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FRESH OUT ” Upcoming Rappers You Need to Know “

Posted by Tyler on October 21, 2013 in AUDIO, News · 2820 Comments


Some days ago we posted  ” The Future of Hip Hop in Nigeria (Upcoming Rappers You Need to Know)  “ and you the readers of tooxclusive felt the list was biased and was not well compiled , some artists were missing on the list and some shouldn’t have been mentioned.

We understand and respect the views of each and every visitor to your/our site ,and @ the same time our BLOGGERS are the BEST in what they do but its not possible to KNOW EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY,therefore we have decided to twist things a little bit by bringing in a new SEGMENT on TX we called ” FRESH OUT ” .

FRESH OUT is all about pushing the upcoming rapper more to our audience and bringing them even closers to the people that want and should know about them. 

3 steps 

1) Mention that upcoming rapper on the comment section ( 1 RAPPER per comment)  2 mentions wont be counted 

2)The rapper with the highest number of mentions gets featured on if not featured yet.

3) The rapper gets FULL ARTIST PROMOTION FOR A MONTH WORTH 6 FIGURES ( Banner on the site for a month + hype on Twitter and Facebook )

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  1. Deuce

  2. his name his Kibex he his one of Da bext in d midbelt……catch him on twiter wiv his handler @Kibex_

  3. Kheengz

  4. Kheengz

  5. Jo papi

  6. Jo papi

  7. “JO PAPI”

  8. JO PAPI

  9. Sammy Ray

  10. Boi Veela

  11. S-high

  12. Sammy Ray

  13. Lil p

  14. Vic o

  15. Rokky

  16. JO PAPI

  17. Kheengz

  18. jo papi…. With true lines integrated to make u feel alright… Nigga goin placez

  19. Anita

  20. He's a young rapper in nigeria music industry!diz young guy gat a lot to do!his new single *BADAMAN* will be out soo,check d guys out

  21. The Gidiboyz

  22. Kheengz

  23. Jo papi

  24. Drizzy_jose. Fflw@drizzy_josse

  25. jo papi… I see open doors for aachievements cuz dis brother is a talented professional artiste… So on point wit his lines i mistake him for a RULER

  26. Urban!!!

  27. That drizzy_jose niccur from 18.5ent. Fflw @drizzy_jose

  28. Jenny

  29. His name is jo papi

  30. dj sugah

  31. Lumi

  32. jo papi

  33. Tenzy

  34. Tenzy

  35. Tenzy

  36. kheengz…

  37. Tenzy

  38. Gidi Boiz

  39. Dope niggaz

  40. Lumi

  41. Jo Papi is the best upcoming rapper from Southern Nigeria. Two yrs from now I see him taking over the Nigerian Music industry.

  42. Femzy

  43. Djbuzz

  44. Shigh

  45. Drizzy_josse first, others follow. Feel him on this track

  46. Lumi he's a student of north america uni,the *Badman* crooner is the best for bizness #blive me

  47. Saudi boy

  48. dope artist we got theere

  49. AcePaulgiggs nigga dope lyk dat

  50. Lumi

  51. Lumi

  52. Jo papi……

  53. Lumi

  54. ACEPaul Giggs

  55. Lumi

  56. ACEPaul Giggs

  57. Emmanac20

  58. aDeBoLa

  59. Lumi

  60. Lumi

  61. Lumi

  62. ACEPaul Giggs

  63. @dutches3 is a good rapper too check him out

  64. ACEPaul Giggs ff. @ACEPaulGiggs

  65. ACEPaul Giggs

  66. Jo papi is one of the hottest and hardest working rappers from the south! The south

    should be well recognised and respected! His works speak for themselves!

  67. LUMI

  68. ACEPaul Giggs

  69. ACEPaul Giggs

  70. Lumi

  71. ACEPaul Giggs ff @ACEPaulGiggs

  72. Lumi

  73. LUMI

  74. T.Bone

  75. JO-PAPI …. @Jo_papi

  76. ACEPaulGiggs

  77. Lumi

  78. Serafina

  79. ACEPaulGiggs

  80. ACEPaulGiggs

  81. ACE paul giggs

  82. ACE paul giggs

  83. Kheengz

  84. Lumi

  85. Lumi

  86. Sammy_ray_

  87. acepaul.giggs

  88. God ll bless u

  89. Sammy Ray

  90. Sammy Ray

  91. Ace paul giggs ma cool nigga lv ya cool rappin sensation

  92. kheengz

  93. Charles

  94. The world of legendary RAP

  95. ACEPaul Giggs

  96. ACEPaul Giggs

  97. Yung zap. he is definatly going places damn he is a sick rapper based in the USA but a Nigerian. his recent song on …

  98. Jesus walk remix! For tooxlusive

  99. Acepaul giggs

  100. Niccur

  101. Ace paul giggs

  102. Ace paulgiggs

  103. Acepalgigs

  104. Madrush

  105. Ace paul giggs he is one of the hottest rapper i definitely know…only a track will convince you ? know…his work speaks for himself

  106. Ace paul giggs

  107. Acepaul giggs noni


  109. @Dammie_richie baddest rapper 4rm hnaub

  110. John

  111. Ace paul giggs lolese o

  112. Jo Papi

  113. Ace paul giggs

  114. Acepaul giggs;D

  115. Ace paul giggs

  116. Ace paul giggs

  117. Krazee lee

  118. ACEPaul Giggs

  119. One niqqa I believe on ACEPaul Giggs

  120. Z.I.Z rapper/producer

  121. Ace paul giggs

  122. Jagaz

  123. ACEPaul Giggs

  124. Some real dope human posing coke ACEPaul Giggs

  125. ProFingaZ iS d bomb….. GreaT lyricist

  126. Dexta

  127. "Kdel" my boy!!! Dis dude is Dope

  128. Dejatune

  129. Lil effizzy @LilEffizzy

  130. "Kdel" he's cool

  131. Deejay wise

  132. Profingaz

  133. Profingaz

  134. @dozeill

  135. ProFingaz

  136. Profingas# sinner_man

  137. Drizzy_josse fflw@drizzy_josse

  138. Profingas# sinner_man……:he is good to go

  139. Acepaulgiggs

  140. Naija Rap God z ACEPaul Giggs mehn dude rapped for 6mins in his latest song #IllestSpirit #Respect

  141. Khala… @Iamkhala …

  142. Profingaz is the man

  143. Give it up for the d dude dat paint d perfect picture of ma feelings in a rap song AcePaulGiggs #Paradise

  144. Amara

  145. Drizzy_josse from 18.5ent … Dope niccur shii

  146. PROFINGAZ #SINNER_MAN h is good to go

  147. Jo Papi

  148. Its ur man drizzy_jose fflw @drizzy_josse

  149. ACEPaul Giggs one of the finalist of cabasa beat battle competition

  150. Austin

  151. Profingaz# sinner_man

  152. ACEPaul Giggs

  153. Its drizzy_jose fflw @drizzy_josse

  154. ACEPaul Giggs goto Youtube and watch d video clip dat got him to jimmysjumpoff2013 cyphazone

  155. AcePaulGiggs no emcee is in his league BARclays

  156. Marques is surely d 1,

    He has been under rated for 2long


  158. Candy

  159. He is PROFINGAZ #SINNER_MAN: wow this guy is damn good!

  160. Drizzy_josse

  161. Drizzy_josse

  162. KHEENGZ

  163. AcePaulgiggs

  164. Real man of d year to me ACEPaulGiggs ff @ACEPaulGiggs baeby

  165. AcePaulgiggs

  166. 6ikMC…….. This guy is good and I mean it…. When he featured on the cover of OVERKILLING IT by Djinee and his two singles SHOW ME HOW TO LOVE and THE WAY YOU WHINE.

    You guys gaht tu check this out

  167. Kheengz

  168. Drizzy_josse ma guy

  169. Kheengz

  170. Jo Papi –> @Jo_Papi

  171. ACEpaulGiggs. The niqqa dat wee outshine yo best stars soon yh yh watch this space

  172. Big bubba bayne

  173. Trs

  174. MCSkill Tha Preacha

  175. Acepaulgiggs love his style

  176. Drizzy_josse

  177. AcEPaul Giggs #HipHop

  178. AcePaulgiggs

  179. Slash the sensei that guy bad

  180. @Jo_papi

  181. Ma main man drizzy_josse

  182. Divine

  183. Slash the sensei omo that guy sounds like jayz he's a very bad guy

  184. I Love ProFingaz

  185. marques

  186. Jo-papi


  188. @boozybooze

  189. @boozybooze

  190. Seun

  191. Jo Papi

  192. Slash the sensei

  193. Zaf1 be the future of 9ja rap…. Omo ajah.. All the way.

  194. Ish ur boi drizzy_josse

  195. Raydeo

  196. @RAYdEo_kl

  197. marques

  198. marques

  199. Profingas

  200. RAYDEO is mad making sense

  201. ACePaul Giggs

  202. RAYDEO (It's Your Boy Nau)

  203. Paybac.

  204. Drizzy josse on point

  205. Drizzy_josse

  206. Raydeo is the best in the game ryt now.

  207. Sv~Gold

  208. Triple

  209. Must be raydeo

  210. Anonymous

  211. ACEPAul Giggs

  212. DrIzzy_josse

  213. Phizzy

  214. Slash the sensei

  215. Slash the sensei

  216. Phizzy

  217. Phizzy

  218. Drizzy_josse ! Yh yh!

  219. Its ur Boi naw its RAYDEO

  220. Ace paul giggs

  221. Masques

  222. Masques

  223. Raydeo

  224. Honestly i would go for jaycee jay..the guy is the goodest guy ever alive no single yet buh watch out for him #lol

  225. Raydeo!!!

  226. Drizzy_josse is d man mehn!

  227. Raydeo

  228. Raydeo

  229. Ace paul giggs

  230. Jo papi

  231. Drizzy_josse

  232. Ama kip goin wif ma homie RAYDEO pray God kips him 4us all

  233. You going places bruv *Jo papi *

  234. @jo papi

  235. @jo papi

  236. ICEBLUE

  237. Raydeo

  238. Raydeo klif…..

  239. Slash the sensei

    i av neva bin wrong ma whole life, dis dude define BEST

  240. Acepaul Giggs

  241. RAYdEO

  242. Ace paul giggs

  243. It's drizzy_josse


  245. If anybody goes there, it should be @jo_papi #Igwe

  246. Acepaulgiggs

  247. Acepaulgiggs

  248. ACEPaul Giggs niggaz

  249. His name is Dzest dope fella from the south

  250. definately it must be raydeo

  251. I tink TX shud have known diz G by now ACEPAULGIGGS *crayyy ass moh4ker #salute

  252. kheengz


  254. Raydeo for sure

  255. kheengz

  256. Drizzy_josse

  257. ACEPAULGIGGS too hot for the underground

  258. Is no other person than PROFINGAZ #sinnerman# his the one killing it all with a good beat too!

  259. Drizzy_josse

  260. Drizzy_josse

  261. Raydeo

  262. Raydeo

  263. DannyJoe

  264. Ace paul Giggs

  265. Tiza

  266. nedu

  267. Mula Dope Dude From Abj

  268. IcekidThayor…..He's Simply dope

  269. ACEPAULGIGGs #dope niqqa

  270. IcekidThayor #dope

  271. Drizzy_josse 18.5ent shii

  272. Icekid Thayor

  273. Dzest

  274. Paschal50

  275. Ice dreamz is d man

  276. ACEPAULGIGGS if u tink say na beans…

  277. Let's get it ACE ma nigga ACEPAULGIGGS

  278. Icekid thayor

  279. Raydeo noni

  280. Raydeo is d best jare

  281. Am voting for ma nigga @RAYDEO_KL

  282. Na u and me know shud enta ACEPAULGIGGS into tx for good some muziq #okbye

  283. Profingaz is d best……i give it 2him

  284. marques Is sure 1 of the dopest that ive seen so far

  285. Dzest

  286. Dzest

  287. Tunde

  288. Sir_Cutest aka Raydeo

  289. marques is surely a beast on the MIC I surely go for him

  290. Drizzy_joSse

  291. AcePaulGiggs *coughs* #dope

  292. I like raydeo

  293. Big ups

  294. marques ma man, go hear oleku freestyle and testify

  295. All hail jo-papi

  296. Weno

  297. Ma boo of life ACEPAULGIGGs

  298. marques 4 sure

  299. A.D

  300. A.D

  301. Raydeo ma nigga

  302. Drizzy_josse ya'll

  303. It's should be that nigga A.D

  304. Jo papi

  305. Surely drizzy_josse

  306. Raydeo kills

  307. Yea, truly that nigga from jos

  308. Acepaulgiggs to me

  309. hotkidsylva

  310. Jo papi

  311. Raydeo……

  312. Elemxy @elemxyy

  313. marques jorh, God make u bigger

  314. Walahi I was thinking there's nobody worthy cos all dis names are just based on sentiment as most wanna help there friend(s) get to d top,, then I recall there's sumone worthy; A.D

  315. marques oleku free on point

  316. Drizzy_josse ma best

  317. Drizzy_josse be getting all girls loving

  318. All hail the young rap lord, A.D

  319. Chidi Ace Obi

  320. marques is definatly d best

  321. I think I'll go with A.d also

  322. Richiebay the dude is good

  323. He s da bomb

  324. marques!,marques!!,marques!!! allthe way

  325. Drizzy_josse for sure

  326. Drizzy_josse

  327. Drizzy_josse

  328. marques ma hommie is surely the dopest


  330. I vote raydeo….. Raydeo have voted o

  331. Kill 'em all ACEPaul Giggs ma nigga

  332. RAP GOD drizzy_josse

  333. Drizzy_josse RAP GOD

  334. POSLY TD (Pourin Out Sick LYrics Till Death

    Dope frosh !!!!!

  335. marques

  336. marques

  337. Raydeo baba venomous flow like a python d guy gud sha

  338. Toosleek

  339. Toosleek

  340. Drizzy_josse mo'fuckers u feel dis niccur

  341. Raydeo…. KL music boi

  342. Toosleek. .!!

    This guy should be given a chance. .. South south nigga… @Jo papi we hail u too

  343. marques

  344. Drizzy_josse nigerian drake

  345. ACEPaul Giggs #SongIdem version got ma attention mehn dude dope like dat

  346. ACEPaul Giggs yall berra respect his hustle

  347. Raydeo nigga is dope

  348. Yemi

  349. Raydeo is the next J cole lol I vote raydeo

  350. Psychobarz is d bomb

  351. Drizzy_josse omo aye

  352. AcepaulGiggs

  353. No doubt ACEPAULGIGGS

  354. Psychobarz.

  355. Ace paul giggs

  356. Ace paul giggs

  357. Drizzy_josse on this one o

  358. Acepaulgiggs

  359. Drizzy_josse is a wise choice I think. The niccur can twist between RnB and Rap just like drake. He's got some contemporary verses too.. Ya'll should vote him

  360. ACEpaulgiggs

  361. Acepaulgiggs u have ma back on this #salute

  362. Raydeo raydeo raydeo 🙂



  365. Drizzy_josse noni

  366. Drizzy_josse #gbam


  368. Toosleek

  369. Toosleek

  370. Toosleek

  371. ACEPaul giggs

  372. Kheengz

  373. Dljay

  374. Sir_cutest



  377. Boogie

  378. Kheengz

  379. Kheengz

  380. Kheengz

  381. Kheengz

  382. ACEPaul Giggs ma fast rising lyricist ff him @ACEPaulGiggs

  383. Profingaz

  384. Boogey 

  385. Talk hiphop talk ACEPAUlGIGGS

  386. Boogey 

  387. Yall don't think it…its PROFINGAZ#bad fella…dat nigga started 4rm d bottom now he here!…2 oda wanna be rappers respect!

  388. Boogey!!!!

  389. 2sleek oooo…. (Toosleek) check out his joint here… 9jamx – http:// 2sleek-good-good-

    nite …

  390. Lautech's phenomenom ACEPaul Giggs

  391. Boogey 

  392. Boogey all the way

  393. Boogey is ill

  394. Toosleek is the deal

  395. Drizzy_josse rated T.B "toh bahd"

  396. BOOGEY (check out damage contol by him)

  397. Drizzy_josse. Asssin Best still

  398. ACEPAULGIGGS others #koshi

  399. shinx kmg ….. that Nigga Good!

  400. Boogey my man jor BOOGEY!!!

  401. toosleek. . south south badoo

  402. JO PAPI

  403. ACEPaul Giggs his 20 tracks mixtape album #CRUSADE has been d best so far this year #Kosofo

  404. Toosleek is the man

  405. Drizzy_josse

  406. boogey 

  407. Drizzy_josse ni ooo

  408. Boogey 

  409. All hail Toosleek

  410. Engo blow

  411. i know dis dude is upcoming and very gud nezzy stunna1 , he is a tite rapper,mad lyrics and dope sounds and tune ,yall should check him..fresh out

  412. Ish your boy drizzzy_jossse

  413. Jo papi,real nigga

  414. Drizzy_josse the 18.5 wonder kid

  415. Toosleek

  416. Toosleek

  417. Icekid thayor ….Real Nigga 'Cover' Of Dagrin IF I DIE ** Madt Punchlines

  418. toosleek. . south south boy

  419. Raydeo omo oga bello

  420. Icekid thayor 'TheBoi Badt…He Just feature Chuka(NGT) On a Track #Iraperitin ..I'm not Gon talk 2much #CheckitOut Urself

  421. No doubt PSYCHOBARZ

  422. Drizzy_josse togbaaaski

  423. RAYDEO!!!…cnt shout abeg dah nigga is dope

  424. Psychobarz is da man

  425. Toosleek it is… 9jamx – http:// 2sleek-good-good-

    nite …

  426. Raydeo

  427. Raydeo

  428. Icekid Thayor Nonii…He deserves to be there

  429. I vote raydeo :*

  430. I vote ma baby raydeo

  431. Drizzy_josse Toh bahddddd

  432. Omo na Toosleek ooo

  433. I vote ma home boi raydeo

  434. This rapper is rated T.B "toh BahD" ….. Drizzy_josse

  435. Toosleek is the bomb! gbush!!!!!

  436. Toosleek sleeky is da bomb! Badooo @d game……Toosleek is d man pipo!!!

  437. Mr Mondy

  438. Toosleek my young rapper!

  439. Toosleek is daaaaaa bomb!!!!! Badoo @d game……Toosleeky is jst too hotttttttt!!! Wheeeew

  440. Drizzy_josse jor

  441. Anonymous

  442. John

  443. Drizzy_josse on this one o

  444. Check out baw whiz aka Mr star plane on his single "my all"

  445. Y'all need to listen to Morenike ft chuddy k…PSYCHOBARZ is d mainnnnne

  446. Drizzy_josse is da man

  447. Toosleek is good..

  448. "JO PAPI"

  449. play toosleek's singles u'll confess… Toosleek all the way!

  450. JO’PAPI

  451. Oge

  452. Check out Jo'papi's Igwe,Jo'papi is that nigga

  453. Toosleek and Jo papi are the hottest upcoming rappers frm southern naija! put em in pls!!!

  454. toosleek o

  455. Kelbaze

  456. toosleek shld be in dat list ok?

  457. blixxy d rapking- chase the money…

    check it out

  458. Toosleek Baba

  459. Toosleek my lil hommie

  460. @Psychobarz #respect

  461. Psychobarz #yes

  462. Psychobarz is the bomb

  463. PsychoBarz#yes

  464. Yaarrghar! Toosleek o.. if I hear?

  465. Daht ohafia boi Moseric

  466. Drizzy_josse

  467. Toosleek!!! murder dem

  468. Supreme OPID

  469. Di cacci is super dope

  470. Toosleeky sleeky. .

  471. Psychobarz!!!

  472. PSYCHObarz!!!!! #YES.

  473. Moseric

  474. Moseric

  475. Boogey 

  476. Boogey 

  477. PSYCHObarz! #yes!

  478. Moseric

  479. Michael Landers.That's The Best Rap Artiste Ooo

  480. Ohafia boi Moseric

  481. Moseric

  482. Pipi

  483. Profingaz< definitely dope… Sinner_Man

  484. Moseric

  485. Phizzy

  486. Moseric

  487. Toosleek good sha

  488. Psychobarz for ever

  489. Toosleek toosleek toosleek

  490. Ma big bro MoseriC!!!

  491. Psychobarz #yes

  492. Psychobarz #yes

  493. Psychobarz

  494. Ha nu si Ego abata go dey want to see m?????!!!! Moseric jor #Egom

  495. Toosleek Toosleek Toosleek shld get a signing. … not just airplay

  496. Moseric #hustle

  497. toosleek

  498. My man Moseric

  499. Toosleek# run d place

  500. Meyar

  501. Toosleek na im we want

  502. Psychobarz

  503. Toosleek or no one else!

  504. Moseric

  505. Moseric

  506. Pschobarz #1

  507. Moseric

  508. @Shinx_kmg capable of replacing drake. Nigga good

  509. Toosleek has to be in that list oooooooooooooooooo.

  510. Psychobarz has my vote any time any day

  511. Rhymesss

  512. ma boo Toosleek it is

  513. Psychobarz is the master


  515. Toosleek oo