Paul Play Dairo


The most creative musician in recent times in the Nigerian music industry. His cocktail of genres from western world R&B and Rap To traditional Highlife music and Juju music is responsible for his unmatchable uniqueness. Paul started as a producer, songwriter and back up vocalist before hitting the limelight. Born to a great Nigerian music legend, Late I.K. Dairo M.B.E., who was the only musician to be honoured by Queen Elizabeth II in Africa in the sixties, Paul Babatunde Dairo is unquestionably, a chip of the old block.

He joined “le griffe” an R&B group with his brother and cousin, Banji and Henry Dairo (both late now) in the late eighties, He vowed to keep the dream alive. He moved on to join other groups which include “De Klan”, “Oxygen” and Pure Heart Impression.

Paul started as a music producer, later became a songwriter and a backup vocalist, this gave birth to what he is today ”“ a full blown super music star, his genres include modern R&B, traditional Highlife and (sometimes) Juju Music.One of his single that shocked the whole Nigeria is  Angel of My Life which was released in early 2000.The music captivated the heart of many Nigerians and non Nigerian a alike.

Lists Of Songs Released

Kowale ft. Niyola

We Are Nigerians


You Got Me

Best Thing

Tell It To Me

One And Only

Promised Land

I Wanna Marry You

I Praise Your Name


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