The Artist Shank was born in 1983 in London and was named Chinedu Naze. The young Shank grew up in Lagos, attending primary school and university in Lagos. His time spent growing up in the sprawling metropolis of Eko influenced Shank into becoming the socially conscious performer that he is. From an early age, Shank knew that his calling was to music. Shank attributes his understanding of music to Fela, one of the greatest African musicians to emerge from Nigeria. Fela spotted Shank`s innate talent at an early stage, taking the young man under his wing.

Encouraged to pursue a more traditional route, Shank studied Creative Arts at the University of Lagos, further refining his artistic talents. However, the call to perform never went away. Shank was spotted by RockBoy in London mesmerizing the audience in an MC battle. The management of RockBoy knew that they had to bring Shank back to Nigeria, offering him a contract there and then on the back of a flyer. Two weeks later, Shank was in the recording studio producing “Julie”.

List Of Songs Released

Passi Passi

Feel Lucky

Video Teaser

No Contest


No Time


Ghetto Remix

Salute Remix



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