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“I Wrote Sho Lee for Sean Tizzle”- Sound Sultan Claims

Posted by @Tobi_tx on June 26, 2013 in AUDIO, News, VIDEOS · 35 Comments


There has been some issues surrounding “Sho lee” singer Sean Tizzle and Sound Sultan, these issues arose as a result of Sean Tizzle‘s switch from Sound Sultan‘s music label Naija Ninjas to D’tunes‘ label Difference Entertainment.

Sound Sultan claims he wrote “Sho Lee” while he was hosting his“MyTop10″ edition on Kennis Music Channel. If this is true then more credit should be given to songwriters for their involvement in any song.  This right here is a pretty bad look for the Nigerian industry.

Watch and tell me what you think!

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  1. Ok! But so fuck what?

  2. And so fuck what??? Cause d song hit assuming its d other way round u won’t even mention knowing seantizzle talk more of writing em a song.

  3. mouthy lousy sog writter. cos you couldn't sing a good song.
    who wants to know ,,,,, sultan .wen did you become such a d**khead

  4. Sound sultan should go ahead and write something similar for his oda recordin artistes in naija ninja…so that they can blow aswell…abi na only sho lee hin fit write?

    • correct nigga…..I love you

  5. U guys r all Bigheads!!!! Dis is bizness, if d song hit or no hit, I wud get ma money!!! He is meant 2 b mention in d background of d song blive me

  6. Look here ya’ll, there’s nothing wrong in sultan’s position on this… He deserves d credits n more. Fyi sultan is an A list musician with far greater n bigger hits than sho lee, so ya’ll should recognize n respect his art

  7. Wat ??s wrong naila pips,sultan ??s one of †?e most talented artist of all †??m?????,he’s made bigger hits dan SHO OLE”,??d he’s still on top of his game,let’s see wat comes next after sho ole,naija should learn hw 2 respect dere artists haba!!!!

  8. How many u don write,dat ??s if u knw hw 2 count beat L??O????????(=)))????O????L??….sha na beans 2 write song,bring ur own song mk we listen 2 am na,ANU OFIA….

  9. Sho Lee is a good song,cos each time i listen to it,and even watch d video,GOSH!!!its gets me horny,especially dat part where Sexy Sean was putting on his black shirt wif his golds. Sultan’s enviness,can’t change ma mind. Tizzle rocks. #teamSean# Legoo…

    • Omo sexy…luv ur yarns jare,mak wi talk on fone joor…08069221975

  10. @Duchess wahali u b mumu,sultan actually deserves a credit

  11. So wats our bizness wit dat? Mr soundsultan abi wetin you call ursef… Park well and leave tizzle alone. Abi why can’t you sing it urself b4 ?

  12. I think sound sultan actually deserves some credit too if truly he wrote that song for #SEAN TIZZLE because that song rocks.I love Sho le

  13. Duchess is so dumb! Tf is enviness? Its envy… Mschew dumb bitch

  14. Pls write for my homeboy too KARMA

  15. Sound sultan did nt write shole, abeg make we hear word sean tizzle originally wrote this song… Back in the days when we are still together at ikorodu. Sean was a very good friend with D’tunez, and they both grew up 2geda along side me and all of us down here in ikd, so shole is a in house music for us all here, sound sultan should shut up abeg. If I talk everything I know about shole, sound sultan, will not even cough a word about it again. Rubbish

  16. I dnt know if Sultan is right in publicly declaring this but I guess it’s cos of their fall-out. He deserves his due credits aldasame. It’s up to SeanTizzle to prove himself wiv a follow up hit. And dear Duchess, u need umblerra, over-wetness dey worry u.

  17. U????? all should go and seat down and stop arguing about some1 success…….do u know what it take to write down a lyrics…….Good job to both of them…………….U????? too write ????? own let ppl talk abt U?????.

  18. Hmmm… all I wanna say is thank God for the life of Sean Tizzle. When Seun (Sean Tizle)is with Naija Ninja Label who knows him? In the same vein, he recorded songs for Naija Ninja Label, Sultan left him unproven to the public that he is gud now someone else does now speaking shit I hate when ppl speaking shit.

  19. U????? all should go and seat down and stop arguing about some1 success…….do u know what it take to write down a lyrics…….Good job to both of them…………….U????? too write ????? own let ppl talk abt U?????.

  20. Well, sultan deserves credit but sean tizzle deserves mo credit 4 good delivery of d song wt all d #swag tin. U kno! Mayb, sean tizzle no hail sultan as d boss 4 d song,na y sultan kon dey para. Sultan,much is expectd 4rm u,nt dis, u dey fall my hand lyk seriously, y no wait mai d guy release hin 2nd singu weda e go blow. By dt tym,u fit get mouth tok

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  22. luv d song anywaiz!!!na una Nooooooooo!lol

  23. Sultan shld go n sleep or cover is shameful Face…sha d song na 4 God abi devil way In stil Wan dey fight 4 in space 4 hell idiot sound sultan

  24. Dat is sound sultan kinda song…I believe him for dat

  25. sultan is rilli sound wen it coms 2 such so i truli bliv him.sha sean got d dlivri ryt buh he shud ave som respect 4 his fada no mata wah cos evn dtunes,his mentor aint half of sultan.infact join dem sef.ama fan of sean too buh its jas d truth….

  26. Why are nigerians so stupid, if u don’t know what to say shut up, this is business not your secondary school beef
    If sultan wrote the song he deserves his credit. Simple and short no long story there are many song writers in US that don’t even Sing Yet the write Great songs for people… Do Your Research and stop thinking local

  27. I swear soun sultan deserve d credit cosh sound sultan is a legendary muscian wit alot passion….dose dick head…ave u nt listen to natural something or kuru komaga

  28. Am rapkidmrfineknw all I knw is dat sean tizzle am hiz fan bt sound sultan is truely u worte da song 4me is ur friend dn tellin da whole word dat u did is unfair bt well sha sean tizzle if sound sultan did plz he deseverz is own share cuz dat song hitted big tym

  29. Mr mumu, U???????? mates are out there blowing while u ?????????????? here claiming a song u’ ve given 2 a small guy! Go sleep jooooh

  30. Lets give more credit 2 sound sultan cus he was d song writer

  31. Sultan abeg freestyle jor life na perhead

  32. Lol Nigerians sha… Junky mentality watz our business if na u write ham.. ? Y u no kip ur song note well. U write or u no write kip dat to urself it non of our business

  33. Y’all jokes haha

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