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BigMaxx – Kilo Fo Si (Remix) ft Vector, Ghetto P, Zee & Phenom

bigmaxx BigMaxx   Kilo Fo Si (Remix) ft Vector, Ghetto P, Zee & PhenomZee vector phenom Kilo Fo Si (Remix) Ghetto P BigMaxx

 Fresh joint from BigMaxx who is currently signed to Capital Records “Kilo Fo si (THE REMIX) ” Some months ago we featured Bigmaxx with kilo fo si the original single and it was widely accepted .

Here comes the monster remix of the single featuring Vector, Ghetto P, Zee & Phenom ,with this monster rappers on the same track i bet you wont want to miss out on a chance at listening to this first.

Listen and Share your thoughts!! 


pixel BigMaxx   Kilo Fo Si (Remix) ft Vector, Ghetto P, Zee & PhenomZee vector phenom Kilo Fo Si (Remix) Ghetto P BigMaxx

Posted by on April 1, 2012.

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  1. ?? ?? says:

    Everything looks great – but a shovel for an American Cancer Society Groundbreaking – I get the concept – but as soon as I saw the shovel – I thought funeral – then when I saw the label – freaked me out!

  2. I wonder wen u goh go loss u stil tyt man.

  3. Not Alone says:

    GHETTO IS A BEAST ………. Looking For #Underground-kings and Queens – Click – http://notaloneentertainment.blogspot.com/

  4. Ray says:

    Madt joint mehn!kant stop playn dis song.VEC says ur dad s a dumb guy!Ghetto P s a beast in d competition taken him out!ZEE if na beans 2 burst urs got weavil!Phenom even wit ur blutooth on we kant pair!Bigmaxx efun mi ni miror kin sare show ara mi teba lemi e le ba mi agbara yin o le kami.

  5. KAMA says:


  6. ortopazz says:

    phenum phenum phenum, mehn itz eida u dnt lyk muzik or earz 2 lztn 2 gud, zef was madt joor,she did well

  7. Dede says:

    Yoo , nobody here is talking about phenom , mad punchlines ; your gf a windmill – she’s a big fan , like recharge card – I just use her & dump her , ghetto p is a beast truly .

  8. Dated™ says:

    Kilo Nfo Shi, Shit, Eso Fun Wo Kan Koshi…… You’ve Seen Nothing Yet, Maxx Is Just Warming Up!!!

  9. pepenazi says:

    but why maXxon ..amaa sack’yall like a bag of rice..I wudnt buy even when I know ur talk is CHEAP..WTTTTT..f…skillful playful witty rap,from this crazy emcees..but believe me none was sittin on d bench..bigmaxx u own ur track.#kilon foshi..

  10. Faye says:

    you need inner reasoning to understand VECTOR'S lines… Inner reasoning

  11. chocb says:

    well no doubt you are better than most rappers…but the hish is not just FRESH..you can do better man…"apple" is a nice ragga tho..love that song

  12. alaweezy says:

    Mii zee!childhood sis knew u wud get there rily thight.9c package guyz

  13. Big.Adex says:

    Big Maxx I see u, well to does that does not hear what you say is cos Oti fi Abere Ati Owu ran wan leti.
    Keep it up Maxx and keep fkin the clock till ur tym cums.

  14. P.J says:

    Daymme!!! Dis shit is dope ,, u cnt see dis shit thru panorama!!

  15. Pls listen to dis jam eh!

  16. bukky says:

    DOPEST COLABO EVER. Bigmaxx, nice one

  17. john says:

    if na beans to bush, yours got weavils. dis ZEE babe dope oooo!!!

  18. fleshbwoy says:

    shiiiiiit,,,,omo BIGMAXX don kee mee o ‘im like d end of premiership no match’ nice one bruv ,ZEE impressed,ghetto dope,

  19. IM SURE ODA RAPPERS R SCARED, LOOL! no doubt maxx is d Future! *efun mi ni mirror kin sare show ara mi* vec,ghetto phenom were all beasts, zee too was a monster, dopest verse I’ve heard from her! and who be this “Dacoustic guy wey do d beat! the dudes future bright o! ..one sentence! DOPE JOINT, ERRBoDY KILLED IT

  20. Zee's Biggest Fan says:

    How can u say zee was d wackest????…I fink she did above average among the boys.everyone on the track was dope. Show luv and stop hating on d hustle. Tosyn make up ur mind about what u think about ZEE. She’s my favourite anyday!!

  21. tymebozz says:

    vec is d beast guess big maxx is followin d leader ghetto p i c ya, Zee baby u nw d first lady

  22. daccoustic says:

    Ever since I met bigmaxx I ve never bn dissapointd!!hez alwayz a murderer qny track he bursts 2!!hez going places no doubt!!thumbz up 2 zee,vector phenom and ghetto p

  23. Ollllu says:

    Zee ZEE you dope pass all of em including Maxin! But to be sincere I think ZEE is d dopest femcee in naija ‘Because I’m dope with her flows dey call me SEA WEED’ loooool. Dats dope

  24. Tosyn B says:

    Daccoustic I see ya mehn not that easy to gather this illiest dope rapers together, nice flow by ZEE,Vector the play rapper, Ghetto P you own the game, Phenom did a great punches tOo..love ya Yoruba sherudopelines BigMaxx we pay the big Taxx

  25. steven says:


  26. Day-g says:

    Yah yo! Dis gonna be a bomb,Bigmaxx,keep it up bro..yezzirr!

  27. Chibase says:

    Wtf!!! Meeehn, BigMAXX no wello! Ur sick man! * 4get ur future u knw my past kinda Bright” Seal up ur yansh cz I aint notn 2 mess wt! Can u beat dat? Nice 1 Bruv! Kip it up!

  28. Slay says:

    Maxxxxxx ??uis a fool 4 dis 1, “they can’t see ??u comin,blind whores”…I luv ??u zeeee I need 2 see weed,can I get a hi from ??u? S/0 2 VEC,ghetto n Phenom

  29. Slay says:

    Maxxxxxx ??? is a fool 4 dis 1, “they can’t see ??? comin,blind whores”…I luv ??? zeeee I need 2 see weed,can I get a hi from ???? S/0 2 VEC,ghetto n Phenom

  30. Loudspeeka says:

    Bad Ass line: It’s Break time & these Rappers aint got “No Class”, I’m like the end of Premiership,”No Match”…Big Maxx U killed same dudes U featured on Ur own jam.U 2BAD. KEEP it up

  31. mofeks says:

    Big max is d word man, tyte punch lines n I give u a 10 $

  32. sonicomoekun says:

    BIG-MAX is d best rapper alive……thisss guy is jt dope and he gives us hope lik a pope. Zee is d wickest sorry to say she can do better….she can’t tell me dats her best…..BIG-MAX I see u…

  33. Tosyn says:

    BIGMAXX you Fada em( Got em on a silly boat then scatter em) Nice punches from vector good flow by Ghetto P the game murdererN can’t see what a female is doing on a sick dope rap song like this..she’s just a shit in a church,like a Lake no flowz!aint hearing anything frorm the soapy girl zee see

  34. Abimbola says:

    Ghetto p made VEC sound like fucking amatuer

  35. Vick says:

    I’m sick enuff 2 be jealous of myself! Wow! Ghetto P ICU!!

  36. Eromosele says:

    vector’s punches mehn

  37. ibukun says:

    Mad punch line from vector on this ki lon foshi remix

  38. Layo says:

    This jam is sick-dope but w8, this ghetto-P niggy is dope. I don’t wnt to tlk about who killed who on the joint. #Overview, the song is mad

  39. henry says:

    Mehn!!! Ghetto p murked that Jam…delivery wise

  40. @Jas3man says:

    Tight joint bro…

  41. Yekpaaaaaaa! Vec is def the man this year…They all came correct. "Wack rappers trying to rule the game..Why evils?" – zee.

  42. You all need to listen to this.

  43. Mascot says:

    Ghetto P is a Monster …Love the voice ..Phenom on point

  44. @Jas3man says:

    Tight joint bro….

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