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“Fireboy” Vs “Joeboy”…. Who Was Second Best To ‘Rema’ In 2019?

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Year in year out the Nigerian music industry use to witness & welcome new artistes with good potentials and quality materials. These newbies are seen as the next generation, the next rated artistes to watch out for and huge forces who are ready to take over the baton from the top leading artistes in the industry.

The likes of Wizkid, Olamide, Davido, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy, Sean Tizzle, Reekado Banks, Kizz Daniel, Mr Eazi, Mayorkun and Teni among others can attest the above statement.

2019 had its on share of next rated artistes, new acts; Rema, Fireboy and Joeboy were introduced by different record label into the music industry and they all stormed the year with their various talents and sound. At the long run Mavin’s new kid, Rema was seen as a major and crowned the Biggest next rated artiste by many. Thereby leaving Fireboy and Joeboy on same page.

Now this article is centred on these two talented acts, Fireboy and Joeboy. We want to go through their 2019 report (performance) & output (Songs/Ep/Album) with music fans and know who to rank Second next to Rema, then place the other third best.

The YBNL new act, started 2019 with the hit song ‘Jealous‘, follows it up with ‘What If I Say‘ and then ‘King‘. Later in the year (in December) he welcomed his debut album with the single ‘Party Scatter‘. This debut album is a 13 stellar track project titled “Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps” with no guest appearance. Different tracks from the album (Like; ‘Need You‘, ‘Vibration‘, ‘Gbas Gbos’…) are already popping up this new year 2020. This a sign of bigger things to watch out for this 2020.

The Mr Eazi’s protege under the emPawa establishment broke into the music in 2019 with his debut hit single ‘Baby‘ which is still buzzing and gaining massive streams presently. Joeboy didn’t relent he followed up with another hit song titled “Beginning“, this song got him more fame, fan base and made him a bigger young star. Not stopping there he joined forces with the Mayor of Lagos, Mayorkun and both recorded “Don’t Call Me Back“, a song most people still can’t get over till now. To wrap it all up at the year end (2019) he dropped a body of work titled ‘Love & Light (EP)‘, a 5 track project that tells a story about young lovers. His recent popping song ‘All For You came from the EP.

This a close vibe and tight one but we still need a distinct. Now with the aforementioned report of both talented acts couple with your own facts and thoughts, Between Fireboy and Joeboy Who Should Be Ranked First? or Who was Second Best (Next) to Rema in 2019?

Drop your take/opinion in the comment section below…


“”Fireboy” Vs “Joeboy”…. Who Was Second Best To ‘Rema’ In 2019?”, 2 out of 5 based on 18 ratings.


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    Nice Write up. My take, as Rema has been crowned the biggest next rated act, then I think Fireboy should second him while Joeboy takes the third position….Though they all did well in the year 2019 but still need to put more effort, coz its not over until its over. Shalom #Kudos

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    Fireboy is the next, boy did over 100million streams with basically no features

  3. Avatar

    You cant compare j boy to Fireboy,common thats an abomination,jboys got a tune that nigerians will quickly get tired of,he cant diversify,REMA AND FIREBOY are here to stay,the other one should goan sit for poto poto.

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  4. Avatar

    Dj kingzy,fireboy is d next

  5. Avatar

    Fireboy is next to nobody. Fire is 1st

    • Avatar

      ya bro

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  7. Avatar

    Just because they gave Rema as next rated doesn’t mean he was anyway better than them. In my opinion it was fireboy, then joeboy before rema

  8. Avatar

    fireboy is number one don’t compare fireboy with rema

  9. Avatar

    Exactly what I thought…fireboy…joeboy and lastly Rema….those guys are better than Rema simple truth

  10. Avatar

    Fireboy is second to none…he’s the best

  11. Avatar

    I don’t know if u ave noticed from everyone’s comment Rema is not d no 1

  12. Avatar

    Fire boy is the best

  13. Avatar

    Rema won these category twice and someone is still saying he does not deceive the number one sport,guy’s come on this guy is way beta than this two bro…fact

  14. Avatar

    Fireboy is next vibration all the way

  15. Avatar

    Fireboy is even far more better than rema

  16. Avatar

    Well I am rather sad at this. You must be a Rema Stan to put out this shit here. Discography fireboy ? DML heads over shoulder above Rema. Fire boy is better than Rema period. I am really disappointed this shit is put up here on this site. What crap na

  17. Avatar

    Fire boy for me and Joe b better than Rema my opinion Sha

  18. Avatar

    Fireboy is far far better than the both of them, cause fireboy gat everything you want in music ?

  19. Avatar

    For me joeboy is matter than fireboy

  20. Avatar

    Fireboy takes the crown

  21. Avatar

    Joeboy for me

  22. Avatar

    This is so not right….fireboy has more to speak of than rema, forget the single hits, his body of work made a lot of hit, having in mind REMA dropped 3 diffetrent body of work that recorded only 2 major hit…dumebi and lady……please oh its Fireboy, Rema and Joeboy.

  23. Avatar

    Fireboy or nobody

  24. Avatar

    You guys are fool for putting out this content. I couldn’t even read a line of it after seeing the title.

    How about, after, and, and nairaland, and, and naijaloaded which one comes next, toooxclusive or alawiye. Such a Negative-Energy giving blog

    How much did Donjazzy pay you. I will never come on this site after today. Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Avatar

    Fireboy remains the best. Better then rema and then Joeboy is amazing. Rema just sings strange songs although they’re nice but people like him mainly because of his looks.

  26. Avatar

    Alot of u hate Rema so much just because he is not a fellow yoruba boy, but is that de kind of appreciate he should get for shinning out in a purely dominated yoruba music industry?? Cant hard work be appreciated anymore without pouring out sentimental judgements? Come on stop the hate, apart from the boy being a teenager and de youngest among them, he is also doing very well. If it’s really not hate dn tell me, the boy won next rated catergory 2 different times, he was listed on Obama’s playlist 2 different times, and yet u here saying he ain’t adove Fireboy??? Dame, u must be the biggest hater in the whole wide world, u really need to goan hung transformer, idiots

  27. Avatar

    Thank you for this Truth, REMA remains No 1

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  29. Avatar

    God will punish tooxclusive and the writer of this article. Rema with zero lyrics? Oh cus he won next rated? Don’t forget Sean Teazle won next rated over seyi shey, phyno and Burna boy. So where is he now.

    • Avatar

      Who still be this one?rema bema na hit,so stop talking shit,i know fireboy has more lyrics but rema is an international singer

  30. Avatar

    In my opinion, the next rated category of the Headies should be voted for by the Academy/Committee. There has been a few issues over the outcome of the winner, who normally emerges through online voting.

    For me Fireboy and Joeboy are better artistes than REMA.

  31. Avatar

    all nice

  32. Avatar

    fireboy remains the best of them. He got many Hot hits.

  33. Avatar

    Sincerely, joeboy! Is a talent. Have u even looked at lyrics?
    Jeez!… Dat guy melts hearts.

  34. Avatar

    Fireboy is 2nd to non

  35. Avatar


  36. Avatar

    Joe boy is better

  37. Avatar

    habba guys…we all have ears now, no h8in pls let d truth be said fireboy is way better aabeg

  38. Avatar

    so if haruna isholas song be found on Obamas playlist for whatever reason now, does that make him better than what we are hearing? oh plsssss we are not deaf and pls kindly leave this tribal bullshit, we are all Nigerians let whoever from wherever be appreciated for makin or singing good music. music is a universal language. y’all heard

  39. Avatar

    Fireboy remain the best.That boy na star kid

  40. Avatar

    fireboy is all the way fireboy is the best
    fuck rema??

  41. Avatar

    Fireboy and joeboy are far better than Rema….

  42. Avatar

    Fireboy and joeboy are farfarfar better than rema

  43. Avatar

    Is only a village tout that will be ask of another question and they are responding to another thing rubish haters tomorow una go dey call vilage pple why na una low mentality they kill una(haters)thump up rema second to fireboy

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  45. Avatar

    Rema is better than them goodlock rema.

  46. Avatar

    Fireboy na the best

  47. Avatar

    Fireboy and joeboy are far better than rema,rema i7 just a kid comparing to them in singing

  48. Avatar

    fireboy dml is the best

  49. Avatar

    Fireboy is next to rema

  50. Avatar

    joeboy & not fireboy & not REMA

  51. Avatar

    fire boy

  52. Avatar

    The fact dat Rema won next rated does not mean he is better than Fireboy or Joeboy. Rema’s songs doesn’t have lyrics, he’s just lucky to have found favour on the side of his "fans"
    Even Hotkid sings better songs than Rema
    Rema can’t be compared to Fireboy at all!!!!
    It’s Fireboy, Joeboy, then Rema can take any number he wants PERIOD!!!!!

  53. Avatar

    I really love this music

  54. Avatar

    Na fireboy o
    Dont put rema nd joeboy at fireboy’s level o

  55. Avatar

    I go for fireboy

  56. Avatar

    giving rema 1st was absolute shit but then e don happen so fireboy,joeboy and then Rema

  57. Avatar

    joeboy is the best

  58. Avatar

    Fireboy for me!

  59. Avatar

    Rema is d best actually

    • Avatar

      nonsensee that you are saying

  60. Avatar

    Fireboy deserves that award followed closely by Joeboy then Rena

  61. Avatar

    Fireboy is first then Joe boy last ??

  62. Avatar

    Fire boy, jeoboy and then Rema.

    Rema has nothing to show

  63. Avatar


  64. Avatar

    Joeboy all the

  65. Avatar

    Joeboy all the way

  66. Avatar

    Fireboy is the best infact i love him

  67. Avatar

    Fireboy is the best

  68. Avatar

    Joeboy is the best of all

  69. Avatar

    Joeboy first, fireboy second, then the last of them rema.

  70. Avatar

    Fire boy is number 1 please. Stop trying to place him on rema or joeboy’s level.

    O wrong now!

  71. Avatar

    Joeboy next before fireboy tho I love them all

  72. Avatar

    Joe boy second

  73. Avatar

    Rema is dey best

  74. Avatar

    Fireboy don beat em all

  75. Avatar

    you can’t compare fireboy and rema to joeboy coz joeboy has foreign tune.
    joeboy far better to them

  76. Avatar

    Jeoboy all the time.constant

  77. Avatar


  78. Avatar

    Fireboy all the way to

  79. Avatar

    Fireboy all the way to

  80. Avatar

    fire boy +joeboy= rema the first

  81. Avatar

    Fireboy all the way

  82. Avatar

    Fireboy then joeboy who born dem

  83. Avatar

    Well i go for joeboy then fireboy

  84. Avatar

    I prefer joeboy and fireboy beacause their voice is inspirational well rema is also trying

  85. Avatar

    let cut this short.
    i no fireboy is good, but come on rema is not bad either he has all the right to win.
    gaining first in an exam does not mean u better than every one.
    one thing with 9ja instead of putting effort they sit down and complain.
    am sorry for nigerians.
    cant complain further!

  86. Avatar

    No fireboy no music industry
    As a matter of facts fireboy remains the best

  87. Avatar

    Rema Fireboy Joeboy

  88. Avatar

    F j r

  89. Avatar

    Fireboy is better than jeoboy is better than rema because rema he use his nose to sing

  90. Avatar

    Rema best

  91. Avatar

    Fireboy ohooo

  92. Avatar

    Fireboy rema joeboy

  93. Avatar

    Joeboy, fireboy den rema

  94. Avatar

    joeboy and rema re d best bt fireboy is good sha

  95. Avatar

    Joeboy all the way. Call

  96. Avatar


  97. Avatar

    For me i prefer fireboy b4 joeboy i just like d two but rema should enter one corner

  98. Avatar

    Fireboy is far better than the said rema..he is the best..lyrically endowed..His lyrics will melt ur soul.joeboy follows..rema just de do incantations..FIREBOY ALL THE WAY..

  99. Avatar

    I go for fire boy

  100. Avatar


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  103. Avatar

    ? boy number 2

  104. Avatar


  105. Avatar

    Fireboy has more lyrics than rema.and aint feature anybody fireboy is the best!!

  106. Avatar

    I go 4 fireboy he is de best among others

  107. Avatar

    Fire boy is better than remain and Joe boy

  108. Avatar

    REMA is no. 1 through corruption, no 1 should be FIREBOY followed by JOEBOY then lastly the so called REMA

  109. Avatar

    Fb, Jb lastly Rema

  110. Avatar

    Joeboy is the best, then fireboy. Rema is just……

  111. Avatar

    fire boy is the best of all

  112. Avatar

    The two of them are all good but I’ll give Fireboy Dml the second position

  113. Avatar

    will all know that fireboy dml is the best after rema so that should be

  114. Avatar

    Joe Boy is the best amomg all and for fireboy he has long mouth people should stop debating on this now. Who is rema?

  115. Avatar


  116. Avatar

    As for me joeboy isthest who isrema

  117. Avatar

    Anyways Joeboy is the best of all. Fire boy is good but still prefer Joeboy
    Rema na third place e dey

  118. Avatar

    JOEBOY 1

  119. Avatar

    Are you kidding? Joeboy is second to no one. I don’t think so. He is the first and the best among them. I luv u joeboy. Joeboy pon deck.

  120. Avatar

    joeboy for life

  121. Avatar

    who is fireboy

  122. Avatar

    Rema has good stratagies more d both, to me he deserves it.

  123. Avatar

    I thinks its joeboy then rema before fireboy

  124. Avatar

    all this crap some spat out…how on Earth will y’all compare those two with FIREBOY.. they’re incomparable to each other..mind me if u do listen to fireboy’s song then u’ll know this guy gat the talent on his do,

    Fireboy ??? is the best of all!!

  125. Avatar

    rema is the Best and the Best

  126. Avatar

    Fireboy is good , also joeboy , rema also is trying but i love fireboy 2 be in 1 position

    • Avatar

      fireboy then Rema before joeboy

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