Who Is The Best Rapper In Nigeria Right Now?

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Since MI Abaga’s You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives, Nigerian rappers did little to fix up and then went back to sleep again. While many of them still prefer to sing, others continue to rap to get the attention they deserve.

The title for the “Best Rapper” remains void and unclaimed; it is subject to who is buzzing at a particular time in the industry.

This begs the question about who the hottest rapper is, in our industry right now .

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  1. Avatar

    As I am concerned; I vouch for Falz since I don’t listen to MI songs…

  2. Avatar

    Is falz a rapper ? Oh pls!!! MI is still KING come today come tomorrow

  3. Avatar

    Who else ?!!! Mi king of metaphors n rhymes

  4. Avatar

    U vouch for falz, even falz can’t vouch for himself

  5. Avatar

    to me vector z d best. but you’ll should watch out for dremo Especially z recent ep

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  7. Avatar

    I will say vector but dremo z doing big things

  8. Avatar

    ….. Microphone magician….M I

  9. Avatar

    ….. Microphone magician….M I

  10. Avatar

    A-Q all day long

  11. Avatar


  12. Avatar

    Vector ke , wen last did vector drop a rap song? Dremo wey Dey do afobeat , MI z d deal right now

  13. Avatar

    m .i has fade

  14. Avatar

    Always gon be MI

  15. Avatar

    Ice Prince Biko

  16. Avatar

    Mode 9ine

  17. Avatar

    vector all day. he’s the king of freestyles and trust me he drops bars on a reg on IG.

  18. Avatar

    MI is the best no nid for long tok!

  19. Avatar

    Pls nobody should compare KING MI to all these wack ass rappers. What z falz rapping ?

  20. Avatar

    Mi left d game . Came back to collect two headies award .and yet , pple don’t know who is KING

  21. Avatar

    Dremo is the best right now

  22. Avatar

    Baddosneh ati Aga, fear them bro

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  24. Avatar

    King v is thest rapper woo #vector that viper

  25. Avatar

    boogey is d best
    non of them can withstand him except mode 9 n vector

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  27. Avatar

    Mr raw joor

  28. Avatar

    abi wen last do u sub. u are asking wen last did vector drop song, u don’t follow him so u can’t know.. vectorian, VEC any day .#thisoneismad #teslim

  29. Avatar

    Limerick is banging

  30. Avatar

    vector vector vector vector vector vector nd last time I checked it was still vector #oshamo

  31. Avatar

    AQ, Boogey….. but modo is the goat.

  32. Avatar

    Erigga-real paper boy

  33. Avatar

    MI remain de best.. He had made it clear.. Well he is de best for now, until someone like me come along

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  35. Avatar

    Dremo is currently d best

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  37. Avatar

    M.I is the best for now…is the only one doing rap hip hop without mix anything with it, I love vector with all my life, am not asking to choose who I like but to choose the best out of them

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  39. Avatar

    You know chyn, you know ladipoe, Google them

  40. Avatar

    Vector for sure

  41. Avatar

    Erigga…. Don’t take my word for it, go download him songs

  42. Avatar

    erigga biggest baba for rap

  43. Avatar

    Chinko Ekun for the WEST

  44. Avatar

    d only one and only
    superwozzy (akobi dagrin)

  45. Avatar

    who says falz can’t vote for him self? Abeg live am for falz ……….. but make Ona still no say Erigga still day hot o

  46. Avatar

    Abeg na erigga jor

  47. Avatar

    You all go watch a guy called formatic @hbsgang on ig. Yet to be noticed. The guy is good

  48. Avatar

    m i is a Faded colour… not anymore…king of rap goes to… baddo… always collecting headies award for best rapper of the year

  49. Avatar

    Blaqbones bitch!!!

  50. Avatar

    A-Q is the best fuck all those other commercial rappers, boogey too dy try

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  52. Avatar

    Vector, all day. Nigga is too good, Hennessy sign him yearly now as a rap teacher.

  53. Avatar

    Erigga Oldwarri 2sec is the best now

    Ninojerry King My Fb user

  54. Avatar

    Mi abaga

  55. Avatar

    All these other rappers can only back at MI abaga’s throne. They have never collected it. This dude came outta retirement to school them again. Really why does this debate exist? ?????

  56. Avatar

    All these other rappers can only back at MI abaga’s throne. They have never collected it. This dude came outta retirement to school them again. Really why does this debate exist? ?????

  57. Avatar

    Dremo is best right now

  58. Avatar

    common Jo! the chairman is always d KING men, shout out to MI Abaga men..!!

  59. Avatar

    Dremo dizzy

  60. Avatar

    A-Q, ERigga, Cax, Boogey, Eclipse

  61. Avatar

    Vector vector vector #mad #thisoneismad #teslim
    He is the best MC to pick up a mic

  62. Avatar

    My top 10 best rappers
    1. MI
    2. Olamide
    3. Mr raw
    4. Erigga
    5. Phyno
    6. vector
    7. Uzi & falz
    8. Reminisce
    9. Yungsix
    10. Zoro & Slowdog

  63. Avatar

    Mr. Incredible

  64. Avatar

    Erigga paper boi!

  65. Avatar

    The problem is that rap is not paying as much as singing in Nigeria right now,so even the rappers don’t want to rap, nowadays I find it difficult to find a good rap song in nigeria,so I listen to Nasty C, best rapper in Africa to me right now,we had M.I,but not anymore.( in Africa, Khaligraph jones,Nasty C,M.I. Casper,AKA), ,I guess you can say Dremo,Phyno,but even then they sing in their songs sometimes

  66. Avatar

    omo na Ycee

  67. Avatar

    Vector all d way?

  68. Avatar

    #Dremo #DremoDrizzy #CodeName

  69. Avatar

    M. I is yet to be replaced! that’s just the truth. all other rappers are infinitely inferior to M.I abaga. take it or leave it.

  70. Avatar

    Eribaba, day break every where burst

  71. Avatar

    Always M.i

  72. Avatar

    Na me joor if not mi, all These rap Nigga don turn hip hop to rnb gospel and dance all songs

  73. Avatar

    na wah o. some people are still caught up in 20th century. MI is now a once upon a time rapper nah. it’s because of people like you who still claims he’s the best that he’s still dropping those nonsense childish rhymes he’s calling rap songs

  74. Avatar

    even MI’s life needs a lot fixing himself.

  75. Avatar

    ogun kill all of una here…M.i forever

  76. Avatar

    DJ Rufflemon

  77. Avatar

    Loose kaynon

    update ur 2018

  78. Avatar

    its yannick philippe the guy is underrated trust me

  79. Avatar

    why you guys never talked about the next to M.I who is the real rapper we gonna be talking about YOUNG6IX

  80. Avatar

    Phyno Abeg Oooooh

  81. Avatar

    I go for Vj Adams presently….

  82. Avatar

    Why not sarkodie?

  83. Avatar

    olamide badoo

  84. Avatar


  85. Avatar

    Cdoe Name DREMO [Oluwa Babanla Turnup]

  86. Avatar

    Vector oshamo

  87. Avatar

    Well thats left for perception,but as far as rap music is concern ClassiQ is the BOMB not just cos he spits in hausa but beacuse he is good in english as well

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