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Started Music in the early 90`s but became more professional around 1998 that was back in the secondary school where he joined 30-man Classical/opera singers as of then, they were among the top 3 classical groups in Nigeria they are called THE TRIUMPHANT CHORAL VOICES headed by ASP Mike Ohiri. Pype(then called Majek) was the BASS singer of the group. They performed at the Eagle Square Abuja to usher in the Millenium where Pype delivered a lot of solo performances with THE GRAND CHAMBER ORCHESTRA. 2001 they made history by rendering the complete works of G.F HANDEL`S MESSIAH which has 56 works.

PYPE decided to withdraw from the Choir in order to discover his other sides of music aside the Classical music which he was used to. This led him to his discovery of different genres of music in which fortunately for him he could fit in.

Embarking on his solo journey, he started with contemporary R&B and pop music around 2003 He met his manager Ayo Rotimi Whom He fondly calls Pupa (a patoi slang which means Papa) who gave him the name PYPE an acronym for PROLIFIC YOUTH POSITIVE ENTERTAINER as a result of his versatility under the grooming of his manager, Pype became a reggae and dancehall artist in 2005(he`s never been to Jamaica!).

His music centres around Positivity, Compassion for poor black youths, love, with emphasis on truth, unity and encouragement. A versatile singjay-deejay style vocalist with gravelly tone, he is capable of rapid fire chanting and powerful melodic singing this ranks him high in mainstream contemporary dancehall. He is currently signed to Obalende Records.

List Of Songs Released

It’s Ok


My Desire

Rud Olph


Victorious Man

Give It To Me

Stand Attention


Nigeria Love


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