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Wizkid Stole ‘Ojuelegba’ From Me – Blackface

Posted by Temitope Delano on January 23, 2016 in News · 191 Comments

Recall days back, we reported that Blackface Naija, called Starboy boss, Wizkid out in his new song, ‘Killa,’ well today, he has finally explained the story behind the whole allegation.

According to Blackface, who spoe with Saturday Beats, he said Wizkid stole the hit song, ‘Ojuelegba’ from him.

I never really wanted to talk about it all this while but after people started checking out my new song, Killa, many felt Blackface sounded like Wizkid, which I didn’t like.
If you check properly, you would realise that Wizkid’s hit, Ojuelegba, sounds exactly the same as the track 13 on my dancehall album released as far back as 2010.

You need to listen to that album to know what I am talking about. The song is so similar that I think it shouldn’t be that way.

Well, in Killa, I sang that they tried to copy my melody, and the bloggers got a hint of the gist and put their reports out. What I said is the truth and I am going to get to the root of this matter because I deserve justice.
Video thumbnail for youtube video DOWNLOAD:VIDEO: BlackFace - Gidi BangLK Kuddy - With You (Remix) [B-T-S] (2)
The Ojuelegba song has made so much revenue for Wizkid. I am not bothered about that but I want the industry to be in a position whereby people will understand that some of the artistes and the songs they are cheering is someone else’s efforts, especially fellow artistes that they are doing everything to bring down. All they are doing is to bring down Blackface and to say that he is not relevant in the industry. Some people are bent on killing my legacy. I believe there is definitely a gang-up against me in the industry and this has been going on for a long time.
The veteran dancehall act continued saying he tried speaking with Wizkid about the whole issue, but his response was alarming.
There was a time Wizkid followed me on twitter and I told him that I don’t want him taking my songs and that if he wants to do any of my rhythm, he should let me know. I told him that because I was just being a big brother to him. I told him that our songs can’t be sounding so similar and that if he wants anything, he should let me know. But after some time, he unfollowed me and it was shortly after then that the Ojuelegba song was released. I don’t have any problem with Wizkid or any other person, all I am saying is that they shouldn’t be tampering with my songs because those are my properties.
Wizkid and I do different kinds of music and he doesn’t have my type of skill. I don’t have a problem with that. I am only bothered when somebody takes my song and tries to turn it around into theirs without giving me due credit.
Wizkid is yet to respond to this new claim as at the time of this report.


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  1. You are very stupid….its better to just shut your sh**t hole up…

  2. U b big fool black face….una wan spoil my guy nam abi….u dn fade go 2 hell

    • Una dey craze b face will never serve devil he must make real money

  3. Why you guys lyk dis well is because he done go ahead of you guys…..uhna day crazy bother blackface your black face is deceiving you stupid being………gera ra here

  4. c dis idiot fool u are very stupid talking to 1 nd only star boy na 1 like wizzy in industry, u better keep all ur fucking mouth

  5. wht a fool u re @blackface…..why u ppl dnt want 2 see another going higher u re craz once again

  6. Lmao. Good morning ya’ll

  7. Nonsense at you black face

  8. thumbs up starboy @blackface i tink he is just trying to gaing popularity again what a lame way of doing it

  9. Um.. Just passing by.

  10. ah ah blackface u r way older than this and plus ur generation for music don pass

  11. See what this guy is even saying, you release song since 2010 e nor blow, weda wizkid released ojuelegba or not would, how would it help you song in 2010, I doubt if wizkid even listen to you album…

  12. Black face black sense tell us dat ur album dat sound like ojuelegba hit mumu him wan find person wey go. Make am blow again. Wizkid abeg help him career abi wetin una feel na

  13. this na the same boy when turn Psquare Do Me To Erinma, Watin P Square Do you, uhuru and Masterkraft way dey make the same beat for Naija Artist, how many don call there self out

    • It was p square dt copied from him

    • @blackface i think u are dumb to the extent that u will embarass urself in public like that…think b4 u act..@wizkid am a loyal and biggest fan of urs, u re the best

      • you are a fool

  14. Wizzkid I knw wat he wnted he’s looking 4 whom to attached to so as 4 him 2 blow. Abeg helphim career abi wetin una tink na

  15. Blackface u are mad

  16. Lol small time they will say na them write all the songs for superstar album for wizkid… #mofols

  17. Egbon black faze,if u want the song,come and collect it.

  18. All the Guy did was say the truth about wat he felt was injustice to him pls don’t criticise him cos u don’t know the truth of d matter

    • Your bastard!!

    • Your a bastard!!

  19. I’m sori 4 d youth of dis generation. Do u think dt heaping avalanches of unjustified. Insults on Blackface Naija is da best way to submit your support to Wizkid? I’m nt in any justifying d truthfulness of the accusation but I think it will go a long way to tell da world of how matured we are if we instead insulting Blacface, investigate Wizkid to figure out why he should be a victim two intellectual theft accusation. Remember that before Blackface’s case, Dammy Krane had earlier leveled the same allegation against Wizkid. What did he say? Would it not be ideal if he (Wizkid) had come out boldly to defend himself? Oh, do you think we are still living in the era where “silence is gold”? If silence is gold then why are you wasting your data in leveling unwarranted strictures against a man who may be saying the truth?

    • Haba, kai mr black face…small tym go tok say na u born wizkid…lol

    • Guy I know like dis nonsens ohhhh, person dey drag himself for ground you say make we dey investigate you sabi black face reach me ? guy go calm you nerves down. You be emglish teacher abi u just dey blow grammar intelectual somtin somtin ………make baba nla catch u

  20. Erinma to do me???.. lmao.. This blackface is a clown… God go punish am.. Idiot

  21. Blackface 4 release hin own make I see wether drake go remix am….mtcheeew…..

  22. Black face leave music and go and learn mechanic instead

  23. yout father go die!!!! if ur father don die, ut mama go die!!!….na now u suppose dey tlk na!!! idiot!! broke nigga!! u wey once dey live for ibeshe for one room dey claim hit song!!!…. motherfucker!!…wizzybaba nla abeg leave trash for lawma like backface

    • very bad of u

    • It’s a a stupid statement telling someone will die for what just because he gave. An allegation of which I guess d allegation is true wizkid I a thief simple. Stop accusing somebody dat he will die for what. Dammy crane said sth similar. Y can’t wizkid think and produce good music on his own. Stop. Dat nonsense comment on Black jo d guy is right

  24. yout father go die!!!! if ur father don die, ut mama go die!!!….na now u suppose dey tlk na!!! idiot!! broke nigga!! u wey once dey live for ibeshe for one room dey claim hit song!!!…. motherfucker!!…wizzybaba nla abeg leave trash for lawma like backface

  25. One significant tin abt blackface and dammykrane is dat dy both release a song and dy Er lookin for attachments to make the money dy use fr d song nt to waste Eeya sowi ooo #starboyteam

  26. lol wia this fool come out 4rm kwanu to Say diz Rubbish Oga ur music package dn End go nd shit down u wat fame hustle 4it all diz won’t help u

  27. Nobody should critize or abuse blackface he is nt a small boy,nobody knw d truth abt d ish….sometymz dem go dey wyn us say dem dey beef#f**k Wizkid,f**k Blackface#.

    • I stil hv luv, 4 u baba blackface, i am one of ur strongest fans, when ever i listen to ur song, it gives me inspiration. Even if fucking nigg believed u, CHOKO man, believe u, u ar 2much baba, keep d good wrk. CHOKO man say so, nor think am.

    • I stil hv luv, 4 u baba blackface, i am one of ur strongest fans, when ever i listen to ur song, it gives me inspiration. Even if all ds fucking nigg dont believed u, CHOKO man, believe u, u ar 2much baba, keep d good wrk. CHOKO man say so, not think am.

      • God bless u. Anyone who mock down on someone is next step is set to fall

  28. E b like say blackface wan promote his song soo e dey look for ways . wizzy abeg help him out.

  29. Welldone Black face…trying to play the victim here abi…the same way Dammy krane was also gloating few weeks ago…yhu didnt complain when the song was dropped initially,its now U’re clamouring for justice…jst bcos yhu and DK want to promote ur new single!…i’m dissapoint in yhu nd DK…Bottom line is WIzKid is way bigger than the two of yhu!..before yhu knw it now,African china will say wizkid stole BaBa Nla from him…Grow up jawe!

  30. 9ja na de place of survival of de’s kill or be killed. If dem steal ur own,abeg find anoda person own steal and stop complaining. That’s de game y’all

  31. Oga Blackface you gat no point you can do yourself good by coming out with some guniue eveidence not only accusation.

  32. First Dami Krane, now Blackface? If this is true, Wizkid needs to stop.
    Two people can’t be wrong about these allegations. It’s worth looking into.

  33. Black face life don Taya you abi you want make dey kill you abi? Wizkid you too much

  34. Black face U no get sense O U fit sing or write song no go hustle another hustle mumu… Nothin for U

  35. Una c person wey b blackface no b blackface wit blackbrain yega wizzy wizzo mullien_kiz here 08100425836

    • black f stop complaining dat thy stole ur muzik is due time for u to stop singing Plz go into production.

  36. blackface nawaoo for u , no be 2baba again na wizzy abi, any way a hungry man is an angry man

  37. Okay. I just read through the comments and I noticed a lot of aspersions being casted. People raining insults on the Blackface dude! Now tell me,is this the first time an artiste comes out to accuse Wizkid of ‘GrandTheft’?? 2face Idibia said some few days back on Wazobia f.m that the allegations DammyKrane made against Wizkid were true. That Wizkid actually stole DK’s song. Now BlackFace comes out saying the same thing and people are raining invectives on him,insulting his parents. It’s not actually my business but in every accusation that props up repeatedly, there is an iota of truth. BlackFace said he has evidence. Analyse his evidence before conclusion.

  38. Blackface na really mumu dude if u need money jus ask 4 money u cn evn say as a old dead papa in d industry u need new sch money 4rm a son of d soil wiz baba la wizkid

  39. Na so black face talk sey tubaba steal african queen nw na ojueleba. Guy black face face ur music nad stop trying to gain cheap popularity tru dis. Abeg ma e na allow ma guy wizkid wetin self na crime for person t blow or dey talented. Ha

  40. Blackface needs deliverance I swear..u think say na African queen so dem go give you another money Abi..u are lost

  41. Blackface u better find something to do,when 2face release his Africa queen u say is ur song now wizkid,aburo e nkole,iwo ji iso.

  42. U see 1st skales 2nd Dammy k and now black f all off dem wan use wizkid neme too blw

  43. Black face u way ur career don black finish………weray man

  44. wizkid stole ‘holla at ur boy’ from me and my bb charger but I no complain. lol.

  45. No bi only ojuelegba e still frm u. Na emuelegba e add join am. Nonsense

  46. black face pls shut ur mouth up na glass him go break for ur head now

  47. If d life don taya u ehn…u die

  48. Seeking fame tho@blackface

  49. Can’t u see d industry rules…..kill or be killed
    2face steal una song take blow
    Na wizkid don steal ur own again e don use am blow
    Dem tie u for ground u non fit still steal person own
    U non dey go studio…people non dey record song for ur present.
    D wizkid too big for u to use blow finish e face if truly e steal ur song.
    See make una take time o..non bi only u all of una wey dey the industry.
    Upcoming artist like me are coming so dat they go see the industry enter….

  50. Y on earth would tooxclusive give room to such sarcasm in dis site…. Am soory for some young Nigerians who comments based on d first person’s comment. How would they even manage to pass good judgment among their children? Tooxclusive, plz do smoething about dis insult of a thing. Going forward.

    • You Papa yansh ? If dem no give room how we for dey lol dey rotfl etc………abi u know no wetin $ dey talk who bring u kan here sef…………………….u suppose dey library dey read books on how to make $ come down……………if u see any error nah me tu baba i know go sch…lol na why i dey steal songs

  51. Fustration won kill broda blackface..abeg packwell joor

  52. i think stealing is a wrong word to use in this marra wizkid simply finds inspiration in some other artist’s work and nigeria we don’t give credit cuz it’s a lawless country(wizkid freestyles listern to his words)

  53. Well no be your fault na bacause say wizkid succed pass all of you dammy krane and you black face you’r such a disgrace to nigeria …. God pass you

  54. Hmmmmm., O y o.

  55. wizkid is a thief idot if na ma be balckface I for don kill am

  56. Wizkid is dey bst starboy team

  57. Mumu black face u b pussy. Ass nigga ..u jst tryin 2 hype ur 2010 album way ppl no even buy..4k off ..2 hell. Wit u nd ur album ..wizzy na una boss now

  58. Help mi ask….was t last night ojeuleba was out???

  59. Blackface full of bullshit…I don’t believe a bros like should be doing this shit. Why is he the only person he’s music is always stolen. Back to back it was him and 2face with the “African Queen”

  60. Na ur head dem go break bottle na

  61. If u check very well you will see wizkid hit song ojuelegbe sound like my track 13 in my dancehall album released 2010 and nigerian no agree to buy am??? FM stations no agree to play am??? even your brothers no agree to play am for their room??? Blackface take your time your higbo(weed) don dey too much ooh

  62. If u check very well you will see wizkid hit song ojuelegbe sound exactly like my track 13 in my dancehall album released 2010 and nigerian no agree to buy am??? FM stations no agree to play am??? even your brothers no agree to play am for their room??? Blackface take your time your higbo(weed) don dey too much ooh

  63. Please oh…Who is blackface?? That name dint ring a bell

    • if you see am hen e go ring a clock…… nah notorious big boi ohhhhhhhh. Nah ein dey catch people wey dey steal songs

  64. Common guyz why pple sayn trash against Blackface or uh nah believe say blackface nah small boi abi uh nah dei craze ni,apart 4rm those who make sense tlk here mugu pple,idiot pple,why uh nah think say him musiq go take blow wey he used to sing about bad thin tht happen in our country Nigeria,like of Baba 70 Fela Anikulapo kuti shei dem even like him musiq…………like HARD LIFE 4 example shei no be hard life uh nah dei move with in our country””Fileeee fun the icon man Blackface dei here 2ru born nigeria man stil my favourite artist!!!


  65. BF why accuse people wen they are on top of there game,2face, now wizkid. It makes U look as if U r an enemy of progress. Addressing it in public dis way would rather bring U down d more. Be happy for people’s suceess,so dat success will find U.

  66. Wizkid stole my song too……

  67. Wizzy stole my song also ooh,oju dudu weytin we go do dis star boss wey jah don upgrade am pass you?mumu lol

  68. Black face same of us does not no u bro I think u just need fame. Star boy wiz eme they wizkid for life

  69. Its might be Possible. Nobody is perfect

  70. Its might be possible. Becos all wizkid song no make snce like ojuelegba.

  71. 4 me ooO, going true old music can make u come out with something better, just like double wahala by oritsha femi is still a hot song till date but all d same wizkid is the man on track now, blackface was knock out by kenness music back den till date any body dat have problem with dem will never shine again like kelly hansom, eddy remedy, marvellous benjy, now is jaywon lol so make una go beg this men, I no no waiting dem do 4 una oooooooooO

  72. 0juelegba takeOver ., drake and skepta murdered the remix

  73. Thunder fire u dier yb

  74. When they aint making money ”all they do is to tamper others”” fool of the first other

  75. LOL, Blackface calm down. Get a talent and then a life.

  76. Guy u no get talent… I don’t know how a star will steal a song of urs whose reputation is questionable… u go old before dem go notice u

  77. Blackface are you now a kid that everyday they stole my song they stole my song? you can imagine now you now a mockery in the industry and some see you an enemy of progress just because you wait until the song is been popular then you come out to say it is your song you are not a baby anymore pls go into production

  78. Wetin dis guy dey talk sef? Ur song resemble ojuelegba na em e no blow? even if wizzy made use of ur song u shld be happy he made something better out if it.Make nobody talk trash about d legendary OJUELEGBA…

  79. e be lyk say ur songs lyk 2 blow 4 other ppl mouth

  80. Wetin dis guy dey sing sef wey ppl dey thief?

  81. If dem thief ur song thief one of theirs and sing

  82. blackface na be a big mumu everyday it’s you bros your careless now…..enemy of progress yeye man

  83. Tuface stole african queen from u abi ? Now wizkid stole ojuelegba from u again..hahaha funny

  84. u guy are just fool, blackface is my best Nigeria artists, wizkid stole his song and u don’t want him to talk why, one love blackface I love niger

    • Two of kind a kind

  85. I think this dude wanna use wizkid song to resurrect again

    • kinda like dat word R E S S U R E C T meaning the egbo don die…RIP Black Man,black bread,black beans no vex i forget your name Black fool….every song stolen was a hit back to back…………………………… go trow tire for wizzy neck

  86. Black face my broda…… dem you young brodas as u stated, if nah money for eskay u need yarnnnnnn am. Hw much es k u need wey baba nla no fit fit prepare……..Dis kind public embrassment wey u dey bring no join cos your pikins dem go still chop inside ohhhhh. Think am well ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  87. Ha black face u for not say wizzzy Baba stole ur song. Wizzy has won so many people’s heart sorry for the insult blackface. Justine bieber…….soooorrryyyy

  88. What Blackface is saying mite be true

  89. Lol…. After wizkid have been awarded. You now know say na him thief ur song, its irritating blackface. Black face, black brain

  90. See mumu wey dey form big Bro. Please let’s raise money for Black face. Bruh thanks for giving me a CDS project “Charity for Black face”

  91. if nah sing am bros who go listen to it,who sabi u,u nosabi u am so dem collect am frfm u

  92. Hahahahah blackface u still dei alive? U don de find how to promote ur song abii?
    I sure say Wizkid evn get time to listen to ur dry song killa abi ba kulla or watevaaa
    Abeg go rest ooo!!

  93. No b lie jo e fit steal am from u but watin u da wait since wa u no release am wa e kon be now wa the poor don use am blow na u kon know sa na ur son odeee

  94. Just imagine blackface sang ojulegba!? hmmmmm

  95. yu re a pure bastard @ blackface

  96. Black face or blue face be ur name abi?u don mad u need medication,wizkid na ur mate,abi them tell u say na tout music them dey sing,wizkid and 2 baba them no be ur mate,they don go far,hundred meters,so just go plan well for ur future,the music don’t rock with u….villiager

  97. problem is Nigerian dont support people who brought music to us we only support of presence…….whyne wizkid ft banky w sounds same as whyne by black face in his dancehall business album thats a proof ……check that song out and compare yet some mumu dey yab blackface

  98. Hahahahahahaha the other time na dammy krane now na black face,wizzy Ma bro u don chop shit shaa oo!!,but watsup with our music industry wat is happening.

  99. Black ass sorry face abeg dey hide yur song very ok.

  100. baba we no go buy ur album…see code way e one day use

  101. Omokayode u be mumu ur egbon blackface talk say na ojuelegba resemble him track 13 of his old crack dance hall album u idiot talk say na duttywhyne ft banky w resemble ur egbon black brain whyne of 2010.two of u na no get brain at all,now every song thief frm blackbrain was a hit back to back##from african queen to do me,from let somebody love you to ojuelegba#fuck black dull …..koni dafun iya eyan##thief ti take over..

  102. make thunder RAPE you idiot no go register for jamb …….imagine talk…almighty BABA NLA go go so low to steal your song…BLACK FACE OF POT abeg stop this kind trash if you want fame hustle for your fame buy your self……

  103. make thunder RAPE you idiot no go register for jamb …….imagine talk…almighty BABA NLA go go so low to steal your song…BLACK FACE OF POT abeg stop this kind trash if you want fame hustle for your fame buy your self……

  104. Watin happn nau boss why be say na everybody dey steal frm you to make hit…. Boss better make you too find person steal frm ooh to make hit and big tym money cus rit nau you’re on a long tin…. And Hope say too much of w**d kno dey involve sha.. Boss reason well oh cus you still be boss

  105. @black face u re so dumb and stupid to tha extent that u will embarass urself in public kike that

  106. all of una need go rest with this una who get song matter… e don dey too much, una just dey waste poor citizen mb wa no reach before

  107. Abobbi make you no dey yarn me BB talk

  108. U Just Dey Talk Rubish Whu No Ur Papa 4 Ojuelegba

  109. black face or wat dey call u bcuz u do not know wat to sing again is dat y u ar lying or bcuz u c God have given babanla glory to sing and u don’t have is dat y u want to bring him back lyk u God pass u o u better go slip cuz music no b or way fuckkkkkkk u black pussy ass hole face

  110. watch de words u say cox u my be judged wit dem someday

  111. It’s always good to support ur person or ur fan but d fact remain I want us to believe that there is nothing impossible as far as we r on this planet. Somebody who accuse someone of theft must have a prove evidence we shouldn’t judge things by sentiment. All we need do is to bring together and do some questioning between two party n settle d conflict. God bless Nigeria. God bless AFRICA.

  112. Some people just open there mouth and talk to black Black Face anyhow I guest most of them as not finish there O level, if u don’t anything u keep ur fucking mouth shot, I wizkid a perfect man dat he can not steal. Y can’t u call on wizkid to come and defend himself before u siding him. To anyone who doesn’t judge this case…….. I will not asay anythng but learn how to be at d right side don’t allow the love u have for the other party cruciffy u dude.

  113. God bless some guys who reason well on this matter. Somebody like ‘Msikak Ekikorg And MR Whaley etc who spoke well, some just read through other people comments and just do some copy n past, if u r not very careful on. Dis issue u b judge one was alleged being a theft he couldn’t come out and defend himself and u r here dyeing for him because his ur fan. Automatically u r judged wizkid could be a grand theft if is not stopped. Thank God the guy did no even go and join police like… it would have been another topic

  114. If wizkid is a thief let d press call both of dem n if wizy boy is guilty give him a befitting penalty so dat d small will not spoil d musaic industry, because if u don’t stop d small boy that is a thief hmmmmm he will rub the owe industry.

    Make e no come b sey if wizzy won go greet Olamidey Bado for Aus; he will Jst call his. Team mate ‘Lil Kesh dat one ll just answer yes brother, where is Adekule Gold dat one too go answer yes boss Victor and Chinko Ekun nko all of them will just gathered;
    Bado asking question now: what r u guy doing we r rehazing for d next track stop rehazer for now Dnt u aware wizkid is coming to greet us pls go and start rehazing d old song efe joku ni o when he. See sey na old una dey do e go go meet mavin record.

    Na only Chinko Ekun I free make e dey do any song.

    Or else e ll use ur destiny blow. Lol

  115. black face you are stupid to the stupor

  116. Mumu blackface fool

  117. All of you are out of track,one tin u should knw is dat truth is bitter but it must b told,try make u b star n sombody copy ur tune take blow mk u knw how u go feel,ona no dey d game das y ona dey rant any how,instead of u to look for a way to knw d truth ona dey insult d blackface,how nija won take better ? We all lov Wizkid but stop pouring insult on dat guy ok. Go n fined out if its true or not b4 u say somtin trash

  118. All these comments,abeg Blackface for just keep quiet.

  119. omo make blackface go inside casket joor e own

  120. Pls sumwan shuld tk black face to a mental hospital Cus he needs it

  121. actually wah duh black face guy is saying might be true ,cux in music industry we all don’t know wah is going on there ,all we know is any song that comes out that has ah nice beat ..we will like it. so no one knew how they met. period!

  122. salus wizikid sava tu vas jesper que sava

  123. What is wrong with this goatish nigerians.
    is it wrong to look for fame in a something if you are the pioneer of it???
    but as for blackface, take him to court and sort things out.

    it is wrong for one man to enjoy the work of many people unless they give him the right to.

    Get the sense.
    would you want him to shout wen d song wasnt reigning.

  124. Wat if wizkid do am fa?? 2face use ur head nw!!

  125. lol

  126. liess

  127. really? i wnat to listen to that song and make a comparising

  128. miziki ya kilaaina

  129. guy don’t be surprised that it may be truth cux nothing is impossible now…after all blackface is cute nigger he don’t do things anyhow…..wizzy call me on phone so I can enlighten u more on how to get lyrics every minute of the day ;;;;08068510458;;;;;no more stealing pls.

  130. All of u that are abiusing black face,make u na go sleep wakeup and understand wat dey call music,u that sey the music as been old,u no get brain at all,so if u want to steel song is the undon won that u will steel abi,all of u wey dey cos blackface no be u na falt u na go just dey listin to song u na no go no how the song take come out,u na dey colow as faze talk am….but black just dey look dem,dem no be God,but God wey do 2face hon go do blackface hon. Tu.

  131. Blackface u re nt a person u re lyin against baba nla . Ur brain is abnormal nd my d way wizkid is goin high nd high nd no fuck person can stop him

  132. Frgt dt blackfaze or black face cum to my studio make I show u wia u kip am

  133. Black face just fuck off man,ya just so stupid leave Wizkid alone ooooh,idiot

  134. what are you talking about .You are just talking anyhow.You never tried to go back and listen to Blackface song,may be what Blackface is true.
    Lets us just be sincere ,Blackface is talented .I always giving Thumb up,because it is not easy for someone who can compose a song like AFRICA QUEEN.A song that spread all over.And 2face made money through Phat Girlz (2006 comedy film written and directed by Nnegest Likké and starring Mo’Nique.
    Blackface must be respected.And if Blackface said ,Wizkid stole his song…Just believe it

  135. I love 2 face,but Black face is a name to recone with,if you say Black face has has no legacy then you are a teenager,mind you successful people in music are not just singers even song s please don’t moke peoples misfortune because you are the reason why successful artists are arrogant toward entertainment journalists,my late sister was a die hard fan of Black face she would have fought you for this,where were you when we danced to hard life song,erinma,

  136. I love 2 face,but Black face is a name to recone with,if you say Black face has has no legacy then you are a teenager,mind you successful people in music are not just singers even song s please don’t moke peoples misfortune because you are the reason why successful artists are arrogant toward entertainment journalists,my late sister was a die hard fan of Black face,where were you when we danced to hard life song,erinma,

  137. That’s very bad

  138. I blame black face jarre even do wiz*kid still your sung you suppose to look up and do your thing this is huzzlling rmb overtaking is allow

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