ara ola

She is recognized as the first and best female talking drummer in Nigeria, a performing artist for over 20years known for her versatility with the Talking drum and her signature braids. Aralola Olamuyiwa was born in Lagos and is from Ondo state. She spent a good part of her childhood in Warri, Delta state, where she attended Nana Primary School, Our Ladies High School, Folashaye Girls Grammar School. She then had a brief stay at University of Ilorin as a fresh law student but left and later returned but this time to Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma where she studied English Language.

Her journey into musical excellence began at a tender age and had written her first song before age 10. She went from performing at family events and corporate events, to becoming the head drummer and represented her school in many singing and choral competitions in which she won numerous awards. She admired legends such as Micheal Jackson, James Brown, Bonnie M and Diana Ross.

Coming from a family with deep traditional, religious and cultural backgrounds, Ara had the opportunity of witnessing tradition festivals, cultural events such as; OGUN FESTIVAL, ILEYA FESTIVAL and many others. It was during one of such festivals she began to pick up interest in the Talking Drum and had the rare opportunity due to her royal ancestry of meeting the best talking drummer in the land and soon she fell completely in love.

She has won numerous awards over the years, and has been involved in a lot of charity workover the years. She was recently appointed Melody for Dialogue among Civilisations and Association (UN) Water Ambassador.

List Of Songs Released

Olomi Mi

Ara De

Ori Mi

Dun Mi Ninu

Eko Ile


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