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An Open Letter to Maheeda from UK-Based Radio & TV Presenter, Minnie Marj

Posted by Tyler on January 26, 2014 in News · 45 Comments


Radio & TV Presenter, Minnie Marj based in the United Kingdom has published an open letter to Naija Bad Girl Maheeda; read what Minnie had to say below.

Yeah it is about that time where I grab my laptop in order to do something that I am very passionate of: Writing and sharing my point of view.

Nope, its not about a big celebrity that misbehaved in one way or another. It is about this music video that is currently trending. That naked Lady showcasing her seduction skills rather than the usual dope, off the chain 16 BARS that we always expect a rapper to do, goes by the name of Maheeda.

This video is stirring up much controversy , due to Maheeda’s na_ked self frolicking around for some overly-hormonal Gentlemen who seem to enjoy the spectacle. It’s a shame nobody will actually really listen to the song and rate this artist according to her musical skills.

Aren’t musicians supposed to deliver vocally or lyrically? Lyrically speaking there are no punch lines in thissession. Sentences such as : Never find me in Okada…Me I break a leg BUT you break nothing…If you think sey you spoil Me I don rotten…

I’m a bad girl don’t need to be told … Ema Dami Duro… (No worries we aren’t trying to stop you) :-) And the listgoes on and on…. I actually closed my eyes because I wanted to listen to the song and give credits where it is due but in this case I will have to pass.

Credits will go to the Beat maker for a nice beat and the director for a nice video. My opinion would be different if we had a special Adult Channel where this music video and other hard_core films would be pitched to.

This is the reality and we have none of this yet on our TV channels based in Africa.

So what is Maheeda’s market actually? Who is she targeting with her visuals? Does she intend to always drop her videos on Youtube? I guess this video would probably be banned from Media houses unless they re-edit the Clean Version because the existing Clean Version isn’t really Clean to be honest with you. I am not judging anything here but please bear in mind that I am just speaking from a professional point of view.

America would love and adore this video but this is Mama Africa. Ain’t Nobody got time for that?!? Well the statistics say something else: 7K +views for the Clean version and 50K + views for the Explicit version. What happened to the Born Again musician?? Temptations,Temptations…. I would call this a Reverse Reaction aka RR.

This is what happens when you slightly believe that something will change your life because someone told or convinced you that it will do so and NOT because you deeply had the faith that it will BE so. It is not easy to keep the faith especially when times are hard. You are a true Born Again If You survive all tests God puts you through with a bigger faith than you had before.

I don’t even want to discuss about the pyramid symbol she is dancing in.I know loads of you have concluded already but please give her the benefit of doubt. To everybody out there, please make sure you really become born again because you are ready for a change and not because someone told you that you have to change.

Cogito Ergo Sum. I’m out.

Tell us what you think!

Download/atch Maheeda’s talked about music video for ‘Naija Bad Girl’ HERE

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  1. Mind ur business

    • Thank u joor, haters!

      • If ur daughter or kid sis grow up watching stuff like dis on youtube and wants 2 be like her will u be hAppy ?,guess. Not so as far as she is putting it on public media its every bodies business so next time think b4 u say mind u business

      • If ur daughter or kid sis grow up watching stuff like dis on youtube and wants 2 be like her will u be hAppy ?,guess. Not so as far as she is putting it on public media its every bodies business so next time think b4 u say mind u business,cos it is our business

  2. wetin be mind ur business de girl na bullshit jor!! tulk true if u not possess lyk her……

    • Guy you join those haters abi baba tell that guy ma go listen to other naija song that guy non be uk anytin na fool

  3. na shit she dey talk…maheeda go on jare

  4. Minnie that’s the kind of videos pple want to watch now adays wich is very wrong. I hope videos could be banned from youtube, that video should be banned.

  5. Truth is a bitter pill to swallow…dah guy jst said d truth!!!

  6. Make I hear word minnie marj jare… R u sure u r a tv/radio presenter in uk? I am sure u r 4rm nigeria cus if u relli 4rm uk u would art like 1 4rm uj… U know its is a normal tin there… Nd y r u making it fill like its a new tin… Maheeda showd its tryin 2 be her self… She is nt scard of anybody nt even u leave her do her tin.. We r proud sum1 like her can come out open… Nt we leaving a heding live…africans we r bad so let’s stop pretendin

    • Ur a fool…maheeda is a fool…if she wants 2 display her sexuality let her go in2 soft porn like afro_candy of cossy…why s she puttin songs wit no lyric n lots of nudity 4 our kids 2 see??? Yea…we all nigerians n nawti buh 2 som extent…imaheeda is a dumb bitch as far as am concernd

  7. To start with, I must really commend ur effort and courage to speak ur mind on this Lady… Everybody that supports her really needs to have a re-think on what they are doing because for every thing we do on earth, there is always a repercussion…God exist and he will judge every man for what he or she has done.

  8. Maheeda,,go and av a rethink of wat u ve done;;

  9. U 4 kuma open d toto and d bobi make viewers see am na,,as shame no evn catch u,;and 2 top it all u cun dey sing song wey no get any sense;;

  10. True talk oooo, but sum people wld lyk d Nonesonse… I bet dis Maheeda of a girl, make dem set Rap Battle wit me n Her if I no chop her Raw.

    • Lol, you be mumu….go meet her. Na da your underground artist you go die if you dnt try something extra ordinary different…..mumu
      Maheeda Ride on jare.

  11. The truth hangs right before our naked eyes about this video & with d same naked eyes, some weirdo comes in with xtra nakedness. Our video censors board better get dat junk-of-a-video in the trash asap abeg. If u wan dance naked, go kalakuta or @ least give us one mad hit; madder dan Davido’s Dami Duro. Then if u lyk put ur p*#@y for camera for d whole runtime of ur video. Binch!!!!

  12. I think she’s satan in a human appearance.(Unbelievable).

  13. @jon u wain sabi mumu, no worries; ur pikin fit do dt won whn ha turn reach #xtrasomtin

  14. Somtyms, d best tin to do is just shut up nd live ur own lyf d way you tink God’ll lyk it.. Wise words are notin in a fool’s ear..

  15. Nothing makes sense..! Judgement day go bloody,God have mercy!!!…if you support that video,then your brain is seriously smelling.Use jik soak am before washing..

  16. Life is too short, live it and make it worth a while. The lady switch from Gospel to what she call RAP. This is a pornography…………….remember thou shall not Judge.

  17. Maheeda go on Jare na watin naija need be DAT

  18. Hmmm, u speek the truth, buh na una corrupt pass, this message would hav been much appreciated if it was pose to nicki minaj, beyonce nd co. I wonder why u hold so much concern in dis….abeg piss of jooor

  19. Na so,,dem tell you say Beyonce and nicki minaj N?o
    dey wear clothe inside dere own videos?? Abeggi,,u all know wat she did in dat video was rung,buh still u blah blah it 2 b ryt!! na u God suppose Knock!! 1st page tinz..

  20. Wat she has done is his history her children will grow 2 com an see their mother naked in a video a born again it will only take time it will tel on her

  21. Don’t judge so that you won’t be judge I remain silent and leave my judgement for God..u guys commenting shouldn’t let ur qualification be the reason for ur disqualification.

  22. Dis babe is only jst trying to get attention….shikena..she’s new in d industry wif time she’ll realize…

  23. Let d diva b n face ur job lad, she doin wot gat n no crime abt, check out amerian rappers, a lot opf krapz r dere!

  24. Sharap..she get punchline die… Go listen..

  25. I followed maheeda on instagram for a while not because I wanted to see her wrinkled ass but because I wanted to know what kind of african woman does what she does. I noticed she never reacts to good comments because that’s exactly what she wants but when she is being criticized, she flares up because all she wants is cheap attention and besides what kind of celebrity reads all their comments and even reply one after the other? none! just the wannabes and maybe linda ikeji…lolz

    MAHEEDA is not and will never be a celebrity. she Is just lonely, confused and lost like I told her. she has derailed from every form of morality and she has no iota if integrity. if I’m to marry her to my dog, I wouldn’t pay a penny as bride price because she is worth nothing. she is a disgrace to womanhood and Nigerians as a whole. i’m embittered because as a nigerian she represents me and even you! she paints a bad picture of us as a country (as if corruption is not bad enough).

    now to her music career, she is already a failure for starters. MAHEEDA! u didn’t rap in that track, u just recited some unknown nursery rhymes and a kid wouldn’t? even sleep well for days if they heard those lines at night. here is what I dont understand, are u planning to be a musician or a porn star? I bet u don’t even know because you are so confused. well let me help you; you have no place in the music industry. maybe porn would do and I’m sure a lot of people would love to see EVERYTHING under the plasters.

    my last words for maheeda…enjoy the show while you are still in your 20s because when you turn 70, you will be like every other grandmothers and you will never be relevant in your line of business again and I pray you won’t die alone….

  26. She dey Market her skin. She 4 just go sign 4 soap company n market her self like dis. Abeg go Zone 4 n wait there 4 us. No waste too much money show ur smelling Pussy wey dat boy dey suck… You get luck, u no dey live 4 my area I for koboko you very well. Nonse pikin wey no get Parents and elders close to her.

  27. Maheeda toh badt ride one

  28. Truth be said “That Chick is a Bitch” Nuffin Good bout dah Video…let’s not support evuls jor! Will u love ya sis 2 come pose naked on youtube dah way?

  29. Listen y’all like they say “all fingers ain’t equal” so don’t judge her for wat you see cos we dnt even knw if you would do better than herm

  30. Well maheeda is just an amateur,we should blame whites if they show their nakedness on video cos dey do have good culture n morals buh we blacks have morals n culture,n our culture is against us exposing our body on net so y should maheeda disgrace we nigerians out dere,maybe that’s the only she tot she could get popular,,if u support maheeda’s video den tell ur mom/sister/wife to do the same,am sure u will be proud to show ur friends ur sister nakedness

  31. Make cool dollar here and be rich like davido

  32. make she go do MOJO make we watch instead of showin us dat fat ass…..LmAo

  33. Stupidity was all I watched in her video.. E no mek sense at all

  34. lacked all necessary ingredients for makin sense……………….
    Bt it was cool tho,if the idea was not to make sense> #LOL

  35. *just passing*

  36. I dnt fink any1 has any ryt 2 chastise Maheeda on dis video, at least its mandatory u watch it, & she didn’t sing or shot d d video of u, so let her do her tin her own way…..

  37. Funny enough, she’s a MOTHER!!

  38. She’s jst so stupid 2 av done dis kind of video, exposin her dirty body 2 d world nd claiming bad girl!!! What’s d morals in da video nd heard she has a girl child, I see d good foundation u’re laying for ur daughter….nonsense!

  39. cmon shes a whore,her music are completely meaningless,

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