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Fela Kuti (born Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti; 15 October 1938 – 2 August 1997) also known as Fela Anikulapo Kuti or simply Fela, was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer, pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre, human rights activist, and political maverick.

Kuti was one of Africa’s most controversial musicians and throughout his life he continued to fight for the rights of the common man (and woman) despite vilification, harassment, and even imprisonment by the government of Nigeria. Born to Yoruba parents, Kuti was strongly influenced by both parents, his mother being Funmilayo, a leading figure in the nationalist struggle. Practically all of his records are dominated by political events and discussions from the approach of Pan-Africanism.

In 1954, Kuti joined the Cool Cats as a singer in that highlife band (highlife being the rage of the Lagos music scene at the time). During this period Kuti developed his own unusual sound which he described as highlife-jazz. In 1968 Kuti announced the arrival of Afro-beat, within the year was promoting his sound all over the USA on a 10-month tour where he became influenced by American jazz. When he returned to his homeland he opened a nightclub, the Shrine, and changed the name of his band to Africa 70 (and later to Egypt 80). His bands traditionally included the typical huge line-up consisting of many singers and dancers, numerous saxophonists, trumpeters, drummers, percussionists, and of course, many guitarists blending African rhythms and jazz horn lines with politicized song lyrics. His music was intricate, rather than calling it Afro-beat you might more arguably consider it Afro-jazz. Entire recordings often consisted of just a few songs and this propensity for jamming set up a roadblock for Fela to attain commercial acceptance in the United States. He also abhored performing a song after recording it, and this led to audience disinterest in the U.S. where the people wanted their music to be recognizable hits.

Kuti continued his outspoken attacks on the Nigerian government. When the people returned to power in 1979, Kuti began his own political party – MOP (Movement of the People). The military returned to power in 1983 and within the year Kuti was sentenced to five years in prison on a spurious currency smuggling charge. He was released in 1986 after yet another change of government.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti died on Saturday, August 2, 1997, at 4pm (local time) in Lagos, Nigeria. It had been rumoured for some time that Fela had a serious illness he was refusing treatment for, many said he was suffering from prostate cancer. But as it turns out, Fela died from complications due to AIDS. As Fela’s brother, Olikoye Ransome Kuti, said at a news conference:

“The immediate cause of death of Fela was heart failure, but there were many complications arising from the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome”.

Fela was a man with great influence in the African music world, he is irreplaceable and his presence will be sorely missed.

List Of Songs Released


Water No Get Enemie

Expensive Sheet



Everything Scather

Trouble Sleep Yanga Go Wake Am

Roforofo Fight

Mr Follow Follow

Sorrow Tears And Blood

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  1. Avatar

    Love his music

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    fala will be missed by his multitude fans

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    Ogunjide Isaac hardly we cannot find a man like Fela in the music industry

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    Can’t do without these ever best hero…love &miss you so much ANIKULAPO

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    hmm… Fela, what a great legend, ur wish u see a corrupt free Nigeria will inevitability come to reality. #MOP

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    No man like him. #Real and Rare Man

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    hE wZ

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    Fela Anikulapo (THE GREAT LEGEND) his memory still live on…

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    I don’t miss him, but I do miss his para, am with him always

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    I love fela as a person
    and I love his songs

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    fela is the best musician

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    I Love Fela

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    Fela was a great legend musician, I love him as an activist and his musical impact on corruption and human right.
    can’t ever forget you baba

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    I wish he is alive to see our country under buhari & APC . hell is better then nigeria now.

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    He didn’t died just a mere transition!

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    Best in the world .i will love till I dey? My Number one musician .gbayi baba 70ty

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    APC or PDP or whatever party u have,what’s d difference? Stop being damn sentimental

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    I love him very much and I wish to be like him

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    He was a true legend and a genius.

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    Fela not only made history,he was history.

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    Evergreen God bless His soul all the same. He touched humanity

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    fela was a great man from the stories my dad told me.i dont think there will be any other like him,baba o boss legend of time.

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    Fela no probelm

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    i love you fela… i miss you

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    Rest in peace Baba 70…

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    Respect to the legendary

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    I won’t to be like fela anikulapo tuti I fela anikulapo 2 aka heritage all nigeria is a mad

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    i love fela so much i wil forever missed him

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    Great songs

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    Great songs from our legend

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    by d hrace of al mighty lord en amen amen

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    the hero

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    Fela is GREAT

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    I’m a waiting up coming artist and almost all my song are afro thank u baba 4 leading us we miss u

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    Rest in peace legend

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    You are doing good

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    Rest in peace


    . we have

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    Rest in peace


    . we have

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    Live goes on baba fela

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    Fela The great human right activist…….. We miss u in this country..

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    nah this time we miss you baba because I know say you go don sing for corona

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    Black president of the priest

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    Fela Lives till Rapture??
    By the Grace? of God, I “Kendo Mighty” will bring afro beat and reggae back to life…
    Most of nowadays musician are singing nonsense.

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    Fela Lives till Rapture??
    By the Grace? of God, I “Kendo Mighty” will bring afro beat and reggae back to life…
    Most of nowadays musicians are singing nonsense.

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    what is the title of the music when fela was talking about democracy…
    this my whatsapp number 08128288523.. plss contact me I don’t no the title of the song plss

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    Can’t express my feelings for him and his reasonable vibes

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    I wish you were still alive…*tears*

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    I can not do without fela music in my life.

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    What a heroe is fela “a man who has death in his pouch” his Death Is Fatal. Nobody like fela again.may God almighty grant us more knowledge because knowledge is power.

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    Rest in peace

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    fela is best honest in this nation

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