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Wizkid Replies Davido “Blue Passport Wont Cure Your Frog Voice” | Watch Details

Posted by Temitope Delano on July 5, 2017 in HOT!!, News · 113 Comments

The war between Wizkid and Davido, seems far from over as the now subtle beef may have just started gaining more ground following a recent tweet by the COME CLOSER crooner.

Starboy, as he is fondly called took to twitter to issue a subtle but stern warning to arch rival Davido following the latter’s shade in his new song, SUMMER BODY.

Recall the entertainers who have for a while avoided each other became engrossed in a social media war when Davido slammed Wizkid’s latest effort SOUNDS FROM THE OTHER SIDE, saying pon pon sound is what the street is feeling now.



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  1. na confirm frog voice Davido get

    • abeg who is whizz kid? I have seen people swoon at Davido’s shows in Cameroon, Cypros and Greece….who is Whizzboy? …..Davido is an international ambassador. Kindly ask your whizzboy to forward his bank account t to me….

      • Wizkid is different from Wizboy ooo. They are all popular musicians in Nigeria just as Davido. Google them.

      • I think yu done smoke some tangle hairs from a mad woman pum pum…

      • You are a plain fool who is Davido in front of wizkid baba nla stop talking when a lion and a dog are fighting….! use that money and Davido’s frog voice

    • Na tortoise and frog voice de there inside that davido voice oooh

  2. na confirm frog voice Davido get, WIZKID is just saying d fact #NAUGHTY_RIDER

    • WizKids is just a boy and in fact a small boy. why fighting everybody Techno Davido etc. Just try your best boy, and pray to be like Davido

      • Hey yhu, u cant compare wizkid mighty success to davido’s frog voice.. Davido will always pray to b at WizKids current possition

        • because that’s d same prayer ur dad is praying…davido makes sense more dn dt wizkid yh yh yh in al song

  3. Tx plz create space lemme faint! Wizkid kukuma kee me… someone cannot play with you again!!!???

  4. CHEEE… Wizkid locality make Drake no come closer… Two videos out… If e easy nah it, your mama no born u for Yankee… Broke boy… Better catch up… Local kid Dey for sisqo,your laps… Jasper stunch 0147

    • You this fool u call wiz broke boy I wan ask u one simple question wiz and ur entire generation who get money pass. Na David Na start to dey get us passport. Una go just dey talk anyhow. How u take dey sire say wiz even reply David back?

      • See this guy wey support wizkid and turn everything to fight you see say localization even pass locality dey worry you. Someone just comment wetting he know and you dey bring family issue here, that how local boys and girls dey do. You remember that time in getto wey you go won fight someone and you need draw a line and say if they born your Papa clean this line lol lol ? ? ?

        • nonsense wey dirty ful ur mouth @anonym

        • who god dn bless no man can stop it wizkid na baba

      • See this guy wey support wizkid and turn everything to fight you see say localization even pass locality dey worry you. Someone just comment wetting he know and you dey bring family issue here, that how local boys and girls dey do. You remember that time in getto wey you go won fight someone and you need draw a line and say if they born your Papa clean this line lol lol ? ? ?

      • See this guy wey support wizkid and turn everything to fight, localization even pass locality dey worry you, you remember that time when you won fight and you have draw a Line and tell the other kid say if dey born your Papa well clean this line

    • you wey your mama born for Yankee e good for you na…abi your papa get reach wizkid… we nor won see your assets show us your papa own… mumu for street nor go focus on yourselves na davido and wizkid matter u won dey reason same on you… empty barrels makes noises…..

    • all of una na poverty dey scratch una brain, Because the two people way una dey fight each other for, them don make NAME and MONEY for themselves. Una com dey here dey wag una mouth

    • You bam Egede

  5. frog voice wey dey sing better songs.. we love him like that.. having a lighter voice doesn’t make you a good singer..

    • confirm

    • Wizz I think sey you get head. But I see that brown dye cover your brain and sense of belongings. get back to your senses and do the right thing as you always do best.
      Forget about the hating.

    • Bunch of fools and idiot, people wey get litter voice for your family which money dem get?

  6. Mr. Tooxclusive.. dat subs has ntin to do wit wizzy,u pple ar jst updatin fake news…
    Nd wizkid does nt hav time for all dis una bullshit… as far as am concern… f*ck dat

    • wizkid’s brother. How u take know say him no get dat kin time

    • Oga manager… Na u dey manage WizKids?
      Hw u take know say WizKid no get tym for beefing?

  7. Plss u guys should try n bring maturity in okkk, diz acts are childish n not mend for celebs, u r jst giving ur haters an accomodation. Fink abt it.

    • star boy don’t mind them your new hit track go wosky

  8. frog voice earning millions with millions of fans globally.

  9. Frog voice cool. If u av ever been to wizkid live show u ll bear me withness he is the best off key star. Seen this not once or twice sef

    • Guy i hear u oooooooo. Wizkid fit go off key die, i no sabi wr him learn music from.

  10. U guyz are something else… you forgot how davido started this whole drama, and his broda joined? Now wizkid replies and u insult him. All of a sudden davido started hating on d international deal because he could not keep up with the standard(failed), and wiz is doing great at it. Davido talking about his American citizenship on olamide’s song to prove he’s not local… Wiz labelled him local in terms of an artist, which atm I bliv is true. Note: who says wiz is not cashing out millions himself. As it stands wizkid is Baba Nla(Daddy Yo)

    • No doubt about that bro. Wiz is Wizkid anytime . cashing is in and reping us well.

    • No how you put pepper into someone eyes, they must cry out! let them shoutout and wipe away their sorrow????????

    • wizzy is far better than davido …baba na baba

  11. Me am just Wiz all the way, don’t care were the beef takes dem or how the media magnify it.

  12. We luv d frog voice..gve us more OSHEA BADDEST!!!

  13. Frog voice wow… stop forcing yourself to those white niqqas stop living a fake life,…. stop begging for fame bitch boy @wizkid

    • There is nothing like white nigga, the word was created for the Black people during Atlantic slave trade, nigga and white don’t go together.. Know this simple thing before you try jump on wizkid neck.. Lol

      • Savage

  14. Wizkid na evergreen artist I like the guy… I no want compete upon una beef but instead make una take am subtle

  15. The Catherine girl tho. Light skinned face, dark skinned arms. Nice work!

  16. All I pray for is frog voice oh Lord!!!

    • Hahahahaha Abi o..nd u will be cashing out nonstop

    • wizkid was a Street Boy, davido grew up in money,so davido israeliani far better Ethan wizkid

  17. Daddy yo 4life

    • wizkid for life I love am die

  18. Omoh dem say na whatsapp na wizkid take record come closer with Drake, Davido Gat leave those Sony punk assault ent bcos they want make he nor sing yet ND the boy get plenty things for bag… Obo all the way, ehnnn wah is it called Naija sisqo make you park well oooo

  19. davido is still killing the beat i love him, 30 billion in the account .

  20. Wizkid and davido u too are two great people settle urself so Dat ur enemy will be ashamed

  21. the 2 of dem na trash abeg

    • guys wizkid na king

  22. Wizz dat ur song dadioo. I wan know if you done turn to dad. Instead of ur wizzy boy. Na now we go know how vulture take Plat, and who is behind the platin. Two songs without Drake on the background. That only have to till you that you are still local rapper. Drake don’t fill your style of music.

  23. For me the frog voice na my taste, please make no one insult at my comment I’m from Ile ife, if your life dey important to you.

  24. For me the frog voice na my taste, please make no one insult at my comment I’m from Ile ife if your life dey important to you

  25. Pls guys wiz and davido u guy are still young work as brothers and stop all dis trash habit. Enemy at u guys back watching u guys downfall. Be wise. I guess a world is enough 4 the wise. Guys make ur ba and leave stories. God bless ur hustling spirit.

  26. you both are doing well so why all this bullshit. Come together and boom up 9ja. One Love.

  27. make una dey here dey kill una self …..dem dey dea dey enjoy the firm and wealth . wizkid no say, davido come say who DAT one help.?

  28. Jay z, kanye, even dem future, migos non get like Sam smith voice but who be boss for d industry? Everything abt d guy is so little from his name wizkid to label starboy. All ur features wit america act on WhatsApp record Neva go anywhere & still no make u international, even bet award too. Wen u get ur citizenship card & passport blue den u be 1, but now u be zero, local naija guy wit Sisco head

    • thanks bro,wizkid is just feeling himself, forcing him self to dem drake if care is not taken one day he will get lost.up davido

  29. I least expected dis from u guy. u r just too mature for dis plz settle ur differences amicably instead of allowing ur enemies rejoice over u.

  30. you talk well brother but tell them make dem no course wizkid abeg is the best of our time ok make dem talk well ,obo abeg tell your fans dem make dem no course wizzy because you day come benin ooo make you no lost your eye o nah star boy get benin oooooo abeg tell dem frog voice

  31. wat has wizkid and davido don to improve ur lives? u re just here beefin one anoda while both of dem are making dia money.
    na wa for u ooo
    let me comman be going bfo u ……….
    u knw my house?

  32. U need to settle your scores and stop all these shit. Whether thick voice, or thin voice, blue or green passport, rich dad or poor dad, please reconcile.

  33. 4 me am begging davido the obo or what ever the call you, live wizkid in his own world, okay ? because wizz the baba nla will hot u so for own good live wizkid alon

  34. come closer 4life

  35. even your father(2baba) in music is always cool, what did you have that makes you feel you are on top. you better don’t full yourself and continue to work add.

  36. wizkid israeliani very stupid, ne got no manners at all

  37. All of una, una be fool, y I say so b/c Davido day,de chop him money de same thing 4 wiz, nd una dey there de kill una self

  38. Wizzy tinks by snubing guyz at headies drake don shw am see hand pass hand

    • Drake was shooting no frauds with Nicki at that time
      Now see how foolish you sounded

  39. Davido is a streed noise maker with local voice

    • ur jus like a chameleon mtchew

  40. May God intervene.

  41. una no get work,wizzboy and frog voice dey dere own dey make dere money,y una dey here dey kill una self 4waitin no concern una,dem b una relative???? read all d comment,frog voice relative no talk,wizzboy relative no comment,una leave MKT wen una go sell com dey carry mata 4head…inshot thunder fire all of una wen dey insult wizzboy.

  42. wizkid who are you to challenge davido in any level davido is reacher Dan you is more popular Dan you in fact who are you to point your disgusting hand on davido face in fact wizkid u are stupid by talking to davido anyhow idiot if you wanna u follow me up at Facebook Starzee baby the same on instergram

  43. some of una wan even use vex murder pesin with una heavy punchlines, strong strong grammar way dey shake my phone screen

  44. una day here Day quarrel una self for pple way no get nothing to worry about. Na so una take Day vote and fight Inn bad ledas 2rule una. God abeg oh… if una want comment and just talk about the good of ur best artist not by insulting your self. abeg mk una no yab me… lol lol..

  45. Wizkid is still a boy under is mum so my oga at the top OBO live am na he matter if he talk finish he gi, go sleep for he mama back

  46. every man do his things his own way ,you can’t say that if u get money ,all this dramatical war between wiz&dav that u will not be a participant in have no one to blame .

  47. please upload jaz prayzah ft Davido, come and see Davido speaking Shona Zimbabwean language, Davido is the greatest artist to come out of Africa

  48. u ppl don’t need to be fighting one another if there’s anything wrong what u need to do is to come close and settle peace pls in salting each others from media is a very bad habit

  49. even though you no fear David, appropriate the fact that he killed Goliath. or intense of money,,oya forward your bank account.

  50. you people should stop all this but truly davido have frug voice. wizkid I love you for any query add me on what app 08094891939

  51. I love wizkid but they shld go and settle wit each other abeg una no go put food for my table wit this una quarrel ..una don get name.make money

  52. To says the fact I like wizkid, but if I think in other side I like davido than him, because star boy were too arrogant

  53. but seriously how does a passport make you a better singer
    #team wizkid A.K.A starboy#

  54. greatest artist indeed
    you mean greatest frog voice that liveth

  55. God LMAO Davido for life shaaa….una dey burst my bubble shaa no go think about your lifes

  56. Banana go Fall on wizzy and Davido head soon..if them both don’t try to come closer..i hate beef more especially to 2 artist that most of us like to listen there music..Both have to show a bit maturity abeg..ka chi foo.

  57. To be sincere Davido is Soooo small to BaBanla by far!!!

  58. davido is no match for wizzy, he should just tie a bandana over his turtle head

  59. una just dey talk anyhow here. the two people when dey fight so na my best men and dey sabi sing Weller? make we pray make dem come back together again. na love, peace and unity na in we dey find. wizz and David make una nor forget say una be one Nigeria and una be thesame Yoruba? abeg make una stop fight because fans dey vex for una

  60. You dont mean it.

  61. Dav

  62. ok

  63. hahahahahaha, this is getting interesting

  64. daddy yo we love you man keep it up. As for u guys fuck davido which one is ‘banana fall on you’ does it make sense booooooo loser

    • scissors fall on your tongue !!! banana or cucumber, he’s still the coolest kid in Africa. Pls shut up pere

  65. It is not good may musician should be fighting

  66. why are u guys fighting we get to unite as one in order to push our country NIGERIA forward, so pls b united

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