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VIDEO: Korede Bello – “Mungo Park” (Prod. By Don Jazzy)

Posted by aL Yhusuff on March 7, 2016 in AUDIO, VIDEOS · 158 Comments

Don Jazzy’s owned Supreme Mavin Dynasty dishes out this new one from Korede Bello titled “Mungo Park”

Enjoy the Mex directed clip below

See audio below


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  1. Nice song 1st to download

  2. First to download

  3. Wow

  4. Lol….

  5. This is rubbish, Don Jazzy and his team are no longer creative….. Jst dey sing any song anyhw.

    • maybe u shuld help their creativity, mofo

      • .its true..dis is comedy not music

    • Nice 1 korede make bad belle go sing their own songs too

    • Who be this critics? U wan criticise till you see mongo park?

      • abi bros u dey their

    • Mumu person. Sit down there ehn. No go discover Mungo Park! Korede my man, ride on!

  6. Nice one from bello; funny too…

  7. Nice one Korede!!!!

  8. dope….on repeat

  9. Korede Bello , You for put Linda at the place you sang Patricia .. It should hv been fun

    • na only Linda wan discover mungo park abi?? Rita, Funke and co nko?

    • Over sabi dey wori sm pipl

  10. Lol. Nice song 4rm bello and awesome beat 4rm dey ever impressive and amazing producer #Don Jazzy (Don baba J)…….broda abeg put am 4 repeat…lol. @iam MR_Successful and i believe in destiny

  11. The song is massive, keep it up Korede Bello & baba Don Jazzy!

  12. Rubbish, crab, nonsesnse… sounds like children song. no maturity just too childish like something our last born can craft…. Ain’t he seeing Reekado?… that guy doest have talent ” God Win ” was a mistake. since then no hit tack only crabs.

    • fact….true talk.

      • Unbelievable. I could’ve sworn this wasn’t SMD, but then…the Bible says that “even the little you have shall be taken away from u” only when u fail to work your talent.

    • waka dia….go sing ur own make we see

    •,u gat no reason to criticize.
      ts nt easy to b n d music industry. d song z good,so don’t say ts rubbish, and f ts rubbish den produce your own and let’s see wat u gat upstairs…..

    • no mungo park no sweet lyk dat ba finest song dere is no song dat cn compare wit dat song @jasmine adekunle

    • Den y haven’t we heard of ur soo called last born?..HATER oshi!

  13. You no like romantic love.

  14. This song is wooow, Go Korede Bello, Thumbs up.

  15. Nice one Koreday. Kip it up

    • yh hez kul

  16. Nice 1 jare bad belly ppl

  17. Average song..very average..buh nice concept..

  18. 89609

  19. Omo korede bello is a genius,….. Dat song is an A

  20. very childish

  21. WaoO. I love dis song die. I love d video. Very funny. I respect u more oga DONJAZZZY. Kudos to Korede bello

  22. Daycare poem.nice one for school children.keep it up.

    • exactly

      • una no go ever appreciate beta thing

  23. let no lie.

    • He they try

  24. haters make una go hug transformer….. to me did song is a hit!!!! wow u did it @korede….nice one at @donjazzy

  25. nice song..funny video concept..

  26. Dope jam felling the boy

  27. Tot as mch…RUBBISH

  28. Wow, nice video

  29. Guys,the song ain’t bad.
    don’t be mean,every artiste started from the bottom.

  30. my bro keep it up en leave d bad belle people

  31. the song is too childish. nice one anyway

  32. this one na gud one korede

  33. for dos complaining about dis Song u need psychatry evaluation… u must be sick to say dis Song is not A plus…don jazzy still d best producer anytime anyday.. d only reason he did not wins best producer last year was because he allowed other of his producer do most song.. whuch was good to give dem d shine… but few he did were hit..

  34. Lola, I enjoyed Dis music die,its full of comic,though korode bello is indirectly telling don
    baba j to go and marry. Mr j we r looking toward to see Mrs don jazz

  35. Thumbs up

  36. Another kpangolo music. Don jazy am disappointed…

  37. well thought the song and video was inspired. I like it. maybe is just cos I so much d Marvin’s.

  38. Na ppl wey no sabi music d say dis song na rubish….Use beatz listen to am

  39. This song is the best

  40. nice

  41. Y’all should keep hating b4 you know it the video will reach 5million views on youtube and the songs u call hit remains at thousands. Even wizkid baba nla no even fit reach #romantic view for youtube even with the star power don’t expect everyone to sing with yoruba. Keep hating on a star while nobody hates u cos u don’t matter @all haters any mavins fan in the house pls like this

  42. Mehn the video dope die… Aunty patricia dey form donjazzy…, korede you know they remix your songs… Rmx dhiz one with reekado.

  43. hahaha… can’t stop laughing. I had 18mb and i sacrificed 17mb to download dz, but it worth it*** no regrets…. nice1 #I don use my 17mb to discover mungo park

  44. In all honesty, disappointed is rather mild way of describing how I really feel after listening to this song.
    Did Don Jazzy actually hook up this beat?
    Sounds rather unbelievable.

    I have been an astute follower of Korede Bello and indeed the Mavin crew, and this is by far the worst song from the stable.

    Don’t mean to be disrespectful, but the truth has to be told.
    If Mungo Park is ascribed to the next good song yet unrelesed, then Don Jazzy, hurrily discover Mungo Park.

    • the song is comical with an addictive hook….you said d song is crab but u used d hook to insult don jazzy….it means d song got to u too..

  45. dopeyyyyyyy!!! Hahaa. At times, we need comic stuffs like this. Versatility!

  46. A+ for dis song……it passes a clear and funny message…and a very catchy phase in addition… if u are critic and u dnt like dis song…check urself….

  47. Nothing changes the future more than a corporative Creativity’ and style.

  48. Nigerians please encourage yourselves….if it were to be your family member you won’t just post rubbish….well its your megabyte na….so waste it as you like……dem go just De talk down on person mctheeeeeww… for
    Korede the lord is still taking you higher..God bless those that commented with wisdom.

  49. Wich kind small pikin song be dis
    Na primary school student ds dude dy sing for?
    Na wa oh
    Nd all ds niggers commenting “nice song” here
    Thunder fire una
    D nly beta single wey ds guy gt na “Godwin” n “mr romantic”
    D rest re too childish
    Grow up fucker

    • oshe jare for your honesty..they’ve turned music into business and forget that real music is for real players…its now nursery rhymes to folow up dorrobucci… hmmm

    • You guys r just animal,you don’t ave manner @ all why can’t u go to studio and do ur own song and let’s see wht u gt,be creative tew nigga and be wish goat,

    • U Dey m*d ur father na only romantic we go dey listin abi nd shake ur bombom girl

  50. Nice music bro

  51. On repeat till i discover Mungo Park

  52. No wink this time

  53. Korede help us to hop ur self.. dis song Is

    • D song is 9ice and even d video,but no matter what heaters shall talk.asshole

  54. Pathetic. Even the “Children” it was prolly released for won’t like it.
    And if it’s my fam dat sang it i’l tell dem d truth, so dey can work harder on somthin better next time, Not diz TRASH!!!
    U cud call us haters but we have to hate RUBBISH and like REAL stuff. We loved Godwin, Adaobi n Romantic. But dz….. Disappointing.

    • Korede u ar awesome.dont mind this fool

  55. Please I can’t find the download link

  56. Baguio

  57. nice one korede bello wiching to be like you

  58. liking this site

  59. Papa don-jazzy is reali trying

  60. Nice 1 korede I love wat u did me self I wan2 discover mungo park lol

  61. coolest song Eva….
    ah rilli love korede bello n I wish to c him…. he s d best # proudly bellover.

    • You must be in primary school.

  62. Fuck all haters. The song is lovely the video is on point…
    Wetin una done do wey una dey comment trash
    If u don’t like d song commit suicide
    #i want to discover mungo park

  63. my name is obitryz.i stay in katsina…i do music and am a producer as well. donjazzy.can u try me???..lets do a remix on this song..this my control 08034474399..i love this song

  64. All dem haters…sit-down dia dey hate ooo…… D guy iz making his money…..go n sing ur own na…..jus dey dia….dey call pesin song rubbish….sing ur own let’s hear na…..#RUBBISH

  65. Download link please

  66. That video was a “wow!” Aunno why some ppu r jst criticizing d song any how. Couldn’t stop playing d video, had to repeat nd repeat nd repeat; yet I was still not tired of watching it. Those that think its for primary skul children should go nd do deir own nd stop hating. Kudos Bello, u remain my number one fan, nd pls tell Daddy don to go marry except he wants to discover mungo park :p

  67. Bello No Mind Those Dat Are Insulting U Nd Don Jazzy Na Gud One U Sang Continou Keep It Up

  68. korede dem say u no go blow but #GODWIN.9ice 1 jawe fuck all haters

  69. The best Eva

  70. I must say you are good

  71. like this vedio ,

  72. i luv d song lyk kilode,haterz u can go nd sing urz xo we can hear

  73. I no see dis song 4m google, but d boy 3y sha thumbs up K.Bello

  74. I no see dis song 4 google oh, but d boy 3y sha thumbs up K.Bello

  75. Very nice job korode keep it up lolz don jazzy,go nd marry

  76. I love all your songs,and will love to see you.

  77. I love all your songs,and will love to see you.

  78. Idiot,mumu,nonsense,animal u nvr sing ur own song na prn own uday insult mumu see ur mouth.

  79. gud job . i ard dis song 4rom odofin timileyin[k.bello friend on instragram]my frued k.b kip d ball rollin

  80. gud job . i ard dis song 4rom odofin timileyin[k.bello friend on instragram]my frued k.b kip d ball rollin

  81. Badbelle dem dem plenty for town ewwo dem plenty for town. All ye haters who can not produce a single line of song ehh and they re there insulting someone else creativity.abeg korede carry go;)

  82. me wan discover mungo park

  83. u are one of the best keep it up that’s a nice song from you

  84. Can som1 share d video to me

  85. U r d

  86. U r d best guy keep it up

  87. Gud job korede kip it IP

  88. I love ur song which make me lyk u Nd will lyk 2 c u

  89. dat music was awesome,i Lv it…..ride on bros

  90. hw can I download dis music d video-mongopark

  91. bello forget about what must people says ok just be-leave in your self and God will help you and we your fans will support you

  92. don jazzy you have to marrie

  93. Korede bello you have to face your studies and leave music,music is not your education be brilliant in your class come with 1th class have your degree your master’s,make nigeria happy at this your age you have to face your studies first, there is money in music but don’t money end you,did your parent encourage you? Have you ever ask yourself this question what is the essence of doing this.



  96. u rock love it

  97. If you say Na juju then go do your own,many of the haters here don’t even know the meaning of this sing mungo park, listen to it very well then you’ll discover it’s not a nursery school poem. If you say the song no good then go sing your own, why you dey do like you wan discover mungo park?

  98. hmmm it sounds very sweet but too childish

  99. Good Song But Too Childish

  100. where is d link pla…?

  101. wow korede bello

  102. Korede my luv u ar awesome dont mind those haters

  103. I looooooooooooove ur music u rock

  104. That was a hit fr sho

  105. Love you korede bello, you are a dream come brother keep moving on and don’t look down cause God is with you and we are also with you.don should get married soon,esayyyyy,oshei…!

  106. lvu dis music

  107. oga (Don jazzy) and is team good job, if anyone said the song is not well singed let him go and form he’s own team and sing. let me known if he or she is perfect.

  108. I like it

  109. no be today

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