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Is It Proper For ‘BIG’ Artistes To Jump On Songs By Fast-Rising Artistes?

Posted by Jim Donnett on February 10, 2016 in Editorial · 38 Comments


I’m sure many of you have thought about this but contrary to perception by the general public, budding artistes already at that successful brink in their careers are often targets for the industry’s so-called big weights. Up until very recently, it never crossed my mind that a ‘big’ artiste will request to be featured on the remix to the song of a next-to-blow artiste.

Just chill, and let me give some direction on this.

We woke up one morning to find that Wizkid had done a cover to Kiss Daniel’s latest recording, Good Time. Oh wow, you must have thought. But just as I expected, it was trash! This was obviously a prelude to their soon-to-be-released collaborative track as already announced by both parties. Now, the general notion is that once an a-lister gets on a song then it must blow… both the artiste and the song. And so like our commanders at NYSC camp would say, ‘if you think like that, YOU ARE WRONG!’

No doubt, there’s been instances where exactly was the case. I’m actually referring to the time of Solidstar and Bracket featuring 2face, Davido featuring Naeto C, Yemi Alade featuring Eldee, these were clear exampleses where the weight of the featured artiste did much to advance the social stand of the upcoming act in the industry. But what can be said of now? The hierarchical order is all that matters. Even up-comers no longer give a damn about advancing their creative art form. They just wanna be waaaaayyy up and by whatever cost it comes at.

So when somebody called Kiss Daniel causes an uproar in the industry with a debut single that turned out to be a massive break out track, why won’t we question Davido for wanting to be on the remix? Before you’re quick to adjudge that as a relation based on the result of two hugely successful stories, it’ll interest you to know that he’s done the same thing again on Humblesmith’s Osinachi where he littered it with his never-ending dramatic filth. I mean, how does your baby mama and Dele Momodu apply? Perhaps the close save here is the fact that Davido doesn’t fall under the category of the brightest in the pac, and this is a feat that never puts him in the appropriate knowledge of things.

Next up, my favourite person to talk about – D’Banj!
Before the shocking revelation Olamide made in his emotional tweet outrage where he declared D’Banj ruined, I think even himself already knew he was pretty much a goner. Time was only the deciding factor. And that gave rise to his affiliation with the sparsely talented entity that is Tonto Dike. As long as she buzzed the headlines, it made good for his business image. But that wasn’t enough, he unleashed his harmless self on newbies Davido and Olamide, even Iyanya who just made a comeback from an odyssey in obscurity. His relationship with the latter only earned him collaborations that further questioned his relevance as an artiste.

And it didn’t even end there. Oritsefemi too somehow found his way into the mix.

What about Olamide? He is not as innocent as he presents himself you know. Mans gats live and knowing him to be the smart-ass business man, he blacklisted dear Ycee moments after Jagaban became another brag-worthy household hit. Baba Miliano cashed in on Ycee’s becoming factor by fixing himself on a needless remix. I can recall sometime ago, someone who commented on a dated post saying we started to know Ycee only after Olamide featured on the remix. Well, it’s too bad that someone was still sleeping in limbo on a trip to vehicular abyss for him to not have known that the Patoranking-featured track ‘Condo’, was the jagaban‘s official announcement to the industry.

Now, do you mind thinking again? Have these music remixes changed your perception of these artistes? Or has it in anyway altered their talents in prospect? If we’re not being myopic then we should know that these remixes haven’t done any tangible much for them. Ycee is still Ycee, Jagaban remix or not. Kiss Daniel remains the same whether Woju remix or not. The definite constant is that these remixes are the resulting effect of an idea concept that misfired ignoring the fact that we only applaud them because the industry’s ‘supermodels’ have laced themselves on these tracks using the unsuspecting up-comers as bait. However, the truth still remains that we never like these remixes hardly as much as we would do the original and they’re more like an irreparable damage to the beauty of work done, and effort put in by the upcoming act.

I don’t care who or what you are, but unless you plan on making actual sense on my record then I shan’t entertain your drunken vocal rant or wheeze ramblings on my track 😐

…and that’s exactly how Jim Donnett sees it!

Written by @jimancipation

The thoughts expressed in this article are solely the author’s. They are not in any way connected with, or a representation of

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  1. True talk!

  2. Shoro niyen

    • oyami lenu o.

  3. You’ partially right…6/10

  4. Jagaban was a super success cuz olamide did da remix,woju remix is most preferred nd well osinachi was already hittin before davido came to. Spoil da song with his immature lines….he should have left his personnal life out of some one elses song

    • Try to listen to Osinachi the real song and the remix..It’s called creativity fuck boy!

    • Man..Jagaban was a BIG success that needed no remix!

  5. nice article i concur

  6. Jimmy I hate you and you shld knw dat. One tin I dnt undastand abt u is ” are u here to promote artist or to criticise dem”?. Anybody can feature on a song if d owner tink he or she is gud 2 go along with the song. Big artists featuring on upcoming artists song is a good thing I think, simply means dere nt greedy, dere ready 2 help new artist 2 d limelight. In case u dnt knw most dis big stars are nt paid 4 d feature. Osinachi was killed by Davido’s appearance alone, he followed d song pretty well. As for me d relationship in the industry is pretty intrestn, I can feel luv instead of being jealous like u jimmy. Last tym it was u and blackface. Waitn for your next post ( who’s next 2 b criticised)

    • Well said.

    • Well said bro

  7. Nice Stuffz

  8. d writer must b on drugs. If Ycee should see dis, he will also insult yuh. Jagaban remix was/is a success. i also knw Ycee from der.
    moreover, whats yur business? are d artist complaining????

    • Oga shut d fuck up! Can’t u see it’s his own opinion only?? How e take affect you? Mchew

  9. come on don’t be a kid…. if olamide or davido should like a song by ycee or kiss Daniel or humblesmith and jus wish to be in de remix is it a crime?…. and by de way they all agreed to feat de stars in remixes so don’t blame anybody 4 wat happened….. I don’t see anything bad in it

  10. Donnett the shi u smoke b4 writin ya junks must b hi grade..and blv me, I want some of it, som1 said it’s sapele or osogbo weed..i dnt blv in hearsay..pls confirm

  11. I no just understand dis fool wen dey write nonsense o…watin concern u? as a matter of fact, Osinachi rmx Na bomb and I just can’t stop repeating Davido’s verse of it…d boi killed d jam I swear…
    shout out to OBO BADDEST
    BIGGER U I PRAY @DAVIDO fuck heaterx

  12. With the exception of Davido on Humblesmith’s track, Woju and Jagaban faired better with their respective remixes IMO

  13. I need 2 knw y my comment nt posted, or is because of bad work jimmy is doing here criticising our stars evryday?????

  14. Why don’t u face ur career and be successful like dis BIG artistes…u really jobless

    • Yo he’s not Jobless..this is he’s job…mate

  15. I tink it is al abt jeallousy,d one person u shld nt ve mentn his dere ws badoo bcs he alwys mke sense pass 4 peple sng mre dn his own track

    • What brings “Jealousy” here???…

  16. Sometimes I do tell people to chill on jim.but d truth about jim article is dat it always has dis weight of critism on either a artist or a song.well on dis topic jim,I think u were wrong,cos if any big artist doesn’t ft on a upcoming atist song,u guys wil take it as another tin.foreign artist like john legend featured sam smith wen he was still 4 once in a lifetime JIM,just SHUT THE HELL UP.that wat I think…..

  17. The way this guy criticise our local artist is shocking like seriously tooxclusive need to get rid of u, ur write up have stop alot of people fr visiting this site, at times u say u dont like Nigerian songs yet its because of Nigerian songs that 99% of people visit this site. Why will u bring ur personal hatred for an artist here. U have to b matured in ur write up stop this excessive criticism. Criticism is d dark google of a non achiever shey u no.

  18. I see no reason in trying to present our musicians in a bad light. If I am sure of one thing it is that jagaban remix wasn’t released for ycee to blow, I’d agree d song was a hit before the remix but come to think of it, do you know how many people listened to the song bcos of olamide? Ycee himself expressed his feelings abt olamide jumping on his track in d remix. All these guys are just trying to have fun their own ways. And yes, I think for most people having a big artist is a great deal if the newbie doesn’t blow eventually. At least he would be remembered for that song he/she did with the BIG artist.

  19. I totally agree with you concerning Davido, Wizkid and others,excluding Ycee’s Jagban remix, Olamide murdered the remix. People tend to jam,mime and prefer the remix than the original.

  20. Good write up……..buh wizkid version of good time makes more people listen to d song……in fact d song crawled to no 2 on itunes asap while d original version on no 10

  21. And the author wrote a “disclaimer” note at the end of his piece. Y’all should just stfu already. Jim is doing what a critic ought to do.

  22. I don’t know why some people cant mind their business, no so called big artiste can force anybody into doing a remix of a song its solely a thing of choice, well this is the way the jim guy hustles to get paid so i don’t blame him.

  23. dumb post

    • Is true

  24. it’s feel so good working a popular musician it’s give they up coming they power to stand

  25. it’s feel so good working with a popular musician it’s give they up coming they power to stand

  26. At jimmy retard fuckboy pls what hell of a fuck re u up to this time? as far as am concern u can never blow or make a better name like those you try to criticise or promote. fool music of 3 yrs ago is not the same with that of now so pls go get a life of ur own nd dont put shit up all in da name of i wanna b heard. dickhead oponu oshi. olori buruku somebody. I even thin say Na better tin before I start to de read junks

  27. Story for the Gods…..what of Falz nah??? talkative.

  28. Jim was spot on in his critique..
    jagaban needed no remix.
    of course some olamide fans wudnt agree.
    Same goes for the other songs..
    It cud be said that the artistes are just having fun but jim sees it differently.
    In fact a llt of people do…..and for those of u ignorant enuff to call someone jobless..this is his f****ing job

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