Oluseyi .A. Ademoye born April 25 from Ogun State better known as SHEYMAN ‘King Of Melody’ is a Nigerian R&B singer-songwriter, and music producer.  In Nigeria music industry, SHEYMAN a major player in the field has been an eminent force to reckon with.  Apart from being a musician that has featured on various hit tracks likes My Pain “tribute to Dagrin” which was his initiative, and his own evergreen hit single – HOTTER THAN FIRE(Kondo Olopa) which he produced, he has also produced great songs like Shayo by BIGIANO, Turn around by Kenny Saint Brown, Kowonje by Big Bamo etc.
Sheyman has performed in quite a number of shows,concerts and events which has featured local and international artists like jamaican based musicians Wayne Wonder and brick n lace, and events like the kennis music easter fiesta.  Sheyman has also produced various jingles and adverts for several brands and advert agencies accross Nigeria. ie Robb, Stimorol, Gala, Bobo fruit milk jingles etc.

List Of Songs Released

Oluwa Wa

Paper Remix


Kokan’ Aye


Fed Up

Christmas All The Way