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Posted by Jim Donnett on April 6, 2016 in Album reviews · 72 Comments


Artiste – Lil Kesh
Album – YAGI (Young And Getting It)
Features – Ycee, Phyno, Chinko Ekun, Patoranking, Viktoh, Wale, Olamide, Adekunle GOLD, Davido
Producers – Pheelz, Young John, Shizzi
Label – YBNL (2016)
Running Time – 1 hour 05 minutes

Core fans of the street have been rummaging  shocking marvel especially since the last time Lil Kesh was rated turned out irrepressibly bad. Thus, this review is simply a honest assessment of Keshi’s debut album, YAGI (Young And Getting It) with consideration emphasized on proper and unsentimental rating of the constituent songs of the album, as with the overall arrangement. Like you guessed right, Kesh’s debut is another one for the streets, just as his previously released records are trailed by the same evidence of his M.O.

I would also like to add that this album belongs not only to Keshi, but to Young John and Pheelz as well. Shizzi gave a good account of himself too. They certainly deserve commendation for the nifty work done on the album. Now digest the epoch review based on a track-by-track analysis.

If you’ve been waiting for Lil Kesh to address the Headies snub, he just did. In F*ck Sh*t Up, Lil Kesh called himself best rated rather than next rated. “They say Kesh is our next rated, f*ck that! I kind of feel like the best rated”. This proclamation defines the song, and was a sure torque starter for the YAGI experience.

Lil Kesh was obviously not in the mood when he recorded this song. He trotted out the lines and hook. This is one of the songs you’d skip. I thought Kesh should have featured some other artiste here. But no.

Semilore is a personal favorite. This song is a prospectus club jingle bell. Composed of melody by Young John & Lil Kesh’s story telling rap lines, this duo are good at getting us to dance. The well-produced song has a blend of flute playing and gan gan which gives the song a wonderful tune. Warning, you might have started dancing before Kesh starts to sing. Yeah! The beat is that dope. Great song!

Several Yoruba traditional rhymes were used in this album by the producer extraordinaire, Pheelz. I heard gbam gba la gigi gigi, a war theme song in the background of Cause Trouble. Well done Pheelz! Very ingenious stuff. I also heard an in-the-mood Lil Kesh on this track. Ycee laid some cultured rap lines on Cause Trouble. Nice collaboration. Watch out for part 2.

ABIJA WARA ft. Phyno, Chinko Ekun
Title claiming Lil Kesh decided to send a message to the league of rappers, those he called ‘Dangunro’. In clear words, Kesh told rappers to give way for the Kesh era. With lines like abija wara 1! abija wara 1! Dangunro wa at alert, the message was well passed.

It might be too early to tell, but the Lil Kesh on this track sounds ready to take over from Badoo, Olamide. Chinko Ekun featured on this track with his usual humorous flow. As for Phyno, let’s just say he did not come. An ordinary outing for the Connect crooner, I expected something better from Obago.

IS IT BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ft. Patoranking
I can’t say otherwise. The music fans have already accepted this one. Is It Because I Love You is an already a confirmed song. Patoranking is one of the most consistent artistes around, so featuring on a raving Lil Kesh’s sound was always going to bang.

Honestly, Jabo is a below-average song. Lil Kesh tried to do everything on this song, sing, rap and even some hailing. This burden brought boredom to this song.

Lil Kesh started with a Drake-like flow. Yeah! Lil Kesh, Drake. I was already getting excited, and then came a lazy Keshi. My excitement just melted. I would call it the lazy song (shout out to Burno Mars!)

Lil Kesh did not know what he was doing on this track. A romantic song? No! Keshi stick to your niche please and we won’t have a problem.

EFEJOKU ft. Viktoh
Kesh told you, you would not stop dancing. We both know he said the truth. We have been dancing to Efejoku ever since. The song has this aura that makes you want to dance and it comes with a special order of wizardry given to it by Young John, the wicked producer. I still have not figured out what Viktoh said on the track, regardless it was danceable.

CAUSE TROUBLE 2 ft. Wale Folarin
Really, Wale Folarin? Well maybe as some sort of foreign injection yes, but I would have preferred a Reminisce on Cause Trouble 2. Wale just scratched the surface, nothing concrete added to Lil Kesh’s already familiar Cause Trouble sound.

A debut Lil Kesh album without Olamide on it? Most unlikely. Lil Kesh featured Olamide on Problem Child and they gave birth to a playful track.

LIFE OF A STAR ft. Adekunle Gold
Pick Up part 2! Adekunle GOLD lured Lil Kesh into recording a sister track to Pick Up. The song gives an insight into the ugly side of stardom. Sound wise, the song was okay. Lyrically, Keshi was sloppy.

Strong hip-hop beat; the production was super clean, well-laced kicks and emotion calling rhythm. This is a song borne out of retrospection, Lil Kesh was steady with his delivery and reflective lyrics. “To those that can relate to this…” this is Igba Iponju, troubled times.

Since the street has taken over, the kings have been busy with the constitution of the street. The street demands an anthem and Lil Kesh had the courtesy to compose it. Ibile is a street anthem that dotes on the whole street experience, and lore formed the body of this work.

Ibile people love it.

YAYA OYOYO ft. Davido
Perhaps the most euphonious track on the YAGI album and it’s easy to guess why – OBO is on the track! I talked about Shizzi doing a good job earlier; this is where you would agree with me. Nice song.

This song needs no further introduction. Listening to Lyrically again reminds me of the promising Lil Kesh. He is now a superstar with back-to-back hits, just as he had earlier promised when he waxed this track. In every of Keshi’s hit song, he is simply fulfilling the Lyrically promise.

You probably know all about Lyrically by now. Perfect album closer.


In general, YAGI is a good album. Though the lyrics were spread over here-and-there, the body of work was well targeted at the street audience. It may not exactly be a contender for album of the year, but the songs in the album would most likely enjoy wide acceptance. Shebi it is Kesh.

The quality of production is the selling point of the album, not the lyrics, and definitely not the choice of featured artistes. As per the theme, YAGI (Young And Getting It) is well spelt! How else would you name the hubris of a young kid making waves in the music industry? In other words, Lil Kesh should have done some surprise collaborations. Maybe Reminisce, Wande Coal or even Wizkid could have shot the album to an A-grade. Save for that, YAGI settles somewhere in the ranks of a B minus.

The bottom line point is, YAGI could have been a great album with lucid critic silencing qualities, but no. It turned out an average album with a lot of flavour for club acceptance.

Rating: 3.2/5
B minus
Reviewed by Oluwatobi Ibironke

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  1. Have not heard all the songs but the ones hv heard I was not really impressed with kesh but he tried sha,I jux expect u too do bera in ur next album!

    • Kesh ure d best rated cary go joo, if am advan to be in a record label oh boy am mr mi yagi, its ur boy lucent.

    • Kesh ure d best rated cary go joo, if am advan to be in a record label oh boy am mr mi yagi, its ur boy lucent.

  2. Dis album make sense I swear God bless Lil kesh nd ybnl for dis album…. Every of d song in dis album as meaning… Oluwa bless d boy now..

  3. at least you review better than that son of a bitch Jim.. except ishe is a nice song well composed for his mom.. listen to verse 1 again.. you wouldn’t know he was referring to his mom as his baby till he said so

  4. Don’t agree with dz ur review..YAGI is good more than u think

  5. ishe z my best song there so who wrote dz should listen well

  6. ishe is a nice track, I love it already. 4.5/5 rating frm me

  7. i concur to dis rubbish album i concur

  8. without envy, pls let b sincere dis album is more than great, if u hate d boy personally pls let know and don’t condemn dis best album, I and many pple rate dis album 4.8 over 5, bcos his rap In d album is unique including d chorus, kesh haters will keep hating while kesh keep making progress , fortune and success, watch out 4 d next best rapper, thanks kesh my best rated keep going bcos d best always have d greatest enemies.

  9. I wonder why some pple claims dat they hate kesh music but they will b d first to download any of his song DAT was released, no heaven 4 haters, if u don’t like someone DAT doesn’t mean u sud condemn his good work, kesh u are d best

  10. Same here…. ishe is ma best track on diz album

  11. ratings bad,in itumo it was xino that did the intro nt lil kesh,,ishe is inspiring nd jabo is dance song..album 4.5/5

  12. D album is really making sense

  13. toox did u even study scale in maths? u used over 5 and album u rate under average spot 3.2 over 5, DAT means d album is 64% okay, did u now see ur error but is not an error Is d real fact, to me d album is 90% okay and if u think is not, do ur own album name it toox and give it out 4 pple to rate and u will know wat it take to do one song talkless of an album, kesh is a young hiphop legend, don’t rate kesh album inside ur room come out to public and say mesh album is under average and see if pple wouldn’t stone u, kesh as a great future and stop finding illegal and false fault about is musics

  14. this Same TX rated chairman album 2.5/5.
    so dis piece of garbage is better than chairman album? now u doubt if it could be able to emerge as album of the year and yet chairman album won that same category. and this cheap garbage is been rated more than chairman album???? confused retarded TX reviewers. whatever ur name is

  15. “For You”, the same song you talked down, is my favourite from the album. I think it’s a beautiful song with an awesome vibe. These reviews are based on opinions, not facts. I agree with you on Ishe. Don’t know what he did there


  16. Life of a star is da re-up

  17. So anybody can come here and say rubbish,what are you saying?make a song that can beat anything in that album including those ones you called sloppy then come back and talk

  18. nice rating and all, but please listen to ishe, maybe you don’t just relate to the
    song, but it is obviously one of the top tracks on keshs yagi. truth.

  19. I fuckin luv for you nd Problem child nd if u r readin dis jst know u r d best

  20. kesh murder the album fuck hater

  21. ur comment are partially wrong, starting from the song track ISHE to LIFE OF A STAR, come on those songs to me are one of the best

  22. All the track on that album was a hit… Since u never even sing one before why then criticism please tryna fuck shut up!!!

  23. Keshi dope u..abija wara 1 gbera

  24. You.ppl will
    Rating.anyhow…pls review.urself

  25. Big shout out to lil kesh for dis awesome Album, the guy did a very good job in dis album…….i rate him 90% ……truly u b problem child….fuck #HATERZ

  26. haterz gonna hate…that’s the fact and we ain’t giving no fvck abt what they say..the album is dope….5/5 ….

  27. u guys ll nt talk abt his commendation for the other tracks like semilore,abija wara,efejoku etc. but u ll see flops in true assessment. nobody album is 100% so d rating is accurate

  28. lil keshinro kip it up jawe broda. Jah bless ur hustle i dae always feel ur swag ma bro u r one in a million bro realy luv ur talent

  29. who be d OLODO who review did album. Let me give u an advice. Wen u review an album listen to each songs at least five times b4 u conclude anything. Ishe is most definitely d best song on d album. I send it to my mom and she cried. The boy feature OBO himself on the album. Olamide is on d album. y d hell would u say its not an A list album. Both artist have been awarded artist of the year. People say his song it corrupt and doesn’t make sense. He told his critics wait for my album. Yaya yoyo he sang with Davido make a lot of sense including semilore and jabo among others. He still did not 4get d streets FSU, problem child, abija wara were my favorite street song. He even sang a love song For You. I think he was even speaking Igbo or one language like dat on d song. My alltime favorite, lyrically ended d album. But I agree DAT his lyrics are getting sloppy not like wen he first started e.g lyrically, Oga nla ft. Maybe he’s eating too much Mr. biggs . Lol. I give d album A-.

  30. I need d video of all d tracks

  31. Kesh u try jor e no easy to sing take less of to release album gy e no easy keep it up

  32. i love dis album u are #DOPE thanks to ybnl and to YAGI boss #Lil_kesh

  33. na God go help us oo

  34. This album is what we called thriller..yu killed it bro keep up shining til the whole world fill ur lit.#SALUTE

  35. Una funny sha… see them looking for cheap controversies…
    You think he’ll write a track for you the way M.I did for NotJustOK?!?!
    Dream on…

  36. Please where can one download all this songs please I need to know

  37. Fuck who ever made dat shitty review… U dnt knw shit, haba “Ishe”, I cnt stop listening 2 dat song.. Fuck
    yu once again.

  38. Kesh baba ooo u don kill dem all expecialy dat semilore i gbedun it gunni

  39. ybnl is a boomb record label I have ever seen….. I have a dream becaming one of you…… Im an upcoming artist…. yosco6ix by name I only have two of my song on net… but not yet sarticefied…. I have always imagine of featuring likesh…… I pray one day I will getvto ybnl…..nor yagi… contact 08125307966……help might be from above

  40. Kesh a.k.aMR YAGI,i luv u.infact m luvin ur music d mre xpecially semilore,kip it up.jst wana tel u 2 leav trash 4 lawma

  41. Omo Oba Keshiro Baddest…..Ball On them

  42. Keshi luv ur songs,every single was a hit from ishe to semilore to life of a star to igba iponju,luv dem all

  43. E be like say you no sabi music at all @ Oluwatobi Ibironke. FOR yOu is a killer love song. Nawa fr you. Nice one kesh. Love has no protocol o, write your own script!!!!

  44. u dat u review n criticise can u compose or u know wat it takes to make a song.u wl compose lyrics compos melo arang rearang .part 2 u wil rehears and master d song. part 3 u wil tak it to studio sing whil d producer is producin d beat wen d beat is ready u wil enter sound box to voice it.part 4 mixin n masterin.nigerian artiste compos our songs we dont hav song writers unlike foreign next tim u need to review consider ds facts.and talkin about kesh album it is a street albm n d street wl rate it 95% anytm regardless of ur own ratin n dt of ppl lk u.anth fact u nyeed to consider bfore u do ur next review

  45. Kesh ah ure d main boddo, i can kill a million just becos of u sha dont forget ur boy lucent

  46. Lil kesh distroyed the album bust microphone even burst speaker dope albu keep it going

  47. Nice Album Can’t U Hear It YAGI keep it up i love lil kesh

  48. i love all is music

  49. Kesh my best celebrity

  50. U be d baba nw keep it up

  51. lil kesh baddest rapper

  52. What are you saying?
    Ishe my best track

  53. Mr mi yagi if no be u, wu else

  54. Mr mi yagi if no be u, wu else.. ……. jeun lo joor

  55. pls can u sign me my name parvenu

  56. my name is kzee am a musicin i we like 2 join yagi

  57. Boss. kesh skiboo itz ur boy kay light aka skibo. I don’t hav anything 2 say I lov u kesh b4 ndd dis album is 2 bad. As u ar sayin god bless u god bless mine. Boss just av 1min 4 me think about me boss pls nd pls upon ur eye on me pls my contact 08104765170 mister mi yagi u be bless

  58. Your review is so wrong, unprofessional & biased. I doubt if you listened to this album before posting this your review. Ishe, for instance is a song that is loved by both fans and non fans of LilKesh and it is just a bomb, same with several other songs. Big ups LilKesh

  59. lil mesh is the best and would always be the best, but I know forget the boss, olamide. I love all ur music and keep it up crowd puller

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