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Phyno – “Ezege” (Prod. By Del B)

Posted by aL Yhusuff on January 26, 2016 in AUDIO · 114 Comments

Phyno (1)

Penthauze dishes out Phyno’s new record titled “Ezege” (Wickedest) which is produced by Del B.

This is the first song the rapper releases in 2016 after a ground breaking 2015.

Get your headsets and rock it below

DOWNLOAD Phyno – “Ezege” (Prod. By Del B)

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  1. Dats just “Phyno” you.. dropping it like it’s hot

  2. Nice one phyno

  3. Phyno I bu ezege ……nice tune

  4. Eze nnunu!!! Dis one na dope buh no be hit, waste of MB for me

  5. Phyno! Nice try! You just wanna divert attention from Zoro’s hit track “OGENE”… U don’t wanna give the guy a chance to shine cos you are scared of competition. But baba Zoro is a better rapper! This is his year. God don bless you and na so he go bless am! Too much hating in this Igbo nation mehn! Look at Olamide and Reminisce… BROTHERS. But u are doing everything to make sure u dnt collab or help zoro. U don’t even want him to shine with his own efforts. U first spoke of this EZEGE few days after u dropped Connect. Why did u choose ryt now of alll days to drop it? HATER. My people go and listen to a better but underrated Igbo rapper ZORO! Leave trash for LAWMA!

    • Oga micky shut the fuck up!!! U don’t know nothing

    • Dude, you’re a mofo, wtf do u mean by igbo hating, zoro and phyno are both good rappers and their is no competition between them, no rapper from the east can compare himself with Phyno and even Zoro knows that… Next time if u don’t know what to say please don’t comment… anuofia

      • Guy dat guy de tok bullshit

      • phyno IBU nna….I hail zoro buh him no pass yhu….do ezege remix with am

    • My guy you know nothing about music and for your information Reminisce never blew with the help of Olamide.Thank you.

    • Oga micky Guy u know nothing bout music nd u r fucked up…. Abeg no dey comment trash

    • Thunder ? fire ? ? nd the zoro of a human being

    • Oga micky or abi na oga monkey, na jealousy go kill u

    • Micky shut up

    • zoro is now the man now

      • xo phyno shld nt rap agn curz of xo cld zoro dat nobody knows

    • God punish u ur pa zoro e papa nd all ur generation ur fada go die for insulting phyno idiot

      • Phyno aint hating on no one and he aint stoping zoro’s shine abeg,just let phyno be cos hes just doing hes thing

    • Fuck u dis man weyy say Phyno nice, try. Him dn blow u cnt bring him down. Carry Go My Man of the Year!

    • Gud and nyc song

  6. nice one

  7. @phyno baba ur head dey dere nice tone!!!

  8. Rubbish….

  9. If u don’t like rap u won’t like this song at first listen, but I will grow on you trust me same as @Dija Take kiss, sooon, very very soon you all are gonna start liking the song

    • Well said

  10. Nice one bro.. I de your back

  11. na so Dem talk 4 connect say him no dey versatile like baddo

  12. Dud you hav kill it again eze nnunnu,this song gonna be. Bomb this year

  13. Phyno i luv ur song continue to make us happy in ur igbo rap.i personally wizsky luv u so much cotinue we dy by ur side no shaking

  14. phyno Don kill me o. phyno u be baba oooo

  15. Mopol saying phyno u are d really dude mehn!!! kip d light shining!!!

  16. Phyno don kill person. Nice one bro

  17. nice song nd beat

  18. EZEGE…..Executive…lol…Enugu and slangzzzzzzz!

  19. #Ezege #EzeNnunu #BabaIbo Nwanne idi tooooooomuch!!!

  20. Good job…keep the flag flying joorrr

  21. Good job…keep the flag flying joorrr

  22. This na hit oooo. Del b your head dey there.

    Follow me on Yarnnit com/andyblaze

  23. Try and make de video to be so hot

  24. Phyno you rock it.

  25. dope

  26. Bad…. Baddo…. Phyno WICKEDEST..

  27. Phyno phyno

  28. Bomb

  29. 9ice 1 Ezege. buy try improve 4 video though it’s not easy..keep it up ma man…

  30. Phyno carry go

  31. Will always lov u phyno.m not done with Connect,u carry Ezege enter. Dalu papa

  32. This phyno guy get flows for mouth and him dey spit them out always,Ezege now on repeat,Phyno u 10much,dude gat lots of igbo slangs ooooo

  33. Phyno phyno phyno what else can I say? This guy is the best.

  34. Watch Asai by phyno. The video is dope…….Ezege too hot

  35. good one

  36. phyno bro carry on

  37. phyno we need hot tune pls zoro is back

  38. I swear Phyno u r d real shit

  39. Wickediest ..kip it up phyno,nice tune

  40. Wel, u tried

  41. phyno fino ur head dey there u jus open dis year for fans wit ur new hit track #EZEGE# but no 4 get ZORO @aminutenwa

  42. Ova dope dey worry dis song… Phyno ibu eze @iam MR_Successful and i believe in destiny

  43. Phyno nice one …..but Igbo hating still in Igbo music u are a blessed rapper but Zoro wan Brow why not give him chance ….pls Phyno Phyno Phyno give Zoro the space I know wen u drop song it reign but stop the hating.

  44. Nice one bro

  45. The ppl that is saying zoro dis zoro that…….have u 4gotn that phyno is the same person that posts the guys songs on his instagram page to help promote it, have u guys 4goten that phyno signed a new rapper @quincy042, who is even better than zoro, don’t u guys knw that zoro nd phyno ar both on sputnet records…..

  46. You can’t compare zoro 2 phyno………phyno is too big 2 be compared with the guy………….but you can compare zoro with Quincy….they ar both on the same level…..go nd listen to Quincy nd I promise u that u will 4gt abt zoro.

  47. Phyno i hail you good job bro kip it up….d whole south east loves you

  48. Well I see no rubbing off shoulders here! Phyno is good.. Zoro is good too! Both of them reppin us wella! OGENE is dope! EZEGE is dope! No copycat! They only coincidentally did kinda same thing differently same time!

  49. phyno hit it bcuz Zoro is not happy… EZEGE

  50. Ibu eze nnunu muwa buru nwa eze nnunu

  51. Good one my brother from a different mother.. Tanx to all those that tried to let some fools kW that we Igbos don’t hate, both Phyno n Zoro are our own. So its an honour that both Ezege and Ogene are talk of the town…

  52. @micky bu afam, I feel you my guy!We all shd admit that Mr zoro is the real deal.phyno is scared of competition and scared of him,that guy is a rare talent and phyno should have signed him instead of trying to struggle,eze nnu nnu has made it so why the fuck is he hating?

  53. But man pass man.

  54. dope song phyno fino u are the best

  55. Lmao! @ogamicky, niqqa u hate phyno die o!

  56. U guy’s should stop hating it is nOtin u can’t compare PhynFinO with the zoro u all are talking about i dOn’t even know nd I don’t wanna know him

  57. Tho that Oga micky is not the real one, Y’all should chill and see the point ‘D fake Oga micky’ is making… For the person who commented that Oga micky knows nothing about music, I’m just laughing at ur poor life, just go and Google Oga micky and apologise later.

  58. But BosaLin is the baddest of them all

  59. baba you kill us with this jam.#ezege

  60. I’m the one that wrote that stuff about phyno and zoro. Oga micky is a rapper. My friend on Facebook. I just saw a post by him laying curses on my family for using his name. Lol. I had to trace this post back to help him clarify and to apologize. I didn’t know he’ll see it and get angry. I just typed his intro absent mindedly. I also did the same on Zoro’s Ogene sef and many other recent songs. No harm intended. Micky should know he is a popular figure and he has fans. Things like this should not bother him. Well I’m deeply sorry…. But I still believe Phyno and Zoro have lowkey beef! Leave trash for LAWMA!

    • Netscor. Fools Sampson Is a Fool. Both you.. As if I Bribed you to support Me

  61. @ogamikey or whaaeva u call yourself, Dude wise up!! Stop acting like a kid on social plattforms like this.

  62. fyno nwa

  63. Baba obago nyc 1…i feel am die..then as 4 dat poverty striken fowl oga mickey nd dar hungry ifyyy…iz somtin wrong wit d both of u sure u guyz re ok..look @ diz 2 silly pple sha…b lyk una dumb sha…well i hope God saves u from d grasp stupidity has on u b4 its too late…bé well ooo umu idiot dem…

  64. onyema Clinton, so it’s you… don’t worry Ur fvck up will be treated, so u re so jobless to be using people’s sobriquet to beef others. I saw D nonsense u were typing on Oga micky’s post on Facebook.. Don’t worry u go collect soon

  65. Abum eze nnunnu bia buru my pigeon hole. Adiro ama aka

  66. i greet everybdy here

  67. Chibuzo aka phyno.may d GOD be wit u

  68. OY1DOMA

  69. Phyno ah wnt u to sing “GBADARU” 4 me

  70. #phyno#phino#Ezege nice one .buh y would somebody say dat phyno is not giving zoro a chance my dear earlier this year phyno interviewed he said he releasing his first two single and album by April so don’t say phyno is stop zoro if d truth need to be said zoro is copying him but all the same tuale to #Zoro#ogene.

  71. Phyno fino u are the best among others,,,,,, U ARE ONYE NKUZI NDE NKUZI ALOBAM I LUV U SO MUCH

  72. seriously 4 my money I think dats a dope song just dat sarz would have made the beat 12+ and not 12-. and also going by with Drake part it’s amazing

  73. wot will I say bout dix is dat the producer would have made it 12+ rather dan 12- cus it was kinda sounding so treble

  74. phyno no d dissappoint.. Delivers wit Alacrity.. make way!!!!!

  75. blowing my mind all d time wit ezege


  77. EZEGE…. hottest nice one phyno fino

  78. Adim Badt

  79. Adim BaDdar.
    Even phyno cant prize me. Nothin Concerns Rihana with Nkoli. I Cary my Bad. Jehova na my Witness

  80. Carpenter more Beta dan trash Ezege

  81. am oeo of africa,i rap like phyno,if u dout me download my song titled g-stars-dalu.mp3 and confirm
    In otherwords,phyno baba u are my mento,ride on nothing do u ‘ezege’!

  82. am oeo of africa,i rap like phyno,if u dout me download my song titled g-stars-dalu.mp3 and confirm
    In otherwords,phyno baba u are my mento,ride on nothing do u ‘ezege’!

  83. phyno nwa mama, i dey feel you man manchi, kuru gawa nawanne.

  84. phyno well don….biggest fan

  85. Give me your number mk I Tanana u

  86. Even as I na the understand Igbo Phyno You tooooomuch keep it up bro

  87. phyno d best rapper so far

  88. phyno…..its dope nd hot mehn…nice one.

  89. BOOM!

  90. phyno fino baddest guy ever liveth

  91. Make Una leave am joor

  92. phyno make u help zoro pls u shold be like olamide and lil kesh

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