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Oga Micky – “IGBOtically” ft. Slowdog

Posted by Jim Donnett on April 11, 2016 in AUDIO · 52 Comments


Great news for Oga Micky fans: He’s been on a roll since 2015, and he’s not slowing down. His latest club banger doubles up as a powerful statement from the South Eastern music scene.

IGBOtically is a statement of intent from a young artiste who knows where he’s headed to. If Igbo rap was a bestselling novel, consider Slowdog the editor-in-chief. Oga Micky plays the Prima Donna with Slowdog filling out the role of Consiglere on IGBOtically.

This is what happens when a worthy protege and a veteran goes in hard on a dream project. This song will definitely be one of the talking points of the year. The production by 2gen2beatz is top notch. For a song having Slowdog on it, a five-star rating is not a distant possibility.

Igbo Kwenu!
Naija Kwezuonu!!!

Oga Micky – “IGBOtically” ft. Slowdog

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52 total comments on this postSubmit yours
  1. NYC one

  2. Micky micky!!! Boss

  3. 2gentu ur beat sounds sumhow try and improve in ur skills the beat lacks but nice song to ogamicey slow dog killed it

  4. Wack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!song!! Cannot waste mi Megabite on such song.. Wtf

    • its clear u a hater, oga micky is the new king of the east, good music has no enemy.. go and die!

      • U all is good

    • if you say this music is wack, then you are just a hater… fuckboi!

    • F**K U

      hater go hug transformer

    • Fuck U all
      Haters of oga micky
      I see U don’t like good things
      What brought yhu here at initial stage
      Pretender U love the song just dhat yhu are jelouse.
      Keep pusshing it @oga micky

    • dis guy 2 d form he no sabi sing oo na Wetin d vex me

  5. The mixing poor and d song is a total wase of mb #Donspark only feelin slowdogg hear

    • wase of mb? donspark you are a waste of sperm.
      masterpiece from micky, we waiting to coronate you son.

  6. dope jam, dope verses, dope beat… if you don’t have this jam on repeat, its clear you are a fuckboi.

    i’ve always heard about Oga Micky, this boy is siiiiccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

  7. Cool

  8. Dope Music


  9. Dope Song
    Yhu Got There

  10. who ever dat use my name on this.cant see tomorrow.

  11. Lol. All of you saying the song is wack una dey funny oo. Which level of deafness dey una ear? Kezyklef is the foremost sound engineer in the east and the mixing was CLEAN! The lyrics were dope! Both murdered! How e go even dey possible say pipo no like this song sef? Humans dey oo. And 2gentu nice job bro. U were sounding like Benjamz with dat beat… #Dope something

  12. oga micky carry go…slow diggy u b papa!

  13. who ever dat use my name on dis rubbish coment will die

  14. D song try sha…bt oga micky jus dey wine mouth he gat no strong lines abi u no dey listen to zoro phyno and bosalin songs………guy u’re good bt u gat no style!!!.u jus dey talk in igbo language and dat shit won’t blow u.#noharshfeelinds jus saying the fact

    • mumu go and listen to oga Micky ft bosalin, then come back and re-write this rubbish post.. oga micky is a monster!

  15. nice

  16. I prescribe “nobody badder” for all u haters and “super story” to all u deaf ears… I just hope comments can be deleted coz u will come back begging to delete dem… IGBO BOIZ EHHH!!!!!!

  17. nice song but ogamiky try nd perfect ur verse all of dem sound Hating .. Almost all ur songs has d same lyrics even when nobody is hating u will be crtisizing.. Mtchewww.. Check out my version of Who u epp ft olamide and confirm!!! #Caution #FiGO M

  18. I love this song.. Slowdogg killed it.. Just that Ogamicky be sounding like he has beef with sumone its not proper man go and sit down and write songs that will blow u off not shiits like dis #WackBeat #WackMixing #WackVoice but nice partan written by a Good citizen of Enugu #LOC

    • even as a girl, l.o.c i am hiphop and i know hiphop.. u are a fool for posting this.. if really u are de one… u are a stupid idiot!!!

      micky will be bigger than u anytime or day… u are the wackest igbo rapper alive. fool!

      • Amaka or wat eva mudafuckin name u bear, So if dem tell u say na LOC post dat sh** u go believe!!.. U be pure mumu. Grow up and know that nobody wants 2 spoil his or her name 4 no reason, if pple using Figo m and don spark, all of una papa dia!!!!… #Word

    • dear figo and l.o.c u both put togeda can’t beat oga micky, u both are fools the only thing u have in comon is wackness and that u are both beefing phyno.

      stupid boys, no education, no talent or maybe una nefa find una talent, e fit be barrow pushing.

      you all are stupid and haters, micky is dping good and before una reach where en dey, en don waka..

      una wack like mad, fools!!!

      micky is nextrated… bastards!

  19. wack!!! Wackk!!! Wack!! A total waste of mb.. Who u epp sef? Mikky stop singing rubbih song that cennot giv u blow in music life i knew what am sayn

  20. who be these two people wey comment, u both should go and check nigga raw’s ig.. he posted it .. you both can rest in piece…

    haters, wack asses.. fools!!!

  21. The IPO is getting badder by the day. Niz job Micky, We are Mickyshian

  22. Nice one bro almost there #come along

  23. tomato igbotically tomato n’igbo tomanto

  24. Any guy dat says dis song is dope,, is either Micky or his brother.. Always rapping aggressively!!

  25. Lolzz.. Yes oo
    Dey n*gga dey rap like someone who dey fight with person.. Always controversial, I’ve deleted all his stupid songs on my phone!
    I wonder how u go blow with dis stupid style of rap

  26. always dope, anticipating the one u wana ft duncanmighty bro

  27. always dope, anticipating the one u wana ft duncanmighty bro

  28. #OGA_MICKY
    Neva mind haters, na only ppl wey no sabi music de against ur songz..
    Real guyz wit gud knwledge of hip pop music wld knw dt ur songz are dope
    Me wish u well micky
    You got it
    Keep riding
    We’av got ur back

  29. WOW!
    This song iz dope
    igbo rappers
    taking motherTongue to de next level
    Keep going guys

  30. Oga Micky killed it with slow Dogg. This is someone worth listening to.

  31. Nice job Micky!

  32. Hmmm banger na banger #oga micky preach come rain come sunshine

  33. The beat fit no good OOOO, oga micky slow dog fit no rap to your taste,
    But for me, even depress knows this song is doper than dope ,,,, so haters gerrarahia………. #marshallLife

  34. All those bastards calling this track wack, you niggas are haters.. Fuck you all… He will still blow without you all

  35. Keep pusshing it bro

  36. Micky uar de man Still Anticipating Blowjob# Ft Ogamicky

  37. Snowbirdy on Deck

  38. Oga micky u killed dah track..m an igbo also n I wil lyk 2 future u

  39. M an igbo rapper also n I wil lyk 2 future u

  40. Oga micky,u ar a beast.A rapbeast.M an igbo rapper also n I wil lyk 2 future u

  41. wen I saw the artwork of this sh** I thought the song is gonna be that dope…but fuck. I start singin like n*ggaz tryna rap in igbo this days

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