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VIDEO: Eedris Abdulkareem Slams D’banj ,Talks About Don Jazzy!!!

Posted by Tyler on September 4, 2012 in AUDIO · 43 Comments





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  1. Mak dis guy go sell suya joor, wetn he D???????????????? yarn

  2. Eedris is jst too much I agree with d dude he is a true activist

  3. Eedris iz too dumb#Agbaya,dah boi(dbanj) iz makin more money now u re bifin,maybe u join d looser’s(mavin) sir

  4. Kareem is an hero in nija he really revolutionised nigeria music industry trust me dude kareem is xpressing his mind

  5. Kareem is an hero in nija he really revolutionised nigeria music industry trust me dudes kareem is xpressing his mind

  6. I beg Mr lecturer pack well joor and. Leave those guys alone especially KOKO MASTER u beter go to OSUN OSHOGBO festival go wash ur head. U don Fail us this is not the right time to talk so shut uppp

  7. I know that u are a legend but. Agbalagba ko kin se langbalangba

  8. eedris or wetin dem dey call u YOU B ODE big fool you dey talk say na you make way for dem but were are u now dbanj came frm london to nigeria to make it real you dey shout like china phone am jealous of him you are if you are nt why u dey talk see every body don wake up we knw what u are up u won follow the stars roll that is what u did with 50cent so you think it can work on this too abi kanye no dey roll with sick guy like am not jealous of him u said it like 5 time in the video so are u nt jealous like that… dey talk say u no dey fear if you are born well just come my street or unilag if u no go die like rat ode boi

  9. Didn’t want 2 drop a comment at first but I gotta….Eedris is d biggest fool in d industry..u been in d industry long time before any of them isn’t anybody’s business..ur time is up looser move back to ur fucking state and go get a life….D’banj already got 1 #goodmusic and u got d goodbullshit….wot if he was ur brother would u hate him?shameless idiot..D’banj don’t worry we need more haterz let them come…..

  10. Noise maker….he is looking 4 attention by all means,he said is back..som1 should tell him we tried of hearing dose shit…we don wise up…den just dey make dbanj stronger…liv d guy alone..! If na him watin he go do…mr revolutionl!

  11. Eedris is making sense and to evr1 of u wus got no brain to fnk den same is u and dem fools. Wat y’all fail to undy abt him is good peeps dnt get fame but dey got history. Fela gt no fame like his history n legacy he left bhind. Y’all nd to go bk to sleep n get a gud one n tnk n rewrite berra words abt him. If ur bro is doin bad so y’all gonna suprt him? If he pisses y’all den mk una go weewee.. Eedris go on even if tynz dnt wrk nw remember uv gt history dt wil neva b forgotten.

  12. @ Goodtyndoncumezy u re dumb,Very Stupid Comment….You Can’t Even Write! And How Is Dbanj Meant To Know Goodluck’s Tenure Is Not Goina Favour Nigeria……If Abdulkareem Was Paid For That Same Job Earlier He Would Have Done It..But I Would Advice Eedris To Sit Down And Make Points If He Has Anything To Say,That Video I Watched Looked More Like Blabbing As He Wasn’t Making Goodpoints

  13. @Goodtyndoncumeze u are inSane and u dnt knw what u are saying, u said FELA got no fame which is a big Lie. Just try nd watch fela concert. Nd back to u Eedris u are not a good student of Baba Fela. U said u only collect money from ur friend oshiomole which i knw Fela will never do that. U are fighting for ur self not Us.

  14. Eedris is synonymous with failure,so he’s just doing his job by hating,he hates anybody on top..Eedris pls get a life,you can’t succeed when you don’t appreciate success!!he once said “2face wan be like obasanjo”i don see you and your fela lifestyle now,now it’s dbanj cos he’s balling hard,hope you won’t transfered it to wizkid wey you fit born!!shame on you eedris!!just making noise if dbanj catch am nw for corner,na beg him go beg!!get a life dude,no beef i the market!!agbaya

  15. I wnt blame u all.. Ur y’all sleepn on d same bed so if u fnk alike I wnt be mad @ ur all. Fela or no fela.. Ur all dumbs ass peepz. I rep eedris for hm nt to take shit. D same tyn killin d country u all dnt hav a stnd and ur been blwn here n dia but no solid stnd.. I pity u all wu dnt believe in ur self. Lookn way bk dias no way histry wnt be said abt Eedris revolution n yu dance to it. I hv got my precious time to use for more profitable tyn dan wastng it with you all wack haterssss… I pity una.. If una like mk una use head nack ground O’unpe.. He no take anytyn dey do me either Eeedrizzzz.. Am sure he dey pain una ni..

  16. Eedris abeg tell us wetin dey pain u 4 dis pple side…boss u no get work o,4 u 2 make a video dat long jus 2 criticise d biggest dude d banj,oga u no get work…u knw see say dis guys no dey answer u dats cos d best answer for fools like u is silence…oga u don old na,see has ur face don wrinkle,u con dey beef fresh boi d banj…EEDRIS U B BIG FOOL…ur tym don pass,ode oshi

  17. Wetin dey do dis idiot na…50cent na ur mate,which stupid way u pave or which fight u dey fight…we no send ur papa life o,go fight 4 ur pocket and nt for us…guy who u b sef,u jus dey shout 4 here…ur tym don pass,so make hin stay like dat…d d banj guy wey u tink say u dey slam dey US dey make money wif good music,u u dey here dey do village champion 4 here…agbaya oshi…baba go find somwhere rest ur head abeg…OLD FOOL

  18. @goodtyndoncumeze guy u fuck up,hw u go 2lk say Fela no get fame…who do u fink did d last fela concert in Nigeria Jayz mehn,jayZ even did a remix wif 1 of fela’s songs,dere’s a club on broadway street in New york dat was built by american artistes in memory of dis man…u con dey compare am 2 dis frustrated old ragged fool eedris…guy if u b fan of dis idiot den u miss road o

  19. Ace,Sholzie…Thumbs Up,Correct Guys… Abeg Help Me Tell GOODTYNDONCUMEZE,Hin na dullard…He Would End Up Being An Abdulkareem! You Would Just Keep Nagging Over People’s Success Because You Are Not Suceeding…….Your Are Just One Pointless Idiot Like The Celebrity You Are Supporting

  20. eedris na BIG FOOL….u dey beef person wey rich pass u,,u fit first am enter music industry but d guy don make name pass u….agbaya

  21. You all and the so called eddris, including d’banj and fella are all big FOOLs.

  22. Hahahahahahahahah!

  23. First of all idris abdulkareem is d biggest fool on d face of planet earth, fool is comparing himslf with 50cnt smh, ur a big tym failure. And nw u are hating on d’bang is it his fault dat uve been in d industry for close to 50yrs nd u avnt achieved anyfin, useless old fool get a life oga @least wat is left of it anyway, and for dat fool @goodtynsdntcumeze u r jus a retarded fuck maybe ur gay nd eedris is ur partner idiot, hw cn u say fela had no fame, I guess ur still a toddler nd uve nt hrd of d name name fela, d greatest of dem all….u nd eedris are pathetic excuses of human beings smh

  24. For those of u, who dont kw any tin about d KING, its beta u keep mute, Bcos Eedrid is d KinG…He started dis Hip pop in Naija, He was offer Mutil Million naira 4 stand as and ambasedor 4 PHCL……….Which hw snub them…. He s always a Rebel……

  25. For dis Game Wizkid sef no be u??????????? mate,not to talk of D’banj…D beef wey ??? beef dem 2baba wey dem become Big ??? don start again.Devil is paying Azonto for u??????????? destiny.??? better make wizkid and davido u??????????? mentor.Ace I feel ??? jare.Shey na University of fela ??? go?see lips don Black ??? don smoke SK u??????????? life don spoil.2 hell with u??????????? papa as ??? mention D’banj papa.??? dey shout olympic touch Banky don carry even Chelsea josh Mceachran 19yrs old boy don carry ??? come dey compare am to Grammy.??? better go Osun Osogbo before is to late

  26. @dhemie-blaze dnt mind him abeg he’s jus being stupid…eedris na very stupid guy like I keep watchin d video and am wishin I had d idiots no,so I’ll call him and blast d fool…stupid old hag

  27. All I know is Eedris paved the way for all……. He’s a confirmed rebel, another Fela. For u all to know he’s got brains he did the track Jaga Jaga some years back, is Nigeria not Jaga Jaga now? Eedris used to dislike u but after taking time to go through ur work, I give it to u….. U 9ja Hip Hop Legend

  28. Ya crazy and stupid ya eedris haters… I got your back brother, Fuck all dem eedris haters

  29. I wonder †?? kind of mentality people have, We don’t like appreciating our own.

    Eedris Is ? fool @ 40. He came up with Lacream records, where is it 2day.

    I av ? question for him, EEdris where A??????????????? ??ur mates 2day? Y?u left Kennis ? big boy but came back to?? be ? slave. Imagin Jaywon is very much praised and ranked in kennis music dan Y?u, now Y?u want to?? use D’banj to?? make waves. Oh! Now I get it, he wants Marvin to?? sign him.

    Initially I listen to?? Y?ur song once in 2yrs, but now I will make it once in ? decade.

    D’banj keep †?? flag flying.

  30. D fact is,d truth is always bitter….for ya’ll dat insulted ABDULKAREEM,NA DEVIL GO REDUCE UNA HEIGHT…moda fuckin assholes,middle finga 2 ya’ll

  31. If I catch u 4 dere ABDULKAREEM..u b big fool o…u re a looser tryin 2 get back 2 d limelight u sing calabar girl e no sell,u cn fink say make u use d’banj make name back FOOL,me no count u as legend oo cos u sang total rubbish 4 me…we go call peepz like 2baba legend…ABDULKAREEM pack well..

  32. WTF dis big dy compare himself 2 50cent…..LOL and e aint even gt d standard davido’s gt like 2face comparing himself 2 usher dats suicide….c lips

  33. D”banj z tokin cheddahs n u r there sayn BShit.Pls,i dnt lyk d crap uv been sayin bou him.if u want 2 b lyk him,then stop beefin. Mayb he ll introduce u 2 2chainz(nt kanye) as a u can start singin whack songs….They dnt need..bonehead”

  34. 411…Latest gist…eedris’ album “Unfinished business” received an award 4 d biggest flopped album of d year,didn’t sell more dan 10 copies…na kennis family go buy am 4 am…oga ur business don finish 4 here…LOLZ

  35. Eedris ef up big time.. Considering ????§ a pioneer of hiphop in nigeria and mayb africa.. Dis r my points for sayin he messed up..
    1.Dbanj ????§ doin ????§ tin: you dnt blame a man for choosing ????§ own part in life. If dbanj decides to b a sucker for money its not eedris bizness, and if dbanj decides to collect money from d president for singing a campaign song, I think ????§ gettin paid for W?ã†? he does whch ????§ singing. Eedris has ? right to insult dbanj based on day.
    2. Dbanj was not d only artist dat sang songs for goodluck: there were so many artists in d campaign, dbanj was jst among them.. Y ????§ e not mentionin dem, sam okposu was among, y didint e mention his name, y dbanj..whch will only show dat dis ????§ pure beef and not based on political interest.
    3. If he was given dat same contract: ????§ e tellin us dat if D???????????????? called him to sing in †he campaign he won’t do?…lol… I doubt he will refuse.
    What am tryin to say ????§ eedris gat ? point..he ????§ jst talkin from d standpoint of som1 who ????§ bitter.. U r a pioneer of hiphop.. But u dnt tell ur story, people tell ur legacy for u, u dnt go to tv stations and spread W?ã†? u did….oga eedris I gbadun ur songs well, but u aint in †he light anymore and seriously, u sound like som1 who ????§ tryin to get a cheap popularity stunt…pls stop hating…

  36. Eedris for just Chill instead of yearning Mehn!!! Some stuff are better left Unsaid ……….Looking For #Underground-kings and Queens – Click –

  37. Well Eedris Abdulkareem might jst be expressin himself thou bt why beef d’banj ? If d’banj is doin wateva he is doin 4 d money ; its his business ; kareem cn be d person dt paved ways 4 oda musicians bt dt doesn’t mean he shud dictate 4 dem 2
    U neva won a grammy bt u held d olympic torch ;well gud 4 u bt u aint odaz dt aim 2 do more wif their lifes

  38. I’m truly surprised that Nigerians forget history so easily and quickly too. Fela wasn’t popular until after his death. That is fact. He’s making waves today based on what we now appreciate as dire warnings we didn’t heed. Fela paved the way for the likes of Lagbaja, Jazzman, Ara, etc. Whether Eedris beefed Dbanj or not is his biz, y’all coming here to say he didn’t pave the way for the Dbanjs of today is just not right. The truth shouldn’t be so difficult to speak. Dbanj and Don Jazzy have actually said that YES, he paved the way for them, so why would accountants, lawyers, philosophers, etc come to say Eedris didn’t pave the way? Bcos you like Dbanj shouldn’t make you close your eye to the truth. Eedris, Dbanj, Don Jazzy, and others don’t deserve any insult. It’s their life and their choices

  39. @Team Eedris, We wr all misled by Eedris unti Ruggedy baba came n opened our eyes. It,s a shame dat people wit no brains can’t b restricted from leaving a comment. D’banj ROCKS, Eedris SUCKS.

  40. @sholzie u dey madt gan oooo!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Azzin eh!! Na 8copies him sell ooo! Hahahahahaha ROTFL d guy na fool… Rick Ross say we talking money and yo talking nonsense…….. Edris shame on u! If u want money,cos I know say na ur problem be that, then call dbanj to help u na! Or jazzy! How u go dey yab 50cent join? Oga we kno wetin happen that time ooo! I dey d plane oooo!! 50cent nearly kill u on dat plane, u dey tell us make we do something as if we send u find him trouble*rme*….. Oga go sidon for bush. Now is not d time to fight any govt or say bullshits like dis! OGA NA MONEY and how we go take survive we dey look for now yo heard FOOL!! No let ur kids see dis video oo! I dey vex here gan!! 🙁 mumu!

  41. Hey guys, if you think deeply and twice about what Eedris did and said in these videos. I mean all he said, you will never say something wrong about it and if you can still say something wrong about him, you are such a big fool. And to you Eedris, all I can say about you is that you are just so amazing. I’m not your fan cos I don’t really know much about your songs but I think you are just so great.

  42. Coasta

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