JJC (short for Johnny Just Come; Nigerian slang for a recent arrival, especially naïve newcomers is the stage name for Abdul Rasheed Bello, a Nigerian rapper and record producer. He was born on April 4, 1977 in Kano, Nigeria, but has been based in London since 1991.

JJC was born and raised in the Northern part of Nigeria. He spent the first fourteen years of his life in Kano state. His father played a lot of country music, and JJC also got himself acquainted with different genres of music, ranging from Afrobeat by Fela Ransom Kuti to African Juju by Dr. Shina Peters, and later on Pop music by the legendary Michael Jackson. After he relocated to England in 1991, whilst he was at Dick Shepard School in Brixton he began to familiarize himself with the art of producing music records. Along with his friend, they founded the then known Big Brovaz music group. Big brovaz were MOBO award winners. In 2006, the popular band decided to split; due to poor album sales and three of the members initially leaving the group.

JJC founded another group known as the 419 squad, a Nigerian group of singers and rappers, The group released their first album “Atide” meaning we have arrived. The group was composed of S.O. Simple, M.P. and Smokey, who were the three official acts . JJC has performed with the 419 Squad at numerous events, including WOMAD and the RESPECT festival. He has produced singles for UK pop acts such as Liberty X, Lemar and Big Brovaz. He is currently setting up his own production company, Backbone Music, and working with a number of developing new artists.

List Of Songs Released

African Skank


Show Me Love

International African


Nto Bi

We Are Africans


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