a mediocre album, must everybody sing like tuface? If I wnt to listen to dat kind of music I get dat kind of album, if I want to listen to my boy’s wizzy kinda music I get wizzy’s album.

  101. pls ping me 532DAED3

  102. plss help me tell dat F**l dat wrote dat letter to pls give us a 10/10 single bt video nd audio……#IDIOT

  103. Fuk. D nigga nah video. Dem dey judge beta atiste bahhhh funiest if u kip sayin dis till d end of world God as lrewady place him were he shuld b nd noo human. Being cn change is destiny

  104. Nice post

  105. Ye ye I get d writters point….I feel dat star boy wizzys time is up…..he shuld just engage himself 2 something else atleast he has achieved his goal but God bless him sha even if he still dey smoke igbo…. Joe chase I see uuuu!!!! Haha

  106. I personally love wizkid music. Infant I am a big fan of wizkid. The guy is highly talented and has a good sense of music. One of d most gifted artise in d music industry. A 2ru fan should have d intrest n continual progress of his or her star at hrt. I belive if not for d big fans, an artise may not do or florish so well in his or her game cos d more fans an artise has determine d level of his success in wat he does. Honestly speaking, d quality of ma guy’s music wizkid has dropped. Don’t knw y. Comepare his music initially even shortly wen he left eme n d quality of his music now ,a reasonable person who knows gud music wud agree to dis. No doubt he is good but he is far beyond what he does now. Not wen he has meangle wit d likes if wale, Chris Brown and oda big international artists. He is expected to be better. I like wizkid am still his big fan but I think to some extend I agree wit wat dat fan said . It’s not hatin rada observation and it’s for d good n intrest of wizkid. Remember we have oda talented artise coming out. It’s all abt time.

  107. One word for d person dat wrote dis #fool#…….go sing ur own make we see

  108. I can assure you th,at this just one of those Davido’s fan/haters of Wiz., tactics hiding under the pretense of being a Wizkid Fan and the most disappointing fact is that Tooxclusive nd other partisan blogs who Wizkid’s music is 1 of the reasons y their blog is well visited will still take their time updating people’s criticism against Wizkid claiming its someone’s opinion yet you’ll never see them update news or open letter’s criticizing Olamide, Davido, Reminisce and so on that have received open letters on their blog all in the name of claiming to be a music website not a news blog. But when it comes to hater’s opinion on Wiz, wat do u expect?. Why don’t you update opinions of people praising Wizzy’s music?, they may even choose not to update my comment coz m in support of Wiz. Mtsheeeeeeeew. #Letmyopinioncount

  109. Well, iMO, I think the writer is right, I remember back then when Wiz releases a song , we could do anything to get the song due to his creativity but now, I won’t only criticize Wiz’s recent performance . The likes of Iceprince , Iceberg Slim, Loose Kaynon , to mention a few have really turned to the huge flops of the nation that I don’t get ‘freaked’ of theis songs anymore. We all should be happy that the likes of Reminisce,Yung6ix , Brymo, Jesse Jagz and Vector have improved incredibly in recent years. I think even if these guys aren’t doing well, we can turn our attention to the in-form artistes and maybe they would realise they ain’t doing well and make a good change. #webelieveinredemption. #kktbm. #doinz

  110. Am actually a music lover.. tho am not a huge fan of wizkid# buh if u say Ojuelegba video is Wack, that means ur daft!!! And u know nothing bout music videos

  111. The main fact here is dat… Wizkid is fucking up big time.. so d person dat said all does things to Wizkid he or she is saying d truth.. Wizkid needs to improve more.. bt ojuelegba’s video ws alright.and also 2014 WS rehearsal bt Wizkid I believe dis 2015 is Showtime… so Wizkid work more, am expecting a lot frm u dis yr.

  112. The writter of this is a very big fool. Ojuelegba video was all about the expression of the song. And nothing better could be done on that video than what clearance A Peters did. As for other of his videos, he is just trying to help upcoming directors and nothing more. Wizzy keep on the Good work.

  113. Thunder faya d guy dat wrote dis blog…he easy To sing y him no go studio go dey record….I no say nah bkus of davido nahi make u dey write dis rubbish about wizzzy…davido wey b say…him go don practice,pratice song b4 him drop am…..wizzy no dey tink twice…bkus d musik is too much on is head….wizzzzY BaBa!!!he is mah role model for life…no shaking…shine on wizzzzy…we ar expectin ur starboy monday jam….wizzzy loke loke!!!

  114. U must b an idiot 4 writin ds article,u did nt do ur economics wel,cos if u did u must knw d meanin of diminishin return,wia tins ar nt constant.wizzy is d boss.musicians like akon,r.kelly,celine dion etc also had d same depreciation.ntin is constant fool,get dat into ur tiny head.bastard….u must b a davido companion

  115. See trouble oh! The person that has this write-up is a fool,if what He is offering aint enuf why not be a fan of davido or someone else an leave wizkid,yes “show me Your money”video was all about money and u think he didn’t show it? Ok how much is a Lamborghini,but he used it 4 a video,the writer self no get shi shi abi u dey jealous of person success I believe you’re more than 24 still u don’t have a pin of what wizzy has,he is just 24 and almost if not a billionaire…Beef

  116. 1st of all this guy or fan doesn’t know how to judge music to rate WONDER 4/10,i agree sound it is weak and sounds like a sean tizzle take it look alike but again no rules in this music game so almost anything goes however i believe wizzy despite not hitting the mark with the ayo album was still very mature in his work and believe he will have a great 2015…don’t you think he knows what he is doing surrounding himself with dope producers like legendary and maleek however i agree that he needs to shoot vidz of his standard and have you heard amin o lovely song though reminiscent of dammy krane but don’t forget even rkelly said no rules in this music industry and nas said no idea is original… need i say more?

  117. Why is it that u always discuss the week part of every star on tooxclusive the owner of this site is very stupid the last time was dbanj now wizz u re nut if u dnt knw dud u re nothing but bad belle fuck off

  118. Guy ur fada prick nd ur muda toto…ur babe day dance wizkid song u day here day waist ur data…c ehn u b fool my dear very soon u gho c ur babe wake up for wizkid bed.idiot….wizzy keep it rolling am ur greates fan!

  119. I don’t think the person that wrote this letter is even a fan of WIZKID. He’s just one of those trying to ridicule him in the name of a real fan. Am not a fan either but I think the young man has done enough for himself and for his listener/fans. You can’t always give 100percent. Even the great 2face had a 2yrs bad spell.

  120. the Mumu they monitor Wizkid success,

  121. This is nonsense… All of wizkid song from E.M.E are the great but videos have been poor from the beginning.. I believe Wizkid started the StarBoy record for a better move and he’s been great ever since.. Check how Wizkid act in his video when he was with EME, he always looked like someone that was camped or caked, someone who was not allow to do his own thing but control him. The guy is F****ng grown and you can notice that in his Videos eversince he got out of EME.. His videos from Starboy shows his freedom. If a video is poor, blame it on the director n people behind it.. Wizkid has been a great singer and he’s been doing great with starboy. Saying banking was doing sumtin for him, who knows what they do behind the scene but do not even mention Videos. Wizkid videos has always been poor with Banky from the beginning.. Shut up if you have nothing to say.

  122. I think this writer is right but not with his ratings. The videos are nice but most don’t tell the meaning to the song. Ojuelegba’s video started well but didn’t go well till the end. In my bed video is sharp but i dunno..the video doesn’t worth Wizzy’s stand. Wizkid is good and I expect him to bounce back esp with his videos too.

  123. Wizkid already said it himself….”Anything I do,dem go talk” beefers are allowed..

  124. to be real, wizkid doesn’t owe anybody anything so just live your life and let him live his life as well. because at the end of the day, criticism won’t remove a kobo from his pocket or our pockets as well. So let a nigga be. It’s 2015 mehn. I seriously thought people were done with going on the internet to criticize a musician living his life. I understand some things this fan of wizkid (so to say) means thou but to be real, putting it here won’t change anything. Bye.

  125. guy just go head wall

  126. na who right all that…d person dey mad ni.. se he think say song easy ni..wizzy for live …..

  127. It’s obvious this is pure hating. Doesn’t count

  128. fuck you

  129. Wiskid is. Still d best!

  130. Fuck evryone that comments here,,,,plus my self

  131. Dear Fan:
    Abeq Enter Studio

  132. shut up ur stinking mouth

  133. oga o.. some jst 1 spoil wizkid life. that write up there is jst for wizkid to improve is music seriously anybody going against dis write up hates wizkid.. I sign out.

  134. The writer is very correct!!! Tho the ojuelegba vid is really cool. Fact still remain that his first album was very classical and dynamic. Different tunes and sounds and lyrics. But this album was basically about girls and his mom. Wizkid abeg make us proud again

  135. I like Wizkid but not as much as I used to. His songs ain’t cool to me anymore compared to when he first started. I agree with the writer, Wizkid has to put in more effort

  136. guy no one is perfect.ojuelegba video was so real. wizkid has is own style nd he so talented. i dont agree with dis guy i think wizkid is improving year by year. i am even happy he left eme nd also after dat named himself starboy. guy dont try to critizise dis guy but encourage him.wizzy na boss, baba dey release dey go lasgidi boys nd surulere boys dey feel u die

  137. Guy u seems to be very sick. For rating dat. Video 1/10…am very sure u re a bitch ass filthy beefer…wish u tell dat to my face…….open dat ur filthy mouth and talk 2 mr music like that (wizbaba)…..wizzy baba no mind dem they nofyn but a bitch ass haters,na u still be my best artist in d world….always busting my brain wif bad lyrics…….make dat idiot go listen 2 kind of love……..twale 2 u music…

  138. i totally agree

    always remember to visit us for hot entertainment and political news @

  139. This life no go sweet if owu no dey,leave wizkid please and please,this guy Is doing his things his own way and that’s what makes him special just let him be please go find better job now,y do you have to critcise someone cos u want ppu 2 know u,na wa ooo.abeg go leak shit jor,

  140. Ofcos dis is tooxclusive wer all the bad tins are posted about wizzy,as for me the album ‘AYO’ seems more mature dan his debute album,so bad ass niggers just dont love progress and dats y dey beef,i dey feel u jare my own starboy wizzy

  141. “wen i move to d ryt dem go talk,wen i move to d left dem go talk,abeg live story,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we are d through fan of wizzy and we are loving him,more hits,more money and record deals for d guy,i can see d rason why u have to beef him,”father lord abeg bless mummy mioooo and stop enemies to follow miooo,,,,,,,,,

  142. I want to commend this so-called ‘wizkid’s fan’ for all the grammar he has blown but apart from that you are very very naïve.
    First of all you should know that change is constant. No one can continue the same way forever, I’m sure you haven’t always been this ignorant. Under EME he was one thing now he is another, next 5 years he might be completely different.
    Second of all, you should know that there are musicians and there are entertainers. D’banj, Terry G, Timaya, Wizkid,etc are all entertainers. If you try to put meaning to their songs or start to rate the meaningfulness of their videos you would only be wasting your time. They produce music that will keep you moving and hyped. The musicians, Bez, Timi dakolo, Asa, Dare art Alade are the ones that will give you meaningful music and 10/10 videos. Don’t look for tigers inside an ocean.
    FYI: Music videos have directors, they direct the artist on what to do and how to do it so don’t come and start giving us rubbish about 1/10 videos. If you are too dumb to understand the message that ‘Wizkid’ was trying to pass in the ojuelegba video that’s nobody’s fault but yours.

    • no matter wat l still love wizkid,pls continue ur gud job,and never forget GOD k

  143. no comment from me

  144. some of fans can be crazy sometimes

  145. bello abdulahi u dey mad it seems u dnt kw wt 2 type ryt…ah my wizzy may god reward u even if deaf pple listen 2 ur song dey wil kw it mak sense if blind pple watch ur video dey wil surely feel it “if i move 2 d ryt dem go talk,if i move 2 d left dem go talk i beg leave story dem go talk ha na na”eh if u c fyn baby mak u hold am tight eh i say hold am tight”wizzy sing pass jor

  146. i am very surprise 4 comparing davide with wizzy
    i beg stop saying wt is nt it’s wizzy jor

  147. Jst passin by

  148. YOU JES JOBLESS! forward ur acc number. lemme make ur weekend an interesting one

  149. diz one na bullshit na Wu write diz leave d guy alone let him be he is d baba I want to like him

  150. if you think you or your father can do better than wizkid has done for the greatness of the Nigerian and African music, simply do f**k yourself … #starboy #wizkid and for more inquiries follow me on IG @vinzsolomon … YOUR FATHER!!!

  151. Indeed u are a huge fan a dedicated 0ne 4 dat 0nly sum1 dat lik u wil tel u dat yur m0uth smells…i luv ur advise…sum pe0ple hate hearin d truth datz wassup#nicep0st#

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