Mode 9


ModeNine is a Nigerian rapper often regarded as one of the best rappers in Africa. He is known to epitomize what he calls Afro Hip Hop (which signifies African hip hop) with his amazing metaphorical lyrics, deep relevant punchlines and creativity. ModeNine was greatly influenced by artists like KRS-One, Roy Ayers, Kurtis Blow and Big Daddy Kane.

ModeNine grew up in London, England. He came back to Nigeria in 1979, where he studied Building Technology. He graduated in 1999 and had his National Youth Service Corps program in Calabar. His parents were not pleased with him when he dabbled into music in 2000 since as typical parents, they wanted him to get a job. For him, it was like a dream come true since he had always loved music, especially rap music. He pictured himself doing what Rakim and Eric B did on TV. He hung out with friends in school rapping and he wanted to make a rap album in 1991 for the fun of it. ModeNine worked with Rhythm 84.7fm in Abuja (a sister station to Rhythm 93.7 Lagos). He worked as a small time radio presenter featuring up-coming rap acts like Terry Da Rapman and Six-Foot Plus. He quit a few years later and went to Lagos having secured a deal with Paybacktyme Records. He recorded an album called IX files. Although it never hit the market but singles like ”˜It`s About To Get Ugly` and ”˜Schooling` emerged from the unreleased album. This brought him in tight competition with other hip hop acts in very hard-to-be-known music industry where rap itself has fully reached a grand lucrative stage compared to the US.

List Of Songs Released

Occupy The Throne

Where Una Dey

Let It Go

Super Human

Mind Yourself

Freak Like


Street Runner

Zoning Out

Bigger Than This


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