Oritse Femi


Oritse Femi is from Delta State. Was born and brought up in Ajegunle, Lagos. He started his musical right from his primary school days. He got his inspiration from the street because he had the opportunity to hang out with the underprivileged in the society. His family was of a polygamous kind, and Femi had a lot of siblings. With his mother working in a church, it would be only natural to expect him to have been a choir boy, but his path was different. Oritse began singing while he was still in his primary school. There were many music clubs there, where he used to hang out. He became a choir singer later, and he played bass guitar, too. That`s where he got his professional education.

Through a series of transformations Femi`s music style became what it is today: a curious blend of different approaches. It has elements of reggae and hip hop. Femi intends to touch souls of people of all society circles. Femi was once member of a two-boys band named The Jingolist. He formed it together with his fellow musician, Chibudo. Two albums were released as a result of that, and after that Femi went solo. His first solo album was called Elewon (it means “chase them” in English), and it concentrated on crooked politicians. His second was titled Unfadeables. It contained a smash hit, Mercy of the Lord. He later released Double Wahala early 2014 which became a mega hit and brought him fame and fortune. He did the remix with Africas biggest artist Dbanj which was also a hit.

List Of Songs Released

Double Wahala

Double Wahala (Remix)


Better (Remix)

Tears For Naija


Sexy Ladies





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