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D’banj – Raise Your Glasses (2013 Hennessy Artistry Theme Song)

Posted by @Tobi_tx on August 13, 2013 in AUDIO · 61 Comments


It is a celebratory feel good song with which Hennessy artistry blended Dbanj’s energy in his voice with Hennessy’s coolness reflected by the synth sound and heavy bass on the instrumental. There is a strong feel of confidence and freshness to this track.

It is a track you will assuredly bop your head to, a track for any celebration, a track you definitely you want to blast while you cruise in your car, and most definitely for the Clubs. 


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  1. Madt tune I gez

  2. Timibare

  3. make mad sense….d'banj try on top dis one!!!

  4. Total Rubbish. Waste of time and internet

  5. @ Jay J thanks, that's true.Disappionting from Dbanj

  6. Fools wil alwas complain abt dbanj songs, yet they are d 1s dt'll 1st download as soon as d song is out, who dey 4ce you? If you knw dbanj is wack stop downloadin his tracks..#4kin hypocrite…*song stl on rpt

    • Dbanj u b 2ruly eja nla!

  7. nice and lovely wow you remain d best in Africa.God bless you broda

  8. U dis jayj u b mumu most u always complain abt dis guy wht do u knw hw to d gossip ode nixe one dbang

  9. fuck haters.well done bro.

  10. Dis is da bomb!!!

  11. nice 1 moi man!!!

  12. God 4 bid dis track and all d fools sayin nonesense bout d pple sayin d fact bout how wack d song is. d banj is jux makin rubbish songs dis days…guess dats wat much money cus. well wateva

  13. God 4 bid dis track…and all d fools insultin pple who are sayin d fact bout how usless dis song is. Yh man d banj have started makin rubbish songs…accept d truth…dats how to survive. Mtchhheeeew mumu song

  14. Don't tell me none sense for long so long I've been in the game I still dey make sense TOO MUCH sense. Dem dey jealous pathetic people D'banj u be james bond

  15. Nice one

  16. Ode lor like!!

  17. @ Google it thanks u correct, God forbid this song. Foolish and Talentless Dbanj.

  18. Wot a stupid jam

  19. Jay j… u no get sense ode, go sing ur own mumu… d'banj go always go high… hypocrites…

  20. @Jay j or wetin b ur name, be sincere, who paid u for all d miscrant talk? U av a serious problem. If u wan make name, no be 4 here, go ur papa house. Nice one banger lee a.k.a Dbanj

  21. @Dbanj som wil b mormorin about ur song bt stil yet da wil stil download it oooooo,cn u see nw dat da ar d 1 mormorin about demselves nw,Dbanj u wil @lwayzda ontop go on joooooooooo,EJANLA ti o shey cut

  22. @bigwillz No body pay me, I get Money pass Dbanj by far.He should stop singing, he's wack, I mean wack and very stupid for song. Waste of time

  23. @jay j I see say u get money pass am na true self but nicca in ur dream,wake up mumu 10 mb we deh your phone no be $10m,idiot fool mumu na everything u be next download and shut up,#dope tune ole u download for free werin u want again ungrateful nicca,wetin be d best thing u don ever do let me help u critics waaaaayyyrrrrreeeee

  24. Wen am wit ma hennylee i dont care if jay j or google are stupid haters i dont want 2 c does 2 idiot drown on ma hennylee 4rm classy lee 4rm d lee temple jay j and googlke it go and eat dicks and step it down wit hennylee

  25. @jay you really hate eja Nla so badt, yet you stl com bak 2 d lee temple 2 chek comments..guy you nid head examination

  26. I see no reasons on hw some pple still make bad comment abt some1 dat his up already whether u complain abt d songs or nt d doe has already been try move to d studio urself nd make ur own song and see how music his hard…#d'banj baba always aprici8#Teamdjspinero

  27. EjaNla, its a good feeling, u wld always b on top of ur game…. Always on top of ur haters… Nice tune, nice lyrics, Jam of life, Jam for never say die peeps…. Lotta failures always make shiii comments hia bout dbanj… If u dnt knw ,EjaNla dnt surrend 2 negative energies or pressure.. Always pushin forward for d nxt mouth watery deal.. Assholes hia downloads first n twak jiberish… Go find a life first b4 u twak Nonsense … Anyweiz I understand ur pleas, Failures n Success aint always friends… I see were ur wack comments come frm… *winks* DB fans & lovers, let's soar higher niccurs

  28. song da bomb,nd f dem haterz

  29. Very dope jam. If u don't like it then kill yourself cuz dbanj has been paid already.

  30. Nice one dapo oyebanjo… thumbs up! and thanks to all the pple supporting with good comments

  31. Big ups dbanj…

  32. hahahaha…c haters ooo…y nt go into d studio nd c hw izi it is to mk music..dbanj is dere makn hot cash,dis guy gets ntn less dan 10m 4 a show!! Not to talk of all d multiple endorsements he is getn…like him or hate him,it doesnt make or brake him…if dbanj is talentless nd nw he is on top of d world…well,i think u shld get talentless too 😛 sell ur talent!!!

  33. I go with Jay J, at the rest of you praising dbanj F***k u all, Dbanj is waste man now. Wack bastard. Wat a horrible song, if this comment pains u, Nigga kill urself, am out of here

  34. Haters e ni jeun……..299FAFB1

  35. It shouldn't be a big deal if someone says he doesn't like ds song. Everybody can't like D'banj. It's d same for every other artiste! D'banj churns out hits sometimes. He churns out nonsense sometimes. It's not a big deal!!! I haven't heard this song so I can't rate it. I'm nt downloading it either! My number 1 to 10? 2face Idibia.

  36. dey dare make pantz dey ware u.mumu oleee

  37. If u don't like d'banj pls don't bring down his work by stupid comments na! God dey hin back dat y his still on top even dho is talentless! Miracle of d highest oda! Haters shud watch out 4 d trailer dat will kill dem on dat xpress 2dai

  38. Funny comment I c here,hahahahahah

  39. Mai thought abt d song was bad****** @ jjay abi wetin b him name, y nah???? D song make a lot of sense jhor wat did u expt him to say ooooooo plss reply me u almost giv me bad expression abt d song thank God I downloaded it. I love d song

  40. Mai thought abt d song was bad****** when readin all d comments @ jjay abi wetin b him name, y nah???? D song make a lot of sense jhor wat did u expt him to say ooooooo plss reply me u almost gav me bad motive abt d song thank God I downloaded it. I love d song

  41. Don't care wat anybodi has to say this song is so on my repeat u hate u can hold life wire cox dbanj has been making hit afta hit no 1 dos it like him thumbs up koko master. U still my man anytime any day

  42. Dasino

  43. neva hear d song nor download am self…..buh banger leee Eja nla u remain

  44. ejanla hz surfaced…..all the small fishes, e parada..alwz lov'n u.db……… haters, he culd sponsor ur generation, so celebrate his achievements nd be happy instead of calling such a great man talentless….. well i guess u dnt actually knw d meaning since u cnt typ correct english…….. to team dbanj, i love evri1 of u.. God bless ur hustles too…

  45. ode ni e ma… he e po pain us… u go wt jay z? like u knw him….. idiot… odte.. didirin.. ur father doesnt hv half wt dbanj owns evn if he's goodluck

  46. awon oloshii.. awon haters.. y'all go to hell nd rot there.. i dunno y u cnt celebrate a fellow brother.. all of these american collaboration is all thnx to him.. i love you dieeeeeeeeeee db.. to team dbanj, God bless ur hustles too

  47. Whosoever tackle D'banj fit go dye o. U think say na YOU he dey sing for? Your listening skill is too local to understand endorsement tinz. Thumbs up D'banj

  48. Are u intrested in a strike free institution and a conducive environment? also not as expensive as 9ja universities…. Holla @,08036519972,+22999139454…. Admission on till october..

  49. C ooo all of yu are arguing untop sm1 wey no even sabi ur family,he has made his name and money,u better go fight for yours..mctheew

  50. It seems u guys av forgotten,D banj is a star not a upcomin artist anymore.So far he has made d name already,it takes him nothing to be singing anything he likes,take a look @ Wizkid too..stop abusing him pls,d truth of d fact is dat isn't easy to wrote down a lyric,to add beat nd so on…At d same time,u owns ur fone nd ur Memory card,nd it takes u nothing to remove d song frm ur fone if u don't like it..So ?

  51. Bangaly, dis is onpointly. I just love this guy and his songs sha. He is an entertainerly so embrace his songs or stop dowloading. Spiroly

  52. Please tell them o

  53. Thumbs up

  54. raise your glasses in the air! oh cover e

  55. jayj or wenti u call urself!try do urself some gud…n do a line of chorus!!!u are here condemin d’banj.claimin how richer u are? nawa for u o……..I tink olobi is right.u need head examinaton.

  56. D banj baba u fresh die, broda we go de raise our glasses broda nice song

  57. Aint a new fin if they bad mouth yarn for here, even d only begotten son of God came to d earth they critisized him, skilbanj im feel’n da groove, wherever u re remain prosper…….. if they knw wat u knw ‘ dem go like u ooooo’ anybody dat knew wat he knws wil be lyk him even more than him on earth………… Facebook “RINO RINO”…….. whattapp 081092908841

  58. you better change the way of your life jay, cause if you continue i bet you re a dead man, millions of people are against you …………. To discover a talent nd used it in front of d crowd the world is not a day job, jay you knw nothing, you are just like a monkey asked to pick one out of banana and a chicken running after banana, you better dont let the 9 months and 3yrs be in vain……………

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