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What Not To Expect From Davido’s Sophomore Album

Posted by Jim Donnett on June 17, 2015 in Editorial · 42 Comments


This is exactly a week after superstarboy, Davido promised the release of his sophomore album which was already rumoured to have been titled “Baddest”. The tension heightened when a peek into the album’s tracklist showing 19 songs inclusive of features and producers, surfaced on the blogosphere one fine Tuesday morning. It was especially thrilling to see that it contained names like Akon, Meek Mill, Wale and Trey Songz.

Impressive, you must have thought.

But that feeling was short-lived when Fans Mi came as opposed to the expected album. It happened to be the track that featured MMG’s rapper, Meek Mill. While the song was a myriad of things, the video was one thing – WRONG! Previously, we had presented to you a couple expectations you should have from the yet-to-be-released album (read HERE) but if this new seloquesence with Meek Mill is anything to go by, here’s one expectation you shouldn’t have.

I mean, it is Davido afterall… not so?

The drama unfolding looks like it’s been culled from an old script. The one where an arch rival promised several release dates and eventually when d-day came, we literally went into a tombstone after hearing it. You know what I think? I think these guys love each other so much that they keep borrowing pages from each other’s 60 leaves.
Suffice to say Davido might be pulling a classic Wiz on us.

Really, what else can we do if not wait?

By @jimancipation
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  1. Wizzy’s album was not bad… don’t say that shit again nd don’t judge davido’s album with the song with meek.

  2. Thunder punish for say ‘it is Davido after all ‘ wat kind of insult is that¿¿¿¿don’t provoke me oo#OBOFOREVER!!!…go and learn manners especially on how to speak to superstarboy davido…#Baddest.

    • Thunder fire ur mama for house for calling superstar boy the only star boy that I kw is wizkid and he will graduate from star boy to star man from star man to father in jesus name amen

    • You’re talking like a slave

  3. that’s d shit they do here on tooxclusive, talking rubbish abt wizzy as if davido is spoonfeeding them or paying their staffs’ salaries. #snitch_bitch #abegmusic_is_much_more_better

  4. that’s d shit they di here on tooxclusive, talking rubbish abt wizzy as if davido is spoonfeeding them or paying their staffs’ salaries. #snitch_bitch

  5. You guys love crticising artists songs/albums on this site…why can’t you just stfu for once…the album is not even out yet nd besides the meek mill collaboration is one song fans love a lot….you guys shd drop songs and videos for us to watch too nah#balu

  6. ????????I must say, the last part of this write up got me rolling… He’s really trying to play a “wizkid” on us. I really don’t expect much from d young lad. And pls wizkids album was an 8 for me . Let’s see wat David will come up with

  7. y’all should know is a silly site… always criticizing yet they are uploading it… downloading on ds site is another hell fire cus the rate of mb/song is too high

  8. I’m really dissaponted in this person that wrote this nonsense…1st of all fans mi was dope af!!!!2nd of all the video was da bomb and 3rd of all this poster is so lazy cos the weight and significance of this article is so stale!….mtchewwww!

  9. Tx you guys should still allow ur readers to post links to their blogs on your comment section naw….Abi una neva popular reach?…

  10. Tx you guys are jus enemy of progress bt u knw wat God pass all of una

  11. U guys are stupid…if u dnt have wat to write,can’t u jst do d only thing u knw hw to do which is uploading songs and videos and stop writing rubbish 4 ppl to read

  12. Idiot foolish fool

  13. Make u guyz leave davido alone make e dey ball na I’m tyme abeg,everybody has there own time abegi

  14. “The Devil is jealous of me..”

  15. U guy are 0 headed ,go do one single pls b4 u talk about album then u knw hw hard to sing songs fuck u all I rep #fanzmi

  16. Tx has started posting rubbish because they just started seeing the failure in davido.. all this people chanting rubbish were the ones echoing praise when tx never stopped talking about davido. and left wizzy out of the eqution.. after Aye davido has been confused till date.. #TeamExpensiveShit..

  17. Tooxclusive always hating.. Mtcheeeew.

  18. Mehn shut The hell up , what are you chatting about “fans mi” was an epic hit and so was the video . Whoever you are you obviously have no taste in music whatsoever and you definitely don’t know how to blog for shxt . GOANDSLEEP B!!!

  19. Chill guys, they just write these things to get u guys to comment. It’s a tactic. And u guys are falling for it.

  20. why una deY veX??? nah ur business?

  21. tooxclusive re bastards… jim u re d very stupid… take ur post to ur father or mother.. idiot.. davidos song fans mi is great also d video… stupid as fuck@ jim..

  22. tooxclusive re bastards… jim u re very stupid… take ur post to ur father or mother.. idiot.. davidos song fans mi is great also d video… stupid as fuck@ jim..

  23. bastard@ jim… u tink music is easy? stupid mudafucka… ur d greatest fool ever… fuck u till ur ass gets sore.. i spit on u disgusting jim donnett..

  24. First of all, if you’re still critisizing fans mi video, then you probably haven’t seen it. If you have then you’ll know it wasn’t cocaine but poundo yam. Believe it or not, when davido’s album drop, we will all be wowed. Just fans mi droped and both song and video are already getting massive airplay, imagine what the album will cause. Stop hating on the boy cause he’s successful (more than you are), you won’t go far with that kind of attitude. And you said davido is pulling a classic wiz on us? When wizkid’s album finally drop, didn’t it end up a success? You don’t have to hate to be popular or successful, show love and you’ll get love back.

  25. Davido’s track with meek wasnt all that people.
    But wiz’ s album was a good one dnt knw what all d fuzz izz about.

  26. Everybody don’t fight bcus of small matter dey ar all try,abey don’t vex

  27. See truth b told, u guys no get choice, every big artiste dey feature wizkid, wizkid no feature olamide and he feature him on his album, davido has no choice also, even if he didn’t, dis doesn’t affect my guy ( wizkid) and he is nt proud oooh, Bcuz proud is what we call artiste, it what u must hav to be real artiste

  28. The so called song fan mi is the most useless song of the year. what a waste of funds

  29. Bad belle. Dey don’t like him

  30. Record breaker!!!…fans mi video gat 1million views in 10 dayz…Tx kip hating…OBO kip soaring higher

  31. Wizkid have won

  32. Make una leave davido my guy alone

  33. Wizzy forever

  34. Davido ix my one forever I’m one of ur fans we are waiting for new album love u

    • Keep on wating lyk a poltroon

  35. mehnn,davido iz quite cool.haterz should stop hating okay??…it’z an issue of FAME….YOU RATCHET HOES!!!!!!

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