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Vic O – “Panda” (Falz Diss)

Posted by TX STAFF on April 29, 2016 in AUDIO · 133 Comments


Vic O promised Falz a diss track and he has delivered in grand style! The self proclaimed “The King of Rap” serves up a diss track as he jumps on Desiigner’s smash “Panda”, and firing multiple shots at the Bahd Guy Falz.

Would the AMVCA award-winning rapper respond? We cannot say but the Vic O cut is getting the internet buzzing!

Must Listen!

Vic O – “Panda” (Falz Diss) 

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  1. Vic o is a definition of being useless…tears mehn…

  2. Guy go and look for work you flop abeg lollll #jarga say so

  3. may God punish u and ur generation,#vic.o… for dis this shit junk u make me waste my mb on,,,,stupid oloriburuku boi,with ur igbo lipz…omo ale

    • U re the useless person here bro.. When u see the name VIC O why did u go ahead to download? Abeg shift with ur 100MB sub jare

  4. this guy na fool. big fool! !!

  5. the diss no make sense abeg, make we talk truth

  6. this guy Vic O is just a clown

  7. microphone na ur first born???

  8. He needz combatrin ???

  9. guy,u b big fool

  10. u don baff?

  11. Wow thanks guys
    I’m not going to waste my date on nonsense

    • Wise one

  12. First it was Hello cover it murdered u..
    Now it’s ? Panda cover.. U’re so damn finished lol.. 1 love tho.. can’t wait for ur next miss, oh sorry, I mean hit.. lol..

  13. Lwkmd.
    But how diz guy take famous??

  14. Sorry vic o. I think you got to try another talent. #childishRap

  15. Someone should advice Vic O to stop music nau and Tooxclusive i guess this guy pays lots of money for his song to be here cause it baffles me how such song gets to your site and yall be neglecting good music sent to be here from your mailbox.. Not fair

  16. Chaiiiiiiiiii… This vic 0 is a stupid thing.. I fit rap pass am sefff still yet he calls himself king of rapper. Slave of rapper

  17. Oshe baddest…. Vic O go marry jarey… You don blow finish

  18. Lol. Dis fool just they mumu him say here vic o you finish primary self your girl know how to make eba see your dry and ugly lines like your ugly face go find work do

  19. This guy is a flop na so he beff pgyno that time

  20. I nor jst blame dis yeye cow, i jst wasted my mb on dis sh##t head. Go dey do legbuke mumu

  21. This is really poor, m ashamed of him

  22. Guy See Stop Wasting Money On Shit..
    Just Gimme The Money So I Can Pursue My Music Career

  23. vic o u want do like gravity? tink twice it didn’t favour him,u better find something doing

  24. Lol…thiz vic oo jst dy mke laff.

  25. Take it take it take it……..shot!!!!!! FoooooooooooL

  26. this guy should be a bus conductor. and to think that the idiot is so proud of his mumu talent.. #falz will bury your already dead carrier

  27. Who d hell is this.

  28. i swear i pass diz mumu vic o rap diz shit is trashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh him drink omo water bfr him sing diz sung falz pass diz idiot rap nah

  29. erigga end of panda cover is the best folow by ola dips den ycee folow by diz idiot wey se him b king of rap who dash monkey banana

  30. Wow.. Vic O the king of Rap you killed Panda… Haters are to blind to noticed that you are the king of Rap.. Big Ups Bro.. U are a blessing to our Music Industry.. You re our Rap Savior.. Nice track.. no regret downloading this best ever beef track

    • Wetib you smoke?????

    • Mehn weed dey flow your viens…ah swear idiot

    • It obvious u are one of the motherfuckers encouraging gabage….

  31. I’m officially a fan!!!…………..Haters gonna hate, buh trust me this is entertainment 100%!!!

  32. Dem knack dis guy jazz? See in flow sef. Like say in dey read incorrect english from paper. Olodo

  33. What’s this guy trying to sing

  34. dis nigga nono say na him self wey in dey diss for here

  35. Lol

  36. The best Panda cover ever…

  37. Vic o the best rapper alive…

  38. lmao!!!!! Vic O you too much johhhhhrrrr!!!! forget OBO na you be the baddest

  39. So vic.o go bite person first before ona know e don dey crase…loool dis is d rap song of d year ur mum will be proud of you

  40. What kinda fuckery z this

  41. Vic o abeg quit music 4 good

  42. vic o, quit music and start selling bread, who knows, ty Bello might notice u

  43. Damn fools Vic o and tooxlucive agents rubbish!!!

  44. nna hehn this guy na oloriburuku oooo this music sound like music wey them produce for Mozambique forest.
    abeg falz na bother reply this Fulani herdsman him o.t too low

  45. Vic goat… U b dog… Go dey pack trash.. Monkey pikin

  46. Vic o u wack die!!!go look 4 sumfin 2 do b4 it 2 late o!!!! C hu dey claim king of rap,chai !! U no kne hu 2 diss self na falz!!!ur carrier don end bro,no b cause buh na fact!!!go learn handwork!!!

  47. I knw even knw who carry king ov rap dash u… U way suppose dey we’re dem dey sale fish.. Way u kip head lyk wetin dem dey use pack ?alz ?s ?r grand pa..

  48. U don baff??? Who u help??!!!! Mumu kowai

  49. Hahaahaahahahahaahahahhah, Vic O king of comedy. lol. Some people be here blabbing. How many songs on tooxclusive gets 50 comments in two days. Lol. Vic O fire on.

    I can’t stop laughing. He has cooked hot food and beat for us and we are flexing the food. Lol

  50. This is not MUSIC

  51. I heard dis guy sayin dis is nt a beef track………………………………. Am laffin out hard cos dis is a basketmouth in d makin, dis guy is just 2 funny…………. Vic o shud incase u wnt 2 learn ow 2 rap I got a dog dat dose berra dan dat so cum over my bingo’s gon teach u…..

  52. I heard dis guy sayin dis is nt a beef track………………………………. Am laffin out hard cos dis is a basketmouth in d makin, dis guy is just 2 funny…………. Vic o shud incase u wnt 2 learn ow 2 rap I got a dog dat dose berra dan dat so cum over my bingo’s gon teach u…..

  53. Dis quy na BIG disgrace 2 naija music industry na who be d idiot!!! wey allow am sing d nonsense 4 studio kon still post am thunder fire dem all including xclusive agents

  54. Vic o…u supose go work for bet9ja..u are a waste

  55. This guy is shit!!!!!!…mtchew

  56. Omg dis guys a grandmotherfucker .he sucks. He is calling himself king of rap. Na God go kill u

  57. This idiot Vic O be sounding like a primary school student trying to read Shakespeare’s works….brother u are a fool… A very big one.abeg make Mr Falz no reply am…this vic o na idiot i swear

  58. This is bullshit fucking disappointed

  59. What the fuck is this Vic O
    If you wonna get fame just come and have it
    No by dissing some you are not fight
    Next time you try this rubbish (we go carry you go studio flog your yansh)

  60. vic o u need to change that thing u call king of rap, and call urself king of rhymeless music. Idiot, go baf jareeee

  61. From d beginning to the end of this song my roommates and I were just ROTFL an Laughing our asses out

  62. If I heard this song b4 hearing d originally Panda song I would never had downloaded it. I still dey comot cap for FALZ THE BAD GUY he heez d proud and shoy of naijerians evelywhere

  63. All u guys are awesome.. Vic o is our 9ja kingof rap
    .. I blame tooxclusive.

  64. Haaa! Dis guy don baff? Vic O abi Vic X.. Oboy go find work oh nd make sumfin outta ya sick life.. You’re dissinq Falz! Dis one nah song abi poem? Oh yuh do Adele’s Hello cover join..#make I clap for you first! Nursey rhymes far better pass dah ish.. #goNdwashPlate my friend! #lol

  65. Who u be. U no get career in music

  66. Just wasted my mob downloading this trash

  67. Omo ale ni generation e bastard fool

  68. Pls bloggers make una stop to dey post this wack artise song now abeg. We have good rising stars dat are longing for their songs to be posted pls help those ones . Not dis idiot they call vic o. No matter the money he pays for his songs to be blogged ,dont listen to him give ur self a standard .

  69. Godforbid he needs deliverance the diss track na trash ah think falz should jus relax cuz vic o s diss track also ah reply to himself

  70. Pls bloggers make una stop to dey post this
    wack artise song now abeg. We have good
    rising stars dat are longing for their songs
    to be posted pls help those ones . Not dis
    idiot they call vic o. No matter the money he
    pays for his songs to be blogged ,dont listen to him give ur self a standard ….lmao vic o gerrarahia meeehnn upcoming beta pass u

  71. Dis guy is just too dull big time fool

  72. Upon ur many talk u still dey hungry ? e go hard fr u to collect banana frm monkey
    ? go slp Vic o

  73. God of Israel.. ..

    I Don laugh fall off my bed….

    Vic o… . GOD BLESS your generation… Lwkmd

  74. Why did I even download this song????

    Am so disappointed, this track is one of the worse panda I’ve ever listened to.

  75. am sorry to say bt i find it very difficult to dab to ur panda cover all i did was crack my ribs……

  76. Life don tire this one Gan he go soon mad. Perhaps he has already started

  77. chaii,ive never heard a rap song so dumb n lame ,but lets be sincere tho panda vic o jokes apart u no sabi rap and in d words of my mentor abeg “stand well well”

  78. This guy call vic O sucks bad you ought to be in the hold up selling bottle water

  79. Hahahaha… Vic o no go kill person with this him comedy skit him call track… U funny die

  80. d guy just disgrace him self

  81. Lol mtcheeeew vic o God will punish u fr mk m waste ma mb on dx shit, u ar jx wastin ya tym on music, u hv no talent 1 beat

  82. Dem suppose arrest dis useless Vic o,,,,he jus alow me waste my time nd MB tey download dis rubbish

  83. Thanks Bro. God Bless Your Hustle……

  84. Wacky Victor….:……
    You are Useless.

    See de kind Flows u dey Drop..

    Wacky Rapper

    E be like Were Kingdom Kids dey do Reheaserl

  85. Oooh My God, I Regret Ever Knowing You Victor

    you De Most Wackest Idiot I ever Seen on De Industry…

    You Did not Even Give a Point of Your Di*s
    Just You felt like you will get Famous By Beefin

    Am Sorry Bro

  86. He no better for you and your family wast of mb and my time

  87. its lyk dis dude sip beans water b4 him enta studio…u sopos dey folo dem basketmouth go nyt of a thousand laff

  88. Mother fucker vic o try another talent coz rap isn’t urz just go back to motor parts business

  89. Wollup nigga ??!!!! Yr fucking songs re we

  90. Wollup nigga ??!!!! What did yu say yr name was???? Lol king of rap??? Woah Everyb

  91. Idiot !!!! What did yu say yr name was???? Lol king of rap??? If I wear you I would’ve find sumfin good doin nd STP fooling my self……FOOL?

  92. the next time u repeat this nonsense I we personally deal with you futureless man i hate u poor rapper no flows go and die

  93. If I was the Presidenti would order Vic O immediate arrest, and charge him for treason, conspiracy, terrorism and for trying to create a natural disaster.

    What sort of silly shit is dis

  94. ?????

  95. Pls quit music Vic o… wasted mb

  96. dis vico na idiot

  97. Have never knew a rapper as dumb as this trying to impress ppl by dissing another rapper that is 20 times far better than him ….I knw say when you release ur album na ur family members go buy..fuck you

  98. King of rapper for ur mama mind u sabi rap…alaye go find better work do …you are a disgrace to rap itself…..

  99. Who even allow this guy carry microphone????
    Federal Government of Nigeria should do something about this guy. Even my stammering frnd fit rap more than this shii nigga. Mehn you are really a wack guy. BAAAAAAAASTAAAAAAAAAARDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!

  100. Who lv u fool… “you go studio hot food for ur pple” see lyrics. Omo find better work oh…..

  101. Vic-O. I guess the O in ur name stands for 0, because that’s ur level of reasoning & Sensibility. please, Tooxclusive should try getting a job to save this young man’s life.

  102. I wish I was like Vic O and not notice wot them haters are saying and doing wot makes me happy.
    Men who says you have to be a damn good rapper to get record deals…that shit is obsolete. Real rap died after PAC and Biggie era.Even in naija apart from MI name any other rapper that spits content in his song that has really been successful( apart from guys who went local like phyno and olamide)

    Fact is bullshit sells in our world today and guess wot ‘All you guys dissing Vic O ‘Vic O has you guys on a choke hold ,he has you guys where he wants you all to be,which is talking about him.

    You guys are making him famous.becos definitely ,you guys will tell your other friends about him and his work and they too wud wanna listen.

    I have never seen comments on any Nigerian musicians song this long.Na wa Vic o ,you are truly a genius .

    I must say this is real entertainment. There is God oh,a rapper who can’t afford glasses on his eye glass and who can’t speak good English… Haba Vic o,who tell you say Falz no fit speak English like you,he is only playing and entertaining us just like you are,also he can afford glasses .

    Vic o ,u no go kill me….. Very stubborn individual. I dey feel you courage

  103. Lmao for fuck sake what is dis guys problem. I’ve heard of chasing dreams but this is extremely dafft like what the fuck i don laffff die

  104. Vic o God go destroy u.

  105. Dis vico is a murder furker am trying to download falz only but still vico panda….the murder fucker just got falz panda out of the net

  106. Vic oo u are MAD!!!! This track is useless ahahaha…. GOD i just waited my vaulable mb… Guy pls drop out frm d music industry….

  107. Vic O or whatever you are called, music isn’t meant for everyone, some persons are meant to sing, others to produce and the rest to Listen, am so sorry to tell you that you do not fall in any of the 3 category.. so do yourself a Favor and leave Music for Falz and the Other gifted Rapper we have in Nigeria and probably focus on another occupation where you do not have to use you mouth as your selling point…

  108. You are an idiot falz no b yur mate

  109. Guy u no get work go and u ur money for better tinz u are just jobless

  110. this guy is a bastard… he jus wasted my mb… as him dey talk like person wey get epilepsy… say him mama sabi mak eba.. even in 1896 rap wasnt like dis….. i go find conductor wey go reply ur rap with fuji music… falz no need bother him sef for u…. jus go dey sweep studio for real rappers like falz wen dey are done makin hit tracks… u owe me mb

  111. See comments abeg,vic o don blow oo,,,this guy is using stupidity to get fame…nice one vic o..08098444102 dm me 4 real music

  112. Vic o…your papa for just masturbate you troway cus e for better make them waste you than my mb wey just waste..

    Wetin this big fool dey sing ????

  113. If a struggling artiste beg u guys to upload his song na… una no gree o… Now u are putting this foolish song for free

  114. U Mudafuka Vic O u think u can Rap Sha but U Just a Learner that nobody Know Claiming The King of Rap I Wish Dis is America Then Kendri ck LAMAR will Come For u

  115. i blame the person wey record this song for u cos he is capable of commiting murder. Small advice u cant even give vic o!!

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