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Steve Crown – “You Are Yahweh”

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Gospel minister, Steve Crown releases a brand new worship single titled “You Are Yahweh“.

The spiritual song “You Are Yahweh” was produced by Samzy. This record was drawn from Psalms 110:1 ; “YAHWEH said unto YAHWEH, Sit thou at my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool”.

Listen and Enjoy below

DOWNLOAD Steve Crown – “You Are Yahweh”

“Steve Crown – “You Are Yahweh””, 5 out of 5 based on 36 ratings.


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  1. Avatar

    nice song by steve crown

  2. Avatar

    There are high tension songs, this is one. thanks Steve Crown. bless u sir

  3. Avatar

    More insight to you Mr steve

  4. Avatar

    you’ve done it again steve crown well done

  5. Avatar

    this one is spirit lifting, more anointing to you sir

  6. Avatar

    I love this song very much

  7. Avatar

    this is song is truly a blessing and a changing live song. Steve please keep it up.
    you’re morally in the spirit.

  8. Avatar

    Spirit filled song,God bless u Steve crown for this beautiful one

  9. Avatar

    God bless you

  10. Avatar

    I just can’t get enough of dis song…heard it before but didn’t know it sang by you,more annointing bro

  11. Avatar

    Wonderful song keep the fire burning

  12. Avatar

    Nice one

  13. Avatar

    Awesome song @steve,more grace…

  14. Avatar

    Awesome work from bro Steve, thanks a lot

  15. Avatar

    God bless you

  16. Avatar

    All I Will say is God bless u sir..too many spiritless songs lately.. been begging God for a song that make me pour my heart to him.. this song is a proof that he listens the cry of men

  17. Avatar

    Best worship song that I’ve ever heard the best

  18. Avatar

    am I the only one repeating the song…more anointing Steve crown

  19. Avatar

    Nice one thanks for your inspiration

  20. Avatar

    God Almighty bless you

  21. Avatar

    Great work, more inspiration

  22. Avatar

    I love this song so much.. I’ve been looking for the song ever since I heard it.. Just got it now when I listen to the lyrics in a church close to my place.. I love you Sir. More grace

  23. Avatar

    Powerfully spiritual.

  24. Avatar

    More grease to your elbow

  25. Avatar

    These song is so powerful, accompanied by the heavens

  26. Avatar

    Am so blessed

  27. Avatar

    Amazing song from heaven

  28. Avatar

    More anointing sir

  29. Avatar

    wow!! am soo blessed
    i love this song

  30. Avatar

    so amazingly powerful …..ex stream worship

  31. Avatar

    More annoiting bro..

  32. Avatar

    It took me to a higher level of worship. Thank God for giving you as a blessing to me and my generation.

  33. Avatar

    Wonderful song,God will bless you Steve crown.the Lord will increase you in all areas of life.

  34. Avatar

    Blessed on u

  35. Avatar

    I respect you sir……. More grace

  36. Avatar

    This song lifts my spirit any time o listens to it.

  37. Avatar

    God bless you steve crown

  38. Avatar

    Waooooo anointing flow

  39. Avatar

    Transforming, Greater heights sir!!

  40. Avatar

    Hmm what a great inspirational worship song that when sing in the church u just have to fall under the anointing.

  41. Avatar

    I luv dis worship song men…

  42. Avatar

    Power worship song I keep on listening to this song true u are Yahwe my God

  43. Avatar

    truly, this song is full of anointing. whenever I listen to it, I feel heaven on earth.
    Yahweh God I thank u.

  44. Avatar

    Awesome song sir God bless u

  45. Avatar

    Very inspiring. More grace sir

  46. Avatar

    I so much love this song sir, you are a blessing to my life..God grant you more greatness

  47. Avatar

    i love it

  48. Avatar

    more grace ?

  49. Avatar

    dis is power more grace sir

  50. Avatar

    Wow…..that’s great, more grace steven

  51. Avatar

    So awesome

  52. Avatar

    I have listened to worship songs, but you see this song!!! Can convert the devil.
    Thank you, Steve Crown.

  53. Avatar

    This worship song is classic. An embodiment of glory.Steve.More grace IJN

  54. Avatar

    Just love this song it makes me think of the mavelous works God has done in my life more grace sir

  55. Avatar

    So uplifting!

  56. Avatar

    Thank u Steve crown…love it….more grace ….I wanna sing like u

  57. Avatar

    Love this song so much #More grace l celebrate you

  58. Avatar

    ure grear sir.I celebrate ur anointing

  59. Avatar

    Thank you sir for this song. May God give you more grace and anointing.

  60. Avatar

    Kia.. Fire in my bones

  61. Avatar

    Thank you so much sir, I was seeking for a deeper worship. Boom!!! I got it. Thanks to the Holy Spirit

  62. Avatar

    what a wonderful song you can fill the holy spirit moving God is great indeed keep it up Steve

  63. Avatar

    Love love love this song

  64. Avatar

    Thank you Jesus. Thank you holy Spirit. Heavenly fill

  65. Avatar

    Thank you Lord,bless u sir

  66. Avatar

    Awesome music

  67. Avatar

    I was touch with this song .

  68. Avatar

    This is spirit filled song , bless you sir

  69. Avatar

    D song was waooo thank u Sir more grace

  70. Avatar

    Did song dopeooooooooooooooo

  71. Avatar

    This song dopeooooooooooooooo

  72. Avatar

    Wow dis song of yours as inspired a lot of soul God bless u more Steve Crown

  73. Avatar

    I will love to be one of u…I love songs

  74. Avatar

    This is a song I can’t get off my mind

  75. Avatar

    Very good steve you are the best more grace

  76. Avatar

    God bless for this can’t have enough

  77. Avatar

    Best worship song I’ve ever listen to… Bless u sir because am also bless.

  78. Avatar

    This is awesome
    Heavenly ?

  79. Avatar

    best song of the century takes me to the throne of Yahweh my father. God bless you

  80. Avatar

    The song is really blessing our soul
    Ride on Steve crown

  81. Avatar

    Sir God is with you and he’s happy when you play

  82. Avatar

    It is truly inspirational dear

  83. Avatar

    is life inspiration song, more anointing sir

  84. Avatar

    Highly touching, the power of God is real

  85. Avatar

    I first heard this song recently…and I cant wake up without the song singing in my soul…indeed this song was straight from the throne of Grace…I didn’t even know who sang the song…until I saw a post of you singing it…I rushed to download it…..may my God increase you on every side…and pour more oil in your life…thanks so much @steve crown

  86. Avatar

    This is lifted song that can keep ur spirit burning as a Christian unless u are in the Steve God bless u more anointing

  87. Avatar

    What an inspiration song.Love it

  88. Avatar

    more wins …more victory…more achievements @sirstevcrown

  89. Avatar

    This worship song indeed no doubt a great song, Steve keep doing what you do cos you’re inspiration to many up coming gospel music artists

  90. Avatar

    So powerful and soul touching

  91. Avatar

    Very inspiratiinal

  92. Avatar

    so inspiring

  93. Avatar

    Uplifting song

  94. Avatar

    One of the best,draws u close to God

  95. Avatar


  96. Avatar

    Wow…..wonderful this is from spirit.

  97. Avatar

    This is from spirit

  98. Avatar

    Spirit lifting song

  99. Avatar

    More grace, wisdom God bless you Steven crown

  100. Avatar

    Nigerians are always amazing

  101. Avatar

    Amazing and spiritually cooked song. More grace

  102. Avatar

    you are too much more Grace to you sir

  103. Avatar

    This one got me. Sends shrills down my spine. God bless you Steve

  104. Avatar

    thank you Jesus for use Steve to bless us

  105. Avatar

    So inspiring and Spirit lifting… Glory to God and more strength to you.

  106. Avatar

    i cry out unto you o lord,for you are indeed our God

  107. Avatar

    Spirit filled
    I can not get enough of this song..
    May God continue to bless you

  108. Avatar

    God bless you this song yes this has change my life and leave me with testimony
    Am grateful
    Keep it up

  109. Avatar

    am really touched on hearing this song now. more grace.

  110. Avatar

    Hallelujah! This song is a soul lifter.

  111. Avatar

    This song blessed my soul

  112. Avatar

    Sir God bless you the more,I pray for my recovery through your ministry

  113. Avatar

    The tongues part set me on fayayayaya…..Anointing fall on you

  114. Avatar

    May God continue to increase you sir. More Grace.

  115. Avatar

    You are yahweh is one of d songs I can’t forget in a hurry…it is really a blessing to my soul…

  116. Avatar

    Holy Ghost impact sir. more anointing on you

  117. Avatar

    More anointing on you Sir

  118. Avatar

    I love this song…….Holy Ghost impact…….more grace sir

  119. Avatar

    Spirit filled, more grace to u

  120. Avatar

    this song is really a blessing

  121. Avatar

    It really moved me

  122. Avatar

    This song is a Spirit elevator, go ahead sir, more grace

  123. Avatar

    This song revive my spirit anytime I play it Or hear anywere

  124. Avatar

    I am filled with the holy spirit whenever I play this song…he’s so so talented

  125. Avatar

    Am usually spirit filled whenever I listen to this special track

  126. Avatar


  127. Avatar

    it’s so inspiring more wins sir Steve.

  128. Avatar

    it is very in inspiring

  129. Avatar

    Holy Ghost, spirit filled, song like no other…. Well-done Sir

  130. Avatar

    Wonderful song, heard it from Apostle Selmans Koinonia, had to download

  131. Avatar

    God blassed you

  132. Avatar

    Keep it up brother

  133. Avatar

    Wow more sir

  134. Avatar

    More grace sir

  135. Avatar

    More grace to you sir

  136. Avatar

    Spiritually uplifting

  137. Avatar

    Thank you. This is what I need right now. You just saved a soul.

  138. Avatar


  139. Avatar

    I so much love this song, God bless you sir

  140. Avatar

    soul touching song,,,,oh God

  141. Avatar

    I love u Steve. Your songs are spirit filled. Nation’s will rise and sing ??

  142. Avatar

    I just have to love this song.
    I’ve really missed not loving it earlier. Thank you Jesus
    God bless you Steve Crown

  143. Avatar

    God bless Steve crown for this song my night prayer

  144. Avatar

    this song changes life, more wisdom from above

  145. Avatar

    i love watching the video always, I so much love this song, Mr Steve you are blessed

  146. Avatar

    Sir GRACE is on your side
    More Grace

  147. Avatar

    Am so inspired by this song it touched my soul

  148. Avatar

    Thank u brother for opening ur heart to the Holy Spirit to use you to bless His children on earth with this song remain in God’s blessings for ever

  149. Avatar

    may you god continue giving you wisdom and knowledge

  150. Avatar

    Thanks you brother for the spiritual touching song

  151. Avatar

    Good bless you sir… I’m so blessed.. I cried in the spirit

  152. Avatar

    I felt it

  153. Avatar

    More blessings sir

  154. Avatar

    Que Dieu te bénisse abondamment Steve

  155. Avatar

    you are Yahweh…. very interesting music I love you Steve

  156. Avatar

    Beautiful song

  157. Avatar

    GOD blessings be upon you sir, what beautiful song

  158. Avatar

    It lovely may God anointing purged on you like never before

  159. Avatar

    Wooh love the song.. It’s so touching

  160. Avatar

    Thank you sir

  161. Avatar

    Very inspirational song ?

  162. Avatar

    Wow I love this song more grace to you sir

  163. Avatar

    this is the best of all right from my birth

  164. Avatar

    Its an holy spirit filled song ?
    With heavenly inspiration

  165. Avatar

    I just got revived by this righteous life fulfilling song. Thanks more anointing sir

  166. Avatar

    God bless u Steve crown this song is touching

  167. Avatar

    Spiritually liberating song kudos

  168. Avatar

    Long live u blood

  169. Avatar

    This song maked me feel the holy of holies. I tap in the grace may God continue lifting you man of God

  170. Avatar

    You too much

  171. Avatar

    This song is really Excellent

  172. Avatar

    Am blessed every time i listen to this song. The anointing upon your life will keep increasing, you are a blessing to your generation. I join heaven to celebrate you sir.

  173. Avatar

    Some trust in chariots, some in horses, but ‘WE’ will remember the name of our God… YAWEH… This song creates a direct connection with the father. So powerful a worship… Gloryyyyy… Hallelujah!
    God bless you @Steve

  174. Avatar

    I love this song in common,thank you Steve crown..when I listen to this song i feel something are yaweh

  175. Avatar

    I love this music o

  176. Avatar

    I love this song is not carnal

  177. Avatar

    I love this song is not carnal more grace to you Steven

  178. Avatar

    may the Lord presence continue to go with you

  179. Avatar

    May God continue to breath upon you

  180. Avatar

    God is good in your life ??

  181. Avatar

    I can’t stop listening to this song a day can’t pass by without playing it,Steve crown my God continue Blessing your life and you family in Juses name Amen

  182. Avatar

    Even when I don’t feel like not praying this song uplifts my spirit, sir job well done Steve crown am blessed with your song.

  183. Avatar

    I love this song… It is really a journey… When I listen to it , it takes me to another realm of glory… Indeed u have gotten to that realm. And now u brought this song to take us there. Music is indeed a journey.. Thank you and God bless you.

  184. Avatar

    wow, what a wonderful worship song, more grace sir

  185. Avatar

    So touching a spiritual song

  186. Avatar

    Such a touching spiritual song

  187. Avatar


  188. Avatar

    Wow! Steve crown may God continue to inspired you to sing this kind of song not Lucifer in Jesus Name.

  189. Avatar

    Yesterday,today and forever… are Yahweh and alpha and omega

  190. Avatar

    More anointing sir
    U’re my mentor, wanna be like u

  191. Avatar

    Love u sir for this may the almighty help you sir.

  192. Avatar

    May de Lord continue to strengthen you all year round …Amen more grace sir

  193. Avatar

    I combined every comment here,I now turn it to one word u are amazing Steve crown ? more grace

  194. Avatar

    So inspirational

  195. Avatar

    wow best worship song

  196. Avatar

    Its highly spiritual and it really reveals our Great God. God bless you greatly Sir

  197. Avatar

    wow!!! best worship song

  198. Avatar

    Indeed there is great touch of the holy spirit in the song I feel more to praise God and call Him sweet names. Thanks for this one. I recommend your wonderful effort.

  199. Avatar

    This is too Powerful,
    I’m just filled up with the spirit of worship

  200. Avatar

    To God be the Glory, for this awesome powerful powerful song, with so much power, tiers can’t just stop striping down my eyes, ooooo what a Glorious God!!! God bless you beyond…

  201. Avatar

    It is a very good song I love to sing everyday wen I wake up in the morning nd about to sleep Steve crown God bless you

  202. Avatar

    U change peoples hearts through your songs everyday may the lord bless u thnx alot

  203. Avatar

    This song made me remember who I am I. Chriat Jesus

  204. Avatar

    Inspirational song

  205. Avatar

    This is a spiritual uplifting song

  206. Avatar

    This song is just inspirational …More grace to you sir.

  207. Avatar

    Incredible song Mr. Steve. More Annointing Sir

  208. Avatar

    More annoiting sir

  209. Avatar

    A Powerful song. God bless you Steve

  210. Avatar

    The song moves with anointing.

  211. Avatar

    Spirit and soul lifting! Straight from the throne of grace. Thanks Holy Spirit. More grace @Steve Crown

  212. Avatar

    I have Been looking for this song!! So powerful thank God I got it!!

  213. Avatar

    The spirit of God leaves inside this song, is a powerful song

  214. Avatar

    The song is really intoxicating me,
    more Anointing sir

  215. Avatar

    This one touched my heart.thank you sir

  216. Avatar

    A great song that’s brings the spirit/presence of God down among men. Glory….. Hallelujah

  217. Avatar

    Great song , thanks Steve

  218. Avatar

    May your oil never run dry. This song indeed is a blessing to me.

  219. Avatar

    God bless u, and more inspiration to u for the glory of God

  220. Avatar

    Gud song

  221. Avatar

    I was so touched by the song nice one

  222. Avatar

    this song is really lifting my spirit
    more grace sir

  223. Avatar

    More anointing and blessing in Jesus name

  224. Avatar

    He is Alpha Alpha and Omega. Thank Lord for my life

  225. Avatar

    Jesus The miracle working God!

  226. Avatar

    Soul lifting! Just taken me to worship at God’s feet on His Throne of Mercy. I bless toy Lord

  227. Avatar

    Great song….anointed and powerful

  228. Avatar

    I love diz song… U are really what u are my God

  229. Avatar

    greatest worship that make me transcend anf talk to Jesus face to face

  230. Avatar

    Highly spirited and annoiting song. I love this song.

  231. Avatar

    Oh God bless u sir..

  232. Avatar

    Wao so powerful, please how can i download this song?

  233. Avatar

    Wow I love did song

  234. Avatar

    Great song from today I will always listen to this song

  235. Avatar

    Thank for this song steve

  236. Avatar

    spirit filled song…

  237. Avatar

    May God continue to bless you
    Nice song

  238. Avatar

    More grace sar

  239. Avatar

    May god be with u sir

  240. Avatar

    God bless you sir Steven crown more blessings to you

  241. Avatar

    God bless you and cause his Grace to shine on you

  242. Avatar

    More grace

  243. Avatar

    God bless you Sir. Thank you for yielding to Him.

  244. Avatar


  245. Avatar

    Nathaniel Imela

  246. Avatar

    Wonderful and spirit filled song. I love it

  247. Avatar

    I love this song so much

  248. Avatar

    Nice worship song

  249. Avatar

    Oh my God this is wonderful,spirit lifting,in fact it took me to Jerusalem praise the Lord.

  250. Avatar

    This song give me more inspriration

  251. Avatar


  252. Avatar

    More grace sur

  253. Avatar

    Nice one man. Love it.

  254. Avatar

    Weldon sir, my mentor, more Grace and anointing

  255. Avatar

    I woke up with this song in my heart this morning. This is heavenly. God bless you Crown

  256. Avatar

    Yahweh He is forever. Nice spirit lifting. Bravo Steve!

  257. Avatar

    nice song .

  258. Avatar

    My spirit cries Abah father, you are Yaweh indeed Lord

  259. Avatar

    Wow !! What a great song unto our God. Steve you’re indeed blessing our soul. More grace Bro

  260. Avatar

    What a blessed song

  261. Avatar

    I love de song keep it up god be ur strength

  262. Avatar

    I love this

  263. Avatar

    Best worship song ,I love it

  264. Avatar

    My soul yields for this song Everytime.

  265. Avatar

    This song is a soul winning.

  266. Avatar

    This song resurrected my dead son

  267. Avatar

    wow dis is really touching, av been begging for dis song from many people but they keep saying dey don’t av d full music. I just sat nw hearing it from afar dat y i said today na today i must download d song and i did. i really love d song

  268. Avatar

    Great song bro

  269. Avatar

    God will keep uplifting you.

  270. Avatar

    Luv the song

  271. Avatar

    so cool to listen to

  272. Avatar

    So sweet

  273. Avatar

    Sweet song, thank you sir!

  274. Avatar

    Awesome, great song

  275. Avatar

    Spirit flow

  276. Avatar

    blessed are you Steve crown. You are the the lord Vessel of worship and praise

  277. Avatar

    more grace of God upon you Steve

  278. Avatar

    i’m so blessed by this song

  279. Avatar

    I so much love this song

  280. Avatar

    May GOD continue to bless and keep you sir. I am indeed blessed. JESUS IS LORD AND HIS NAME WILL CONTINUE TO BE GLORIFIED.

  281. Avatar

    This is indeed spirit filled
    More anointing.

  282. Avatar

    Great Man Of God.Be Blessed In Christ Jesus’ Name

  283. Avatar

    I’m blessed more Grace to you sir

  284. Avatar

    what a lovely song keey it up S.C

  285. Avatar

    The Lord continually bless you and cause his word to inspire you on and on…proud of you Mr Steve Crown

  286. Avatar

    This song is wow! So makes the presence of God real. More Grace sir

  287. Avatar

    I’ve been searching for this song since I first heard it on 2019. Here we are. Thanks a bunch for making it available here. More blessings to the artist Steve crown

  288. Avatar

    what a nice and spiritual song sir

  289. Avatar

    I’m touched by the holy spirit!!! God Almighty is indeed YAWEH!!! More Inspiration sir steve…

  290. Avatar

    Great piece

  291. Avatar

    Awesome!!! This song touches my spirit…

  292. Avatar

    Steve is gifted…

  293. Avatar

    More enlighten to you ?

  294. Avatar

    May God continue to be with you Mr Steve

  295. Avatar

    This is really a spiritual song

  296. Avatar

    Wow what an inspiration.The atmosphere alone is unbelievable

  297. Avatar

    What a great song

  298. Avatar

    What a great song

  299. Avatar

    What a great song

  300. Avatar

    What a great song

  301. Avatar

    inspiration song thumbs up

  302. Avatar

    So wonderful, Mr Steve

  303. Avatar

    Wonderful song ?

  304. Avatar

    So lovely

  305. Avatar

    More annoionting, more blessing, more grace.

  306. Avatar

    Amazing song

  307. Avatar

    The best track of Steve crown

  308. Avatar

    May God continue to lift u high as u sing n praise his name

  309. Avatar

    More blessing

  310. Avatar

    I like the song

  311. Avatar

    well done your voice will be heard all over the world thanks for that keep it up

  312. Avatar

    I live in the Kingdom of Swaziland , me and my family are highly blessed with your songs ! May Christ the Lord , bless you , Crown!

  313. Avatar

    Spiritual to the peak!??? God bless Steve crown!

  314. Avatar

    I love song

  315. Avatar

    God bless u sir,one of the best among the rest….more grease to ur elbow

  316. Avatar

    1daful worship song

  317. Avatar

    Am so so interesting with this song

  318. Avatar

    May God continue to strengthen you

  319. Avatar

    May your voice never stand against you now and on the day of judgement. HE shall continue to bless you with inspirational songs. I love this one!

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