Phenom is known as a talented Nigerian hip-hop artist as well as songwriter, who was born on 19th of December. In most of the interviews, Phenom holds an opinion that there is no definite style for his music, he raps about his love, friends and everything that happens to him. At youth, he used to study law at the university and never had passion for rap music. However, everything changed when he met Temi Gomez from Knight House record label. The musicians signed a contract and Phenom started working on this label; he later changed his stage name Phenom to Phenom aka the Knight House General.

At the age of 18 he released his first studio recording, which had a certain success in Nigeria. During the period of several years, a young musician cooperated with almost all Nigerian hip hop artists and took part in recording their albums. On January 2014, his own album, known as B.R.A, was released. It consists of 9 tracks and was produced by Wizkid and Phyno. Despite being very young, Phenom could achieve big aims in life as a musician. He confessed that if he was not doing music, he would certainly become a lawyer. As regards his personal life, the rapper is single, however he always had a big crush on Nigerian singer Toolz.

List Of Songs Released



Foje Le

Unilag Cypher Freestyle

The Way

Nobody Tighter

Hold Me Down

TKG (Freestyle)

Shukushuku Bambam

Omo Naija

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