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dj jimmy

Jimmy Adewale Amu, popularly known as DJ Jimmy Jatt, one of Nigerian`s hottest DJs, was born in Lagos Island. He grew up listening to a lot of blues, soul, jazz and indigenous genres, like juju, apala, fuji, highlife, funk, R&B, pop, disco and hip pop. He happened to collect a lot of early rap albums from the 70?s and 80?s, and developed an interest in hip-hop and rapping.

Jimmy Jatt started his entertainment career as a rapper, known as Master J. He made a lot of demos and after a fruitless search getting a record label to support him, he started work of a DJ, with the support of his brothers. They helped him establish a studio (JATT studio) and he eventually changed his stage name to DJ Jimmy Jatt, in honour of his brothers, who were called Jimmy, Amu, Tunde, and Tayo.

DJ Jimmy Jatt is revered for his role in setting the pace for hip hop music across his country; Nigeria, dating back from the early 90?s when he jumped on the scene in Lagos up on till this moment. Hip hop gigs which later grew bigger in `93 when Dj Jimmy Jatt, started hooking up DJ Raves in major university campuses across Nigeria, appealing to kids of the elites and hip hop disciples, Jimmy Jatt`s events became the Mecca of hip-hop, where heads all over the country converged.

List Of Songs Released

Spin (Remix)


Glasses Up

Victory Song


Spin ( Ofe Kpa Mi)


Cool As Ice



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