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Top 7 Nigerian Artistes Who Are Kings Of Vulgar And Profane Lyrics

Posted by Temitope Delano on April 19, 2016 in Editorial · 99 Comments

The use of profane and vulgar words in Nigerian music, has alarmingly increased since the unveiling of some notable artistes today.

80 percent of most artistes in Nigeria, can hardly do a song without using vulgar or profane words, infact, some of them have become champions in this new ‘Genre’ of music, even stylishily handing the batton over to their protege. This got me thinking, what if an artiste was rated based on the profanity and vulgarism of their music, how many artistes in Nigeria today will win the dirtiest/worst music artiste?

We will be discussing top five Nigerian musicians known for their vulgar and profane lyrics and who amongst them should win the title of the dirtiest/worst singer yet?


  1. Olamide: If we will all be sincere to ourselves, including the YBNL fans, Olamide, like Lil Wayne, is known for his passionate use of vulgar and profane lyrical words.  From the moment the YBNL king launched into limelight, his use of vulgar words have increasingly become ribald and filthier. Come in ‘Stupid Love’ from his plain description of a girl’s behind and bosom, he creatively describes how he intends to sleep with the said girl who according him is one of many other females he intends to bed as he said ‘Se o lon gbe eni wa ni” (Meaning were you intending to stay long here).

This talented artiste, seems to derive so much joy in his profanity using metaphor and simile’s to describe a                   girl’s  private how he intends to have his share of whatever she might have on her body and what not. If this                was the only song of this YBNL boss, filled with gut wrenching vulgar words, it would simply mean one can die            happily but no, Olamide, intent on showing the world how much hits he can make by using profane and vulgar            lyrics in virtually all his songs. (Durosoke, Don’t Stop, Bobo, First of all, amongst other.) No words anymore                   Baddo Sneh!!




2.       Lil Kesh: Like his boss, this multi talented artistes, wadded into our subconsciousness and even consciousness           with his own clearly yet childish version of profanity and vulgarism. First came Shoki. Am certain even the                 dandiest of minds can easily with little or no explanation get the meaning of shoki. The title alone says it all. ‘Oya         shoki the shoki, ba mi wa omoge to ba yodi….I meannnnnnnnnn.

Lil Kesh, did not stop there, instead employed the vocals and lyrics of HKN boss himself, Davido, to do a remixed         version of the already vulgar song and again nailed it becoming his white horse into the Nigerian music scene. I           listened to Shoki remix and could only imagine Bart of The Simpson’s, highly mischievous, rebellious and                     potentially dangerous….again when a kid has all these traits, there is only one reason, he wants attention.

Then came ‘Gbese, Efejoku, Skibi dat with Viktoh (Another YBNL act), even his new album Y.A.G.I is not left out        from profane and vulgar lyrics.




3.  Iyanya: Known for his love of striping (Which should tip anyone of obviously) this heavily built music star came           out with Kukere…need I say ,more now pepoooo. ‘All my ladies, kukere…. coupled with your suggestive dance               steps…we get it bruv.

Iyanya, starts off with being blessed by God and now its time to enjoy all the money made on women who are               ready for the kukere. He has the money to throw out there, so definitely the party will be hot. With visuals of                 ladies whinning and rubbing his chest in the soft porn music video…what more can one say.

‘Your waist’ surfaced and boom it became official, Iyanya, has joined the list of artistes known for their sexual               explicit materials. Not stopping there, he dropped ‘Oreo’ and……ask me for more words on him sometime next             five years please.

Cynthia Morgan


4.     Cynthia Morgan: I remember the first time I saw Cynthia Morgan in a music video, she was featured on Jaybo’s           song and she looked so cute and innocent….fast forward to some years later, We have songs like ‘German                       Juice, celebrating or insulting women with big behinds asking them to come forward to an obvious party                       thrown by  maybe a big spender, (I want to believe is a man). ‘The girl with the German juice….the girl with the           biggest  behind….’

I have a feeling when she eventually resigns from music, she might just make the perfect pimp (Just saying).                  ‘come and do’ the title alone says it words!!




5.     D’banj: Can this list be complete without the ‘Kokomaster’ himself….I kid myself not. That word koko is enough           explaining pepo!!!!

‘I take her to Lagos, I show her the koko, she show me the robo, we started the loving” really if we continue on               D’banj. Bangalee, will definitely take up more than five paragraph to get half way into the use of profane and                 vulgar lyrics and moves in 90 percent of his songs.

Listen to Feeling the Nigga, Oliver Twist, amongst others.




6.    Seyi Shay: ‘I will ride for you, slow whine for you, I will touch my tippie toe, I will bounce it for you? Need more           explanation pepo!! It breaks my heart that Seyi Shay makes this list but ‘Touch me now now now… you                   remember the reign..I wanna feel it right now now now” So good like everyone had to include..’Lord of mercy.’             Mama could you be more explicit…Which love dey enter na miss Shay????

‘She say she wan murda, she say she wan do that thing….then comes the epic upside down twerking…oh                          wow!!!!!!! Patoranking, made sex so vivid in this song with his lyrics I could not help but scream…Bruv what                you  doing…’keep her coming? Do you really have to do the moisture talk on here? Seyi Shay…dirty dirty dirty             girl, miss thing!



7. Wizkid: Can  Wizkid allow us one song without so much as a vivid picture of a heaving woman’s behind, bosom           and sometimes her vee jay jay?  Should he ever consider this, then maybe we can all sleep without so much as a            nightmare of scooby doo running away from casper the friendly ghost.

In my bed starts with the usual girl meets boy, girl grows on boy and boy can’t help but have her in his life and             boom, he switched to always wanting to devour her body in his bed, so on an so forth.

Bombay…Wizkid again goes with the profane and vulgar lyrics…your bombay make me troway….y’all know the            rest. Listen to In love featuring fellow profane and vulgar list mate, Seyi Shay…..guys could you be more vivid? ‘am      trying to drink you all up (Seyi shay) Am feeling your low waist…’nuf said.


Having listed these artistes, who amongst them wins the dirtiest Lyrical god, tell us in the comment box…oh and do     let us know some others we might have missed.

Written by: Tope Delano


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Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie
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  2. You forget to add Reminisce and CDQ

  3. They left out reminisce.

  4. Thank God Yung6ix and Phenom are not in the list

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    • Feel you. Surprise Reminisce is not on the list. Reminisce is the king of vulgar

    • So true…timaya,reminisce

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  10. Timaya nko, Olamide making hits with his vulgar lyrics

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    He shud be in dis list and n0 0ne 0n dis list d0 vulgar/pr0fane lyrics than #paperb0i

  12. Erigga is the king of these sh*t

    • What of reminisce cdq and davido


  14. I think u substitute Dbanj with Remininsce

  15. you guys are very correct

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  18. The boy Erigga may not be your ultimate star but he definitely has a top spot in this list. The real King of The South.

  19. The Kings Of Vulgar And Profane Lyrics in Nigeria will exceed 100, if not 1000.

  20. Erigga Is number 1 jhoor. 2 naked girls for my bed, egbon trips! Download YOU GO WOUND by Erigga ft Yunghanz.

    Her boyfriend they call her she no dey pick * she say paper boi give me the dick quick

  21. I don’t know why Remininsce didn’t make this list tho! He should be here! ” Let me fry your kpomo, let me fry your dodo”??

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  24. wia is Eriga….una no wise o.una de listen to music at al

  25. Burna boy nko
    also you guys are YBNL haters

    • So real burna should be top here

    • pple will just be looking for haters abeg go n rest

  26. Rubbish list sha!
    Nigerian industry won’t improve without those words of baddo and keshi you called vulgar… You should rather thank them for using it#haters

  27. how can u say all olamides album is full of vulgar songs ,u clearly don’t listen dude and lilkesh album ain’t vulgar dumb dumb..

    where is cdq,reminisce and timaya …this list is stupid

  28. Small doctor is the craziest with vulgar

  29. O like pipe mi toripe oni curve baba afusa

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  31. dis list is rubbish

  32. dis list is rubbish

  33. this is the most pathetic excuse for an article ever. its a shame tooxclusive.

  34. How will you forget the winner Reminisce…. ahhh

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  38. where is reminisce alaga ibile he’s the king of profane language in Nigeria his just too raw.. Mr fry ya kpomo..

  39. The King – Reminisce [Kpomo, Tesojue, Clap, Who You Epp]
    Number 2 – CDQ [Salaro, Dami si, e.t.c]
    Number 3 – Timaya [Some More, Bum Bum, Ukwu, e.t.c]
    In fact the list is endless..
    For those of you that understand Yoruba well, Small Doctor is not innocent!!!

  40. Tah!!!! Everybody mr flavour pon d dance nwa baby nyem ifegi, ala dalada adago nke ku oto kana ada kwa, panti noni iro, ife dina uku, kpakorokpa kponkpo.
    mr flavour da craziest dey don know

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  52. I agree with yhur analysis for the sake of some artists yhu added like olamide and lil-kesh but so long erigga #paperboi reminisce #ibile is excluded am sorry yhu’ve just packaged a trashy list …….if yhu really want to talk about vulgarism and profanity then mention erigga #paperboi first of all most…. he’s the baddest lyricist naija have ever got …pls to download and listen to his songs …he’s great #erigga

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  60. I guess u hv problem with d YBNL,r u hating,majority of Nigerians musicians makes use of vulgar,how come u cme up with just 7

  61. I could list a a lot of people that should be up there too,but if we were doing that then we’d be hanging most of our new generation artistes….. Ain’t nobody being vulgar,thier expressing and everyone else is just playing it the way they know how or safe….. Eventually it just comes down to perspective… But we both know you danced and enjoyed all these songs though….. So stop being a judgmental,holier-than-thou,running-out-of-things-to-write-about-b*tch

  62. Wizkid is the best

  63. Are u fucking kidding me!!!! How da hell ERigga didn’t make dis list??? Ever wondered why erigga’s music never gets played on Radio ??? 99% released song #Vulgar….
    Bros park well dis list is a scam!!! Karuption!!! Buhari needs to see dis!!!

  64. Erigga tops dis list. Go listen to his songs and thank me later

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    [ Eze Nnunu]

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  70. I sugest u listen to reminisce tracks n wen u wan to,do pls get a pen,a book n an internet dictionary….cos its time to learn real profane n get educated.#bookofRapstories…”grown men kidding mission”

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    Kako Bi Chicken
    Calabar Loni Shan
    Africa Remix

    I lose count

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