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Rudeboy (Paul Okoye) – Nkenji Keke

Posted by Marcus Brown on November 16, 2017 in AUDIO, HOT!! · 171 Comments

Rudeboy (Paul Okoye) – Nkenji Keke. Paul Okoye of the defunct boy band, P-Square begins his solo career with this new record titled Nkenji Keke.

This love song is certainly amazing.

Enjoy below

Rudeboy (Paul Okoye) – Nkenji Keke

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  1. Lovely tune…. On repeat

    • U re gud but pls I love seeing u and ur brother pls go back pls for ur late mother sack

  2. Finally ?

  3. King Rudy….. I dey feel yhu

  4. The song is good
    But done compare this with peter solo

    • who be this one?

      • Nah this guy be Psquare let’s be sincere

    • Good godfather no time to check time kosere. Them go wound oh… Thank God say baba God no be man.. Shame on them wa think say we can’t do it without them

    • as in eh! no be small, who be dis 1?

  5. Real recognise too bad

  6. Chai… Am feeling the vibe from the other side.

  7. now we know who is the real psquare

    • With this mumu song

      • You must come from MUMU planet

        • Better mumu Planet

  8. Nice jam beta dan ur bro

  9. Nice 1

  10. This guy is nice he’s good like he’s brother too an he has a different tune from Peter nice

  11. Nice jam , cool it down sef sweet ooo both are good jare

    • you make sense bro. nice talk

  12. Badest king Rudyyy…

  13. I was seriously waiting for this…. After Peter Don over hype cool it down and his upcoming single, baba just drop this to tell us say Na em be king ruddy

    • Is this as marketable as cool it down? Una no even know music

  14. now I know who was the source and key to the success of psquare songs…the voice I heard here was no different from the combination of everything in #psquare ….he was the one really doing the singing.same lovely voice and pattern I heard in the song titled “Onyinye” beautiful song. #onyeegwu

  15. What a jam ! I Dey feel U abeg

  16. Rude boy Is the real Psquare, same sounds… dope track!

  17. Peter cool it down is better

  18. Still using pspuare beat.. Don’t compare this with Peter solo

    • Still using “Psquare” beat? Then who’s Psquare? You already know the answer

      • No b lie ooooooo to b cool it down.. .. .. Make more brain ooooooo d beat d dance step d video

        • Which dances step? can u dance to that cool it down song in clubs or party? wen u have the answer u reply me.

          • Lol don’t mind him

    • Yeah still using psquare beat… But i like the song..

      • I so much luv the song. rudeboy u kill the song wooow amazing. nice one Paul….

  19. Nice but still using pspuare beat…peter solo better than this

    • He can use same beat cuz he is the real psquare

      • Lol dem get fake one!!! !!!My guy Peter cool it down tyt pass joooor

        • Igbotic song!!!cool it down way better!!!

    • When as for Rudy boy is the best ok,and we all knw that,they are just starting ok very soon we shall know who is who,and dnt forget na mumu dey first go school, forget Rudyboy dnt main them carry on,but e pain ooo,say una no dey together again

      • u guy Shud encourage them to come bk n compare them………they are both good but beta together

      • u guy Shud encourage them to come bk nt compare them………they are both good but beta together

        • The song is good, Peter own too is good but but are not better enough because together they can be achieve what what they want but hearing at their music non of them posses complete attribute of what will called psquare….. So sad

  20. his d best

  21. Please give us the second one.. The songs re dope mehn

  22. Please give us the second one.. The songs are dope mehn

  23. Finally psquare is back…

  24. Nice

  25. this is absolutely rubbish song. keep hustling . the beat and tempo is super basic

  26. Are you flavor or rudeboy psqure!!!

  27. Honestly Paul you are the psqure my brother you really Nell it.

  28. That voice alone is enough. Nice song

  29. Dope song rude bwoy

  30. Paul your voice is good, but you just proved you are musically incomplete without Mr. P. My Advice: Make up with your brother, he is the vibes, he is the pillar, he is the strength. You certainly can’t do this without him

  31. shey na Igbo people him dey sing for. u beta go beg Ur brother.

    • Since Paul is singing for the Igbos let Peter sing for the yorubas, we gladly dash u. Make una carry him full baggage

  32. Correct bro…???

  33. Nice but I think Peter’s debut is kinda better than his… #myopinion

    • you got ears but you dont make good use of them….

    • My brother u r rite Peter cool It down… .. . Beat dis song joooor pple can judge with sentiment ehnnnnn

  34. I like this …see solo voice

  35. Where is the second track #Fire_fire

  36. God see voice

  37. Too good to be true

  38. Nice one bro. Incredible thing has happened. but, nothing spoil.

  39. Nice one bro. Incredible thing has happened. but, nothing spoil.

  40. go join ur broda jor

  41. Truly u r d psquear…….

  42. Nice one brother

  43. Sorry bro you just score 30/100,

  44. 9ice one but cool it down ? is still my best song of the mber month

  45. Ur de best bro,nw I can see de difference between six nd half dozen,I kwn u will make me proud

  46. Brother Paul okoye aka rude boy you are gud to go, I luv ur music ur voice and ur confidence keep moving.

  47. splendid man….jus like wow!

  48. Lovely Tune.. Keep it up bro..

  49. really wack…..
    peter beta dan u
    regreat downloading dis wack trash

    • U knw sometin joooor leave those pple wey dey Jones

    • Guy I put it 2 u dat u have been playing d song since u downloaded it.

    • If you no like the song abeg delete am sharpearly. As for me and my house hold we go dey download Peter and Paul songs.songs.Ndi Jealousy.

  50. That z my man. oh my god
    so wonderful

  51. Oga dis jam no tyt reach d psquare wey I kn be4 jare…cool it down by peter is a far much better and dope…I miss psquare jare

    • Ur head dey Dia.. .. .. Dis song no reach joooor cool it down d bomb

  52. sweet songs i love this But seriously peters cool it down is still the real a good fan of psquare and I would love to see you both come back as Rudy nd mr p… one like you guys .nkeji keke to cool it down for my head fire fire

  53. Making sense

  54. Nice one but no matter what blood remain thesame

  55. Nice one but no matter what blood remain thesame

  56. chhhhhhhhhaaaaaaai! Paul u haff killed it biko…this song scara ma head

  57. 9ic 1 Mr rudeboy

  58. The originality!! You are simply awesome. No need for comparison!! We all see now.

  59. The originality!! You are simply awesome! No need for comparison, we all can see now.

  60. Nice song buh I feel cool down Paul own pass cos d dance step ND every… .. . No grudges people

  61. Nice solo….. Great song…… Buh I still feel cool down by peter pass cos of d dance step ND solo….. No grudges pple…. My opinion……. , 1love ifycent

  62. Paul is good. Peter is good. Just that Paul never let Psquare promote the vocal acrobatics of Peter. All the best, guys.

  63. The best one ever

  64. he’s d voice I agree
    I love his and that of his bro

    but d fact is if u pay attention you’d notice d song I very lite
    Peter’s Back up is missing . .
    Peter’s got d background voice that makes d song thick
    they both need each other . . .

  65. They would have done better together
    I wish them back together…
    Lots of love

  66. Why una mumu they judge with sentiment that cool it down look like song from and upcoming artists even you me fans means say you go collect rubbish they are both blood but let’s be sincere Paul is the king peter they sing like upcoming if you be artist you go agree and if he sabi sing how many future he done get compare to him brother Paul is the bomb

  67. Simply awesome, no fuss

  68. Without the video can u listen to cool it down tell una selves the truth

  69. Nice one

  70. This is classy, very original. The song can pass test of time, unlike the usher copied style of his brother.

  71. Oh very rich lyrically, very african, not the school boy “cool it down”. A mature song from a mature mind.

  72. Paul after all the mouth u make see wetin u dey sing like small pikin…cool it down is doped and better Abeg.
    Peter for life…just so u know dat psquare become popular today Because of their dance moves those days which was all credited to Peter…

  73. The differences is clear. This is cool music, very soft and appealing, it cuts across all ages. Nice one for those, who can scrutinise music.

  74. My igbo people, would surely like this. Thanks he added few English. Very creative and original. Good music no doubt. Far too good to compare. I can see the hand of jude in this one, that instinct, lacking in “cool it down”

  75. Music is not about lousiness, music must touch heart and soul. This is a great work.

  76. This is the tone, the Psquare tone. Now we know who Psquare was

  77. I underestimated you, believing you and jude were the faulty ones. You have rudily shocked me with this excellent solo. This is a good peace of music. Very Nigerian.

  78. You no be copy copy for sure. You are the real p square. Good music

  79. Without seeing the video, I have given you 99.9%

  80. Cool it down was aided by its video, not appealing on ear because of its elementary lyrics, but this is simply awesome. Good work Rude boyy

  81. All i know is not eazy paul keep it on an going forward ma boos

  82. The truth remains that he is d real G bt go nd make peace with ur bro cos ur blood is ur blood

  83. Bad jam
    Cool it down becos Nkenji keke.

    Both flows on dsame ground

  84. Rudeboy, you really done a great job in this jam, I really love this jam mehn so keep it up Rudeboy. no one gonna take your position

  85. Wow brother u re de real Psquare well don

  86. keep rocking Mr p

  87. Oh my God!!! Meaningful song. God bless you paul. You sing effortlesly, thank God for the natural endowment.

  88. You sing naturally, very obvious you are not trying to impress anyone. You are the real p square.

  89. Very talented young man. Nice drop. Please settle with your brother

  90. Dis na real song, not america copy copy. Keep it up Paul

  91. I have always argue,that you are the brain box. Very obvious now, nonetheless Peter is your man, in respective, please come back

  92. Peter is better

  93. Nkenji keke!! What a drop!! God bless you Paul

  94. ????????You are my everything, nkenji keke nkenji keke ???????????. This is real and ever green.

  95. Wow nice song, do appealing to the ear, love it. You are the king.

  96. Nice song, God bless for this great piece

  97. Nothing like p-square

  98. The voice behind psquare, typically psquare tone

  99. my brother your fire can never be quenched, show the world that you are a man of your own without any helping hand from any body, biko ebezina nah ozugo

  100. Oga rude boy carry go!!!!………..

  101. I ve always love psquare
    And this song is not different

  102. Dis is d best, but is good u agg

  103. Dis is d best, but is good u guys come back and work together

  104. nice one bro, God bless ur talent

  105. I swear Paul you dey sing

  106. I swear Paul you dey sing

  107. Rudyboy is the best ok,and we all know that,they are just starting ok by of next track and abum then we shall know who is who,but please you need to get good upcoming artist in you record leb just like don jass dat makes you real king,I love you so much,carry on dnt main mumu people

  108. You both are good, but I think the best is you two coming back as one cause you both are really disappointing your fan. You guys can do better than this,,, gud luk

  109. This kereke ji ke sugar by fejaydave and preachaz son now. Nigga jacked the song

  110. I know from the beginning,that you are the “P” in that square

  111. this guy is too local…. you better go get your light Petter is your light this song can not even compite for any international award

  112. A good song no doubt

  113. Nice one Paul

  114. Love this……….king rudy sings while mr p dances….please make peace and sing all the tracks you drop now together and see awards

  115. lovely song…… but 1 thing is sure Paul is the leading vocalist in p square just like 2face and his group then….. Paul is still keeping pquare in the haart of the fans. while Peter is decide to go outside the box …where u don’t need a good voice before u can make music… listen to current songs we hv now. if and fia by Davido, rundown and some other guys… both of them hv chosen a different way to express themselves through music….. my advice for both of them is, remember u came from 1 womb d same time, that is what make u guys special….. let go of whatever that might have happen…love u guys so much….. @rudeboy and Mr p###:

  116. Nice one

  117. There’s no Point without Square. You guys need to be back. .. the spirit isn’t there.. I can feel it.. unity unite united. Bless up chale

  118. He truly stole the chorus.

  119. This is the real P-Square

  120. This song is amazing. Been on repeat since I downloaded

  121. Omo d song good….but with both d song will hit fire……please we need psquare not rudboy or Mr p…..together u stand

  122. Truth b told, this is music for the soul.
    Girls wea due marry did period don get wedding song to use.
    Content on point
    Message on point
    Beat on point
    Gud music indeed.

  123. King Rudy is the game he will go platinum

  124. Pls king rude I Ned d remix of dis particular song & pls feature flavour in it……it will definetly mk headline

  125. Cool it down is better

  126. U r super

  127. This isn’t dope at all pls. Mediocrity

  128. well am surprised because then they said that peter is only a dancer not a singer but now I confirmed peter as a super in psquare . one he used the current pattern of music that is reigning now with matured flow. Dj superior

  129. if you get money Dey make you craz,why Una dey fight for again, you guys have many things in fact all need, waiting be song’s?we tell Una say we no longer interested in your music song again? make una just stop giving me bad day in music abeg,I want you guys together again soon please

  130. Rudeboy you are the king of p square…

  131. chai! Oga abeg come carry me

  132. no one can testify

  133. Good guy, you are amazing. You can play a different style with the same p square pattern.

  134. stolen song mtchewww

  135. Rudeboy

  136. mtmq tmpwjtzqojajux

  137. Dope song

  138. I need psquare back una be best in naija

  139. Blast bro

  140. This is very fantastic,as his fun i just wish him well in his everyday undertakings.He has done it and i wish him well.

    May the good lord help me and shower him with more potential and skills.

  141. hahaha, Isaaki dem steal your sugar son oooo

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