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*sighs deeply* The Nigerian music industry witnessed an uprising when former C.E.O and co-owner of now defunct music label, Mo Hits took to Twitter to announce a new label with names of artistes under the new imprint. Don Jazzy disclosed the name of the new label as ‘Mavin Records’. The label proudly houses belter ‘Wande Coal’, fast-rising diva ‘Tiwa Savage’, rapper turned singer ‘Dr. Sid’ and talker*strike-through* rap-singer ‘D’Prince’ with K-Switch missing in action. The heavy weight producer promised a compilation album and revealed the LP’s artwork. 24 hours later, in our hands lies Solar Disaster*strike-through* ‘Solar Plexus’. The 12-track compilation album comprises of music from the “Mavin Stars” (Tiwa Savage, Wande Coal, D’Prince and Dr. Sid), individual songs with additional vocals from Don Jazzy.

The album which is production-driven, has Michael Collins on the steering delivering the first “miss” on the LP ‘I’m a Mavin’. The 5:22 track features all acts on the new label, meant to be the label’s “anthem” it fails to quench our thirst for GOOD music; you find Coal on the chorus flexing his vocal muscles with Dr. Sid, Tiwa Savage and D’Prince falling flat on their faces. Next track features Tiwa Savage layering her sultry vocals on a hip-shaking beat. ‘Oma Ga’ is a solo-number with the Kele Kele Love singer and thankfully is a winner. The doctor apparently recently realized you only live once and makes life unpleasant for the rest of us with the mess he calls a chorus.

Terrible to the ears, he chants ‘YOLO’ repeatedly and calls it the chorus. In an attempt to spice up the not so fantastic music, a introductory robotic voice which appears in the first 6 tracks only make matters worse. Wande Coal puts his chords to action in ‘Se Me Ri’ and D’Prince employed the rumored Wizkid authored phrase “Take Banana Till You Go Yo…” in the infectious and “sadly” potential club banger ‘Take Banana’. ‘Solar Plexus’ has a very memorable unappealing number talking about D’Prince’s ‘Why You Over There’ nonetheless Wande Coal hits the bulls-eye in ‘Forever’.

Sadly Wande Coal fails to shine and might be losing his X-Factor, this he proves again on the track ‘Pretty Girls’. Dr. Sid tries his hands on a genre out of his range in ‘CPR’ but obviously lacks the vocal prowess to give life to the techno-influenced instrumentation nonetheless he delivers on the club-friendly ‘Chocolate’. D’Prince sings on a familiar high-life tune in ‘Amarachi’.

‘Solar Plexus’ lacks the chemistry found on Mo’ Hits 2007 compilation album ‘Curriculum Vitae’, and is a very weak record as an introductory offering from a new label. The album gives the impression of a hurriedly packaged work with so-so lyrics, ill-matched materials and several hit-miss moments, causing the overall LP to suffer heavily. Fortunately Don Jazzy’s production, with tracks ‘Oma Ga’ and ‘Chocolate’ are the LP’s only saving grace. Undoubtedly the absence of international pop act ‘D’banj’ and brother K-Switch is heavily felt.

‘Solar Plexus’ as a production driven LP is very much lacking the K.O quality a debut offering the Don’s new label ought to pack….unfortunately the all star “line” serves as the achilles heel to this LP. The overall quality of the LP fails to match its “sub-title” as it doesn’t pack enough power to have its intended effect as a gut punch and ultimately doesn’t knock the wind out anyone, let alone the intended target.



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  1. To the writer,u are a snitch cause u are only good in hating and to his followers go and join illuminaty cause is like all of ya wanna ride with the devil himself and if u think u can do what Don jazzy had done then try it let see if your friends will keep ur work for one day…..shout to all the mavin fans.

  2. To me This album was rushed, just 2 savage who suituation btw Don jazzy N D’banj unfotunately it bounced back in Jazzy’s face, very weak tracks, no flava @ all but in time I believe they ve somethng better to offer their fans….

  3. Y’all are messed up critics. Me thinks the Album deserves at least a 3star review.

  4. Its jst too early 2 drop a review on d album, d album jst showed dat Don-jazzy has moved on n is ready 2 continue doing wot he does best so instead of all dis dirty talk u shld b giving a big thumbs up 2 d crew.

  5. The album messed up…. The Planned Revenge is bullshit.. Now d whole G.O.O.D music team will laff till der lungs go sore….. I cant listen to dis messed up stuff again

  6. Hey! i like the robotic voice! cool…no?ok moving are 65% correct with ur review IMO tho…but i sha like 'amarachi" but "chocolate and pretty girls" doz two songs ehn odikwa serious. ..IDJA!!!! teamdonjazzy behbeh!

  7. home boy those tracks are making sense, I love wande & tiwa on them, most def this article is promoted by a dapo anderson crew, e no compulsory make una follow, abeg dem born don jazzy with d’banj? dem fit born d’banj with k’switch and kanye but me no think say don jazzy follow because that guy has got a pure african touch, wetin I like for mo’hits that year still show for these tracks! big ups for the mavins!!!! if not that I’ve got pride myself, I for dey beg to be mavin cos I’d love to work with –IDJA I swear!

  8. Wack Album to b candid….wande stood out no doubt but he had lame lyrics. No disrespect to Tiwa she should stick to her normal style Coz d Oma ga song is wack!!! D’banj would have killed take banana. Production wise Don jazzy tried but far from his best. The best form of revenge is massive success.

    • very true

  9. Album was out this morning and by evening you already have a review. It doesn’t work that way. Most times songs grow on people. Keep it on repeat. I’m not saying the album is top-notch.I’m saying y’all bloggers shouldn’t always be in a rush to do reviews.

  10. It is a free album, sometime like a mixtape. So don’t expect much. It is like an intro. Dey tried 2 me. N dis preview is shit. Cus dis guy neva like don jazzy.

  11. Well done don jazzy I really appreciate d crew bt pls u hav 2 sign a young talented singer or rapper like davido,imorell to upgrade ur name and mavin crew record #bless

  12. U can’t judge an album. On first hearing, dia r sum albums dat takes time 2 set in based on constant replay, this album is 1 of such albums, the very first time I heard dis album I didn’t feel any track coupled 2 d fact dat I took my time 2 download d songs n listened 2 it track by track as arranged in the album, fine the robot voice irritated me at a point in time coz I was expectin a more/better intro somethin like dat wande coal’s intro whenever he say Mo-Hits if u no wat I mean

    With time I developed intrest in some of the tracks, I’ll advise you do the same before judgin dis album @least u dint buy it its free, just 2 mince words I’ll give the album a 6/10 nice beat buh d auto tune was 2 much, I know d MAVINS r definitely going 2 do better when dey drop diar album

  13. *smh* Who dey mention oga Vector for here na. Other than the robotic voice, I’m cool with it. It will get better.

  14. @madu,, yeah,, d album,, promotes don jazzy,s production skills,,,, buh the artist,, made me miss dbanj,, tiwa and wande passed,, d odas sounded like upcoming artist,, no offence ….buh why the rush???? Nigerians love you already,, so we will buy anyfin u offer,, buh u shld respect us and always step up each time u drop sumfin new,,, the album is jus der Jor,, if anybody is playn the songs its cos they already love donjazzy… I still respect jazzy,,,,

  15. You all don’t know good music I see. Don baba u noni abeg,no mind them

  16. Its nt ?? fault anyway, haters will definitely hate. When baba said d album was done in 3 weeks, what were yall expecting??? Don jazzy made dat album 2 prove dat he’s ????? in Ð game, ?? he’s definitely made ? ???? point!!! #TeamMavin

  17. This is why i respect too xclusive, they are very sincere with their publications. Keep up the good work guys. This article is the bitter truth but many won't accept it, Ogagus hit the nail on the head. The album is very, very weak and lacks an overall X-factor.

  18. You’re right brov and 4 mi I feel Tiwa Savage alone, the rest of ‘em r wack *hiss*… @ugochukwu: must they rush? They all well known already in d industry so why d rush? #SMH

  19. You’re right brov and 4 mi I feel Tiwa Savage alone, the of ‘em r wack *hiss*

  20. The album was like experiment..buh nice production from don jazzy…he said the album was recorded in three weeks…that seems like a rush to me..mavin will only get better

  21. Don jazzy can do better if he calms down and bring out the best in the rest of the crew..also expected him to sign a new talent who would appreciate and hail him better,a new signing woulda been a new tune for people to watch out for…

    • and Tiwa Savage is what?

  22. I agree! But Amarachi is good tho, surprised you only mentioned the track but didn't attempt to analyze it a bit. D'Prince should better cross over to highlife music

  23. Seconded, giv the worst track on dis Album 2 d’banj it’ll become a national anthem..Abinibi yato si ability’..???? hatin but the only persn I seee here is Wande coal, now am starting to realise dat his claims to JJC dat he’s only Him and Don jazzy dat’re workin for d label..

  24. Seconded, giv the worst track on dis Album 2 d’banj it’ll become a national anthem..Abinibi yato si ability’..???? hatin but the only persn I seee here is Wande coal

  25. Yhu ryt bruv jst forever dats tyt d rest re crap nd dat annoying robotic voice dem we re nt watching power rangers and @ Ty do yhu need 10 minutes to undastand vector’s lyrics. This isn’t worth it nd dey beta pack a bigger punch nxt TeamDonbanj

  26. Not about wah people have to say or dj playlist,you don’t need forever to figure out good music,correct review…

  27. Dats BS, d album is nyc, it jst chngd d playlist 4 deejays in Nigeria, mehn d album is d bomb, give it tym n see wat pple av 2 say abt d album.

  28. Ds jamz aint tyt @ ol! Compared 2 the don jazzy we ol know…well thumbs up 2 wandecoal yu got a c in the course..atleast yu pasd..

  29. FULL SUPPORT !!! You are 100% right ..

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