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M.I Abaga – “The Viper” (Letter To Vector)

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M.I Abaga - "The Viper"

Finally!!! M.I Abaga replies Vector with “The Viper”, this isn’t a Diss but a compassionate track for VEC.

M.I Abaga releases a new single after much anticipation by hip-pop fans for a new track from the Chairman to Vector. The new song is titled “The Viper“, on this M.I gave Vector Maturity instead of lashing him. He shares with VEC how to be Success and become a Boss & join the Higher Authority. ‘Vector is just bitter because he did get a feature, but i still love him like a son‘… M.I plays a fatherly role on this record and shared some wisdom to Vector.

In his word; ‘Instead of responding in hate I have chosen to give the snake the secret to my success.. ‘help people’. You are the only rapper that has done nothing to bring anyone else up.. from your first producer LayLow to your former manager Michael (who now works for CC btw) to A-Q your friend that year.. all you do is use people.. Olamide has given so many a platform, Ice Prince the same, Falz just an all round angel, Reminisce bringing up young legends.. don’t even compare yourself to me.. I am a fucking industry on my own!! see this is why you have always been a tier beneath the rap aristocracy! Because you are a jealous and envious person. Your fans are great sha.. because despite it they love you so much.. I pray you open your heart and let the message from God through me in.. it is time for you to live up to your full potential.. to enlarge your coast my son..enlarge your heart ??your music brand and career will blossom’..

Listen! to the record below and share your thoughts and how pleased you are with the track.


“M.I Abaga – “The Viper” (Letter To Vector)”, 4 out of 5 based on 1092 ratings.


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  1. Avatar

    It’s a wrap nigga. Vector should just swallow his pride cuz the two diss track he released and the one he is planning to release cannot be compared to this. He should just dobale

    • Avatar

      you need to shut the F up…

      • Avatar

        a letter to vector……bro this was more than a letter its.. a preaching to heal your fvcking bitter heart thats so… sour …broo just sleep bro nigga good night

      • Avatar

        broooooooo fuck uuuu nigga wat dey fuck do you mean nigga to hell with ur fvcking opinion broo

  2. Avatar

    Mi is back

  3. Avatar

    U were asked to rap, u were busy writing stories….. Schools nid english teacher

  4. Avatar

    gbas gbos gbas…….. School closed!!!!! M.I has no competition, he is the Rap King

    • Avatar

      you mean Rap servant son ?

  5. Avatar


  6. Avatar

    Mi forever no1

  7. Avatar

    Vector the chairman has spoken. No b beef ooo na advice. Just do the needful because you no fit win this fight ok.

  8. Avatar

    Dust to Dust

  9. Avatar

    I told nobody to force Mi into saying something…now he finally buried someone???..MI…I held my breath trying to listen to this..and I was filled with goose bumps bc once again u proved us right for calling u the king ?

  10. Avatar

    King m.i

  11. Avatar

    That short black boy from the city of j outstanding

  12. Avatar

    Boom?vector pls just let it go. U no fit win this fight ?

  13. Avatar

    MI is very good, but how is Vector the bad person here now, obviously MI is the snake. Just yesterday he went on Vector’s instagram page and commented “Congratulations my G”….. Not knowing he had already done a full 5mins song got the same Vector AMD pit in his EP… Which means the dong was already produced, M&M and ready for deployment, yet he called Vector “My G”. That’s a snake there. The Viper is dope. Great lyrics, godly flow.. But M is not a good man. Period.

    • Avatar

      he was being sarcastic

  14. Avatar

    This is just too much, someone should check on Mr Lanre, suicide dey rampant dz days.. Mi has always been the best rapper in Nigeria, he has proven it again.. He schooled him properly. This is not a Davolee vs Dremo contest.. Dz is Ucl rap.. Vector bawo ??k??r?? gàn..

  15. Avatar

    Hmmnnnnnnn that short black boy from the city call j. Always proud of you M.

  16. Avatar

    All hail d king.. I can imagine hw embarassing it its for u to b compared with nonsense like vector,with his very weak punchlines..
    D sound sef even different,u sef go know..
    M.I forced Nigerians into loving rap,wen nobody send..
    All d rappers dat were there were just there until M.I forced d market open for rap music.
    Every rapper in Nigeria shud pay homage to M.I on every year,coz without MI,dey wud still b underground looking up, or outside peeping through the peep hole

  17. Avatar

    I bet u mi didn’t write dis rap alone

    • Avatar


  18. Avatar

    No direct download , Na wah. Diss track na Mi wan still make money. Vector already told u the truth boss Mi. we want Mi of Mi1 not sitting behind close doors and replying diss track saying u are sting the best. Truthful u are a legend but 2019 u re nt in d list

  19. Avatar

    Mr incredible
    Bros I love you with all my hrt.

  20. Avatar

    i love them both but Mi need to give us more of him

  21. Avatar

    Type well my friend

  22. Avatar

    M.I to the world

  23. Avatar

    I keep telling them M.I is a God!…how can a bottom feeder compare…see rap, the delivery… impeccable?

  24. Avatar

    OMG! I can’t wait for vector’s response

  25. Avatar

    Mi is an industry … I agree

  26. Avatar

    So MI can still rap like this.. nawa oo

  27. Avatar

    This is the MI ABAGA WE KNEW .welcome back

  28. Avatar

    M.I God will bless you make VEC dey there day mk foolish noise. Best in The world not just Africa..

  29. Avatar

    Cool, now dis one just dey like a male rapper in skirt, dat year dis same MI dey show himself dey go back to back with Kelly, now prove u are king, u dey put ur hand across ur mouth dey talk. This song is garbage ? and no match for the Vipper…

  30. Avatar

    M.I abaga ain’t no baga wan reggae raga der fada …..# Long live King james

  31. Avatar

    Stop being a bitch and rap…

  32. Avatar

    Good one from the king of rap, lanre you better listen

  33. Avatar

    VEC you don dead

  34. Avatar

    J town got your back king of rap?.

  35. Avatar

    Lord have mercy!…daaaammmmmmmmmm!…MI ended vector’s career….its sad coz I like vec, but he should learn to pick his battles….this track could easily become a commercial diss track of the year….waaaaahhhh!…bars scattering everyhwere….vector, abeg o, go dobaale ooo…MI na ur papa o….

  36. Avatar

    if MI was a yankee act, he would be classed amongst the greats like EM, Jay, rankin, icecube, park and the rest…he is an intellegent rapper…

  37. Avatar

    Mi…buried yet another bitch ass rapper….

  38. Avatar

    Cast close. Hat off. Rap king

  39. Avatar

    The Chairman has spoken. This track need music video produced by Clarence Peters.

  40. Avatar

    Mi..try and prove vector wrong….challenge him for rap battles….y u dey run??

  41. Avatar

    Damn… M. I. just preached, period. Those who have ears?, let them listen and be saved.

  42. Avatar

    Now this is how you call someone a fool without insulting them

  43. Avatar

    Damn… M. I. just preached, period. Those who have ears?, let them listen and be saved.

  44. Avatar


  45. Avatar

    nice rap but is a little bit dull, you gat to be more sharp and fast

  46. Avatar

    You called me short man at the headies and I could’ve been really petty but my head Is heavy from the… CROWN.

  47. Avatar

    MI the god. MI the holy only god.your vector shot the fuck up or we get to boxing.

  48. Avatar

    MI God bless you and ur 100th generation. I just couldn’t turn off replay.

  49. Avatar

    I’m sorry but this is not challenging
    If mi things he is the king he should come out and face vec on life battle jare

  50. Avatar

    Wow! You have spoken like a leader of the Nigerian Rap Community, I Stan this song and love your contributions to this industry, may history remain kind to Mi Abaga a.k.a the chairman.

  51. Avatar

    M.I abaga you will forever remain The Chairman as far as rap is concern.
    Keep it up my mentor

  52. Avatar

    Africa’s rapper number one oooo.. done never show your face, vector..

  53. Avatar

    KING ??

  54. Avatar

    MI words selection is massive….is just an advice …..king of rap….this is sweet…..

  55. Avatar

    MI is king. Period!!!

  56. Avatar

    M.I. has done it again ooo

  57. Avatar

    Lol, Punchlines=0, wordplays=nil, Rhymes=2limes, metaphors? Absent,yet no story told, all the elements of Rap are missing here. The only point is that VEC hasn’t lifted anyone which is very bad.
    All I see is M.I trying to avoid battle cos his Arsenal is less loaded than Arsene Wenger’s

  58. Avatar

    I love this… MI is the real deal

  59. Avatar

    Who produced this track gannn? The producer sef wicked but wait! M. I. Is “wickedest”. This Diss must not end oooo….. I am enjoying it……. What’s my own? Now I take my time to listen to rap for the first time and do my comparing very well.

  60. Avatar


  61. Avatar

    battle mcs dont rhyme about jealousy..they go all out and battle..respect to M.I buh stop being mushy.
    Go all out and inflict neck wreckin barz on VEC!!

  62. Avatar

    But u guy are both good pls stop fighting because I love two of u.

  63. Avatar

    I remember telling vector not to do that diss track! Now look at the great reck he has course he’s career 🙁

  64. Avatar

    real MCs dont talk about jealousy on the war front..respect to M.I buh dude needs to stop being mushy and go all out and inflict neck wreckin barz on VEC!!

  65. Avatar

    Why are these pussy nigga’s tripping there is no bars, no lines, no shots this rap is dry as f*** , all I can hear him say is viper not helping people around him and he. MI CLAIMS he helps so what . Sir MI we want bars and not addressing what we already know, every nigerian knows you are a chairman and sign deals, Vec does not, he called you out one on one. Nigga

  66. Avatar

    Tf you talking about bro?

  67. Avatar


  68. Avatar


  69. Avatar

    The track was dope sha, but…vec got bars than the niqqar m.I besides m is not being realistick….he needs reality stick by comparing cdq olamide and reminisce to vector that insulting….to d great lyricist vector

  70. Avatar

    m.I need to be realistic…he needs d stick of reality….by comparing reminisce cdq and olamide to a lyrical demon like vector…that bitchin…

  71. Avatar

    M.I roasted Vector. This is like Nas’s Ether against Takeover

  72. Avatar

    m i just burried vector

  73. Avatar

    All I can say is salute to the chairman MR,M,I

  74. Avatar

    Are u serious? E be lyk say d guy don mad b4?he can’t stand Ice Prince let alone broz mi ? vector go find another person and make sure it an upcoming lol … ?????to Broz mi the king of raps .

  75. Avatar

    m I is m I. sorry boy vec. build ur fans base first

  76. Avatar

    Hands down

  77. Avatar

    MI u correct..

  78. Avatar

    Vector abeg go school more… You never he level?

  79. Avatar

    I luv you M.I

  80. Avatar

    My son is taller but that won’t stop you from dobale

    MI aswear niaja no deserve you, they can never be another MI for life

    Laren pls go sleep I cannot even listen to any reply from you on this one

    fighting with your father the chairman, you lost on arrival

  81. Avatar

    No insults, just advise.
    I had respect for Vec but after insulting M.Is fans, dats when I knew VEC is still a kid. He should learn the morals of rap from his father and elder brothers.

  82. Avatar

    That’s is why I can’t stop loving this m i, clean reply

  83. Avatar

    if u say vector is better than m.i. Fvck u…if u think am self fvck u…if ur guys think am fvck u and your guys ..una papa…no disrespect to vectors talent but.. in life there is levels to everything this is a wrong fight to pick….for reals u can’t compare…from the beat to the punchlines to the flow… bro its a complete anehilation of vectors career…beyond repair…doubt if niggers gone ever recover from this….well… doesn’t change the fact that i got massive love for vector…just stating the obvious…even vector himself inside his heart while listening to this will be like…damn this guy is good sha..but u know na the pride in hi. will kick in…cos deep inside he knows that this is a Lil bit above his means….cant wait for his reply i hope he does his home work well…

    • Avatar

      you no nothing about rap.

  84. Avatar

    Jeeez… Is this rappers in Nigeria?
    So blessed a country..
    Rap world nig**z

  85. Avatar

    Am a big big fan of them both, buh really this viper made my day, MI still the boss unbeatable.

  86. Avatar

    One word King

  87. Avatar

    One word_king

  88. Avatar

    Please mi spare him his your son

  89. Avatar

    long time M I

  90. Avatar

    stupid vector calling MI fans dumb…Thank u #GOAT MI for giving this jealous nigga wisdom… U re a True pale Mr. Incredible
    JCity got ur bck M

  91. Avatar

    vector vs MI is like Peter crouch vs critaino Ronaldo….. who compares vector to M as in M…. I tire for people oooo

  92. Avatar

    Gbas Gboss

  93. Avatar

    Mi…. Fucking baddest nigga

  94. Avatar

    I respect M.I and Vector this diss is really unhealthy coming from two of the finest Rappers in Africa…. Drop this beff n give us a killer colabo… God bless ? ? 9ija

  95. Avatar

    M. I u are truly a loving father

  96. Avatar

    M.I win this battle hands down. You are a dumb vector fan to suggest otherwise

  97. Avatar

    you battle a rapper like MI you don’t really know where he is going to hit you from! the guy is sick.

  98. Avatar

    The aim of battle raps is to completely denigrate your opponent and M.I does this subtly and beautifully. Murdered him under advisement and saw the future for him as well… Chaiiii. Even rubbished his integrity for good measure and reminded his fans they’ve other indigenous rappers to look up to rather than..and this isn’t M.I at his Bryan Wyatt.
    E go hard vector sha

  99. Avatar

    Who is waiting with me for vectors responses…. Just response cannot overpower this one ?? ooo . Dobale season ?

  100. Avatar

    vector never takelass so everybody should wait for dey bullet

  101. Avatar

    Someone says MI called vector my g and still released diss track the next day, but vector ask for it bcus he said I’m not your friend… Let that guy shot the f**k up bcus mi is the king ?

  102. Avatar

    Someone says MI called vector my g and still released diss track the next day, but vector ask for it bcus he said I’m not your friend… Let that guy shot the f**k up bcus mi is the king ?

  103. Avatar

    “I swear by my name there is no higher authority”look up to me like your paale..that u are taller doesn’t mean you should not Dobale.

  104. Avatar

    So yall are arguing here when the King of Africa Sarkodie is busy bagging best international flow award. One both MI and VECTOR will never get nominations for huh

  105. Avatar

    VECTOR brought back the MI we have always known.

  106. Avatar

    Just gone through the comments… Omo … CDQueue

  107. Avatar

    Vector still my fav rapper

  108. Avatar

    I like the vocabs the coordination, articulation and the choice of words Mi used, he made it clear to his audience that is not a diss bt a kind of advice, that’s what parents do to their children when they see them going off track. MI is creative, wise, and knowledgeable took his time and came up with a track like this, this track is so advance that It has already replied vecs future diss

  109. Avatar

    vector called us(fans) dumb,
    and our father came with his viper to shut him up!
    vek needs to go and learn some rap rules…

  110. Avatar

    I love these 2 but MI has always been and will always be KING.

  111. Avatar

    MI…. I listened to the both , but, I know there is this confidence in mi that no one can push into this and win that war….He don’t just want to follow the crowd he wants to do rap period.

  112. Avatar

    I’m neither a fan of VEC or M but a fan of good music… Thought I heard it all from VEC in the diss, thou purge was far better than the antidote(tetracycline)…

    MI is something else, don’t think anyone ever won him when it comes to Diss, If I de lie ask Kelly handsome…

    M came out differently in the viper, Elder na elder forget the size or posture & pikin must dobaale… Words of wisdom, not just for Vec alone but other artistes can & should learn from it.

    Mr. Incredible ????
    Mr. Invincible ????
    9ja Rap god

  113. Avatar

    MI I respect u die!!!!!

  114. Avatar

    Lord, nobody challenges the king of rap and goes unpunished. MI rocks

  115. Avatar

    I always respect you M.i

  116. Avatar

    respect MI…. now that was some dope smoking

  117. Avatar

    M.I There’s no higher Authority,you’re the voice of God..vector don’t bother to reply,just respect yourself and be silent

  118. Avatar

    VECTOR please you need to study hard and work hard … Mi is that king of rap in Nigeria…

  119. Avatar


  120. Avatar

    Vector fix up your life.mi the chosen one

  121. Avatar

    Honestly Speaking, VEC Shud Av Respect For MI Habaaa! Why Thinking Of MI’s Creation??? I Know VEC Go Wan Be Like Bill Gate Buh Bc God Wants Him To Be (VEC) So He Shud Be VEC And Not Anyone Else Talkmore Of Comparing Himself To MI.

  122. Avatar

    If you know you know Jo……….Mr Incredible is Credible I’ll tell him wen I see him!!! BOOM

  123. Avatar

    MI has love for music and does his rap with ease, make his money and set a Palace in the Chocolate Industry of music in Nigeria. Vectors has not impressed me enough except in some few collabos which he would even struggle with his lines and unbalanced local and foreign language combo deliveries . I don’t hate Vector but I Love MI (Headmaster)!!!

  124. Avatar

    People are easily carried away. MI is a dope rapper, no doubt, one of the greatest no doubt. But on this battle issue, he’s so corny. Summary of this long song is "i get money pass u, im more successful" . But 1st, this is a diss, dont disguise it as "advice"..u diss sm1 that he’s broke, he’s hungry, he’s jealous, he can never be as successful as u, he’s stayed with his girlfriend and u said its no diss and everybody too jumped on the wagon that it’s not a diss track? people IQ low sha. Which hard bar dey here abeg? If na Vec release this song una go hate o. Mi practically repeated everything Vector said on The purge. It was Vec that said MI is biting the finger that fed him by dissing Henessy. MI don make himself God, saying he swears by himself cos nobody greater. Oh really? Even tho he used bible verse and quote for the song o..egomanic. So according to MI theory now anybody not as successful as him now is because they have hate and jealousy in their heart abi..that mean we too wey no get money like am we are not good people thats why we are not successful? So na by who get money pass we go know who get good heart now abi? isokay. Abeg wetin happen to Jagz(that we all know is better than Mi), why e never blow? E dey jealous M.i too? Wetin happen to Iceprince? Brymo nko? Mi has been taken shot at Vec, now e dey form the victim wey person dey jealous. Good thing Vec explained everything in his interview with Daddy Fresh interview. Mi is a dope rapper no doubt, but i hate corny double faced self involved people. MI na snake o..people wey know kuku know.

  125. Avatar

    Hmmmm…..see my both favorite rappers de chop themselves….isoke, I de watch from distance!!!

  126. Avatar

    I smell ghost writer

  127. Avatar

    I trust my guy vector,is coming back stronger ??

  128. Avatar

    mi great rap and international Victor fix your life

  129. Avatar

    so y’all call this from M…a rap? M.I,your dumb fans are dumb sha.. hahaha.. Spits like a bitch wit the mic.. If you gat goosebumps for m.i lines,dat means u still don’t know rap Nigerians..VEC unleash the VIPER

  130. Avatar

    now I can sleep well without thinking about that niga that called m i fans dumb ,baba mi thank you for the advice the advice is not just only for him to other musicians.

  131. Avatar

    I am a fan of rap, am also enjoying the beef, mi na king jor vector go and listen to mi advice latter tender your apology m I too big for you

  132. Avatar

    Mi Abaga is a threat to rappers they all know DAT lord of rap mi

  133. Avatar

    Vector is the chairman of our small meeting, M.I is like the president of the country. Abi chairman and president na mate? Vector I like u as a good rapper but love M.I as the best rapper of all time.
    Vector try to understand ok

  134. Avatar

    no matter how old a son is he can neva b older dan his father!
    even AQ vector must try harder 2 beat nt to talk of kinq #falz_d_bahd_guy

  135. Avatar

    M. I is really matured. Agbaga is too big to fight with vector. Person dey big pass some kind things. Na levels. Vector get levels but m.i levels big pass vector. So make vector relax and take advice from the king.

  136. Avatar


  137. Avatar

    For me this is about the beef. Rap needs a revival and this is the best I have heard. M.I might be your rap god but vector tetracycling is my best. Love ups to all these niggas… This is it!!!

  138. Avatar

    Vector sorry. The funny thing sef be say your fans de fan M.I

  139. Avatar

    Mr incredible how could you have done this to your own brother Vector I think he is l sorry for what he has done but you could have done this disgrace in a more respectful way, vector if I were you I wouldn’t have been in music industry again this is coming back to your father you are apologize because M I King of James is always your father

  140. Avatar

    Mi the Boss

  141. Avatar

    They are both my best rap kings, bt its really bad for vector being so disrespectful. No mata his fame or wat so ever , they are still not make musically or wat eva.. Its just like wizkid dissing 2baba

  142. Avatar

    But wait oo… Shey burna boy was the first to talk. Let him diss burna na.

  143. Avatar

    Mi and Vec are dope 9ja rappers. i understand the game is just like jayz and nas tin…jay made more money than nas but lazy to fight nas in a battle of rap. same applies here. M.i should be straight forward and stop saying is an advice diss when he has poured his own mind dissing vector. The truth is yes we know u have more money than Vector but can u fight vector in a rap battle…no rules in rap battle anything goes

  144. Avatar

    Best response

  145. Avatar

    alaga all time greatest

  146. Avatar

    vector u have sin against the court of heaven go and apologize

  147. Avatar

    Dont hate the player, but the Gamez, m.i&vec stop it unit and make the 9ja hip-hop industry great again.
    Not forgeting my 9ja favouright rappers, ice prince.jazz and erigga me love u all.

  148. Avatar

    Abaga is the greatest truth.. we respect him.. king

  149. Avatar

    nack am, nack that guy, he go here am

  150. Avatar

    Taraba blood (we the nature gift to the nation)

  151. Avatar

    Now you all should know that this mi the viper single was not written now is has been a track list on his EP
    Well mi is really a snake because y’all don’t know what has been going on…mi is a king but vector is an emperor… You all should wait for vec the viper’s reply

  152. Avatar

    who told you vector hasn’t helped none? money is not everything and it pertinent to note that knowledge is the mother of all resources, money quick to go but knowledge is everlasting asset it speak for you everywhere and pple around vector is benefiting.. mi said he will not destroy but give him maturity, but the act claims he’s immature had it bn he was he wouldn’t have dissed him cos one LANRE paranoid he’s gonna send MI to early grave.more so diss is part of rap and shd be based on lyrics, metaphors, wordplays not personal lives, they can still be best of friends aftermath but heavy word will not be forgotten.. sha expect vectors response in EP titled comfort with Davido you will cry for MI..

  153. Avatar

    MI is King!

    Vector insulted MI’s fans forgetting that they both share some fans… and MI took him to school.

  154. Avatar

    Viper you should shut up your trap by talking to my father

  155. Avatar

    Viper you are my guard am your prince my father is the king called m.I agbaga you have to honor him for who he his and if you talk again I will blast you with my ? lips ok

  156. Avatar

    Am your prince called young manrite on Instagram don’t let drop a track because of you ok

  157. Avatar

    Viper if you know you want a reply from my father come on Instagram let me feed with rap I have been silent for long looking for who to tricks

  158. Avatar

    Here is my number viper 07082042218 call me if you want a reply young manrite on instagram i only gives you what you need come let me feed you with the truth believe

  159. Avatar

    To be honest vector rap brought out d so called chairman out of his dumb house

  160. Avatar

    M I for give vector becos he the not what is doing
    Vector is up coming rap

  161. Avatar

    M I abaga forget the Yoruba rapps fuck thems all
    We are the Northern part

  162. Avatar

    Fuck u vector ad

  163. Avatar

    Ooomor!! I cut cap for you bro, u told him the bitter truth

  164. Avatar

    I have said it before dead short people

  165. Avatar

    wow… I like Mr lanre but J Town shot viper is Incredible… Peace out

  166. Avatar

    King undisputed

  167. Avatar

    D king u have finish everything bro, nice one

  168. Avatar

    frank bathuel
    to predict d future we gat create it Mr incredible n vec pls you guys should put an end 2 all dis beef it no longer funny let us just let go n let bygones b bygones,,, lot ov people count on you guys,,, pls show sum love

  169. Avatar

    Nice music but i am still team vector

  170. Avatar

    Abaga you are really king of rap

  171. Avatar

    peleee king of rap koo king of rat ni

  172. Avatar

    Hate it or love it this guy is GOOD….Forget the dizz pls this good music. Rap forever.

  173. Avatar

    how can u compere peter crouch n messi

  174. Avatar

    Let me say, MI is the only rapper artist in ?? I can remove my money and pay for his Album. You see him, you see #Kendrick lammer.MI’s lines drop with no stress… Else flow, his lerics is just too mature for vector to compete with. MI na king for now. Vector is too proud of him self, if person pass u….. Why not dobale.. And move ahead. Unless his using MI to make himself important again, cos his feeding out already. Chairman, well don boss. U killed it?

  175. Avatar

    M I is incomparable to anybody when it comes to rap in Africa, who’s you vector.

  176. Avatar

    Lanre abeg….. Case close

  177. Avatar

    Lesson to be learnt…

  178. Avatar

    Goshhhhhhh MI the king the rap maaad like nice advice thy son

  179. Avatar

    I like vector either! But MI is real Mr.Incredible

  180. Avatar

    I feel dis beef is all act, but don’t be killing someone jokingly. Dat short black boy from j town

  181. Avatar

    Fear short people with wisdom

  182. Avatar

    M.I: am ur father
    Vector: my father is dead.

    its just getting interesting every minute…2kings.
    I swear as things dey go, Vector go outshine M.I.
    (commercial rapper vs real rapper)

  183. Avatar

    Mi is always good at everything he does n dats what makes him superb, awesome, magnificent, n extremely good dats y his d BOSS n will always be the BOSS… So Vector should just let go of the pride in him cos PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL. Looks like MI was right Vector is just a youth (his youth)…… So 1 big question Vector Who u epp since when u came up???………………..#Draco

  184. Avatar

    $# vector is still small boy to M.I… big shout out to my chairman M.I # I greet u.

  185. Avatar

    A vector fan to d core. aside from it being a diss track,its a top-notch rap performance with good delivery,energy n cadence.hope dey bury their hatchet soonest

  186. Avatar

    Men, some imbecile kept rating the rap like they know Real Rap. They don’t know shit. Listen & Learn……………………..

    I mean from the chairman.

  187. Avatar

    M.I is the best

  188. Avatar

    mm mm mm….
    We go dey see

  189. Avatar

    is only a teacher that knows were he teacher,m.i is a really industry…..

  190. Avatar

    Waw viper
    you just drop nice vibes to ur prince
    ur kid u mean evrything 2 him
    he will surely come back 2 you
    A King is always a king.

  191. Avatar

    M.I you are too much for this guy, you see your beat, your intro alone, you should have called me to help me lash him, I am still upcoming. I am his class.

  192. Avatar

    M I abaga the father of lanre the viper

  193. Avatar

    The real fact here is M.I producers helped him on the production and Vector killed him. Let all think about it this way, if Vector has the production then we will not be listing to M.I rap..

  194. Avatar

    M.i u are unbelievable as ur name,i wish to be like u.

  195. Avatar

    Me I aint give a fuck ’bout any MI or any Vector my name is brown nd i love music so much dat i even sleep with it. am so addicted that i cant study or think without music by my side. Am not optional i listen to both american and nigeria song as long as its music. Nd i wanner use dis opportunity to tell everybody reading dis text dat ever since ive been listeninv to rap diss songs dis Viper song is d fucking best best best . Its not just about d beat mehn ders somethinv else i cant explain it this shit is more than a song mehn Its not just for mortals buh for Gods its a message not just 4 men but for Gods dis nigga killed it . Fuck mehn me nd mah niggas cant stop listening to this message. U ar a fucking legend bro Tu pac will sure be listening to this message nd be fucking amazed wherever he is. U ar a god bro bcos ders a diffference btwn rap nd a message d rhymes ar so great dat its driving me fucking crazy am in sane listening to one fucking song since yesterday my white American friends love d fucking song dey love u. Nd if any body says dis dis song aint dope fuck u nd all ur loved ones yall can suck my dick pussy ass dumb moderfuckers.

  196. Avatar

    This is a complete massacre… Undisputed KING M.I

  197. Avatar

    Jeez!!!! MI u killed it…VEC abeg just go bury ur head in shame

  198. Avatar

    This is why I Love M.I ABAGA,HE always act maturely, instead of lashing he advice like a true father he is,Do not let pride take over you Bro VECTOR THE VIPER, I LOVE YOU. Just be humble Please!

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