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Fireboy DML – “Jealous” (Prod. By Cracker)

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Fireboy DML "Jealous"

YBNL‘s talented singer, Fireboy DML “Jealous” is one of the hottest trending act in the music industry.

The song “Jealous” has been receiving massive streams since the release of the official video (Watch visuals here). It has also found its way into major music charts and it buzzing heavily on every speakers and playlist. “Jealous” was produced by Cracker, It a Bang! don’t miss out, Listen and Enjoy below


“Fireboy DML – “Jealous” (Prod. By Cracker)”, 2 out of 5 based on 752 ratings.

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  • Fireboy DML “Jealous”
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  • Last modified: Jul 15, 2019 | 19:39


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  1. Avatar

    The name of the song is addicted please, not jealous

    • Avatar

      Yeah, really

  2. Avatar

    wow this is awesome

  3. Avatar

    It is jealous

  4. Avatar

    Fly boy jelors

  5. Avatar


  6. Avatar

    Is called jealous not addicted the addicted comes when the dude was telling the girl that he was getting addicted to her….. So read the music ????lyrics and understand it…

  7. Avatar

    Me likey!!!!

  8. Avatar

    nice one fireboy

  9. Avatar

    i love dis music

  10. Avatar

    This is one of my best songs fire boy won my First Five

  11. Avatar

    Nice one

  12. Avatar

    Is it your song

  13. Avatar

    I love this music

  14. Avatar

    Dope one bro

  15. Avatar

    The music hot

  16. Avatar


  17. Avatar

    On repeat, can’t wait to mime this song

  18. Avatar

    It is addicted not jealous

  19. Avatar

    it’s jealous not addicted or wore very u mall et

  20. Avatar

    I love the song

  21. Avatar

    I so love the song nice one dear

  22. Avatar

    I really love this song and is my best song

  23. Avatar

    I really love this song and is my best song 2019

  24. Avatar

    I loved this song the first time I heard it.

  25. Avatar

    I love youuuu

  26. Avatar

    Love dis

  27. Avatar

    This jam is dope

  28. Avatar

    I so much love it

  29. Avatar

    i lovew the song

  30. Avatar


  31. Avatar

    Let dem fell the hit.

  32. Avatar

    Nice lyrics

  33. Avatar

    I love this ?

  34. Avatar

    I love this song like mad

  35. Avatar

    i love this song so much

  36. Avatar

    lovely one

  37. Avatar


  38. Avatar

    Umuchukwu this song is on???

  39. Avatar

    It’s a blast? more inspiration dude??

  40. Avatar

    The name of the song suppose to be ” Addicted “, cos the guy was already addicted to the girl , that’s why he fell in love .

  41. Avatar

    Nice shot
    Fire boy dey burst my brain

  42. Avatar


  43. Avatar

    Take it or leave it song of the year

  44. Avatar

    Hot jam bro heart u

  45. Avatar

    Lovely music

  46. Avatar

    i die for that music

  47. Avatar

    Chai, baby am getting jealous

  48. Avatar

    Fireboy thumbs up

  49. Avatar

    This song is making me want to fall in love over again…. W.t.f am into it.

  50. Avatar

    Loved it from d one
    Nice jam

  51. Avatar

    awesome I like it.

  52. Avatar

    it suppose to be addicted not jealouse

  53. Avatar

    In love

  54. Avatar

    i love this musuc it nice and cool

  55. Avatar

    cool jam

  56. Avatar

    this guy is good, what have you done to me

  57. Avatar

    I love this song for real fire boy u are there for real

  58. Avatar

    Wow this is amazing,keep it up fireboy

  59. Avatar

    T classic you valid ?

  60. Avatar

    Wow this is my best of the i’m inlove with this song

  61. Avatar

    I love this song somuch

  62. Avatar

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  63. Avatar

    I love it

  64. Avatar

    Nice one gee….sauce

  65. Avatar

    Correct G

  66. Avatar

    Love these song

  67. Avatar

    I seriously love this song.

  68. Avatar

    I love this song

  69. Avatar


  70. Avatar

    I love this music, so lovely

  71. Avatar

    I so much love this song

  72. Avatar

    I love this song….I don’t no if I can ft u

  73. Avatar

    wow lovely

  74. Avatar

    Cool music

  75. Avatar


  76. Avatar

    Love the music its so dope

  77. Avatar

    On a repeat mode??

    Bless up

  78. Avatar


  79. Avatar

    Luv De Music Very Massive

  80. Avatar

    I inlove with d song. I do play it 4 my gal any time we have issue .

  81. Avatar

    Wow, I’m in love with this song, infact I’m addicted

  82. Avatar

    Fire on bro

  83. Avatar

    God bless fire boy but u are not fire.

  84. Avatar

    my ringtone

  85. Avatar

    big up 2 da jam!!!!!!!ten fire emojis

  86. Avatar

    I Like it

  87. Avatar

    Wow lovely song by fireboy

  88. Avatar


  89. Avatar

    dumebi is my best song

  90. Avatar

    nice and lovely

  91. Avatar

    nice so sweet

  92. Avatar


  93. Avatar

    what a talent

  94. Avatar

    nice tune, keep it up

  95. Avatar

    great talent

  96. Avatar

    lovly song

  97. Avatar

    Love that

  98. Avatar

    celebrety dat gud

  99. Avatar

    Love this song

  100. Avatar

    Nice…i dey am 24 hours non stop

  101. Avatar

    Still on the matter

  102. Avatar

    very good

  103. Avatar

    Best of the year I love the song

  104. Avatar


  105. Avatar

    Rudeboy you are the best het after het i love you,you are true all the best let them know that u are there. Emelvans from Zambia all the best bro

  106. Avatar


  107. Avatar

    It’s a cool hit

  108. Avatar

    Best song of the century
    Nice 1 fireboy

  109. Avatar

    Really love ur song so damn much nd it’s titled jealous not addicted!!!!!! Abeg listen to d lyrics wella,hez in love with her dahs wyy his jealous nd later addicted…….jealous comes first before addicted!!!!!! Hope u understood

  110. Avatar

    Really love ur song so damn much!!!

  111. Avatar

    This is perfect work fly on its so loud

  112. Avatar

    This song keep singing in my mind so i ve to download it and enjoy it in full.
    God bless fireboy

  113. Avatar

    lovin d song like mad

  114. Avatar

    I am just to addicted to this music, this what we call music for the soul. boy you are the BOMB

  115. Avatar

    Am also getting jealous 4 u ??boy

  116. Avatar

    wow…! this is dope!

  117. Avatar

    I love this it makes me think about my love

  118. Avatar

    I love this song it makes me think about my girl

  119. Avatar

    What a lovely song. It epitomizes the way one feels for his/her spouse.

  120. Avatar

    this is beautiful song

  121. Avatar

    hmmm almost all comment is anonymous. liars!!!

    stop this shit abeg

  122. Avatar

    ALMOST ALL posts are anonymous!!!!
    Big lie!!! liars

  123. Avatar

    almost all posts are anonymous , hmmmm!!!!

  124. Avatar


  125. Avatar


  126. Avatar

    I love d song on d first hearing oh

  127. Avatar

    Nice one dear. I love you Rude boy. keep it going. bring it on dearie

  128. Avatar

    nice one dude fire on

  129. Avatar

    i love the music jelous by fireboy it is calm cool and warm i derive joy listening to this song

  130. Avatar

    Jealous by YBNL OR DML

  131. Avatar

    Dis song damn killa me

  132. Avatar

    Fireboy the song is seriously disturbing Uganda

  133. Avatar

    Guy u dope die

  134. Avatar

    I love the song it’s beautiful

  135. Avatar

    The song is why I have ears

  136. Avatar

    Dat is guy

  137. Avatar

    Dat is guy nice looking

  138. Avatar

    dope bro

  139. Avatar

    this song is dope guy can i do the remix Jboy natipess .

  140. Avatar

    In love with the song ??????????

  141. Avatar

    Wow good work

  142. Avatar

    I love every bit of it

  143. Avatar

    I love this song like crazy

  144. Avatar

    I luv You fireboi

  145. Avatar

    still on repeat, super song I’m already jealous of the song

  146. Avatar


  147. Avatar

    cool song ma guys

  148. Avatar


  149. Avatar

    Wow so lovely fire

  150. Avatar

    Hmmm awesome

  151. Avatar

    your music s Are awesome
    mummy say make u do come back house oo

  152. Avatar

    Yes oh i am jealous

  153. Avatar

    You too much

  154. Avatar

    Kk OK

  155. Avatar

    K I have heard

  156. Avatar

    Anonymous stop all this trash you’re doing
    Nice one fireboy dml
    The song is ?

  157. Avatar

    is wat

  158. Avatar

    I really love this song is a banger

  159. Avatar

    I m so loving this song

  160. Avatar


  161. Avatar

    I m getting jealous

  162. Avatar


  163. Avatar

    I like this song

  164. Avatar

    Love this song ???

  165. Avatar

    I love your song

  166. Avatar

    hit song, blast ?

  167. Avatar

    i love this song

  168. Avatar

    I like the song

  169. Avatar

    This song is super awesome

  170. Avatar

    so sweet jealous

  171. Avatar

    Sorry fire boy about what she did for you take heart bro

  172. Avatar

    Love u fire boy

  173. Avatar

    Mhen fireboy set this one on fire

  174. Avatar

    loving the song

  175. Avatar

    am in love with d song

  176. Avatar

    Nice Nigeria’s are making it in times of good music

  177. Avatar

    nice, love it

  178. Avatar

    what hot a music

  179. Avatar

    Fireboy finish work, l love you.

  180. Avatar

    I really love this song from the bottom of my heart

  181. Avatar

    I love this song too much

  182. Avatar

    went for a haircut heard the song and decided to download it

  183. Avatar

    Diz song has said it all. I Luv it

  184. Avatar

    let this be a song of the year

  185. Avatar


  186. Avatar

    my heart beats for this song

  187. Avatar

    this song is dope

  188. Avatar

    Dope one man

  189. Avatar

    This song is driving me crazy and am loving it

  190. Avatar


  191. Avatar

    Nice won dude!
    i hope to feature you soon
    laoye brits ft fireboy dml_lakinda

  192. Avatar

    only you come commenting all dis, am not sure ur normal @ Anonymous person

  193. Avatar

    am in love with this tune

  194. Avatar

    OMG ????

  195. Avatar

    Alabi tope

  196. Avatar

    Awesome song, I am getting jealous of your song n you!

  197. Avatar

    Make dem know!

  198. Avatar

    What a nice song

  199. Avatar

    Gr8 one

  200. Avatar

    Awesome Music!
    more bangers like this and we’ll be all over you!!!

  201. Avatar

    “Fire boy” wow! Keep the fire blessing.

  202. Avatar

    Just the beat and sound???? I love the song am really in love with it…keep it up firebox stay blessed and focused

  203. Avatar

    Just the beat and sound???? I love the song am really in love with it…keep it up firebox stay blessed and focused

  204. Avatar

    Aww my gosh,i love this song

  205. Avatar

    Nice track

  206. Avatar

    9z one

  207. Avatar

    I am just in love with this song???
    Thoughtful thankyou to fireboy

  208. Avatar

    I love jealous

  209. Avatar

    dope one

  210. Avatar

    wow amazt

  211. Avatar

    Love it

  212. Avatar

    O loud gan

  213. Avatar

    These is awesome!

  214. Avatar

    Love the music like mad
    Keep it up man

  215. Avatar

    yo da best man

  216. Avatar

    Fire boy jealous

  217. Avatar

    Am really enjoying this music and I can’t wait to meet fireboy?????

  218. Avatar

    Why are some people complaining about the name of the song?… The name is good and it also rhyme with the lyrics.. infact you follow am compose am? Na mc akpokrikri dey talk.. instead of some of ona to dey praise am .. “addict is better than jealous” … compose your own and give him addict.. FIREBOY I KNOW SAY COMMENT FOR HERE TO MANY ..U NOR GO FIT READ EVERYTHING BUT ANYHOW SHA,..U TOO MUCH..THAT JAM NA BLAST!!!! THAT IS MUSIC WITH MEANING.. WELL ARRANGED…NOR WORRY WE GO SEE FOR FUTURE.. WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT FUTURE ARTIST .. I’M COMING TO JOIN YOU

  219. Avatar

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  221. Avatar

    Nice one , fireboy

  222. Avatar

    nice from fireboy

  223. Avatar

    loving the song??

  224. Avatar

    This is my favorite song ever

  225. Avatar

    keep up the good work

  226. Avatar

    I love dah music like kilode

  227. Avatar

    I love de song

  228. Avatar

    This song is driving me crazy mehnnnnnn????

  229. Avatar

    This song is driving me crazy mehnnnnnn????

  230. Avatar

    The best music ever

  231. Avatar

    nice one bro

  232. Avatar

    Am in love with this song. It’s been years I heard a song that I love like this jealous *****

  233. Avatar

    Music. Just love the rhythms…..

  234. Avatar

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  236. Avatar

    Nicely done

  237. Avatar

    this is awesome
    I so much love this song
    keep it up fire boy

  238. Avatar

    massive vibe #jealous na me dey say am

  239. Avatar

    I’m highly overwhelmed with this all thanks to fire boy

  240. Avatar

    cool song

  241. Avatar

    This song is a hit I love it

  242. Avatar

    Mmmm getting jealous

  243. Avatar

    Mind blowing

  244. Avatar

    Fireboy fire on and don’t stop we love you and your songs

  245. Avatar

    fire fire

  246. Avatar

    In a day I don’t no how many times I am listening d music

  247. Avatar

    Fireboy ? like no other,keep it up

  248. Avatar

    Fireboy ? like no other,keep it up

  249. Avatar

    I die for dis song
    Dis cool more Grace for u fireboy

  250. Avatar

    The song was so wow

  251. Avatar

    I love the song
    I love you fireboy

  252. Avatar

    Lit song I lov it

  253. Avatar

    Just heard the song and it played in my head but then I googled the lyrics a week after I’m addicted to it love it

  254. Avatar

    The song is great

  255. Avatar

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  256. Avatar

    E no de do am. I no go show my papa. This song is nonsense. Why is Di’s stupid song numbar one na!????????

  257. Avatar

    Fireboy i love the song ?

  258. Avatar


  259. Avatar

    Super mulolo

  260. Avatar

    The song is good

  261. Avatar

    V good

  262. Avatar

    v.v.v. good

  263. Avatar

    I’m in luv wit dis music, 2 b sincere. Kudos 2 u fire boy, kip it up.

  264. Avatar

    Ster boy

  265. Avatar

    Love dis song it has vibes

  266. Avatar

    the song is mwah

  267. Avatar

    Dhop Keep it up mah boi

  268. Avatar

    Good one

  269. Avatar


  270. Avatar

    Nice one you got us dear me love this one

  271. Avatar

    This song is so emotional it makes me to miss my Girlfriend

  272. Avatar

    Seriously.Rock on fireboy
    Am indeed already in love

  273. Avatar

    nice guy for music

  274. Avatar

    i luv dis music lyk mad

  275. Avatar

    in uganda its a banger with parte after parte

  276. Avatar

    bravoo young boy

  277. Avatar

    Fireboy I know say u bad ohh no be for mouth

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