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UNOFFICIAL VIDEO: Davido – Skelewu

Posted by @Tobi_tx on October 15, 2013 in AUDIO, VIDEOS · 164 Comments

Davido is here with the visuals to “Skelewu” which is arguably one of the hottest songs out. This is a pretty good video, Davido is definitely here to stay.

Directed by Sesan.



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  1. Dont like the video… Sesan no try on this one,way to simple for a hit single like skelewu

  2. Cool video.. Sesan did a good job on this

  3. Well its nice, but please where is the real video to skelewu….I rate this one 22%

  4. it making sence shaaaaa!…

  5. Total crap, is this a carnival or a music video. Beyond what I was expecting 🙁

  6. This is not skelewu video….

  7. Jason

  8. Not as Expected , its too Plain .

  9. Dis can't be the real vid.. Iwell I can only rate dis. Vid 22percent.

  10. tooxclusive,pls upload d real skelewu dance vid won by d dude!

  11. Well,nice sha,bt I love d last scene,dat man must b a igbo man

  12. # Caro # by wizkid try pass dis video…

  13. I 4k up to download diz video

  14. is too simple,buh a good one….I believe all dis director av no concept again…instead of dancin competition on skelewu why not ask pple to advice or tell u how to go abt the video.kudos to u davido u be my guy anytime anyday

  15. Cute babes needed for a party, holla if u are. 238C2743 🙂

  16. The video dull like burial video…total crap @davido don fall over hand..I prefer d intrumntal street video.. Hit song wit poor video..smh

  17. i was expecting 2 see kiddy d winner of skelewu competition 2 show up in d video

  18. Thnkz 4 ur comments…didn't even ve 2download d video..

  19. Stupid video…. Dem dey sorry for you since cos u dey backup wit video no be say u sabi sing..

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  21. the pictures are nice buh the idea behide the video was not well planned!

  22. Dis video is not just ok atall……..

  23. But oga davido u 4 just rest, we nor ask u 4 video na,…………. This thing u call a video has no concept, a very dull video from sesan, pls make an apology and release a re-make video asap!!!!!!

  24. Rapido

  25. nyc video jaree….. as if any of u can do better

  26. Precious

  27. Not good video at all season fuck up nice song bad video,

  28. Nice vid and classik

  29. Bad belle pipu una dy critise mak una go do una own mk pipu rate or coment nonse enemy of progress davido n sesan dtz a job well don kip it up

  30. Davido Drama!anytin wey him do pple dey always complain…wat else do u wnt him to do…dope video all d way thumbs up to davido and HKN/RICH GANG luv u to d bone…

  31. Guyz guyz chill dis song na jonzin song….d song na dance song d video no need too much packagin like dat….d video z very much OK for d song…well if u hatin on d n*gga n d director den go eat water!!!Davido thumbs UP*

  32. Neely

  33. Mehn lyk seriously u guyz av discourage frm downloading d video# well tank God I didn't waste my MB

  34. Love it

  35. Naija people dey comment anyhw…dis guy try now….haaa….y u knw go yours too…..abegi jor….nice one dav…

  36. Love this video….dis naija people knw dey appreciate at all….he try jor…make dey go do dia own video…hisssssss(Love it dav…)

  37. I dare not click on the "download video" after all d comments I haff read oo…choi……u guys are wicked! Biko lemme save my mb

  38. Choi…u guys are wicked oo! I dare not click on the "download video" after reading all dis comments…….biko lemme save my mb!

  39. actually creadits to Davido but if am to rate all is videos this will be d least

  40. Realy sh*t!!!!, u hit it dav

  41. davido go n learn 4rm wiz kid….dis is rubish,nt wot i xpected 4rm u…..will neva watch dis again unless u bring anoda video..mtchwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww smh*so sad

  42. Davido joor

  43. nice one dav,its really good sha.. Naija pple no dey appreciate atall,u rlly tried…keep it up

  44. Didnt lyk d song b4… Letter started lykinq it little by little bcuz of ma sis… (She dey use am disturb me every day)… The video is jst ok… But cannot b compared with wizkid's caro… Dat y wizzy is the boss…

  45. Abeg mk una free data guy. He tried his best, u shld

    be blaming d director. But anyway thumbs up to david u re my main man

  46. this video didn't qualify skelewu at all sesan didn't try here at all am waiting to see. skelewu video this is not just it

  47. nt too gud 4 d song buh still u've really tried

  48. B0red shit…0%

  49. davido u tried but I no u can do better but am proud of u I love all of ur videos including dis one

  50. For d dumb and empty heads who like to celebrate crap and av come on here to praise d vid,i hope u can see dat davido himself has denied d vid..d dude has admitted d vid is crap,so stop fooling urselves by praising d poor effort of davido,sesan and co

  51. Next time put more effort, brother

  52. D video is 4uckin tyt thumbz up 2 hkn boss nd sesan mur powerz 2 ya elbow.still xpectin d bext 4rm u includin ma oga@d top@wizkid yeahgga

  53. Men am not very happy with SESAN! 2 all my fen all over de world am just very sorry ok am out of de county when am back I de a better video u can am out

  54. Wetin una dey expected 4rm d video again it about a dance step and dat watt d song is all about wetin una wat make e fly jet or make e climb kilimagaro 4 u bcos e dey shoot skelewu . U useles fools concept una no get, common nusery poem una no sabi

  55. Am proud to say dats nt d real skelewu video dats jst a link d real video will be shot on thursday in london by Mr Moe Musa… Watch out #teamHKN/RICHGANG

  56. Goooood or baaaaaad?

  57. The video is too bad

  58. davido dnt pay 4 diz vid,,,,,cus itz a BIG CRAP

  59. Upon all d waka waka go everywere na zero wizkid n olamide no fit shot nonsense vid lik dis na

  60. Video knw try the way I want am joor HKN don't Big pass that kid tin them see as video @LMGMqsic gang MD 07085247911

  61. Hehehheh…. Wat a video…. Sup wit the dudes on suit na and d few cheap ladies…. *yawns *goin to sleep til the remix it out* dis na aba boy producced video… ???

  62. haters gonna hate, potatoes gona potate! nice 1 davido

  63. All u ppl wey dey talk say olamide & wizkid no fit do dis kind vid,go watch Durosoke & Azonto……just stop hating dis guy

  64. Just wasted my time downloading ds crap man go nd do a re-make asap

  65. Y'all should stop taking any how abeg u think its easy…Dope vidoe @im_Davido

  66. Thumbs up bro@im_davido..if this vidoe is vexing u..its easy ahbi go and do your own!#metcheew

  67. relaoo

  68. this video wasn't bad sha it ws owk mayb u make ur next video should be beta than dis owkay.08143489946

  69. the video is not bad tho and dat doesn't mean the video is good anywayz. just there

  70. Na wa o…so after all d club hits wit Skelewu na dis rubish david com do? ???? hapi say na wifi ???? tek download am! Waitin 4 d remix bcos ???? don delete d rubish frm my M.Card 2 creat space 4 beta upcomin Jamz

  71. Not dat bad I tink I love it

  72. Shortest and stupid video evr liveth

  73. actually I was expecting hundred of dancers on african attire dancing on d street,nt d oda way round,who even won d dance competition,shouldn't he b in d video,anyways d video is cream bt wack,na too much money cause am sha.

  74. rubbish rubbish..better go learn from ur boss wizkid @ davido…stupid video…ode oshi

  75. Let's tell ourslvz d gospel truth,?? xpctd more 4m ds video cos ds song ¶s arguably d song nd dance of †?? year,buh its notn †?o ryt om abt,#sesan fall hand,?? wud av prefrd moe musa or d undisputd best video director nd producer #Clearnz A ptrz,ƒor M????????? ds video ¶s below per! #Davido hmslv knws

  76. Let's tell ourslvz d gospel truth,?? xpctd more 4m ds video cos ds song ¶s arguably d song nd dance of †?? year,buh its notn †?o ryt om abt,#sesan fall hand,?? wud av prefrd moe musa or d undisputd best video director nd producer #Clearnz A ptrz on ds,ƒor M????????? ds video ¶s below per! #Davido hmslv knws

  77. D skelewu instrustional dance video ¶s even beta dn ds real 1 #Sesan pls dnt let urslf mek ds huge mistake again,sm goes 2 davido nd his HKN crew.

  78. I think the video is ok,but not the best,I expected something more and the winner of skelewu dance to be there,but its still ok

  79. dumb

  80. evwi1 chiiiiL… as u can c, its UNOFFICAL.. der officaiL 1 isn't out..

  81. Dis vid is UNOFFICAL buh its stiL clean, buh we xpect mor

  82. Funny enof na peepu wae nor get shit 4 yarsh dey use mouth spoil anoda person effort#jobless mumu peepu#.. Dav.God go punish al doz peepu wae dey compare you wit wizkid#dem blind#

  83. It was ohk shall I lik da video………….

  84. rubishhhhhhhh………praaaaaa

  85. You should have left the 1st instrutional 1 dis 1 sucks balls I only like the video becos of my wife Nicki sesan bad1 for ur reps

  86. Well he tried sha but u guys no say wiskid old pass davido so there video no fit be the same thing but obo u get mouth make them talk

  87. lol after all the noise na dis rubbish una do make? IF i do my own dem go talk, if i do their own dem go talk….. im BIGGER than all of yoooOuuuuu lwkmd

  88. u guyz jst calm down nau…datz y tz unofficial vid. Nau….expecting d real video…davido f u lyk f**k up oo..i no send U..

  89. I pray God grants some people here the desired brain and wisdom to reason right… Why criticize a video which was labeled an UNOFFICIAL video…una dey mad o!

  90. Sesan

    no sabi anytin @all, naxo e go dey f pple video, see d'banj finally video for eg him just carry colour full every where, abi nah wizzy azonto video? Bros davido u bera hook up wif clearance peters for a sure video to dis jam of life ooo

  91. Hope the next video will be more better.

  92. Davido thanks for the Audio but this is not the right video for this track ''SKELEWU'' of all univers

  93. na wa oo! shey na Skelewu video be dis abi na all of u video d bobo just dey shoot stupid video na dis music make am go see etoo go london go stay na see trash hm dey vomit 4rm hm belle say na video ?????? admit it olamide better pass u by far….rubbish

  94. Abeg make una no vex shey na skelewu video be dis abi na birthday video davido u suck big time thumbs down for u…….go am re-make dis video again bro

  95. Muhammad

  96. Am not impressed…….dis aint skelewu……dis is street madness….I prefer d videos dah ramdom guys made wit low quality dn dis crap don by sesan

  97. Lmao, too xclusive just changed it to unofficial. It wasn't there as at yedterday.

  98. The begining wz cool I wz hopin 2 c more of dat but it suddenly change,Davido u re bera dan dat, am waitin for the next one, I dy wonda y some blind dude they compare u wif wizkid..ur biggest fan ever.

  99. Steve

  100. proud j na God go punish you

  101. TonyMascot

  102. Name phone dem take do this video, David my boy u fuckup

  103. dis video is crap! Davido u hv let ur fans down! Anyawy tnk God I'm nt part of dem. F**k u davido

  104. I lv davido but am not happy with d video. Davido pls don't pay 4 video,

  105. afta u go dey parade ure self sayin "am better than all of u sesan self na akpa amu he didnt see ukwu by moe musa or sarkodie's down one video ndi ara dis skelewu of tin dnt hve a real dance even the boy who won 3k$ combined galala konto suo alanta makosa

  106. u wnet 2 club did a group dance name am skelewu come dey parade dis hand wey u dey put 4 back no be timaya do am 4 watta bam bam dis guy enwero ebe ona aga na jst s ay em papa get money he gat no talent anyi ma ndi na eme na parcel iNa ekpoye onu kedu ure

  107. 326455FD davido car go

  108. U guys are full of shit. What else r u expecting the vid is owk I love it atleast better that caro by wizkid

  109. funny pple.. d vid isn't bad at all..skelewu is a dance style and they all danced.what else does a nigga expect to see, half naked babes shaking dia booty? you all changed davido's mind wit ur comments plus he's just a kid and hez got much money so he can put up anoda vid for y'all.SESAN nice one.mayb davido n HKN gang were sleeping wen dey shot dis vid.

  110. Shut d fuck up n hold ur stupid Opinions 2 ur selves….d video nor bam??…..morons.u guys should go n shoot ur own video if ets easy…unappreciative tinx….d video bam who wan die make e die

  111. U guyz should nt insult sesan at all cuz na as davido money reach na him do video 4 am… U nor fit giv 50k den I go go do video like ekuro 4 you… Na as him money reach… Sesan do 4 ram…

  112. the video is perfect,and the dancing, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, there's only 2 words 4 it. AWESOMELY AWESOME. .

  113. Mr dreams u stupid die davido is richer than ur whole family join together na

  114. Mz carter u r a very big… Did I mention dat davido do nt av money… I only said dat may b d money davido gave to sesan was nt enough 4 d kinda video we w

    ere all expecting [abi u don c were dem dey use 5k dey buy mansion]… N 4 ur information davido is nt richer dan my whole family u idiot… He may b richer dan urz but I dnt care…

  115. Stop comparing dis video n wizkid caro video….et has different concept….wizkid z talkin bou a girl in his song he acted it in his video…davido-skelewu is all bou d dance n dats wah he did in d video wah more do u guys want???na video z all bou d dance nawa 4 una…mayb sum of una na jst illrate 4 dis aspect sha na make una day make useless comments…..thumbs up davido cool video

  116. Illiterate#

  117. With God all things are possible……Gobe is even beta than dis skelewu…

  118. Y 9ja no lyk 2 read b4 anitin ffs…tz unofficial video..jes simple nd clean video yet smppl r yarnin crap abouh him…weda u lyk it or not,u cnt beat the guy's fame..haterz go nd hang urcefs…

  119. Peter anthony

  120. @iam_davido You're the best, I'm well pleased with this video, more grease to your elbow.

  121. No matter how you criticize this guy, he's gonna continue given out his best, and my advice to all the ill-manned fellow who said this video isn't good, go on and produce your own, y'all's best is his worse so what??? :p 😀 😉

  122. SESAN u ar d best!!!!fuck 8terz…..u did d best job..@DAVIDO u dnt av to be mad wit him(sesan)cos. av seen d video b4 coming out2 d public view……and its all abt dancing step,no skelewu video u can do again dat can be. lik dis 1…..go av a rest and k

  123. Well,mmmmm

  124. 9ce. Video. Buh we xpected 2 c mre cos kiddy waz suppose 2. B in. It

  125. Davido u be cast,are u sure this isn't a street carnival?.

  126. Which of unna lick dis video

  127. hahahahaha…. dis na the first time wen I watch music video cum sleep b4 d video finish. I know sum blind fanatics go say d video tyt. I prefer d instructional video by far. abeg davido fans, talk true, d instructional video no tyt pass dis one? make we no use bcoz say we b fan even if shit for video tell us fck u we go still clap for am.

  128. Nah who leak dis video online. No body won answer abi???

  129. Kavasa

  130. Best davido I love. U skelewu is the best

  131. Nobody shld talk abt this video in a bad way again. . .

  132. Abeg davido!! help me send my MB back ooo.. Waste of ba3 & MB, But as 4 song it's awesomely awesome.. Video waste of MB..

  133. Y'all crtizing d video r retards sha. I wonder wts rong wif d video it's a dance song n d dance wz portrayed in it. Wich 1 av u done dt ur criticizing? It's until u see big ass n boobs a video is good. Mstchw

  134. See all dis fools here oooo….u dey critisize person video! Like say una knw where studio dey! Davido keep it up! Dis dudes av no manners….una wan see michael jackson for d video 1st b4 una say yes davidoooooo!!! 9ja ehn una witchcraft dey inside una! Imagine d@ idiot up there say d video is stupid wen he no knw aw 2 sing praise self!! Una dey mess up!!! Yet una go say una b confirm guys, confirm idiots na una be! DAVIDO!!!! Twalleh!!!! You tu much omorrrr see gobe!!!!

  135. If wetin I tlk pain una hahahaha!! Transformer no far go hug am! If u fink say u wan beef me sorry na sadine I dey chop not beef! If u fink say u sabi insult person follow me @michfrancis24 dats if u wonna make me popular also,if na BBM be ur problem here is d pin carry una china fones add me all bcoz BB don giv una d right 2 download am! Abi na number call me +233264416276!!! If ur stuborness tu much come GH! U go see me 4 labadi beach so dat as we fight finish den I go bury u inside d water! Dumb niqqas! MR.DAVIDO!!! Twalleeh!!!

  136. Davido u ar beta dan wizzy

  137. Dont wori my fans i will do more dan diz in my next video

  138. Dbflex

  139. Aj

  140. Dnt knw y he was bringn down hiz own poster though,graphics perfect,idea terrible buh dt yeye man at d end spiced it up

  141. Oluwa'mekel

  142. Razaq

  143. na who wan chop cake go knw say oven dey….buy ur own camera and shoot ur own video and lets see how its looks like,ballu people talkin trash….d video is on point

  144. wicked video..flashing cars..well dats nice on dav…my numba one artisté

  145. Wack video, good he's reshooting it.

  146. D video was ok but I was xpectin a video dat will be no1 on d charts hope dix ait d real video 30% dats wat I rate. D video

  147. I have always known dat Davido will do bera check out the rehoot of skelewu by monday he has always been the best wen its comes to videos.many of una kn dy current he went to London on 16th for the reshoot of skelewu and the man behind it is Moe musa.

  148. All d peopl dat commented on dis video wrongly are blind,which of you can produce a single video.nigerians too get mouth

  149. very nice

  150. The video is cool. Thank u for flying to london for a better video

  151. The concept is good,the dancer's costume and co-ordinatÍon is pathetic.The video lacks overall energy for a supposed Dance

  152. Sesan,u stil av a lng way to go.

  153. The video is very ok..make wizkid go produce em own dance na..mtchew…

  154. GUYS, CHECK OUT WIZKID'S TWEET TODAY- JAIYEJAIYE VIDEO is MADt. DIRECTED by SESAN. Awa FROSH. We No BE SMELLos, HAHAHa. Guys, soo who's to blame, sesan is a mad bad producer, na davido wack. 4get d vid, sesan has produced 4 d'banj, iyanya , wande coal nd odas, so who d hell is tokin rubbish??

  155. I fink wizkid is jst bein crazy! Cuz I dnt knw wat a f**ckin ghetto kid, knows about stuff lyk dis. And den 4 his tweet! Maybe I'll jst lay low. But I aint gone let this go!

  156. Davidoo u too tiff tins.wia u a copycat wen u wia a lil boy?…….u stole Gobe now its Skelewo danceStep. Wish Dammy cud sue u for dis rubbish…..

  157. guyz dat video make bad sense davido kip it up cos I knw say dem must talk.cos dere own musician neva produce dat type na him make dem dey vex.make dem go chop grass=skelewu

  158. i picture is good bt d concept is poor, Davido dis video is good nd it has but, i ws expecting smthng more than this from my man

  159. I was expecting something more than this for a hit track like skelewu

  160. bsquare

  161. nice video

  162. Davido d startin was ok 4rm were d gal came out till d point were u enter d car i luv dat part, but u tried in d video i alway blive no one can do beta than u in video in d whole of africa

  163. Its 9ce but try and add more maturity 2 ur videos

  164. Skelewu is simply comment it’s the best

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