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Kosere Master – “Designer L’omo

Posted by aL Yhusuff on September 18, 2015 in AUDIO, VIDEOS · 124 Comments


TDM Records presents another one of it’s gifted artists named Kosere Master. Formerly known as Antelope back then in Ajegunle.

This track was produced by ace producer Jaystuntz and the video was directed by MEX.

Watch and enjoy!

Kosere Master – “Designer L’omo

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  1. You too much

    • kosere master, to say the fact you too much.
      god bless your hustle all way from ajegunle to the industry.
      proudly A J city nigga

  2. Our Own Kosere…D Lord Z Ur Strenght….Ur Story Jez Start……Shake 9ja For Me Jor

    • Kosere master u be baba 4 A J city

  3. I. F. Y. O. U. N. E. E. D. A. S. U. G. A. R. M. U. M. M. Y. C. A. L. L. M. R. J. O. O. N. 0. 8. 1. 6. 2. 2. 1. 8. 3. 8. 4.

  4. God is ur strength G.the industry is urs

  5. Tdm records kwa…love this song

    • I like dis

  6. Antilope kosere frm d ghetto to d tdm Word u are blessd,nice music kull video


  7. Kosere master Baba God noni, d sky is our beginning Tdmrecords #Tbrecords. 2geda we fuck dem out……

    • Kosere we dy hail u 4 from aj 121 u 2 much jor

      • u 2 much


  9. 9ice video, cool music Ajegunjeran na ur way na……

  10. You too much God na him win KM Bigger you…From d full OJOLINA..

  11. Kosere God will continue to lift you up

  12. Tnk u all 4 ur comment promise 2 serve u weell tnk u all am grateful


    • kosere …work hard your success is near

    • Oboi Jah na ur bck bone!……Ikpara/Egbayelo love u!!!

    • To be a man is not a day job. Do not relax. All okeho boiz we are greating u,Golden guyz(ALASI),Diamond boyz(ANEPA)Golden sonz(AYIKI) and CARO 9060 Orosmall oko eji.

    • kosere master*** no one knw were u coming frm trought. But jaaah knw were u heading to.just keep it up and dnt doll inside d industry cause human being will not value wat dey have until dey loss it.OMO ORO give us more dis year 2016 bcause U ur self don talk am say kosere dey play wan o lay gbotan yarn them d throuth.*frm>> habeeb a*j town cryer

    • Kosere na 1 no another… mighty say so

    • taiye rorobi dy hail u



  15. Go on and move the industry

  16. Team Dirty Money sight u Youngest Alhaji, EjiMa, n Ceo (Tdm recordz)WhiTe King, big up u all, Antelope Mr Kosere, Wilmer Boiz dey see u all

  17. Team Dirty Money sight u Youngest Alhaji, EjiMa, n Ceo (Tdm recordz)WhiTe King, big up u all, Antelope Mr Kosere, Wilmer Boiz dey see u all

  18. Omo ajegunjerun u are bless oo nice song nice video. bravoB-)

  19. u 2 much joo,kosere world best 4rm ur boi elijah omotonso

  20. Kosere u 2much abeg(kilefemu)

    • Dj fash Dj webo Dj ratty Dj c3 Dj kpanke Dj b2 Dj konto Dj efe Dj lovely Dj snall body Dj shitu Dj Paul Dj kolo Dj jonhson say u too much abeg coutinue u go fllw wizkid olamide davido Dj fash gbogbo federal state say designer l’omo kosere ajegunjeran

  21. ur saga is goin to great man

  22. kosere kayeja master i se u on top d music industry go take ur no1 joh na u get am we dem boyz de fil u for inside adeyemi 1love kosere

  23. frm fola omolore chairman i sight u

  24. kosere ti gbe tun tun de o, ride on payan, u no go c yawa…

  25. kosere na u get muzic industry oo,god will continue 2 bless u.frm elijah omotonso

  26. u b number1 na u get am give us naw lamba oooooooo

  27. kosere u b no1 no candidate ajegunjeran frm Opeklassic Aj nigga alongside Dj webo nd Dj ratty nd Dj panke nd Dj fash current guys we sight u even agba sura dey greet u eshe sodeeq baba bolu say noyawa anuoluwa papa abigail say no tink m u go 4low dem wizkid n davido contest u go win m 4 deir hand na me OPE KLASSIC AJ NIGGA

    • Aj nigga no scores@my foreign arubah

  28. we sight @ current guys we re on top ajegunjeran carry us go

  29. Oya ajegunjeran current guys we sight u

  30. Kosere master. Fresh video… u too much i swear

  31. Kosere master boys for inside orile market de feel you,cos na small work plenty money! Carry on noting do u..

  32. Kosere u too much, this is jst d begining , march on payan. Observers eyes go blind. Majicent frm tolu.

  33. anonymous u no current guys na we dey rule Aj oooo Oyah add me 4 whatsapp 07088735157 u hear anonymous I lik no u na current chairman dey tlk

  34. kosere baba god go bless u boiz 4 igboro backyard d feel u na yele salubi yung pledgin dey talk.shekere esu lucky aye mama all of dem dey hail u

  35. kosere

  36. frm zero to hero#success must obey#ghetto star say so#tdm$@j ringo starboy#

  37. kosere go gba next rated award 4 headies nxt yr#@_j ringo#ghetto star$ kayeja crooner kosere devil no near GOD….

  38. I gbadun u Antilop mr kosere master, i hail u kose ni tole da e duro joor, frm ur strt boy Tunkarimu, bajinotu fun omo olohun

  39. We say go and succeed, bcos d sky is ur limit, and u r a shining star, ajegunjerun AJ owner… We d gissss we love u so much 4rm childhood

  40. Respect kosere aj 4 life, thank dtm record long life urs.

  41. Aj town creyer

  42. respet 2 you eja nla baba you 2 much na ur boy perempa

  43. kosere i promise u say i no go let aj music down baba i dey put you in prayers no fucking cuz dem must quete dem must knw man kosere kill dem all

  44. As u play the music is not funny kosera keep it up from 1 million boys

  45. Hmmmm,,,na so life b oo broda mi…all d way from abukuru igboro backyard,,,d pple dn dy hear u nw… U no go c yawa oo.. Buh life in ajegunle is fun sha

  46. Kosera no go kill us for AJ keep it up abeg o kosera no leave aj music o abeg o o o o

  47. antelop currently kosere master keep it up bro…ajegunle are there for u dem new scores

  48. kip it kosere no yawa awa wa ota jon

  49. KM ti gbede inside industry dem go no say «kosere»

  50. Kosere ezeagu boiz they fill you ajegujeran,jenavy baddo ajegule they greet you and all forigh boiz them,and 1kpar boy,and high level boiz self sight u god go continu to they help u oo,it me riliwan ile-nla

  51. Kosere….. We magbon masses love u die!!! Continue bro

  52. Oboi ur own na ur own y u no go garatan?,y u no go show….omo u don dey fire block block abeg!!!…we hear d scorce,we get manaman.Jah na ur bck bone.!. `°•.¸¸.•°` `°•.¸¸.•°` `°•.¸¸.•°“°“°•.¸¸.•°

  53. Baba u too much …I dey feel u like mad
    I rep 7up

  54. baba u 2 much god we blees u kill dem all kalakuta boys dey fell u insyd muyibi baba trop more track 4 us no kosere no music

  55. kosere master yeah Mr 121 I sight u kip it up u r going higher along side isikalu mission no1 candidate

  56. Kosere ur way na ur way, ma jeun lo, koseni tole da e duro.. All Decent Guyz, Okemorosun boiz, Olaolorun Boiz, Aseyori boiz lorita Watch Well, including all MAGBON masses dy feel yha.. Jah bless ur hustle

  57. Kosere ur way na ur way, ma jeun lo, koseni tole da e duro.. All Decent Guyz, Okemorosun boiz, Olaolorun Boiz, Aseyori boiz lorita Watch Well, including all MAGBON masses dy feel yha.. Jah bless ur hustle

  58. are u not in ajegunle again we love u antilop emiloju bolz in side orile igunmu love u

  59. y u peplu ha not tok abut power line dont u lov my bro legacy noni kosere i heeee u bro antelop bades

  60. pls some once shi give me power line number i love him nd rasles emiloju boiz in side adeyemi king of orile nd konami boiz in side eric moon love u kosere nd power line me hamed osha koko nd ibrahim bale emiloju love u

  61. Anytym wey I dey play your gbedu for here dem go just dey observe say who be dis artist, now sooro don mooh dem………antilope you no go get yawa…your number fans. Dey par dey go

  62. kosere na oooooo no dangred boys ooooo becouse u no as he dey go no play play God dey ur side ooooo 09098689333

  63. Oluwa gat ur back bro…..keep it real#km….modisneh…rough turn up..aj..4live

  64. People wey dey kill people dey kosere master u too much, na mumu oritse femi 4 be ur back born but he 4k up only him wan it every tin dat guy na big mumu

  65. Still ur boy DJ Sky Tee keep it up nice won,nice tracktrack

  66. Nice won baba keep it up may God help u nd me AMEN

  67. Ur Fans Dem 4 Mebamu Man Like Star~boy Atareture Papa Ijoba Ofon Stainles A Day Money Babanta We Syte U Kosere Master U Go Suceed God Dey Ur Back Designer Lomo Fyn Video All Ajegunjeran Boiz Dey Syte U Ooo

  68. I’am feel you kosere master na so just focus and believe God can do all things na D right and i need help for TDM record am coming up arts please contact me 08130625719 God bless you as you do that Yama hello sir

  69. Kosere baba i fel ur swag always .ur music always give me joy anytym.u wil nt lack any gud tinx in ur shibiri boy dey fell u me toheeb dyoung gsm doctor i dey fell u pa.

  70. Ajegunjeran.eyan dj jossy eyan powerline.sara to u god wil make u biger

  71. Antilop da kosere master


  73. Kosere keep it up God will bless u u are working into ur success.mariam iyawo mido snr player mr no 4cking dy grt u ooo god will bless u kosere

  74. God bless Ajegunle

  75. kosere master dis 2016 na ur year bull indurstry 4 me joo

  76. indiami u dey swallow

  77. Antilope non as kosere master dem ur kaitam man dy greet u no b so o na 1 blood we drink o no 4gt o.orita mosquitos boyx,shatiride boyx,napoli like capet.add me on whatapp at 09083368235.

  78. No 4k up o abeg follow me 4 whatapp on 09083368235.I dy der wen u bam no we go fit talk well no p.

    • Wow aye mi axe men……. Aye no de leek tom tom

  79. kosere master omo fwest if u chek mz fone na u plentz der

  80. kosere master you get liver. n mor mor blessing I DY gbadun or gbedu dj schemer say so and orita mosquito boiz DY hail u

  81. Aj white lion awon ti sinclier , Uzor abukuru boys dey hail

  82. Sodikeke 4m akatanpo dy hail u oooo

  83. Na me abig ipara

  84. respect to u kosere master…..may God
    continue to show u love……..from isikalu mission boiz , jungle boiz, and kingston boiz………..#oko baraka latex#

  85. aj people will always remember master kosere…….bcus he is a superstar …….from isikalu jungle guyz, mission boiz, and kingston men. #oko baraka latex

  86. i will never 4get kosere master……bcus he is once my helper@oko baraka latex#

  87. we all wish kosere master happy new month…..more blessing to u…..o Boi we dey wait for ur new track …..when u go release am na?…….from isikalu jungle guyz, daba boiz, and Kingston men #quadri marine+#baraka latex###

  88. kosere Master no yawa 4 ghetto……. if we check am u go balance am…….Abeeb gentle, Jonavi, Yusuf marine, tansho, we dey remember u

  89. omo iya mi …….ride on

  90. When i hear d banger king kong kosere we dy hail u ooo bicause u too much bck in d days in ajegunle.RED TERMINAL BOIZ



  91. thanks for ur support .. God bless all my fans @ A.j city….from k.m

  92. kosere keep on na ur wey all ur gbedu dy wyne aj city….jah go continue bless u more

  93. God bless you more and kosere bless me a bit

  94. kosere master u will be master forever and nobody stopping u just like 2face said ur doubting should not stop ur moving pls just keep on Itz ur boy m.jayz always from kogi state ha…….

  95. kosere master will dey feel you may god still promote to high level like den olamide ,no forget scores ooo

  96. I phor for u oooo antelop

  97. D antelope of sinclair dat yr z nw d kosere master of 2day,a new name indeed.

  98. I love u kosere nd power line

  99. Nice one

  100. Kosere master I bliv jor I de enjoy ur music jare my name is abiano all the way from ilaje my number is dis{08164228413}thank u

  101. Oga na 4rm Oyo I take dey yarn soon,base on sey me naw dey LAG,so na 4 A.j I take sabi u since wen u sing”kosere boiz”so me and “Sodiq Okro” dey 2geda na na since den I don know u as my own RUGGED musician na so…..buh anyhw e b kip it up BABA GOD go help u especially dis 2017 u’r Bless and I am bless.”AMEN”….ehn na so e bi make u grab am 2ele tuele… ur ORIGINAL FANs i b o 4get.ALLAH buh na OYO I dy

  102. kosere master sabi boy u too much

  103. Super star

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